tagNovels and NovellasAlways Faithful Ch. 01

Always Faithful Ch. 01


Author's Notes: First and foremost, Always Faithful is a work of fiction; no characters depict any known persons. To the best of the author's knowledge, there is no women's clothing manufacturer by the name of Business Lady. This is the first part, about five percent, of a much longer story. I intend to submit successive parts frequently. Since the story is of novella length, and contains minor elements of homosexual, exhibitionism and BDSM sexual activity, it is listed in the Novel - Novella category. I consider Always Faithful a romantic story of the Loving Wives type with three main characters, a husband and wife committed couple plus the wife's lover, her boss. Other characters are secondary, or incidental and used to carry the story.

Remaining posts, to total about 300 Literotica pages, will be posted as submitted and approved.


"Don't bother to wait up for me, Baby, I know I'll be late tonight. I could be very late if everything goes well. I hope it goes well." Laura's announcement as we finished our breakfast coffee did not come as a surprise. We talked about her plans much of Sunday afternoon.

Laura's husband Dan wasn't at all surprised at his wife's announcement. "So, you've decided you are going to fuck Greg?"

"I haven't decided, and Greg doesn't know I might be willing to fuck, so he hasn't decided. Fucking is a two way proposition in case you haven't heard."

"I seem to remember something about 'Two to Tango."

"You can assume that I will fuck him while you are home alone." Laura paused, sipped her coffee a few moments and then continued, "Assume I will fuck him because I am pretty sure that is what I want. Assume Greg and I are fucking as you have dinner by yourself and watch television here and alone. You can think I am fucking Greg, dwell on Laura as the boss's sex object, drool over your thoughts. Think, dwell, and drool all night long until you go to bed, alone. You won't know because I don't know – yet!"

"Will I hear from you at all today?"

"No, not until I get home, whenever I get home."

"How about a kiss before you go off to do whatever." Laura smiled and kissed her husband, they shared a kiss of far more passion than a daily parting kiss. Dan carried Laura's dress bag to her car, Laura had a small makeup case in her hand. Laura also carried the small, gift wrapped birthday present for her boss. Dan wondered what all Laura might have in the makeup case; he knew what the gift box contained.

The couple shared a final kiss at Laura's car. "Just think Baby, the next time I kiss you there will be cum on my breath; that much is a promise." Dan groaned, he pinched his wife's butt and returned to finish his coffee.

Driving to work, Dan reflected on the weekend. It was without question the most unique weekend he and Laura ever shared. It began Friday afternoon before either left work. Laura called at 4:30 to say she would be about half an hour late. Greg was trying to finish some case notes. Laura promised no later than six or so and suggested eating out instead of cooking. No pretense of unusual behavior. Each had done the same a few times but neither was a workaholic.

At Bennigan's, midway through a casual evening meal, the weekend began its twists. Laura broke her quiet saying, "I wasn't really working late today; I was with Greg. His birthday is Monday." Dan wondered about the curious with Greg phrase, but his response was a bland okay. "I asked what he wanted for his birthday."

"And he wanted you to stay a half hour, or it took that long for his legal brain to decide?" Laura laughed and then responded yes.


"I actually asked him what kind of flowers he wanted. Greg told me bosses give secretaries flowers, secretaries give their bosses panties. He meant it as a joke, but he meant my panties."

"Did you? Did my pretty, faithful wife give her boss her panties? Did it take half an hour to get them off?" Dan was making fun of the joke he was sure Laura was telling.

"No, it didn't take me half an hour; I didn't take my panties off - today." Their conversation lagged as Laura ate a few bites of her Cobb salad. To say Dan was astounded by Laura's continuation of the story would be understatement. "Greg was standing behind me when I called you, he was unbuttoning my blouse."


"By the time I hung up, he had my blouse open, and my bra off."

"What the hell!"

"My tits were out and Greg was pulling and pinching my nipples; that's why I hung up so quickly."

"I'll be damned, I'll be double damned. My wife calls and says she will be late getting home so her boss can play with her titties. How long did you let him have you?"

"After hanging up he got my blouse and bra out of the way and took off my skirt. That is all I took off Dan, I kept my panties and hose on all the time."

"How long?"

"We stayed like that for about five minutes, me facing his desk, Greg behind me pinching my tits and grinding my backside."

"Five mi . . . ."

Laura put a finger to Dan's lip. "I leaned back against his chest and gave him my tits. I told him I would bite his neck when I wanted him to stop."

"You loved it, didn't you? You always love having your nips played with."

"Yes, you know I did. I do love being turned on like that. I timed him using the clock on his desk. I let him feel me up, pinch and twist for five minutes. I kept telling him harder." Laura stopped her tale long enough to kiss her husband. "Finally, I bit his neck and turned around."

"He sucked you, didn't he?"

"Oh yes, he sucked and he used his teeth really well."

"God damned, you are something. Did you give him another five minutes?"

"Yes! I gave him five more minutes to chew on my nipples, lick them, kiss them, to bite my nipples. I did Dan, I wanted him to use his mouth and he did."

"Did you tell him to bite harder, the way you tell me sometimes?"

"Yes Dan, I told him and showed him what I wanted. I tried to feed my whole tit into his mouth, first one, then the other. I held his head on them, on my tits as he bit. I humped his crotch while he bit my breast. It was hot, wild and wonderful." Laura told Dan her boss loved her tits the same way he did. "He did them good Baby, really made my nipples sing. I could feel them tingle when I put my bra back on. I can still feel them a little."

Laura resumed eating her salad, Dan was at first speechless. He tried a few bites of food but was distracted by Laura's revelation. "What else happened, anything else? I think there must be more to this story."

"Let's just finish dinner; we can talk more later."

"But I want . . . ."

"Please Dan, please Baby, let it wait till after dinner."

Dan tried another mouthful of steak but just chewed and thought of Laura's breasts. "Laura . . .?"

"Baby, I will tell more over an after dinner drink, right now I want to enjoy this salad."

They found a small table in the bar area, it was dark but not really quiet. Laura played with the cream topping on her Brandy Alexander. She fingered whipped cream and took it to her tongue. "Here is the rest of the story. When I finally let him stop on my breasts, we just kissed and touched and held each other for a few minutes."

"Just kissed and felt each other up?"

"Yes, for a while, just kissed."

"I don't know about my wife kissing another man. I know how I feel about another man kissing and fondling my wife."

"I know, you're pissed, but I want to tell you all, no secrets." Laura paused again, played with her whipped cream and sipped her drink. "I went down on him!" She paused, told Dan to just listen. "I went down on my knees. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I kissed his cock and then sucked him. I kissed and sucked until he came jetting into my mouth. I sucked his cock and I swallowed his cum. That's all, end of confession."

Dan sat staring at his wife, dumbfounded, at first speechless. He finally spoke. "I love you Laura, I love you! Let's finish our drinks and go home."

Though it was still relatively early, Laura and Dan went straight upstairs to their bedroom. Each went to their closet and hung their suit jackets. Laura spoke first, "Thank you Dan, for what you said at the restaurant, I love you too Baby, completely and only you."

"I meant what I said, whatever you did or felt doesn't change how I feel about you, I love you."

Their embrace was fierce; their kiss was even more possessive. "Can you taste him when you kiss me? Probably not, not after dinner. What I taste is in my memory."

Standing in front of the big mirror, Laura made her request. "Undress me Dan, undress me the same way I let Greg strip me." Both stared intently in the mirror as Dan's fingers worked down the line of buttons. Laura shivered as her husband's hands walked up her back to the snaps on her bra. Laura brought his hands to hold her breasts; she leaned into him and purred. "Can you see him, see his marks on my breasts?"

"Yes, I see his finger prints, his teeth, he left bruises."

"I know, it felt so good when he bit hard. Take my blouse off, look at my neck." Dan removed blouse and bra and threw them on a chair. He saw the dark bruised hickey at the base of Laura's neck. "I asked for that one, just before I dressed to come home. I asked him to mark me so you would know. I wanted you to know that I was with him, that I didn't cheat on you. I had to tell you so it wouldn't be cheating."

Dan shook his head in wonder at his wife's strange logic, but tenderly kissed her love bruise. His hands held a twisting grip on each breast that brought gasp of pain from Laura while his lips gave a tender kiss at her badge of passion. Laura reached back to stroke Dan's head as he kissed her. "Turn around; I want to be the second man to bite your tits today."

Teeth clamped each nipple in turn, Dan's jaw rolled forward and back flipping her nipple up and down against the back of his teeth. Laura simply moaned her pleasure. Dan switched technique; he sucked tit flesh into his mouth and sunk teeth in to hold on. Sucking and releasing with his lips as his teeth kept a secure clamp. Laura's excitement climbed, she finally shouted out. "You can still be first, take my panties off now. Keep sucking but take my panties off now."

Laura and Dan were soon in bed entwined in a savage fuck. Hips bucked hard thrusting against one another. Their hands clawed at each other. Their passion this way was quick and intense. As they reached orgasm together their hands took a death grip hold on the other's rear. Laura sunk her painted nails deep enough to draw blood. Dan's shorter nails only left welts. Both screamed loudly and fell wasted, silent, and satisfied. They lay panting, Dan on top for the slow return to normalcy. Finally Dan rolled to the side and they shared a tender lover's kiss. "Sweet Jesus, girl, for sex like that you can stay late every Friday."

Laura laughed, "No, not every Friday, but who knows . . . . I love you Dan. You are incredible, and damned good in bed. Don't you dare tell any other woman I said that." Both laughed. An interlude of cuddling and kissing led to a final sexing for the evening. Laura initiated it; "Fuck me again Baby, love me slow and sweet and really good as only you can." They fucked sweet passion and then they slept through the night.

Dan operated on autopilot as he parked his car and carried his briefcase to his office. He shook his head in wonder, he hadn't run over anyone on the way to work, but Dan knew his mind wasn't on the car or the traffic. He sat at his desk, in his office, with his secretary sitting guard just outside his door. As he waited for the computer's boot up, Dan's mind wandered again. Greg is sitting in an office just as I am. Laura is sitting just outside his door. Is she, or is she in his office with him, not just with him – with Greg.

That phrase was there again in his mind – with Greg. I was with Greg had started their wild weekend when Laura used it Friday night. This particular weekend extended into Monday even though Dan was in his office at work. He knew he would get little work done today; his mind would never allow work to intrude on what happened this weekend. Never intrude on what would happen today. Absentmindedly, Dan buzzed his secretary and asked her for coffee. Dan realized he didn't know when her birthday fell, and she probably didn't know his.

Was Laura giving Greg her gift now, at this moment, in Greg's office? She went shopping for her gift Saturday. Dan was surprised when Laura asked if he wanted to come along. It felt strangely conspiratorial to be with Laura in a Victoria's Secret store shopping for sexy panties that she would give to her boss. Laura chose bikini and thong panties, Dan selected the thin, sheer and sexy French cut loose legged pair. Would Laura model them for Greg, model all of them? She had very carefully gift-wrapped five pairs of panties Sunday evening. Laura wore the white thong she intended to give under her skirt. She wore the white thong under her skirt, but over the garter belt holding her stockings. Dan had noticed as she dressed.

Dan's secretary interrupted his random thoughts with coffee. He took a sip and then his mind went random again. Dan asked about her birthday. "Oh, not for a while, December 12, yours is next month, isn't it?"

"Yes, mine is next month, May 29th," and then, "Thank you, that will be all." She knew and he hadn't. As Dan sipped his coffee, his thoughts returned to Saturday.

He had awakened first; Laura was a sleeping beauty vision beside him. She was a picture of innocence, and then he saw the hickey at the base of her neck. Dan remembered last night, her story and their wild sex as he made their coffee. God damned, she did everything but fuck him, Dan said aloud. He carried two cups back to bed and kissed Laura awake. The smell and taste of coffee earned Dan a morning kiss. They drank their first cup in silence. Finally, Dan voiced to Laura what he said to himself in the kitchen. "Did yesterday really happen; did I have a strange dream?"

"Yes, darling, yesterday really did happen, everything I did, everything I told you, and every minute of that great sex we had last night did happen. Are you having second thoughts?"

"You wanted to fuck him, didn't you?"

"No! Not in the office."

"That's not the question; you did want to fuck him yesterday."

"No, well . . . . I didn't fuck him. I could have, you know."

"Yes, you could have, you didn't fuck Greg, but you could have and you wanted to fuck him."

"Well no, well, well, it wasn't his birthday; his birthday is Monday, not yesterday."

Dan tenderly kissed Laura's hickey and then her earlobe, "It's all right baby, you can say it; you can want to fuck Greg."

"Yes! Damn it, yes. I didn't, I wasn't going to fuck Greg yesterday, but I wanted to fuck him, and I might on Monday for his birthday."

Laura had asked about second thoughts Saturday morning and here it is Monday and I am having third, fourth and fifth thoughts. I have agreed that my previously faithful wife, faithful for nine years of marriage Laura had sworn, can screw her boss today. If Laura decides and Greg accepts, they fuck and I'm fucked. Stop the silliness Dan, stop thinking you're fucked. Laura made that clear all day Saturday and Sunday. You are number one, and only up to now; Greg will say Yes, I know he will; hell I would say yes.

Laura the faithful wife, she is my faithful wife. She said she had never even thought of sex with Greg or anyone else until he made that stupid joke. He said secretaries give their bosses panties instead of flowers and all of a sudden, Laura wants to drop hers and give them to him. Dan, self, you need to get a grip and get to work, get your mind off Laura. Get your mind off Laura and Greg, Laura with Greg. Today! Laura with Greg today, and tonight. He had a meeting at ten that should last until noon.

If Laura had her husband totally confused and disconcerted, she was having the same effect on her boss. Laura was at her desk when Greg arrived. Greg wanted to talk about what happened Friday, and especially about Laura's telephone call Sunday afternoon. Something was going on, something was happening today. What? He tried to ask Laura, but all he received was a one word answer - later. Greg saw a wrapped package on her desk, obviously her birthday gift for him. Not her panties, he was sure he would not get Laura's panties.

Dan's VP chaired the meeting; "We have three accounts we need to make decisions on this morn . . . ." Dan tuned the VP out. I was with her, at home when she decided she would buy Greg panties for his birthday. I encouraged her; I thought she was being funny. I went to Victoria's Secret with her, I helped Laura my wife . . . . "Can you handle that part, Dan?"

"Oh, what, sure no problem, I have it covered."

"Good, moving on, the next account is Business Lady . . . ."

Isn't that a coincidence, Dan mused. Business Lady owned the store where Laura bought the blouse she is wearing right now. I picked it. I suggested that a bare back halter style tailored looking blouse would be sexy, daring, and kinda cute for what she had in mind. What were you thinking, Dan? You gave Greg a free pass to at least second base when you bought that blouse for Laura to wear to . . . . . "Dan, you've got this one too, okay?"

"Sure no problem, I can handle their stuff."

While Dan was in his meeting, Laura convened a two person meeting in Greg's office. She entered with two cups of coffee and her gift package that she handed to Greg. "Happy Birthday!" Laura said she had an announcement; "You are taking me to lunch; I am taking you to dinner. We will take my car both times. Dinner will be formal at the Calypso. I didn't see you bring your tux to work, so I will take you home to change after work. I brought my evening dress, is it okay if I change at your place?"

"Of course."

"Good, do you have a problem with any of my plans?"

"None at all, I have no problem with lunch or dinner with you anywhere or anytime."

"Now you can open your gift, I hope you like it."

"I am sure I will."

"Open the card, please."

Greg pulled the card from its envelope and felt a thickness to it. The face said something about a special birthday wish for a special boss. Greg turned the cover and found a pile of red nylon. The thickness was due to a pair of red panties, folded neatly.

"I wore them all day yesterday so they would have my fragrance." Greg smelled them, smiled and let out an aahhh sound.

"I don't need to open the package, this is more than enough. Thank you!" Greg kissed Laura lightly on the lips.

"You have a choice which gift to get next; choose white or black."

"What the hell, I'll play along, ummmm, black."

"Open the gift package."

Greg carefully removed the ribbons and wrapping. Laura noticed; she knew Dan would have torn them off. "Oh my God, you're giving me more of your panties." The box held four pair, all black, and all very sexy. The first pair was a bikini style, sheer lace in front and a very sheer, almost transparent back. The next two were black thongs; Laura had never bought panties this skimpy before, they were just for Greg. The last pair of panties was a French cut boy leg style. Everything about this last pair of panties screamed sensual elegance.

Greg kissed Laura lightly again and said thank you. Laura decided to continue the kiss with her lips and tongue. She said Happy Birthday Greg, almost formally as she wiped lipstick from his mouth.

"Dan picked out the last pair, he thought they were incredibly sexy and decided if I was going to give you my panties for your birthday they should be good ones."

"You told Dan that, what I said?"

"Yes, I told him what you said, and what we did."

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