tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 07

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 07

byDr Kink©

Amanda woke up and looked over at her sleeping father. He was lying on his side facing away from her. She had taken the blanket and he was left with just the sheet, which he had kicked down to the foot of the bed. She looked at her father’s physique. He was still very muscular and he had such a cute, tight butt, she couldn’t help herself, she ran her hand over his back and ass. Then she snuggled tight against his back, thrusting her tits against him. Being six months pregnant, her belly prevents her from feeling his ass press tight against her pussy. She threw her arm over him and allowed her fingers to lightly touch his chest, rubbing his nipples lightly. Then, she moved down to his flat stomach, toward his manhood. She had been getting a lot of use of his hard dick. As her figures wrapped around his cock, her dad stirred.

“God, Amanda aren’t you ever satisfied.” John paused and then said, “Forgive me honey, I should have realized that you have not had any sex for almost seven hours, not since we went to bed. You are insatiable, just like your mother.”

John turned to Amanda and took her in his arms. He held her tightly, feeling her swollen stomach and breasts press against him. He had not felt this happy and content in years, not since his wife died.

Amanda enjoyed the feeling also. She looked at her father’s face and saw the contentment in it. She had not seen him this happy since her mother was alive. “Daddy, I love you so very much. I am so glad we have had this time together and I’m happy we have taken our relationship to the highest-level that two people in love can attain. I had fantasized about us for such a long time; I can’t believe it has finally come true. Thank goodness, Katie’s house had termites; otherwise we might not have gotten this chance.”

“I know honey and I’m thankful Bill has gone along with this. Of course, your pregnancy has had something to do with this. I know Bill would have had a hard time satisfying you all by himself. I know I had trouble with your mother. If we had not been into swapping, I couldn’t have kept your mother happy. She would not have left me, but she certainly would not have been as happy as she became.”

“Daddy, did you ever fantasize about me, sexually?”

“Honey, when you were in high school, I started to notice how beautiful and sexy you had become. At the time, I thought I was just making an observation. Then as time passed, I would see you around the house in some risqué outfits and I would try not to look. I told myself you were my daughter and it wasn’t right. However, I would still look at you. I finally rationalized it was because you reminded me of your mother. Once I convinced myself of that idea, I could look at you without feeling guilty. I know now I have always desired you, partly because of your mother, but mostly because of you.”

“I love you so much,” said Amanda with tears in her eyes. ”It feels so good to be in your arms, but I know what would feel better.” Amanda moved her hand across her father’s back and down toward his ass. She rubbed and messaged it for a few seconds, and then her fingers moved toward his hard cock.

“Amanda!” said John, faking shock. “Is that all I am to you, another piece of meat. Someone you can take advantage of when ever you like?”

Amanda looked at her father, “Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Come on, give it to me, you know I need it and you want to give it to me.”

John and Amanda both laughed at her comments, but both knew there was some truth to her statement. She did want him often and he wanted her now. They looked at each other; as their eyes met so did their lips. They embraced, holding each other as tight as they could. As their lips met, their tongues became intertwined. John’s hands slipped down his daughter’s back until they reached her butt. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and messaged it. Her swollen belly didn’t allow them to have every inch of their bodies in contact with each other as they pressed tightly together.

Amanda rolled on her back. “I need you inside of me and I need you now. Please fuck me Daddy.”

John positioned himself and he slowly entered his daughter. He watched her face as more of his hard cock slipped inside of her. The feeling was sensational. His cock felt the heat of her body. It had entered a hot, wet, opening that felt so good. As John looked upon Amanda’s face, her expression told him she was enjoying it as much as him. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open; and her breathing was rapid. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. This was going to be a quick fuck; he wouldn’t last very long. Amanda’s body was responding similarly, she was close also. She matched him, shoving her pussy up to meet his thrusts.

Then it happened, he came first. “Oh God”, he yelled and with one shove he pushed his cock in as far as was possible. He held it there for a few seconds while it shot a load of cum deep inside of her pussy. Then he had three quick thrusts and he was coming inside of her again. He pumped his cock in and out of her as rapidly as he could. It slipped in and out easily, lubricated from her juices and his cum. As his cock exploded for the last time inside of her, Amanda came.

“Daddy, Oh Daddy…….I feel you………oh……yes……. So good…….so … gooooooooddd. Her body shuttered, rose off the bed and then went limp. He collapsed a side of her.

She opened her eyes first and looked at him. “Promise me, you will wake me up that way as long as I am here with you.”

“You know I will, honey,” he replied.

Finally, they knew it was time to get up, get a shower and wash the smell of sex off of them.

After breakfast, they finished straightening up the playroom. Amanda’s guests were scheduled to arrive around Three O’clock and they wanted everything ready by the time they arrived.

“Honey,” asked John, “what do you want me to do when your girlfriends arrive? I thought you would like to have some all girl fun. Did you want me to leave or just go to my study?

“Daddy, I want you to join in the fun. I know Keesha wants you there and I know the other girls do too. Don’t forget, these are my friends who have had a crush on you ever since they knew about sex. They were always telling me how sexy you were and how much they would like to get you in bed and what they would do to you if they got you there.”

“I was hoping you would say that, five beautiful, sexy girls and just me, a man’s wildest dreams. I thought you had planned something for just the girls.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy,” replied Amanda. “I have never been with four girls, it sounds like fun. As horny as I am, these days, it should be satisfying. I thought you could video tape us, that is if the girls don’t object. I would like to have something that Bill and I could play back and watch, much like the tapes you have of mom and you. I know Bill is excited to see me with four other girls. Speaking of tapes, do you mind if I show them mom’s thirtieth birthday party tape, which is the most erotic tape I have ever seen.”

“Yes you may. It will be fairly obvious why we had the playroom, so it won’t be a shock to see that we had some great orgies. Also, I will be glad to tape the action of five girls going at it. I just hope I can hold the camera steady. I have dubbing equipment in my study; I can make copies for the girls. However, you have to be sure that they will keep it private; you don’t want to see your face on some porno site. I’ll get everything setup here.” John looked at his watch, “You better get upstairs, your friends should be coming soon.”

John finished getting the “playroom” set up for Amanda’s “party.” He heard the doorbell ring several times and heard voices. He assumed that her guests had arrived. He had just finished when he heard Amanda calling him.

“Daddy, come on up and meet my friends,” she yelled to him. “Everyone is here and they are waiting for you.”

When John walked into the family room; he was mesmerized by the five beautiful women he saw sitting in the room. They were all dressed very sexy, including Amanda. His eyes went from one girl to another; they were all gorgeous and very desirable.

Keesha was sitting on the couch. She had on a blouse that had quite a few buttons undone allowing her ample cleavage to be visible. She also had on a mini-skirt that showed a good bit of leg. Sitting aside of her was an Oriental girl, probably her friend Wendy. She was attractive with long black hair. John instantly had a picture come to mind, one with Wendy sitting on his cock, her back to him, her long hair down to her ass, bouncing up and down on his stiff, hard cock. She was very petite and beautiful. She had on a tight sweater that showed her small but firm breasts and a pair of tailored slacks.

Then John’s eyes went to the other sofa where Heather and Janice were seated. They were even more beautiful then he remembered. Heather had shoulder length, thick red hair and sexy green eyes. Her skin was pale, but not the chalky white color that some red heads have. She had on a green blouse that was low cut and ample cleavage was visible. She had on a short skirt that allowed her shapely legs to be displayed.

Janice was a petite, pretty, blue-eyed blonde. She had a great smile and nice tits although not as large as Heather. Her short skirt showed a lot of sexy leg. John could not wait to fuck each of these young women. Thank God for Viagra was all he could think about as his eyes surveyed the room again.

“John, I have missed you,” Keesha said. She walked over to him and gave him a big hug and then kissed him. Her kiss was not an ordinary greeting kiss; this was an open-mouth tongue-in-throat kiss. As the kiss continued, John heard some whistles from the women in the room.

As Keesha broke the kiss, her hand patted his crotch. “I see you remember what a good time we had, I do too. You are one great fuck, John.”

There were many oohs and ahs from the other woman. Amanda spoke up, “Daddy do you remember Heather?”

As John watched as she got to him. She kissed him, just like Keesha did a long sensual kiss. John felt her tits press up against his chest and felt her pubic mound press against his hard cock. She reached around and squeezed his ass. She finally broke the kiss.

“John, I wanted to do that to you every since I was fifteen. Amanda had a birthday pool party and you were in your swimming trunks. I thought Amanda was so lucky to have a sexy father like you. I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but that night I went home and masturbated while imagined you fucking me.”

“You’re not the only one,” said Janice. “I did the same thing.”

“Me too,” said Keesha.

“See Dad, I told you. All my friends had the hots for you.” Amanda turned toward the blonde girl, “Janice I guess it’s your turn.”

The petite blonde got off the sofa and walked toward him. She too gave him a long kiss.She made sure to grind her tight body against his.

Finally, it was Wendy’s turn. She looked at John and said “I may not have had the opportunity to lust after you as a teenager, but I would have, just like the other girls. One of my friends had a hunk for a father and I had feelings and desires toward him.” She gave John a kiss, though not as nasty as the other girls’ kisses.

Amanda began talking, “guys, before we go downstairs, I have a question to ask you. Would anyone mind if we video taped our party? I would like to send my husband a copy and all of you can have your own copy. If it gets as hot as I think it will, it should give you some enjoyment on a lonely night. Does anyone object?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Good, It is understood that these are private tapes and not for public viewing.” said Amanda. “Dad will set up the camera and film it.” As she looked around the room she saw disappointment on all the girls faces. “Don’t worry! He is still going to join in, but not right away. It will be just us girls in the beginning. Let’s go, Dad we’ll see you soon.”

The five women went down to the playroom and Amanda had them sit on the floor in front of the television. “Before we get anything going, I’d like to show you a video tape of my mother. As you all know I have become very horny after I got pregnant.”

“I didn’t think that was possible,” said Heather. All the women chuckled.

“OK, so I have been an over sexed person, but now it has gotten really bad. I need it four or five times a day and sometimes even that doesn’t satisfy me. My father told me that my mother became the same way when she was pregnant. In fact after I was born, it didn’t go away, it got worse. My Dad said the only way he could keep my mother satisfied was to join a swingers club. Evidently, some of the weekends I slept over at friend’s houses, they were fucking their brains out here. I have a videotape of my mother’s thirtieth birthday party at one of meetings. Wait until you see it, it is very hot. I have not seen a porno flick that is as hot as this.” Amanda then put the tape in the player.

As the tape played, one of the women would yell out a name of someone they recognized. Oh, my God, that was my piano teacher,” said Janice. “She taught me until I was ten years old.”

Heather was the next to talk, “Mr. Thompson! That’s Mr. Thompson, he was dad’s my golfing buddy. He was always stopping by the house. I never saw this side of him.”

“Holly shit!” yelled Keesha. At the same time Wendy yelled, “I don’t believe it.” They both looked at each other and said together, “Mrs. Weber?”

The three other women looked at Keesha and Wendy.

“She’s the head nurse in the hospital where we work,” said Keesha, answering their inquisitive looks. “She’s so straight and proper; I would not have guessed she was a swinger, not in a million years.”

Next to Mrs. Weber, stood the guy with the huge cock.

“Holy shit.”


“What the fuck….”

“I don’t think I could get my hand around it.”

“ That would split me open.”

These were the comments that the women made when they saw the large cock. Keesha wondered out loud, “Do you think that’s her husband?”

Amanda answered, “I don’t know if they are standing together as couples. My dad didn’t tell me his name. We’ll have to ask him when he gets down here.”

“If that’s her husband,” spoke Keesha, “I have got to try and get that monster in my pussy. Even if he isn’t Mr. Weber, I would still like to try him.”

Wendy said, “not me, I have trouble taking cocks half that size.”

Janice agreed with Wendy, “I couldn’t fit that in any opening.”

Amanda spoke up with pride, “Wait until you see what my mother does with him. You won’t believe it.”

“She got that in her pussy,” asked a surprised Janice?

“Not only in her pussy, in her mouth and her ass.”

“No way,” said Heather. “This I got to see.” The other four nodded in agreement with her.

As the videotape played, the women watched people lick the icing off of Amanda’s mother. When she started taking five men at once; the women began to squirm around on the mats. They were getting horny, very horny. Heather had her blouse open and was playing with her nipples. Janice and Amanda had their hands inside their pants and were obviously playing with themselves. Keesha and Wendy were both naked from the waist down and playing with each other’s pussy.

Then, the guy with the big cock got into action. They watched him go from Amanda’s mother’s hand to her mouth. They were all amazed on how much of his cock she got in her mouth. The close-up of his cock being shoved into her pussy brought a few gasps from the women. When he began to fuck her ass, everyone stopped playing and watched intently. There were oohs and ahs. As more and more of his cock disappeared into her ass, Wendy and Janice just shook their heads. When he withdrew and her ass hole was stretched to the size of a beer bottle, everyone sat in awe, in total silence.

Amanda said, “My dad told me she was sore for a week, but said she said was worth the pain. I think he told me, she said it was the most exquisite pain she had ever experienced. Here comes the finale,” she said to her friends.

Everyone sat and watched Amanda’s mother being showered in cum from all the men present and then watched the other women in the film licking it up. Finally the screen went blank.

“After seeing that,” said Keesha, I need my pussy licked.”

“Me too” came the reply from everyone else.

Amanda spoke up, “everyone get naked and then we’ll form a daisy chain.”

That’s what John saw as he entered the room. The five girls had formed a circle; each one eating a pussy while having theirs licked. John had the camera and started taping. The girls were so involved that most didn’t even know he was there. John got close-ups of each girl and her pussy being licked. He taped their orgasms, one by one, until all them had came at least once.

Amanda looked up and saw John had taped her climax. “Hi Daddy, did you like what you saw,” she asked him? “Girls, even though my dad is here I have a few more activities until we include him in our party. I hope you’ll have as much fun as the people we saw on the tape.” She turned to her father, “Daddy, what was the name of the guy with the monster cock? Keesha and Wendy want to know if his name is… what is the name,” she asked Keesha.

Keesha answered, “Weber, is he Cathy Weber’s husband?”

“You know Cathy,” asked a somewhat surprised John? “Oh, that’s right, you are a nurse and I forgot Cathy is a nurse. Yes, that is her husband, Jeff. Impressed with his package, are you? I don’t know if they still swing. I haven’t been with any of those people in years. We had a rule; you had to have a partner to be included in the group. After my wife died, a few people set me up with a female friend of theirs, but I felt like the third wheel, so I lost contact with the group. Keesha if you do contact Cathy and Jeff, tell them I said hello.” Turning to Amanda, John asked, “What’s next?”

“I would like to be the center of attention, like mom. I think Bill would get a kick out of watching a tape of me being serviced by four women. Come to think about it, so would I. It doesn’t have to be long, only until I have cum six or seven times.”

Everyone laughed at her remark. John got serious, “You think she’s kidding, she’s not.” They looked at Amanda who shrugged her shoulders and said, “What? I told you I was horny. And the six or seven times is just the beginning. I want to lose track of how many times I cum today.”

Heather spoke up, “As hot and as horny as we are, that should only be five or ten minutes.” Everyone laughed at her remark, but they all knew it was probably true.

“I would like the four of you to ravish me. There are a few toys in the closet that you can use if you wish. I just want this to be a night we’ll all remember.”

The four girls went over to the closet and looked around. It looked like Keesha took charge and designed the attack on Amanda’s body. She told everyone what to do and then they came back to where Amanda was lying. The first thing John and Amanda saw was that Keesha had a strap-on cock. It was an average size cock, so it wasn’t something that Amanda could not take. Heather had a large butt plug in her hand. John realized it was the remote controlled vibrating plug he had gotten a few years ago when he was dating a very sexy and anal woman. Janice had a small vibrator and Wendy had a chain with two nipple clamps. John smiled; this looked like they were really going to give it to Amanda.

Amanda was on her back. Janice and Wendy opened her legs and Wendy squirted some lubricant on Amanda’s ass hole. As Wendy greased up Amanda’s backdoor, Janice put some lubricant on the butt plug Heather was holding. When everyone was satisfied that Amanda and the plug were properly greased, Heather inserted the plug in Amanda’s asshole. It stretched her hole open quite a lot.

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