tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAlpha Gamma's Secret Ch. 2

Alpha Gamma's Secret Ch. 2

byWannabe Chick©


Molly awoke to the annoying sound of her alarm beeping. Groggily, she reached over to her night table and turned it off. It was 7:00 AM, way too early for a 19-year-old college girl to be awake, in her opinion. As she stirred, her girlfriend wiggled up against her, eager for body heat. Molly smiled and looked over at Gina – her girlfriend, lesbian lover, best friend, and roommate – who was still asleep. Molly leaned over and kissed the blonde on the forehead. Slowly and reluctantly, Molly climbed out of bed, pulled he blankets back over Gina, and went into the bathroom.

Molly stood in front of the mirror and stripped. She admired her body. She had shoulder-length brunette hair, streaked with sunshine blonde highlights. She had a cute face which was warmed by her pretty brown eyes. Her C-cup breasts were perky and round, with erect nipples in the center of large, dark areoles. Her stomach was flat and well-muscled. Down below her belly-button, however, was Molly's secret: her seven-inch, circumcised cock hanging over her big, shaved testicles.

Molly took her long, male organ in her hand and began to stroke it gently. As she did, she admired her smooth, tan legs. In all, she was an absolutely gorgeous girl with a delicious-looking penis. She squatted slightly, tucking her genitals between her thighs. She looked in the mirror again to see what she would look like as a genetic girl. Molly smiled wistfully, dreaming of the day when surgery would make her a complete woman.

But that day was far off. She still needed to finish college. But, before she could do that, she needed to take a shower. Molly began to the water running in the tub and stepped into the stream from the showerhead. As the warm water covered her, Molly reflected on the last few months of her life. Early in her freshman year of college, she had joined an exclusive sorority called Alpha Gamma Tran, quickly developing a secretly lesbian crush on her roommate Gina, a fair-skinned blonde with a fantastic, petite body. Molly had accepted that a relationship was impossible. She was a transsexual, after all. She hadn't been able to keep the secret, forever, though. Gina discovered Molly's true feelings and admitted she felt the same. What came next was even more surprising. Gina was a shemale too.

After their first, intense sexual encounter, the two transgendered girls became a couple. Most of the sorority sisters who lived in the sorority house knew about their relationship and though it strange, but they were accepting. Gina and Molly maintained a low profile about their dating in the house, but their nights together were another story.

Taking her meaty dick in her hand, Molly began to masturbate, thinking of her first sexual encounter with Gina, sucking her off, licking her tits, and inserting dildos into each other. She had tasted Gina's jizz many times since, but she never forgot how the delicious salty goo felt in her throat that night, many weeks ago.


Molly was so focused on the intensity of her pleasurable memories that she did not hear the door open or see Gina walking into the bathroom. Gina pulled off her grey t-shirt, showing her small breasts punctuated by light pink nipples. She next removed her boxer shorts, feeling a wave of excitement as the elastic of the shorts rubbed against her semi-erect cock. The boxers slid down her smooth white thighs and fell to the floor, leaving her naked. She stepped into the shower behind Molly.

A slight draft alerted Molly to her girlfriend's presence. But, before she could turn around, she felt Gina's delicate hands on her hips. She felt Gina's hot breath as she began to kiss her neck. Molly cooed in delight. Gina began to massage Molly's butt as her tongue explored Molly's ear. Gina then moved her hands to cup Molly's big tits. Molly moaned as Gina played with her nipples, then reached back to fondle Gina's cock. Gina pushed her small breasts against Molly's back, eager to be as close to her as possible. Molly leaned back her head and the two transsexual girls kissed deeply, eagerly wrestling their tongues.

"Do you want it?" Gina whispered, little more than a breath.

"Yes," moaned Molly. "Please fuck me, baby. Let me feel your dick."

Gina took some soap and lathered up her thick, six-inch penis. Kissing once again, Molly felt the push against her prostate as Gina inserted a finger into her ass. Gina tickled the inside of Molly's anus, generating squeals of delight from Molly. Gina inserted another finger and shoved until both fingers were deep inside her girlfriend's ass. She wanted to loosen up Molly's sphincter muscle before fucking her. Molly, meanwhile, was thrilled to her core by the stimulation of her own tight ass. She began to jerk herself off with one hand while pinching and rubbing her nipples with the other. She desperately wanted to feel Gina's hot organ up her butt. "Please fuck me," she whispered. "I can't wait any more . . ."

Gina didn't make her. She spread open Molly's asscheeks as far as she could, then lined up the tip of her wide head with Molly's tin brown and pink hole. She pushed gently and the rubbery anus began to open wide, eager to devour the shemale cock it was being fed. To Molly, there was no feeling as wonderful as being buttfucked. It felt as good as taking a big shit, but with none of the mess or smell. Molly pushed back, eager to have every inch of Gina inside her. Soon, the blonde girl's dick was all the way inside and her scrotum was brushing Molly's from behind. Gina finally released Molly's buttcheeks and let them relax. Putting her left hand on Molly's left shoulder and her right hand on Molly's right breast, Gina began the anal humping.

Slowly and lovingly, Gina began to pump her throbbing meat in and out of Molly's hot, dark hole. She was still deliciously tight and Gina had to push hard to penetrate her fully. But, with each thrust, Molly's asshole opened wider to allow Gina's cock easy access. As her prostate was stimulation, Molly began to moan sweetly, which only made Gina more aroused. She began to fuck harder, making sure to get every hard inch as deep as she could.

Molly was in heaven. A nice, hard fuck was exactly what she needed before going to class. She got into Gina's rhythm of penetration until the two transsexual lovers were in complete unison as Molly's anal bliss heightened. She leaned her head down to suck on Gina's fingers and her own nipple as Gina pinched it and rolled it between her fingers. Molly's other hand was occupied with her cock, which was erect was a 90 degree angle from her body. The hot water from the shower ran down from her soaking hair across her breasts and over her penis as she masturbated.

Gina was nearing her orgasm. She was fucking Molly so hard by now that she was shoving Molly against the front wall of the shower as she pressed her body against Molly's. She began to suck on Molly's neck as her climax reached the home stretch. She bucked her hips, shoving her dick up Molly's butt like a spear, groaning. Then, with a loud grunt, she shot a massive load of warm jizz deep into Molly. Molly screamed in pleasure as she felt the hot, gooey liquid filling up her bowels.

Gina pumped into Molly a few more times until she was milked dry. Then, Gina leaned against Molly and held her tightly, trembling until the intensity of the orgasm passed. "That was incredible," said Molly as Gina's limp penis slid out of her butt. "Baby, that was wonderful."

Gina smiled and the two girls kissed sweetly. "I love you," said Gina. "You're amazing, Molly. I love you so much. I would do anything for you."

Molly turned around and they embraced, tits and cocks pressing delightfully together. "Anything?" said Molly. Gina nodded. Molly thought for a moment. Gina raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Molly blushed. "It's kind of embarrassing, but it's a fantasy I've always had and wanted to try out. It's a fetish, almost." She thought for a moment. "Forget it. It's too weird."

"No, no," said Gina, smiling. "I said I'd do anything for you. Just name it. You don't need to be embarrassed."

"OK," said Molly. She knelt down in front of Gina, eye-level with the small tuft of blonde pubic hair. Gina's penis hung proudly in front of Molly's face. Molly opened her mouth.

"I'm sorry, honey, but I don't think I have any cum left," said Gina.

Molly blushed. The freckles on her tanned skin crinkled below her pretty brown eyes as she smiled. "It's not cum I want," she said softly.

Gina thought for a moment, then realization dawned on her. She opened her eyes wide. "I see!" she said. "I know what my baby wants." Gina smiled. "Well, what my baby wants, my baby gets."

Gina pointed the hole of her cock directly in Molly's mouth. She waited a few seconds and then, with a contented sigh, a high-pressured stream of hot urine filled Molly's mouth. Molly kept her mouth wide open. Once it had overflowed, she simply allowed the piss to flow out at the sides of her mouth. Molly took Gina's cock in her hand and pointed it down towards her tits, spraying the golden stream onto her torso.

Molly couldn't control her own bladder any longer. She aimed her own cock towards her chest as well, letting both girls' urine cover her tits, mouth, face, and head. Soon, Molly was completely drenched with urine and the two girls stopped peeing. Molly stood up and let the water wash it away, then used soap to remove the smell. As much as she would like to, she could not go to class covered in urine. "Thank you, Gina," said Molly.

The two girls hugged, kissed, and got out of the shower.


Molly was bored out of her mind in her Economics class. She had taken Advanced Economics in high school and received an A for the course. She did not need it this year. She was only sitting there, in the giant lecture hall, because it was required for her major. She was sitting in the very back row next to two cute guys.

She began to fantasize about the two of them jacking her off while she did the same to them. She imagined sucking one's dick while the other fucked her in the ass. Molly wanted to lay down on her back, naked, and spread her legs apart so the two naked boys could lick her balls like dogs lapping up water. Molly also began to imagine what herself dressed up in a leather dominatrix outfit, forcing the two "straight" guys to butt-fuck each other while she watched and applauded.

Molly was having more and more sexual fantasies lately. Sometimes they were about boys. Sometimes they were about girls. Usually, they were about Gina. Ever since that morning, Molly had been fiendishly thirsty for more of Gina's hot, sour piss. The pungent smell and the filthiness of the act itself had driven her wild and she needed more. She needed it in her mouth again.

She almost laughed at how far she had come. At the beginning of the school year, Molly had been a sweet, naïve virgin. There was nothing interesting in her sexual past, besides her transition from boy to girl. The most she had ever done was give her steady boyfriend a handjob. She'd also let him feel her tits. Once he started going for her crotch, however, she had to push him away. There was no way he could understand her secret.

How far Molly had come! The sweet, naïve virgin was now a sex-hungry shemale vixen dreaming about her girlfriend's urine. Never did she imagine she would turn out like this. She had set herself free and she was loving it!

Mercifully, class ended and Molly was the first one out the door. She was feeling a big excited. Tonight, everyone in her sorority was going to meet in the house common room for some special, secret meeting. Apparently, it was like an end-of-the-year ritual. Only sisters were allowed to come and they were sworn to secrecy after. Gina, a year older than Molly, had already been to one of the secret meetings and she absolutely refused to divulge any information to her girlfriend. "You'll find out soon enough," she would always say, with a weird smile. Molly couldn't wait.

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