tagNonHumanAlucard's Final Battle

Alucard's Final Battle


This story is dedicated to a woman I love, even though I have yet to meet her in person. I love you, my love. I always will. Mahal na mahal kita, always and forever.

He had been in this cursed castle for more days than he could remember. Alucard was getting tired of running around the different chambers, only to have to fight one creature after another.

Thanks to his vow, Alucard relied on his wolf form to feed off the monsters he was killing. After every battle, he would transform into the wolf and devour some of the dead. And since this was his father’s home, there were coffins everywhere for him to rest.

Time was coming up again for him to close another lid over his vampiric body. He found a large door with ancient words scribed into the mason work of the archway.

“Beware, all ye who enter this chamber,” he read aloud. “Well, that sounds like a challenge I will just have to take.”

Alucard grabbed the ancient handle and turned it. No noise met his ears, meaning that no rust had taken hold of the metal. He slowly inched the door open, expecting an attack as soon as there was room for a weapon to make it’s way through the crack. None came.

When he finally stepped into the chamber, he was surprised to find nothing that posed any threat. As a matter of fact, all he faced was the most ornate coffin he had ever seen.

The box sat on top of a concrete altar and was covered with many different pictures. Each picture was a brilliantly colored and stood out against the silver coated surface. Alucard was still weary of the warning above the door he had just entered and scanned the dark room and its corners.

There were two 6-foot tall candelabras that cast little light around the room, leaving all four corners pitch black. Alucard’s eyes, however, were able to focus and pierce the blackness that seemed to close around him.

He stood perfectly still for several minutes, watching for any movement, but found none. Even though this was a good thing, it was a little disturbing. Throughout the entire castle, he had seen spider webs and rats. Why weren’t any of them hiding in this chamber?

Alucard finally relaxed a little and cautiously stepped closer to the altar before him. He watched his step, constantly on the look out for trick stones or trip wires. He saw none, but he didn’t trust anything in this castle.

Alucard and his father had an understanding of pure hatred toward each other, and his father would stop at nothing to destroy his son. Alucard knew this, and felt the same way toward his father.

When he had finally reached the coffin and altar, he stood still again, reaching out with his senses to make sure that nothing was inside this chamber that could cause him any harm. Again, no sound reached his ears, no smell of death entered his nose, and no movement drew his attention.

Finally believing that he was in no danger, Alucard waved his hand toward the door, a dozen feet from where he stood. The door slowly glided back to the position he had found it, and an audible click let him know that it had shut completely.

“Well, I guess I won’t be disturbed while I sleep here,” Alucard thought to himself.

He reached for his bed for the evening and pulled his hand back quickly. There was warmth coming from the ornate coffin. Worried that it was a trap to burn him alive from inside the coffin, Alucard lifted the heavy box off the altar and placed it on the floor.

Alucard looked all over the altar, letting his fingers roam the surface for any cracks or any thing that was causing the coffin to be warm. There was nothing there. Even the smooth marble altar was cool to the touch, almost as cold as his skin.

He stepped over to the coffin and found that it was till warm to the touch. It wasn’t hot or burning to the touch, just a comfortable warmth emanating from it. Alucard thought about some of the warming spells that he had heard of and figured that one must have been cast on this coffin.

“That’s a nice touch and would make sense considering all the hard work that went into making this beautiful bed,” Alucard spoke.

He picked up the coffin and placed it back on the altar because he was tired of sleeping in wooden boxes on the floor. This morning, he will climb up into his coffin.

When he opened the lid, Alucard jumped back and prepared for an attack from the decaying body lying inside. When it didn’t move after several minutes, he stepped up to the coffin and examined the corpse laying in what he already considered his bed.

The face seemed to be frozen into a smile, and the skin being pulled back by decomposition didn’t cause it. This man had died during a wonderful moment in his life, was Alucard’s guess. He reached in and started to raise the body out.

“Well, looks like you’ve slept long enough,” he said to the grinning face. “This is my bed for the night, and I don’t think you really need it anymore.”

As he pulled the body out, Alucard then noticed a very important bit of information he didn’t notice before. The dead man was nude, and not a stitch of clothing was to be found in the room.

Alucard carried the body over to a corner and set it down on the floor. He returned to the coffin and looked around the inside for the man’s clothes. They were piled at the end where the man’s feet had been. He grabbed the old dusty rags and tossed them into the corner with the dead body.

He now was prepared to climb into his home for the day and he did just that. As he lay sat down on the satin lining, he found that he had been wrong. The soft lining was really silk. As a matter of fact, it was the softest silk he had ever touched in his existence, Alucard thought.

Looking over at the corpse, he now thought he knew what the body was nude. The old man had decided the same thing Alucard had thought, climbed in the coffin for a short rest. After feeling the silk on his exposed skin, the man must have decided to sleep nude and enjoy the feelings.

As for how the man had died, Alucard figured he must have died in his sleep, because the corpse looked like it was very old before dying. Considering the feel of the silk, Alucard wanted to find out what the old man had felt before his final sleep took him beyond the grave.

He climbed out of the coffin and removed his clothing. His body seemed to glow because of how pale his skin was. His entire body was as fit as possible and his muscles were very tight from the constant fighting.

Alucard climbed into coffin and lay down, letting his body sink into the silk surroundings. As he closed the lid, he closed his eyes and began to enter his dreamless slumber.

“Alucard, do you see what has become of me,” his mother yelled over the screaming crowd.

“Mother!” Alucard yelled.

“These people think I’m a witch because I have you for a child,” she cried out as her arms were lashed tight against the tall wooden pole. “They are going to burn me at this stake. Save me, Alucard!”

“But I promised you, Mother!” he yelled back. “You made me promise not to take human life.”

“Do it, Alucard,” she screamed at him, as the kindling at her feet was set ablaze. “Take that one beside you. He is weak and doesn’t see you. Take his life and save your mother!”

“NO!” he yelled. “This isn’t real. You aren’t my mother. She would never ask me to take a human life.”

The ground he was standing on quickly shifted and he found himself standing in an open glade. The ground under his feet was soft, and the air smelled sweet with the flowers that were all over the field.

“Very good, Darkling,” said a sensuous voice. The woman that spoke was standing before him, equal distance from where his mother was earlier. “You’re the first in a long time to break through my spell. You are definitely your father’s son.”

Her hair was like the fire that was lapping at his mother’s feet earlier. Her face had sharp features. Her eyes were half closed, giving them a sultry look. Her pupils looked to be dilated, like a person’s eyes when they see someone they love. Her cheekbones were high and sharp, and seemed to press her lips together.

Her lips were full and pursed together, as if always waiting to give any man she looked up a passionate kiss. Looking at her lips, Alucard was tempted to feel them on his mouth, but he knew there was something wrong here. His eyes continued to take in this beauty before him.

Following her jaw line, his eyes admired her slender neck, and the black leather strap that flowed from behind it. His eyes glided down the straps and watched as they spread to each side of her breasts. The both attached to the top of a bodice that only covered up half of the woman’s mounds. Even her nipples were bare, and they too showed that this woman was aroused.

The bodice was cinched tight, making a perfect hourglass figure of her body. But the tight bodice had no seems or breaks in the leather. It looked like it was painted on her body. The bottom of her bodice came to an end just above her pelvic bone.

The two bones protruded forward, showing a great resting place for Alucard’s body to lie on top of if he was rutting with her. She wore no under garments to cover her woman hood, which was glistening with moisture. Alucard sniffed the wind and could tell she was aroused and it was her juices that were glistening on her nether regions.

About mid-thigh, the top of her boots was tight against her skin. The black leather hugged her firm yet supple legs, showing a beautiful curve of her knees and calves. The boots came down to sharp pointed stiletto heels.

“I believe you like what you see, Darkling,” she moaned. The sound of her voice caused his already stiff cock to twitch, which brought Alucard’s attention to the fact that he was totally nude. “I believe you will last much longer that my last prey.”

What Alucard had mistaken as a cape hanging behind her suddenly spread open to reveal black leather wings, like a bat.

“Come into my embrace, lover, and be happy for the rest of your existence,” she smiled.

Alucard jumped back at the sight of her wings and prepared for a fight. She pouted her lips and whimpered a little.

“Must we fight, Darkling,” she asked? “Can’t we just make love?”

“You are in league with my father,” Alucard said. “You twisted that horrible memory of my mother into a terrible nightmare. You almost caused me to break my vow to my mother, and for that, we must fight.”

“As you wish,” she said, her wings beginning to flap. She rose three feet off the ground and hovered in her position. Alucard ran though his mind how he could possibly fight this demon of lust.

His first thought was to take the form of his wolf persona, but he knew that wouldn’t work. That persona acted on its instincts, and with this creature, all she would have to do is get on all fours, and he would mate with her.

He figured that his only way to fight her was to use his fists and sharp nails. He decided he would fight her in this manner when she just hovered there before him, closing her eyes.

Alucard watched, preparing to attack her, when 10 women suddenly surrounded him. All of them were exact duplicates of this magnificent creature. His dick jumped at the idea of rutting with all of them at once, but his mind screamed that this was more dangerous than just one of them.

Alucard jumped at the closest creature and swung his sharp nails at her mid-drift. His fingers went directly through her and she faded into nothing. The other nine creatures began to laugh at his assault.

“You can’t touch me, Darkling, at least not that way,” they all said as one. “Strike, and we fade away, but give us a gentle touch, and let us touch you, and we become whole.”

The last part of that statement was more moaned than just said. All nine of the women began to caress their bodies, pinching their nipples, massaging their breasts, reaching and rubbing their crotches.

Alucard refused to give into his desires, and took another swing at the next woman in line. She too disappeared as the one before. Alucard became resolved in his mission to destroy this creature before him, and started swinging at all of the women.

The sixth woman he swung at with a closed fist was solid. She went sprawling onto the ground and the last three doppelgangers vanished.

“I see the real you now, succubus,” Alucard spat. “You will not have me that easily.”

“Then I shall play rough,” the succubus snarled back, and leapt into the air. Her wings spread wide behind her, making Alucard think of an angel, but with bat wings instead of feathers.

As this thought took his mind off the battle, he didn’t see the many chains come flying out of the tips of her wings. One of them hit Alucard square in the jaw, stunning his defenses. The other one slammed him in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

The demon withdrew her weapons and flew directly over Alucard. Her wings flapped quickly, causing a wind to blow the flowers of the field roughly. As Alucard shook his head to clear the cobwebs from the succubus first hit, flower petals began landing on his bare skin.

Many of them landed on his face, giving him a strong scent of jasmine and honeysuckle. Where the rest had landed on his body, he felt a tingling sensation. He remembered the living describing the sensation like their limbs falling asleep. He tried to move his body and found the best he could do was twitch.

He looked up at the demon hovering over him and admired her beauty. He felt his body sink into the soft ground he was lying on. It was like lying on a very soft bed. The desirable body above him came closer at an agonizingly slow pace.

Alucard’s senses were dulled, all except one. His sense of desire was very much enhanced as she came closer to him. The succubus finally put her feet on the ground, each foot resting on either side of his hips.

She began to kneel on top of his abdomen; her moist pussy touched his tight stomach and leaned down to just inches from his face.

“I’m going to suck you dry,” she whispered, just before her mouth connected with his.

Alucard tried to resist, but he was losing control of his lust. Her lips were soft against his, applying just the slightest amount of pressure. They spread open only a little bit and her tongue gently touched his, teasing them as it squirmed its way past them.

Her body now lay on top of his, her hips even with his. Alucard’s dick stood straight up, right between the folds of her other lips. The succubus’ pussy lips were kissing his engorged cock, causing it to twitch again.

Her tongue had made its way completely into her mouth, playing with and caressing his tongue. Alucard could no longer control his desire and returned the passionate kiss in turn. As his tongue entered her mouth, and his resolve to fight disappeared, she raised her hips just enough for his cock’s head to rest directly on the pussy’s lips.

Alucard started to regain control of his body and the first thing he started to try and do was push up into that waiting warmth of her body. The succubus obliged him, lowering her hips back down, drawing his entire length into her tight moist walls.

As soon as he entered her, his cock exploded with an orgasm. His seed was shooting deep into her body and she was moaning into his mouth with great pleasure at his loss of the battle.

The succubus remained still, her body pressing against Alucard’s. His dick began to slow its release and he felt a sense of lethargy come over his body.

She slid her knees up his thighs, causing her hips to rise up a little more again. Alucard whimpered at the thought of being removed from this heavenly body’s hold. The succubus broke her kiss with Alucard and used her hands on his chest to sit on his crotch. As he sat higher, Alucard sank deeper into her body and remained hard.

The succubus started to rock on his dick, the gliding sensation wrapped around his dick was a glorious pleasure for Alucard. He felt another orgasm building and knew with this beauties body, he wouldn’t last much longer. With that thought, he gave up his seed again, eliciting another moan of pleasure from the demon.

“Yes! Yes! Feed me, Darkling!” she screamed, throwing her head back. Her wings opened wide with her ecstasy. She then slid her feet further up his body, letting gravity pull her further onto his body.

Alucard thought that another inch and his balls would be inside her as well as his rock hard cock. He was shocked, but pleased, that he was still stiff inside this creature’s body and he could still remain hard for her.

The lust demon lowered her upper body again onto his, and pressed her lips to his once more. She was now folded in half above the vampire, and he was pleasantly trapped by her body.

The succubus started to sit up again, her lips still pressed against Alucard’s, her tongue locked around his. Her arms have wrapped around his head, holding him close to her, not letting him break the kiss. The thought had never crossed Alucard’s mind. To show his desire, he slides his arms around her slim waist.

Knowing that he has given to her completely now she reaches her legs around his waist. The leather of her boots creaked a little as she bent her knees. Her heels came together and locked together behind his lower back. Her wings spread wide again and then encased Alucard’s body in a tight embrace.

Her breast pressed against his chest, her nipples still hard with desire and hunger. Alucard moaned into her mouth, feeling some of his energy being returned to him in the kiss. His hands separated, one caressing up her back, sliding through her hair, touching her shoulder blades.

His other hand slide down to her ass and glided his arm as far around her waist as it could go. He began to lift her up a little, and then his other hand pressed her down onto him. He knew that if he continued this coupling with her, he would die, but the pleasure was just too great. Plus, if he could trick her into giving him just enough energy back with the kiss, he could escape this desirable trap and keep his life.

As the succubus started raising and lowering on her on, without the assistance of his strength, she picked up her speed too.

Her body’s touch was sending electric shocks of pleasure. He started to unload another burst of his seed into her again. She was doing exactly what she said she would do; she was sucking him dry. She just wasn’t a vampire like he was and she wasn’t pulling his fluids out of him through his veins.

He could feel his life force being pulled from him through his cock and balls. His mind was trying to regain control of his body and keep it from remaining hard inside her, but that part already belonged to the demon. She sensed his resistance and broke the kiss on his mouth.

Her soft, supple lips trailed a line of kisses along his cheek toward his ear, allowing him to let out a low moan of approval. Her mouth reached his ear and her hot breath caressed it as she whispered to him.

“You can’t resist me, Darkling,” she breathed and moaned. “Just enjoy your demise, like all of my prey have done. I’ve never had any complaints before, and I don’t think I will have any complaints now.”

Her last sentence echoed, and he knew he was never going to escape. He felt the wings let him go, but another pair of hands suddenly touched his skin. And then another, and another.

The fingers of the succubus copies started caressing him and they began to lift him off the ground. Alucard found himself being raised to his feet. The real succubus kept her legs wrapped around his waist and continued to inch up and down his trapped member. He could feel it becoming rough and sore from all the friction, but he also felt another orgasm building up, too.

He didn’t trust his legs to hold the succubus’ weight and his together, but he didn’t need to worry about that anymore. Suddenly nine more succubi were pressed against his body. They were holding him up with the weight of their bodies pressing against him. He could feel the real succubus’ body being pressed against his, as well, by the copies.

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