tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 02

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 02

byDr Kink©

People should read Amanda and her Father Chapter 1, before reading Chapter 2.

Amanda was shocked by her father's revelation, "You mean mom was like this? How long does it last? Does it go away? How did you and mom cope with it?"

"Hold it, one question at a time. Yes, mom was just like you. When she was carrying you, she became extremely horny, wanted sex all the time. At first, it was fantastic. I was a young man and my wife wanted sex all the time, what could be better than that? Then, the further along in her pregnancy, the hornier she got. As soon as I got home from work, she would be waiting for me and practically tear off my clothes as I entered the door. We would do it right on the living room floor, and then we would get up and do it on the couch. We would make it to the bedroom and have sex there, all this before supper. After supper, it was more of the same. I got worn out. I bought her dildos, vibrators, Ben Wang balls and anything else they had. She was insatiable."

"God, that sounds a lot like Bill and me. I think he went on his business trip for a rest." Amanda laughed at her little joke. "You mean it is going to get more intense, for another three months? Did mom finally get enough, when did her urges cool down?"

"Are you sure you want to hear the answer, honey?"

"What do you mean, Dad? You're scaring me. Come on now, it had to quiet down after I was born?"

"Yes it did, for a few days. However, as she nursed you, the urges came back even stronger. Her nipples became more sensitive and sensual. For the first few weeks, we would have to have sex immediately after you finished feeding. The longer you feed, the more aroused she became. We began having sex while you were still nursing and soon, she would orgasm, just from the stimulus of you nursing."

"Daddy, I am getting worried. I was hoping my constant state of arousal would diminish soon, but it does not look like it will. When did she return to normal, I mean not being constantly horny?"

"Amanda, I don't know if she ever did. Our sex life was very active, up until the time she got sick. In fact, we even got involved with... ah... um... I don't know if I should tell you."

"Dad, after all that has happened between us and the subject of this discussion, I think you can tell me anything."

"I guess you are right." John replied. "Let me see, I think it started about when you were three months old. I was young, but your mother's desire was insatiable and I could not keep up with her. Plus, she was going crazy, during the day, when I was at work. Anyway, we decided to join a swingers group."

"You and Mom were swingers?" said an astonished Amanda. "Whom did you swing with?"

"Quite a few people, most of them you don't know. Don't you remember spending quite a few weekends with your grandparents when you were growing up? Those times we had a party and screwed the whole weekend. That would satisfy your mother, for a short time and I could get my batteries recharged."

"How did she handle the day time, when you were at work? I'm finding that masturbation and dildos are not really getting rid of my urges. What did Mom do? Did she see a doctor about her urges?"

"Yes she did. He could not do anything until she stopped nursing. Then, the doctor first tried giving your mother hormone pills, but she got hot and cold flashes and she would get such a bad case of PMS she didn't even like herself. Then he tried giving her Prozac, lithium and other drugs that were supposed to calm her down. Unfortunately, they calmed her down so much that she was so far out of it that she couldn't care for you. Finally she told the doctor to forget about it and she would just live with it."

How did she manage when you went to work? I find it is rough when Bill is gone and I'm so horny."

"You remember Betty Vargas. You went to school with her daughter, Cathy. Well, your mother and Betty would get together three or four days a week for some mutual relaxation."

"Mom, like women, she was bisexual?"

"Don't be too critical of her, Amanda."

"I'm not Daddy, in fact I have enjoyed the company of woman too and I did not realize how much like mother I am. Daddy, all this talk has gotten me horny, again and I can see you are also aroused, so I was thinking... that... "

"Amanda, I played with your boobs, while you masturbated, but I don't know we should do anymore than that? After all, that is incest."

"I know Daddy, but it is only wrong if you forced yourself upon me or if I was too young to make a rational decision for myself. Neither one of those things apply to us. I'm not cheating on Bill, he practically told you to screw me when he dropped me off this morning."

"I thought that comment was strange when he said it, now I know how he feels. When your mother and I started having various sex partners, I felt thankful for them."

"See, you would be doping Bill a favor. The only other reason for us not to have sex would be the fear of getting me pregnant." Amanda looked down at her protruding belly and laughed, "I think we can rule that out too. Daddy, please. I love you. To tell the truth, I have always had a fantasy of fucking you."

"Amanda, such words," said John with a chuckle. "Are you sure? This is taking our relationship to a different level."

Amanda looked into her father's eyes and smiled. She brought her face close to his and kissed him on the lips. It was gentle at first, then, she parted her lips and pushed her tongue into her father's mouth. John returned the favor. Soon they were kissing very passionately, like lovers not like father and daughter. Amanda's hand went down to her father's hard cock straining against his boxer shorts. She ran her fingers up and down his shaft. She squeezed it; she could not wait to feel his cock inside of her. She had to have it. She moved away from her father and got on her hands and knees in front of him.

"Daddy, I am so fucking hot, I need your cock inside of me, now! I can't wait any longer, hurry Daddy."

Jim looked at his daughter before him. Her pregnant belly hung down almost touching the carpet. Her heavy tits, with their erect nipples, swayed slightly as she rocked back and forth. Jim could see the moisture leaking out of her pussy and running down her legs. He slipped his shorts off and moved behind his daughter. He took his cock in his hand, he hadn't been this hard in a long while, and he realized he needed it just as bad as his horny daughter. He placed the head of his cock in the entrance to his daughter's hot, wet pussy. Amanda gave out a soft moan. He grabbed her hips and with one push, shoved his cock all the way in her pussy.

"Oh gawd... Daddy... I have... waited... for... this... for... oh... soooo... long... It feels soooooo... gooood. Fuck... me... hard... ram... your... Stiff... hard... cock... into... me... oh... shit... that... feeeels... sooooo... goooooddd."

John couldn't agree more. He started pounding his stiff meat into his daughter's hot hole. It felt so good. He did not need to pull her hips to meet his thrust. Amanda was doing that herself. She was shoving her ass back in rhythm to his thrust. A loud slapping sound was made when their body came together.

"Baby, take this," John began to tell Amanda. "Take your Daddy's hard cock. I am filling up your hot cunt. Can you feel me buried deep inside of you?"

"Yes, Daddy, it feels so fucking good... Fuck me faster... harder... I'm almost there... "

John picked up the pace. He knew he would not last more than a few seconds. He reached down and grabbed Amanda's right breast and pinched the nipple hard. His other hand rubbed her clit.

"Oh... Fuckkkkk... Daddy... yes... Daddy... oh... my... gawd... Fuck... shit... I... like it... I'm... cuming... FUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK... "

Her arms collapsed causing her head to rest on the floor, but her ass was still up in the air. Sweat was pouring off Jim. With one final thrust he shoved his cock deep into his daughter and held it there. "Fuckkk,,,, here... I cummmm... He shot his load of semen deep inside his daughter's slippery cunt.

"Take this, baby, take Daddy's sperm." Again and again, he could feel his come squirting into his daughter's cunt. When he was spent, he too collapsed on the floor aside of his daughter.

Amanda was the first one to speak. "Daddy that was not the way I imagined it would be. Although, that is the way I wanted to be fucked, at that time. Are you alright with what happened, because I am? In fact I am looking forward to having my fantasy of making love to you, come true."

"Honey, I'm OK, I guess. I must tell the truth, I have had thoughts of you in a sexual way, but I never thought they would come true. Now that it has happened I am happy. Will Bill be upset with what has just happened between you and me?"

"Don't you remember what he said to you about being rested up? To tell the truth, Bill and I hoped this would happen. I'll tell you the reason why later. If I tell you now, we'll both get so worked up we will fuck again, instead of making love. And Daddy," Amanda said very seductively, "I want to make love to you. But first I have to pee again."

John watched his daughter walk out of the room. Her tits were bouncing up and down, her ass cheeks swaying back and forth and a mixture of pussy juice and his cum running down her thighs. He looked at a picture of his wife, sitting on the mantle and 'talked' to her. "Honey, I believe you would approve of what is happening between Amanda and me. After all, you always said, if everyone agrees and it feels good, do it. Fuck what other people would think, enjoy yourself."

Amanda came back into the room and noticed her father looking at her mother's picture. "Are you thinking about mom? What do you think would happen if she were still alive?"

"Amanda, knowing how much your mother loved sex, she would probably be joining us and you would have both parents taking care of you urges."

Amanda smiled at her father and lay down in his arms, in front of the fire. She relaxed in his arms, feeling happy and loved. She was glad they had taken their relationship to this level; she had wanted this for so long. She was just glad her father felt the same way.

"Daddy, remember all the times I would lie in your arms and we would watch the fire. I enjoyed those time so much."

"So did I Honey," replied John.

"Can I tell you a secret? When I was first becoming aware of my sexual urges, I use to dream you were my lover and not my father. I would imagine you would kiss me and caress me and we would make love in front of the fire."

"Amanda, I think that is common for a young teenage girl to think of her father that way."

"No Daddy, I am not talking about being twelve or thirteen, I felt that way in high school and even college. To be honest, Bill reminds me of you, I think that is why I fell in love with him and married him. I have always loved you, especially this way."

Saying that, she turned to her father and kissed him on the lips. Their kiss intensified, like two lovers, instead of a daughter and a father. Their lips parted and their tongues intertwined, first in John's mouth and then in Amanda's. John's hand cupped his daughter's breast.

"Oh, that feels nice," purred Amanda. "Daddy, make love to me."

John laid Amanda down on the sheep's skin rug. He continued to kiss her lips, while his hands roamed over her body. He caressed her breasts and then caressed her pregnant stomach. Moving his hands in tiny circles over her abdomen, his touch went lower and lower. Finally his fingers touched the top of her pussy. He slipped one finger inside the slit and moved downward. She was very wet, probably from a mixture of her juices and his cum, John thought. He pushed one finger and then two inside of her. Amanda moaned slightly and pressed her naked body tight against his.

John's lips left his daughter's luscious lips and moved to her neck. Amanda helped her father by throwing her head back, allowing easy access to her neck. John sucked and nibbled at her neck and throat, while his fingers continued to probe her love canal. He sucked and bit her earlobe, and then his tongue traced the folds on the inside of her ear. The tip of his tongue entered the opening to her ear, which set shivers throughout Amanda's body.

"Oh Daddy, that feels good, really good," Amanda half moaning and half whispering.

John's other hand moved to her left breast and began a milking motion on the breast. He would start at the base and run his fingers up until he reached the nipple. There he would take the erect, pink tip and roll it between his thumb and forefinger.

Amanda's whole body responded to her father's caresses. It was if her breasts were direct attached to her clit. "Oh, Daddy, keep doing that it feels so good." Amanda moved her hand down her father's body. She rubbed his hairy chest, felt his muscles. She played with his nipples for a short time before moving her hand downward. Finally, Amanda found what she was searching for, his hard cock. She ran her hand up and down his shaft. It was so hard and so hot; it seemed to be slightly bigger than her husband's cock. She moved her hand lower and cupped his balls; they felt warm. She handled them very gently noticing how soft they felt in her hand.

As her hand moved upward to his shaft, her father's lips encircled the nipple on her right breast. He sucked it into his mouth and then pushed it out again. His left hand continued to play with the other breast, but now it concentrated on the nipple. The fingers that were fucking her pussy stepped up the tempo, but now his thumb rubbed her clit.

Amanda stopped playing with his cock. Her whole body was turned on. Moans began to come out of her mouth. She ground her pussy hard against her father's hand. Amanda's hips moved in rhythm to her father's fingers going in and out of her cunt. Her breathing was louder and her breaths, much deeper.

"Oh... Daadddddyyyyyyy... More... Harder... She grabbed his head and pushed it hard against her breast.

John responded by sucking the nipple in his mouth, holding it in his teeth and used his tongue to move the nipple back and forth, much like a fighter does to a punching bag. He slipped another finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb. His left hand was not caressing her left breast, really mauling it and pinching her nipple.

Amanda grabbed his head with both her hands, pushing it even harder against her breast. She moved his head in circles; it was all John could do to hang on to his daughter's nipple.

"Oh, Fuuuuuucck... Here... I... oh... here... I... cuuummmmmmmm." Amanda yelled and her body went into uncontrollable spasms. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were closed and her body was shaking like she was cold.

John slowed his attention to her body, he continued to rub her clit and suck her tit, but he did it much slower and gentler. He read her body movements and he knew when to stop and take his daughter in his arms and hold her while her orgasm subsided. He watched her face, observing the different expressions she made as she came down from her orgasm. Amanda opened her eyes and saw her father's face smiling down at her.

"Oh Daddy, that was unbelievable. You know just what buttons to push to make me come and come hard. I love you." Amanda pulled her father's head down to her and gave him a kiss on the lips. "That was one of my fantasies of making love with you," said Amanda.

"What else did you fantasize about us?" Asked John?

"Here let me show you," said Amanda. She had her father sit up with his back resting on the sofa. Amanda lay on her side on the floor. She moved her head into her father's lap. She grabbed his semi-erect cock and began to masturbate him very slow. That made his cock stiffen, slightly. Amanda lowered her head and placed her lips on the head of his cock.

John felt the heat and moisture from her mouth and lips encircle the tip of his now fully erect cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm," moaned John," that feels so fucking good, Amanda"

Amanda began to lick her father's cock, like you would lick an ice cream cone. While her tongue was licking her father's dick, her hands gently caressed his balls. She started her tongue at the base of his cock and ran it up the entire length stopping to push the tip of her tongue inside of the pee hole located at the tip. She made sure her tongue had plenty of saliva so that it was hot and well lubricated. She did this for several minutes. She could feel her father's dick get even harder, if that was possible.

"Damn it, you're just like your mother when it comes to sucking dick," John said. "You don't just suck it, you make love to it."

"I'm glad you are enjoying it, but I have only begun to suck," chuckled Amanda. She took the head of his cock in her mouth again and slowly went down on her father's shaft. She paused when the head hit the back of her throat, to get adjusted to the feeling. Then, she continued, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat until her lips touched the base of his cock. A low moan escaped from John's lips and his body relaxed totally. Amanda allowed the hard cock to slowly slip from her lips as she lifted her head. When the head of John's cock was about to slip from her lips, she lowered her head quickly and in one swift motion took all of her father's cock into her mouth until he was again buried up to his balls.

She continued to deep-throat her father's cock, while she played with his balls. After a few minutes she could feel his balls tightening and twitching, she knew he was about to come. This caused her to increases the pace of her cock sucking.

"Oh fuck, Baby, that feels good. Keep doing it, play with my balls more

John thrust his hips into his daughter's face. No longer was he just lying there, he began to fuck his daughter's mouth. Amanda realized what he wanted to do and stopped moving her head, she allowed her father to fuck her mouth.

, Shit I'm going to come. I'm going to fill your mouth with my come. Here... Here... I... I... cummmm, Oh... Fuck... shit... take this... this... feels... soooooo... Fucking... gooodddd."

John grabbed his daughter's head in both hands and thrust his cock into her mouth. The first stream of come hit the back of her throat. The next one hit the roof of her mouth. Amanda tried to swallow her father's cum, but it is difficult to do, especially while a hard cock is being shoved in and out of you mouth. With one last thrust, John shot the last of his hot come into Amanda's mouth. Being totally spent, his body went limp and he crashed against the sofa.

"Daddy, I am so glad you like it," Amanda said as she swallowed the last of her father's sperm. "That takes care of fantasy number two." John, just raised his head, looked at Amanda, smiled and his head dropped back on the couch. Amanda cuddled with her father in front of the fire, pressing her naked body onto his.

After a few minutes, John regained control of his body and mind. He looked down at his daughter, who was very comfortable lying against him. "Amanda honey, that was fantastic. Where did you learn how to deep throat a cock like that?"

"It took a lot of practice with cucumbers, when I was in high school and you were not around. Mom use to tell me, you should always learn how to make a man happy, that way you can get them to do anything you want. I don't know if she meant sex, after all I was only ten years old when she told me, but I took it to mean that when I got older. Hearing you talk about mom and her desires, I know she meant sex. Anyway, when I found out how much guys like blow jobs, I decided to practice and blow their minds; forgive the pun." John and Amanda both laughed at her joke. "No one had ever complained," Said Amanda, "and I get everything I want."

"One other question, you said that was fantasy number two. How many fantasies do you have involving me?" Asked John?

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