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Always Go to Your Class Reunion



The invitation had hung on the refrigerator for months. Even though I originally had no real desire to drive clear across the state to go to the ten year reunion of my high school graduating class, something kept me from tossing the announcement into the trash when I received it. Between being a late bloomer that was totally in the closet, and not fitting into any of the popular or even the 'acceptable' cliques, my high school years hadn't been the best ones of my life. Seeing the notice each time I raided the fridge though, made me think that it might be just interesting enough to go and see how much people had changed. I finally sent in a confirmation at the last minute.

As I made the long journey to the hometown I had all but abandoned since going off to college, I permitted myself to think of the impression I wanted to make. There had been so many changes since being a senior ten years prior. I was no longer the short, pimpled-faced kid few people paid much attention to, but thanks to a growth spurt my freshman year at college, I was now six foot tall. The face had cleared up and matured into what was considered to be fairly handsome. My formally scrawny build was now well filled out and accented with flat abs and hard pecs thanks to hours at the gym. Good genes graced me with still having a full head of thick, dark hair. The glasses I had always worn had long ago been replaced with contacts and made my hazel eyes stand out. Everything that had been wrong in high school changed to combine into a rather nice package that made me look, at 28, like I was still in college.

On the other side of the coin, I also snickered to myself as I drove about the possibilities of discovering that the hottest chicks would all now be plump...or worse. The idea of all the cheerleaders, homecoming queen candidates, and country club girls looking like the before picture for a Weight Watcher's commercial was just too sweet an idea. Almost as good as walking in and finding that all the stud jocks and pretty boys would now be sporting big beer guts and rapidly receding hairlines. Remembering back to some of the teenage experimenting that went on during sleepovers and campouts, also had me making a mental list of which former classmates I intended to drop the 'Oh and I'm gay too,' line on...some for pure shock value and some because I wanted to see the reaction from former circle jerk buddies. The closer I got to the old hometown, the more I was getting into the idea of the reunion being a fun time.

* * * * *

The gathering was being held at the Holiday Inn on the outskirts of town. I could have stayed at my parent's house for free, but decided to spring for a room the night of the event. It made more sense to do that than to worry about counting drinks or having mom grill me if I didn't come home at what she considered a reasonable hour. I even considered the unlikely possibility of hooking up with an old buddy in making the decision. No matter how old you get, moms still waited up for you and I wasn't dealing with it on the night of the party...or the next day if I happened to get lucky.

After checking in, I took a short nap and followed it with a quick shower. The notice had said to dress casually, so I decided on a preppy look with a pair of khakis and an American Eagle polo. Once I had the hair all in place and satisfied at the reflection in the mirror, I headed for the lobby. I wanted to just sit and watch for a while as people came in instead of registering and start mingling right off the bat. It was all part of the game to me...seeing how many classmates I could recognize and how many might identify me without a name badge on. By the time the party room was half full, I had been able to establish who was who only about 50% of the time. Similarly only three people had come over to me with any idea of who I was. Yes, it had only been 10 years, but most of us had changed enough that instant recall wasn't happening easily. Finally, I went to the sign-in table, obtained my name tag, and entered the noisy room.

The first thing that was even more apparent now that I was in the middle of the mix, was that some people had changed dramatically and others very little. The class president; who had been one of the pretty boys in high school; now looked like he had aged 25 years with a near bald head and wearing pants that had to have at least a 44" waist. The class nerd still had a nerd look, but it came with honor now that he was an associate professor at Harvard. All the cheerleaders were bunched together gabbing...and from the looks of all of them, talking mostly about how to shed the pounds after popping out a couple of kids. One of the former 'Plain Janes' was attracting a lot of attention thanks to being dressed in a very tight cocktail dress and showing off cleavage to rival the Grand Canyon and what had to be enough silicon to float a battleship. Some of the other guys had changed little other than minor telltale signs of aging. Some...not surprisingly, mostly the jocks...were looking pretty sad compared to the athletic image they had a decade earlier. Other surprises included finding out that the biggest juvenile delinquent during high school, was now an attorney, and the biggest space cadet had become a minister...and now married to the former class slut!

The other major thing that became quickly obvious, was that the clique atmosphere had almost disappeared. Certainly there was still some of it going on, but all in all, most everyone seemed to be honestly making the effort at getting to know each other again and without the silly games that had been so prevalent back when who you hung out with mattered more than who you were. I was actually enjoying the experience even though I pondered why we had to be older to actually appreciate people we had shared so much life with growing up. I had just gotten into a good discussion with a friend I hadn't seen since graduation, when he muttered, "Oh look...the Queen Bitch has arrived."

I turned in time to see the one person that I expected...and secretly hoped...to have changed the most working her way through the crowd. Beth Crosby had been the ultimate country club bitch in high school. Stunningly beautiful, rich father, head cheerleader, homecoming queen, yearbook editor, lead in the senior class play, prom chairman, and an attitude to match it all. If you weren't a part of what she considered 'her class of people' you didn't exist. And now; ten years later; she still looked as good as ever and dressed the part. My friend grumbled again. "Bet you $50 that when she makes it over to us, she brings up how she was head cheerleader at state the year they won the Orange Bowl. She will never give up on playing her little high school games."

I would soon discover that was not only a good prediction but that she also still had that air of superiority too; just used it a little more cunningly now. I turned my back to the small crowd that was following her around and changed topics with my friend. The respite from seeing the one girl I had actually despised in high school was short lived though.

Without even bothering to say 'excuse me' or anything else polite, Beth suddenly injected herself into our conversation. Her little entourage was right there too. After staring at my name tag, she put on as fake a smile as she could muster and declared, "Why Steven...it's so good to see you. It's been forever since we spoke, hasn't it been?"

I rolled my eyes since no one except my grandmother ever called me 'Steven' and also because the few words she had just uttered probably exceeded all the ones combined she had ever said to me back in high school.

She did the same barely stealthy glance at Tim's tag and gave him a similar bullshit banality. Without pausing for either of us to offer anything back, she launched into what seemed to be a prepared speech detailing her life since high school and centering mostly on her success at college as if being head cheerleader for a Big 10 team actually mattered out here in the real world. Droning on she added, "And then of course, like any fairytale romance between the cheerleader and quarterback should be, Jeff and I got married and all was going to be perfect when he was drafted by the Bengals."

The slight pause she took was welcomed since I was busy admiring the fine ass of who I assumed was the 'Jeff' she had been speaking of. His back was to me and I was never a football fan, so I had no clue who he was.

"Then came the terrible injury during the third game of his second season," she began again. "The damage to the knee was just too great and he had to give up football for a career in business." Her newest hesitation was evidently so we could all commiserate with her. All Tim and I did was roll our eyes at each other.

"Oh honey," she declared as she tapped Mister Sweet Cheeks on the shoulder, "I want you to meet some very good old friends of mine." Turning back to us, she lastly offered, "Have you guys ever met a real NFL player before?" The patronizing smile on her face was one that made you want to slap her.

Just as I was ready to walk away before I told her what I really thought, hubby Jeff turned and automatically stuck out his hand. The words 'Hello' were barely off our lips when the expression on both our faces changed.

Mine went from smile to grin and finally to full blown smirk.

His began with a smile but morphed quickly to a look of sudden recognition and followed with one of instant fear.

It was obvious to the two of us that we both realized that this wasn't the first time we had become acquainted. It had been under much different circumstances, but neither of us had changed much since that fateful night back when we were both college seniors. We were the same height, had similar builds, his blond hair was still as full as mine, and the deep blue eyes I remembered were drilling into my hazel ones...much the same way they had in the gay bar we met in when I had gone to Capital City for a party weekend. The only difference this time, was they were begging me to remain silent instead of to be taken back to my motel room.

* * * * *

I was sitting alone at a table off to the side later and watching the crowd. Tim had wandered off after I refused to tell him why I had broken up laughing after getting away from Beth and Jeff. As much as I would have loved to have destroyed little Miss Perfect Life, I couldn't bring myself to out poor Jeff. Instead, I was now reliving the memories of that wild night with him at Motel 6. What had began as some overly playful groping and kissing at the bar, had transformed into a passion-filled night that ranged from serious sixty-nining one time to him pleading with me to fuck him later. When we parted company the next morning, I still had no idea I had just spent the night with the star quarterback of State University's football team. I laughed to myself again realizing that until just a few minutes ago, I still hadn't known that fact!

Several times I caught sight of Jeff glancing at me as if he was keeping track of my movements in the room. Probably worried that I was telling the world his little secret, I imagined. I smiled at him once when he held his gaze a little too long, but he made no attempt to come talk to me. I wasn't going to make the effort either but I did keep an eye on him too...mainly because he was still one hell of a fine looking man. After thinking several times how I would still love to blow his wife up with the story, I got up to get another drink but decided to take a quick pee break first.

There was a line waiting outside the nearest bathroom so I wandered down the hall to where I knew another one was near the pool door. I was the only one in there, but still used one of the stalls out of habit. Just as I was zipping back up, I heard footsteps and water being turned on at a sink. When I pulled the stall door open and stepped out, that fine ass of Jeff's was the first thing I saw. He was bent over the sink washing his hands, but looked up into the mirror above as I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn't ascertain exactly what the expression on his reflected face meant, but shrugged and moved to the sink next to him. I finally broke the uneasy silence with, "Well isn't this just a little awkward, Jeff?" and a grin.

"Oh you think so, do you?" came first. "I'll show you 'awkward' Steve," followed immediately.

Before I could react, I was being shoved back towards the stall I had just exited. As Jeff pushed me through the door, I cried out, "Hey man...CHILL!"

"I intend to do a lot more than 'chill' you," spilled out as he kicked the door closed and pinned me to the wall. His eyes were blazing like hot coals in a barbeque.

I balled up my fists preparing to do battle best I could. Suddenly though, instead of being punched like I had expected, Jeff plastered his body against mine and drove his tongue in my mouth. Any fight in me wilted instantly and I succumbed to his forcefulness. Our hips grinded together while we kissed and the wandering hands that came next soon found the erections we had both developed.

Jeff eventually pulled back from my lips and grinned. "Not quite what you expected?" he asked.

"Well no...but I'm sure not complaining either," I replied with a huge smile attached.

His hand kept working the bone in my khakis as he spoke. "I have dreamed for six years of finding you and be able to get together again. You were the hottest fuck I ever had."

"Sure wish you had found me, Jeff. That night with you has never been forgotten either." I was toying with his zipper and wondering if maybe a quick blowjob was all we could have. "Finding you at my class reunion was the last place I would have imagined ever seeing you again." I paused before adding, "And being married to Beth of all people!"

"Fuck her," he spat out. "She was nothing but cover for me all through college and I got trapped into the marriage when the pros started showing interest in me." His eyes looked up to the ceiling. "It was stupid but all I could think of to keep rumors from starting." When his eyes returned to mine, he began tugging at my belt and lustfully whispered, "Gawd, do you have any idea how bad I want you right now?"

"Probably as much as I want you." My hand unzipped him and slid inside his fly to squeeze the hard lump hidden behind the soft cotton of his briefs. "But this sure isn't the place for us to have our own reunion if we want one to really remember."

Jeff first moaned as I caressed his cock and then offered, "No it isn't, but what option do we have?" His hand worked its way down inside my waistband and boxers at the same time and grabbed my rod.

I felt his thumb smearing my pre over my mushroom and gave up my own groan of pleasure. "Depends on how much time you can get lost for...I have a room down at the end of the hall." The grin on my face widened as I wiggled my fingers through the opening in his underwear and teased his flesh pole.

Jeff's smile grew wide also. "That may be a lot easier than you think, stud. Beth and her little cheerleader gang are all into reliving their glory days at this point. A quick trip back through that crowd just to be seen, and I doubt if she would miss me for at least an hour. It wouldn't be the whole night, but can sure get enough time to make things as interesting as we want to." As if to seal the deal, he then pressed his lips back to mine and sucked my tongue from my mouth.

When I finally peeled him from my lips, I mumbled, "Let's get back then and set it up. Especially before you have me leaking any more and creating a wet spot that cant be missed!" I oozed another large wad from my slit as he snickered and squeezed my cock hard one more time.

When Jeff pulled his fingers out of my pants, my man jam was shining on the tips. He raised them to his lips and seductively licked it off. "Oh yeah! Just as sweet as I remember," came with a happy grin. "Hope you still cum in gallons 'cause my tonsils need fed bad."

I fondled his bare cock once more and then dragged my hand from his fly. As I zipped him back up I quipped back, "Only when I have your mouth working me like an automatic milking machine."

We finished adjusting our bulging boxes best we could and then Jeff opened the stall door. With a huge grin, he offered, "As Al Bundy used to say, 'Let's Rock!'"

* * * * *

It had taken virtually no effort for Jeff to be able to extract himself from Beth's clutches. She had pretty much already shown him off to everyone at the party and gleefully waved him off when he said he was going outside for air for awhile. Just like back in high school, it was all about her and her trophy husband had already served his purpose. Jeff and I only stayed around long enough to not be obvious at disappearing together.

For some reason I was feeling a little nervous as I slipped the key card in the slot of my room door. Jeff pawing at my ass in the deserted hallway wasn't helping. Part of it was from anticipation, but another part was that I usually avoided the situation I was in...being with a married man. I always enjoyed a good romp in the sack, but normally drew the line when I saw a wedding ring. With Jeff though, it was different somehow. Certainly the memories of the one other time we had hooked up were center stage, but the idea of stealing him away from the biggest bitch at the reunion was in play also. When the door popped open, I shuffled through it with a little apprehension still nagging at me. The room was dark except for the light coming from the partially open bathroom door.

Whether Jeff had sensed my slight mood change or not, he quickly drove it to the deepest recesses of my mind by pushing me against the wall and dropping to his knees. The hallway door clicked shut at the same time he clumsily began undoing my pants. When I felt them and my boxers slide down my thighs together, he looked up and throatily gasped, "I haven't sucked cock in almost five years and want yours right now."

Before I could suggest moving to the bed first, he had swallowed my thick tool completely in one rapid motion. I hugged the wall with outstretched arms to keep on my feet as his mouth worked me in a frenzy. My knees were quivering as he flicked and licked and slurped my throbbing seven inches as if it were an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. During his oral attention to me, I managed to interrupt him long enough to snake his polo up over his head and let it drop to the floor. He may have aged six years but the hard pecs I found with my hands sure hadn't. When I pinched both nipples between my fingers, he moaned and swallowed my cock clear to the root and back to the head several times. Just as his tongue tip began fucking my piss slit, I yanked him up from the floor. "You are going to make me blow way too quick," I whimpered to his face.

The grin on Jeff's face was devilish. "Maybe that would be a good thing," he replied. "Then when I keep you hard and get you to plow my ass, your stamina will be longer." His palm continued working my bone as he added, "It's been six years but if I remember correctly, you are good for more than just once or twice."

The grin had now morphed to a lusting smirk. His busy hand left my cock and used both to begin tugging at my shirt to get it off. After he tossed it aside to join his on the floor, he kicked off his shoes, unzipped and pushed his slacks down and stepped out of them. He sauntered towards the bed and as he flopped down he ordered, "Finish getting naked and then get your fine body over here with me."

I watched him intently as I slipped out of my shoes and wiggled my feet free of the khakis and boxers that had been bunched around my ankles. I felt one of his socks hit me in the head as I bent down to yank mine off. I stepped on the other one as I took three long strides to the bed. The bathroom light was just enough for me to be able to stand beside the bed and look down at his nude torso splayed before me like an all-you-eat buffet. I let one hand drag sensuously across his large erection and move to cup his balls as I crawled in with him. "I can't decide whether I want to suck your cock, chew on those huge nuts, eat your ass, or just start with a good all-over tongue bath," was my observation.

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