byL.A. Wicker©

The sounds of two people making out filled both their ears. A couple in the movie was stripping off each other's clothes and they were getting it on. He sucked her big, full tits like some animal and the young girl under him was going wild screaming for more. He tore off her panties, climbed on her and they were off. Her fake screams were awesome as the man moved back and forth, acting as if he was fucking her.

'Do you think he's really doing her?' Amanda asked, biting her lower lip, wondering what it would feel like having a hard cock up her pussy, fucking the shit out of her.

He looked down and the look on her face was heavenly. She looked like a girl in love and a girl that needed loved. 'I doubt it,' he replied moving his hand back to her stomach and began caressing in small circles. He watched the movie, enjoying the young actress and forgot that he was touching Amanda.

She felt his big, strong hand moving over her, up and down her body until it moved under her left breast. She took a long, slow deep breath, praying he would touch it and that's when he squeezed. 'Oh yes!' she softly moaned arching her back up, hoping he'd keep watching the movie and not realizing what he was doing.

He watched the sexy young actress moaning and groaning, wishing that it were he on top of her fucking her for real. His cock grew harder and the moans seamed so real, it was amazing. 'Fuck her little ass,' he whispered stroking his cock with his left hand while the other was caressing a nice, round tit. He thought for a second and it came to him. 'Oh shit!' he said turning his head to see his own hand caressing Amanda's beautiful right breast. But, she had her pretty eyes closed and was going absolutely wild at his touch. 'Should I stop? This has to be a dream. There's no way she'd be letting me do this shit for real.' he said himself enjoying the feel of her warm, tender flesh under his fingers. 'Oh fuck it!' he laughed and continued touching her excited nipple.

Amanda was out of control as her handsome Daddy's fingers toyed with her aching nipple. Now she could only hope that he'd do more. She wanted to feel him touching her tiny pusy so badly, but how in the heck could she get his big hand down to it? She continued to squirm under him, enjoying his skilled fingers tormenting her nipples until she felt something so wonderful on the side of her face, that it took her breath away. Her Daddy's big, long cock was out of his shorts and only an inch from her mouth. She slowly turned her body to face him. 'Oh yes!' Amanda cried as his stiff shaft fell against her warm, excited mouth. She began to place soft, loving kisses all over his shaft and when he fell back on the sofa, she knew he was hers.

He could believe the wonderful things running through his body as the beautiful actress kissed and suckled his raging cock. This had to have been the best dream that he'd ever had in his life. He turned to lie down and a pleasant scent crept up his nose. 'Oh yes!' he moaned turning towards the wonderful smell and he began to lick over her thighs and towards the source of the breathtaking aroma.

It took every, last ounce of Amanda's strength not to scream out as her Daddy kissed and licked up her creamy thighs. 'Oh Daddy! It feels so good!' she whispered as she kissed his swollen cock head and she knew that it was time to please the man she loved. Amanda opened her mouth, took a deep breath and swallowed him whole.

'Oh mother fucker!' he growled his young dream girl sucked his cock completely in her warm mouth and down her silky, smooth throat. 'You're a damn good little cock sucker,' he laughed grabbing the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth as fast as he possibly could. 'Come on baby!' he growled louder, fucking Amanda's mouth hard and deep. He looked to her pussy and couldn't resist, he dove his mouth to her pussy and started kissing, licking and sucking it hard. 'You like it?' he asked hearing a loud moan come from someplace below him and at this particular time; he didn't give a shit where it came from.

Amanda sucked him as hard as she could, enjoying her Daddy's big, hard cock in her mouth, only wanting to please him. His tongue drove into her tiny pussy and she couldn't help but scream out. 'Oh Daddy, yes, yes!' she screamed as he tongue fucked her pussy. 'Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!' Amanda moaned and he stopped. 'Oh no,' she moaned out lifting her head to see a shocked and painful look on his face. 'Please, let's keep doing it,' she begged reaching to hug him, but he pushed her back, jumped from the sofa and ran to his room.

His hands covered his face and he couldn't believe what had just happened. 'I was eating my baby's pussy and letting her suck my cock,' he said with hurt trying to figure all this out. He wanted her there was no doubt in his mind, but he wanted her to make the choice without drinking or any other outside influences to be involved in it. 'Please forgive me,' he whispered falling back on his bed, thinking of all the wonderful things that he and Amanda had shared over the years, hoping he hadn't ruined the love.

Amanda sat on the side of the sofa, in shock. 'How could you just stop something as wonderful as that?' she asked shaking her head in disbelief. 'I wanted to suck you off, Daddy,' she said putting out her lower lip, wondering if she'd be able to please herself ever again. She'd had her Daddy's big, beautiful cock in her mouth and down her throat and now, she needed it up her sizzling pussy.


He jumped from his sleep, grabbed his cock and ran down the hall as fast as he could to the bathroom. He pointed to the john and let loose a massive piss. 'Ahhhh,' he moaned as the warm piss flowed from his simi-hard cock like water from a fire hose. 'That was a close call,' he laughed remembering why he had to go so bad. 'All that fucking wine and not a single piss,' he said as the sound of it going into the bowl filled his ears and another thought filled his mind, Amanda sucking his cock.

'Oh fuck!' he moaned as hot blood rushed into his shaft so fast it hurt. 'Why couldn't you have waited until I was finished?' he laughed, leaning against the wall, thinking of his sexy young daughters' mouth wrapped tightly around his shaft. 'I should have let it go on,' he thought as visions of her lying before him filled his mind and again he was quickly carried away of dreams of her. 'Oh Amanda! Suck Daddy's cock. Suck it good baby. Suck Daddy!'

Amanda woke up and was sure she heard Daddy moaning. Fear raced through her thinking that something was wrong with him. She ran from her room and into the bathroom and saw him against the wall pissing away. But the one thing that caught her eye, he was so hard and moaning for her to suck his cock.

'I'm here, Daddy,' she whispered dropping to her knees and reached to hold his large, swollen cock. 'I'll make feel so good, Daddy,' she whispered again wanting to turn him on, but hoped he'd stay locked in his dream of her. She lived to please him as a daughter and now she wanted to please him as a lover.

He just leaned to the wall, not wanting the wonderful thoughts of her to leave his mind and when her soft voice filled his dream, he grew more. 'Yes baby. You always make me feel so good,' he replied caressing her long, brown hair. 'Hold Daddy tight! I want to feel you holding me close to you,' he moaned as her tiny hands squeezed him. 'That's my girl,' he moaned, wishing he'd hurry and finish his piss or was he really pissing?

'I'll make it all better.' Amanda whispered watching his hot stream at last ending. 'Finally!' she thought as she watched him squeeze out a few last squirts. 'Now I'm going to please my Daddy and there's no stopping this time,' she said in a firm voice as she moved in from of him, opened her mouth and took him down her throat.

'Oh baby!' he cried as he sank deep into her warm mouth and enjoyed the feel of her swallowing him deep in her throat. 'Oh baby girl! Suck Daddy! It's been so long since I came and when I do,' he paused to caress the sides of her face. 'The only way I can cum is to think of you,' he added and felt her sucking him harder, deeper until the base of his long cock was smashed against her mouth.

Amanda couldn't believe what he'd just said. She knew he always got hard after they hugged, but she'd never, ever thought of him jerking off while thinking of her. Now she wanted any and all dreams he had of her to come true and nothing was going to stop her this time. 'You fuck my mouth Daddy and I want you to cum,' she stopped long enough to say and quickly swallow him again and deeper than ever.

He heard her words and moved his hips in time with her glorious mouth. 'Oh my sweet baby!' he moaned enjoying her young, tender mouth wrapped so tightly around his cock. 'Suck it baby! Suck Daddy's cock,' he said holding the sides of her head as she sucked and he fucked her mouth as fast as he could move.

She was his to do anything he wanted to, even if it meant being nothing but his personal little fuck toy, she was his. 'Cum Daddy! Talk dirty to me, Daddy! I love being called nasty names too!' she whispered, jerking his cock as fast as she could move, hoping her words would help her Daddy cum. 'Cum in your baby girls mouth,' she whispered louder, not caring if the trance was broken or not and she downed him deeper.

He looked down, shock raced through him, but there was no way in hell he was going to stop Amanda this time. She was eighteen, a horny girl, all his and he planned on taking her up on anything and everything she wanted to give. 'Oh yes! Suck it you little cunt, suck your Daddy's big, fat cock!' he moaned watching his daughter eating his cock better than any woman he'd ever been with in his life. 'You're going to be my whore now,' he whispered and was sure she'd just came on the floor. 'You do like that dirty shit,' he smiled thinking of all the things he'd called her while jerking off.

'I'll be your whore, Daddy. Just please fuck me when I need it.' Amanda said looking up to, the man she'd loved her entire life and now an innocent love one turning in a new and wonderful direction.

He smiled to Amanda and pulled her up to his face. 'I'll do anything you need or want baby,' he said hugging her trembling body to his as he gently caressed over her ass and hips. 'Let's go to my room and do this right,' he smiled leading her back to his room.

She stood before him watching his eyes looking over her body and thought she would cum right where she stood. 'Please touch me or something,' she begged him with need in her soft voice, praying that he'd do something. She needed to suck him or have him fuck her, anything as long as it was soon.

'Is somebody horny?' he teased lying on the bed, looking at her shapely ass. 'You could take off those panties, move over here and finish sucking off Daddy's cock, while I eat your hot little pussy,' he said with a smile, watching her tear off the panties, practically jump on the bed and over him, shoving her pussy in is face. 'Damn, you horny bitch,' he laughed shoving his face into her pussy and began licking and sucking every inch of it.

'I'm Daddy's horny bitch,' she moaned sucking him into her mouth, enjoying his mouth sucking her pussy. 'Eat me, Daddy!' Amanda begged grinding her wet, excited pussy all over his face and she felt something nice. 'Oh Daddy!' she growled when his skilled tongue sank in her dripping, young pussy. 'Daddy! Yes! Oh yes!' Amanda cried sitting up on his face, smashing her pussy down on him, ramming his tongue deeper.

He held her hips as he drove his long tongue as far in her pussy as he could. She moved all around, back and fourth, side-to-side and any other way she could. Her moans filled his ears and quickly knew that he was doing it right.

'Oh Daddy! Yes! Yes!' Amanda cried as his tongue took her to places she could have never dreamt. 'Make me cum,' she purred rocking back and forth on his face, feeling his long tongue licking her inner pussy walls. 'I'm your whore, Daddy, make cum,' she moaned feeling a fire building deep in her pussy. 'Oh Daddy! I'm so close.' Amanda whimpered grabbing both her nipples and squeezed them as hard as she could. 'Daddy! Daddy!' she screamed out. The fire that had been in her pussy was now rushing through her veins, into her young heart and to her young brain. 'Daddy! Daddy!' Amanda screamed louder than before as she spread her legs, shoving her orgasming pussy on his face.

He held her tighter, licking her pussy faster and as deep as he possible could. 'Go baby,' he thought licking deep in her pussy, enjoying her muscles squeezing around his tongue. 'Come on baby girl,' he thought again caressing her ass, wishing he could whisper dirty things in her ears.

After a few minutes, Amanda lifted from him and fell flat on the bed. 'Damn! I'll be your whore after that,' she smiled cuddling next to him. 'Thank you, Daddy,' she whispered moving over him, grabbed his stiff cock and gently sat down. 'Oh my fucking God!' Amanda squealed as his long, hard cock sank deep into her pussy. 'Oh Daddy, it feels so good,' she trembled leaning to kiss him. 'You're in me, my Daddy is in me,' she added with tears of joy and love pouring from her pretty eyes and on his face.

'And I'm planning on being you all the time,' he said returning her kiss.

'You can fuck me anytime you want.'

'Oh really?'

'Oh yes! I want you up my hot, juicy cunt day and night.'

'You're a nasty mouth, little whore.'

'But, I'm your whore, Daddy.'

'Get that hot ass moving, bitch!'

'Ah yes! My Daddy's hard cock is up my cunt.'

'Daddy wants to cum in it too.'

'Oh fuck yes! Cum in me, Daddy!'

'Go you little cunt, whore! Talk dirty to me,' he grunted pushing his hips up to greet Amanda's pussy as she shoved down on him. 'Come on you fucking cunt! Fuck me!' he said in his fatherly voice that Amanda was sure to know he was ready to cum.

'Go!' she lifted her hips and quickly slammed back down on his cock. 'Fuck me! Fuck your daughter! Cum on you dirty motherfucker! Rape your daughter and cum in my cunt!' Amanda yelled out watching nothing but pleasure on his handsome face. 'Fuck you daughter,' she whispered moving her hips up and down. 'Fuck your baby girl,' she whispered again, but this time it was a voice sounded like a girl half her age.

'You're my good little girl.'

'Daddy, do I still get an ice cream for doing this?' Amanda said trying not to laugh because it sounded so good it even turned her on.

'Oh yes! My baby gets anything she wants for playing with her Daddy,' he grunted, grabbed her to his chest and his cock exploded in her body. 'Oh baby! Oh baby I love you so much,' he cried holding her as tight as he could, enjoying her hips still moving up and down as fast as she could move.

'Come on, Daddy! Cum in me,' she smiled watching his face and all the pleasure she was giving him. 'Come on Daddy, cum up your baby girls' little cunt!' Amanda said filling tears rolling off her face. 'Oh Daddy!' she froze, enjoying his cock deep in her cunt, him holding her in his arms and last but not least, her Daddy filling her cunt full of his seeds. The very same seeds that made her. 'Ahhhhh fuck!' Amanda cried as her body locked around her Daddy's hard cock. 'You made me cum,' she giggled leaning to give him a deep, loving kiss, wondering if she'd lucky enough to give him a child, just like her.

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Why the childish necessity(?) to destroy the story with the totally childish terms (bitch, whore, cunt) to describe the daughter at the end? Why not have her refer to him as a perverted piece of dementedmore...

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