He was a nervous wreck up until the time he drove through the coffee shop on Friday and handed Amanda a five dollar bill and a folded up note. She handed out his change with her normal smile. When she gave him his drink, she asked, "See you tomorrow?"

"I hope so," he answered.

The longest thirty one hours of his life followed. John fretted over what to do, what to say, what to wear, what to have ready to eat or drink. Amanda's image from the video was never out of his mind, but he didn't replay it this time. Instead, he wanted to wait for the real Amanda, in person, whether they did anything or not. If they didn't, he had the video.

Saturday started out hot, with light rain coming down by noon. As two o'clock neared, the skies were darkening and thunder could be heard far in the distance. He hoped it wasn't an omen that she wouldn't show up. He tried not to stand at the front window and simply will her to come by staring at the street.

At ten minutes past two, his nerves were frayed. He started having negative thoughts and he wondered how he would ever be able to drive past the coffee shop again, let alone order anything.

Then the doorbell rang.

John didn't fully realize the extent of his anxiety until his shaky hand pulled open the door. Amanda was standing on the porch, shaking rain out of her black hair with both hands. Still, she smiled that familiar smile and said, "Hi. It's me."

John let her in.

"I'm sorry you had to get wet," he said once she was inside.

"It's not your fault it's raining, is it?" she asked playfully.

"Nope. Can't take credit for that."

He noticed the moisture on her bare shoulders and on the wide collars of her black, leather halter top. The front zipper was pulled down to the top of her breasts, teasing him once again. A couple inches of skin below the halter top gave way to a short hip-hugging skirt.

"Do you want something to dry off with? A towel?" he asked.

"No. I'm fine, thanks. It's just rain."

"How was work today?" John asked, as they walked into the house.

"Normal. Boring."

They entered the eating area off the kitchen and John offered Amanda a drink. She chose pop and took a seat at the table while she waited.

"So, did you like the videos?" she asked.

John glanced over at her with a smile. "Of course. Thank you. They were wonderful. Almost professional quality."

She beamed. "Really? You don't know what I do besides hand out drinks, do you?"

"No. But I'd like to."

"I'm studying cinematography," she said with pride. "I did the lighting for those. The camera angles. The editing. You name it."

"All of it was fantastic," John replied, handing her a glass of Coke. "Not to mention the subject matter and star of the show."

She blushed and took a short drink, watching him all the time. "Know which one was harder?"

"Tell me."

"The shower scene. I had to take three showers before I got that right," she said.

John laughed. "Who has the outtakes?"

This time Amanda giggled. "Nobody will ever see those. God."

John paused. "So, the bedroom scene was easy?"

The girl's bashfulness returned. "Kind of."

"Please don't tell me you faked it."

She looked offended, but with obvious good humor. "I never fake it."

John raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

It wasn't meant as a question and she didn't answer him, except to ask, "Did you follow my orders?"

"To the best of my ability, considering you weren't there."

She put her elbows on the table and leaned forward. "Did you cum, John?"

He thought he would jump over the table and take her right there. Her lustful eyes probed his face. Her breasts bulged against the halter top.

"A lot."

She smiled widely, and leaned back. "Good."

"You have a future in film making."

Her look turned a little more serious. "We have a project coming up where we need to make a lengthy movie involving moving cameras and at least one other person. I have no clue what I want to do for that."

"I'm sure you'll think of something creative and great," John said. "If there's ever anything I can do to help, just let me know."

"Thanks. I will."

They chatted about her schooling for a while, but Amanda was always quick to work into the conversation something about the videos she gave John. The subject matter was always hovering around, but not touching on, sex. The game went on for nearly half an hour.

John suggested they move into the living room and Amanda agreed. They stood and headed for the steps down into the family room just as a violent flash of lightning and loud thunder roared outside.

Amanda stopped, seemingly shaken by the sudden sound. John put his arm around her shoulder.

She looked up at him timidly.

"Sorry. I hate storms."

"I guess you'll have to stay until it's over," he said with a smile.

"That might be all day," she replied.

"If I'm lucky."

She turned and leaned into him. Their lips met in a friendly kiss. Her hands were on his arms, which now hung at his side.

He enjoyed the kiss, expecting it to end far too soon. But Amanda didn't lean back. And John, perhaps out of habit, spread his lips and extended his tongue onto her mouth. She responded by doing the same.

Now the kiss was turning into something more. Their heads turned slightly. Amanda put her arms around his waist. John held her by the hips.

Amanda pressed harder against John's mouth and they both moaned as the passion rose. Their bodies pressed together and he felt her breasts. She felt the beginning of his erection.

They were just inches from the wall, and Amanda rotated until her back was against it. John moved into her, putting his hands on the back of her skirt.

"Oh, John," she moaned into his mouth. Another round of thunder and lightning caused her to tremble.

He closed his fingers around the material of her skirt, feeling the softness of her skin underneath. He pulled her tighter to him and his cock reacted to the new pressure by growing another inch. He knew she had to feel it.

Amanda gave no indications, whatsoever, of wanting to break off the kiss. John moved his hands up her body and onto the side of her breasts. He hesitated.

"Open it, John," she said softly.

As the kiss restarted, John pulled down the zipper. It moved effortlessly and he didn't stop until the top was lying open. Immediately, his hand moved onto the breast he'd watched so intently on the video.

Their mouths finally separated and they briefly looked at each other. Then John's eyes moved down to her breasts.

"Lick it, please. Lick my nipple."

John's tongue was on her breast quickly, stabbing at the rigid pink nipple on one tit, and then the other. When he began to suck on them, Amanda put her hand between his legs. She clutched at the erection and rubbed him through his shorts.

John lifted her skirt and felt the smooth skin of her upper legs. He had to go very high before reaching the tiny strip of a thong. His fingers moved around to her ass and he firmly held her cheeks.

"Take off my panties, John."

As much as he hated having to make her let go of his cock, he bent down to pull off her thong. He removed it and her shoes, hastily standing back up and moving his body into hers.

"Now fuck me. Right here."

Amanda was already opening his pants. John didn't need to assist her. She let the shorts fall around his ankles and pulled down his underwear, exposing his fully erect cock. With one step out of the shorts, he was ready.

He lifted her skirt and positioned himself between her legs. Amanda put one leg around him, raising the knee up to his ass. With the cock ready to slide into her, she raised the other leg and John held her up by the ass.

"Is it OK to...," he started to say.

"Yes. Just fuck me. Please!"

The tip of John's cock entered her. She wiggled in his arms; he moved a few inches. And then with a steady, gentle push, John put his cock inside the beautiful girl.

"Oh fuck. Yes!" she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and leaning back against the wall. The closest lightning strike yet shook the entire house. Amanda clung to her new lover.

John held her there, his hands secure under her ass and thighs. He questioned his ability to do it, but Amanda made it easy. She was small and light. And her soaking wet cunt easily took in his thick cock. Now it was a matter of completing the act.

John thrust himself inside Amanda with energy he never knew he had. All the lust he'd built up for her since the first time he saw her, plus the videos, came out in the form of a pounding cock into her tight pussy. His grunts coincided with the sound of his body smacking into hers with each plunge of his cock.

"Yes! Yes!" Amanda cried out in rhythm with the fucking.

"Oh God, Amanda. You're so good. So tight!"

He held her tight against the wall and slammed into her faster. His upward motion hit just the right spots and Amanda knew she'd never have to worry about her clit. He would get her off just fine.

Her tender tits were within range of his mouth and he lightly bit her nipple, causing a loud shriek to pierce the air. Her cunt muscles tightened around him. He fucked her harder.

For several minutes they enjoyed the pleasure of fast, hard sex. This was pure lust and the need to cum. They urged each other on vocally, while John used his mouth and cock to bring her closer.

Suddenly, the lights flickered, followed by darkness. Amanda gasped.

"It's alright," John assured her. "It's alright."

Amanda had her arms around John's neck, clinging to him while her body rode on top of the wave that would eventually come powerfully ashore. Her mind was too busy processing all the things her body was feeling to worry about fantasizing. She had all she needed: a nice, good-looking guy; his hard cock; and, his arms under her.

Then, the shore approached.

John expected the girl to provide him with a running commentary of her orgasm. But, to his surprise, she moaned a long 'Yesss' one time before he felt a series of shudders in her body. She put her head near his and he heard every groan, every hiss, every surge of pleasure flow over her during an extended orgasm. But any fireworks were kept internal.

When he felt her crumple into his arms, she sighed, "Damn, you're good in the dark."

"I'm going to cum, Amanda," he warned her.

"Do it!" she encouraged him.

Almost before the words were out of her mouth, John's cock was spitting pre-cum. A short moment later, the first of a half dozen shots of cum poured into her. Each grunt meant another discharge and John slapped against Amanda's young body with increased vigor. She moaned along with him until they were both spent.

John managed to carry Amanda back to the table and gently laid her down before slowly pulling out. She put her hands over her face, as satisfied as she'd ever been after sex.

"Oh my God," she said softly.

John kissed her nipple.

"Have you ever wanted to be in movies?" she asked.

"Me? You're joking, right?"

"I might have a role for you in my next one. Interested?"

John looked down at the gorgeous girl. "Are you in it?"

"Do you want me?"

"If it keeps storming, I'm going to want you again this afternoon," he said.

"Hmmmm. Never liked storms, but my opinion of them is changing."

They didn't dress. Just in case.

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