tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 11

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 11

byDr Kink©

Finally it was time for John’s guests to go home. Bill and Katie had to get back to work and so did John. Amanda would be on her own during the day Hopefully she could satisfy herself until her husband and mother-in-law came home from work.

They left and John didn’t sleep well that night. He was not use to sleeping alone again. After these two weeks of having at least one female in his bed, he had grown accustomed to having another body next to him. He missed having tits pressing against his back or a hand playing with his cock or being able to cuddle with someone. During the night, he would roll over and his hand would reach out and search for the other body. Not finding anything would cause him to wake up and he had trouble going back to sleep. When he finally got to sleep, the process would occur again.

Finally it was morning. John was actually happy to go to work. He hoped it would take his mind off Katie and especially Amanda. Driving to work, he noticed all the young women waiting for the bus or riding in cars. At work, he began noticing and checking all the sexy young women. Even ones he had hardly noticed, he now was checking out their tits and ass. Unfortunately none of them held a candle to his daughter or even Katie. He decided the best way to get over his longing for the two women that had given him so much sexual enjoyment over the past two weeks was to lose himself in his work. John looked at the large pile of papers on his desk and for once was happy no one had done his work while he was on vacation.

He worked all day and into the night, only taking time off to eat. At ten, he decided to call it quits for the day. He was beat. By the time he got home, all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. He was so tired that it didn’t bother him that his daughter wasn’t there. He slept much better than the night before and felt well rested when he woke up. On the way to work, he still noticed all the women but he found himself comparing the young ones to his daughter and the older ones to Katie.

Reaching work, he again immersed himself in all the paperwork on his desk. Sometime in the afternoon, he got an email from Amanda. He opened it immediately and found out she was missing him as much as he was missing her. She wanted to know if he could chat. John thought about it and decided not to answer her until Bill got home. He figured she was lonely and horny and when Bill got home he would take care of her urges and he wouldn’t get caught up in her desires.

He again worked late, getting home just in time to go to bed. John slept well but his dreams were filled with naked women and he was fucking all of them. His biggest orgasm in his dreams was when he was fucking Amanda, while Bill was fucking Katie along side of them. He woke up covered with sweat and a very hard dick.

Finally he got caught up at work and returned home at the normal time. The house seemed quiet and empty, he felt alone. He tried watching TV but his mind was on Amanda and Katie. Finally he gave in and called his daughter.

“Dad, why don’t you come for a visit,” asked Amanda. “I miss you and so does Katie. Even Bill misses you. He said the both of us are draining his strength. So, you can see we all want you to come.

“Amanda, I can’t this week, I need to do things around the house. How about next weekend?”

“Alright Dad. See you then, love you.”

He could hear the disappointment in her voice. He was disappointed too. When he had called, his plan was to visit them this weekend. But the more they talked, the more he knew he had to make sure his desires for his daughter and Katie were true. He wasn’t sure if he was just feeling the effects of his sexual desires being turned on again or if he could not live without Amanda and Katie. He had to make sure it was love and not lust. When he was on the phone, he noticed the phone numbers of Keesha and Heather lying on the table by the phone. He came up with a plan. He would get in touch with all the women that were at the orgies and see if they were interested in coming to his house for some more sex. Then he would visit Amanda and Katie. If it was just lust he would be able to realize it, if not he had to change his life drastically.

John got all the numbers and started calling the girls. Everyone was happy to hear from him and eager to have sex with him again. He made dates for the weekend and into next week. He was able to schedule all five women, starting with Wendy. She was able to come tomorrow night.

John went to bed feeling that he would soon be able to understand his feelings. He had one dream of him screwing Amanda while Katie and Bill were watching. In another dream, he was screwing Katie while Amanda and Bill were watching. The last dream had the four of them screwing together.

The workday seemed to go on forever, he never thought it would end, but finally he was home preparing for Wendy’s visit. He had asked her if she would like to go out to diner, but said she would enjoy just being alone with him at the house.

John got home from work and quickly prepared diner. He loved to cook and was preparing his specialty, chicken cacciatore. He had bought a rather nice Chianti to have with the meal. He had just finished the preparations when the doorbell rang. He checked his watch. Wendy was right on time. He opened the door and let Wendy in. She gave him a big hug and kiss.

“Thanks for inviting me John,” she said. “ “I really enjoyed the few times we have gotten together.”

“I have enjoyed it also,” he replied. “You look very sexy tonight.”

“I’m glad you like it, I picked it out especially for you.”

She did a slow turn so John could see all of her. She was wearing a very sexy, tight, short, black dress. It was open down to her waist and John could see her nipples sticking through the thin fabric. It hugged her small, tight ass and showed off her legs. It was obvious; she was not wearing any thing under it. Wendy was a petite girl, but very sexy.

After diner, Wendy threw her arms around John, “Are you ready for desert?” She had John sit down on the sofa and began a slow sexual dance for him. The way she moved her body was pure sex, John was hard and Wendy hadn’t taken her dress off. She turned her back to him and while she seductively wiggled her hips, she undid her dress and pushed it down her body. Her long black hair moved back and forth across her bare back adding to the sensuality of her movements. When it got to her ass, she stopped and turned her head to look back at John. She seductively ran her tongue across her bottom lip and then the top one. Her eyes and mouth signaled her wanton lust. She pushed her dress down her ass a few inches and then John watched it slide all the way down while she wiggled her hips and ass. John stared at her almost perfectly formed ass; it was small but very sensuous. John watched as she moved her naked body so erotically that it was all John could do not to stand up, throw her to the floor and jump her bones. She stopped moving and slowly turned around to face John.

“Did you like my little dance,” she asked?

“Oh God yes,” moaned John. “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Where did you learn to dance like that?”

I worked my way through nursing school as a stripper, dancing on weekends. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, so I had to pay for my schooling. I needed a full time paycheck, but I didn’t want to work full time hours to get it. So I danced at a gentlemen’s club Friday and Saturday night. That paid for schooling, the apartment, a car, food and anything else I needed. That wasn’t bad for ten hours of work a week. My specialty was lap dances; that’s were I made most of my money. Would you like me to give you a lap dance?”

“Sure, what do I do?”

“Just sit in the chair and I’ll do the rest. A customer cannot touch the girl while she is dancing. I think that’s what makes it so erotic, so just put your hands down on the arm of the chair and I’ll do the rest.”

John looked at Wendy standing there, getting ready to dance she was truly a beautiful woman. He liked the way her long, black hair fell across her creamy white flesh; the contrast was very erotic. Her face was beautiful, her dark eyes and red lipstick were again contrasted to her white skin. John eyes moved to her breasts. They were not large compared to other women, but Wendy was so petite that her orange sized breasts looked large on her small frame. There was no sag to her tits and her nipples were like most Oriental women John had seen – dark in color and not very big in size, especially when they were erect as they were now. John’s gaze moved lower, he took in her flat stomach and her small hips. Her pussy was as sexy as the rest of her body. She had a wisp of dark black hair above her pussy, but she shaved the lips, leaving her slit bare. God, thought John, she was beautiful. He had gone to a few gentlemen’s clubs and most of the women there were not in the same league as Wendy. He could see why she made so much money dancing there.

Wendy faced John and slowly rotated her hips, her long black hair hung over her right shoulder covering her right breast. She looked John straight in the eye and continued moving her hips. She bent at the waist causing her hair to tumble forward covering all her charms. She looked up at John a wicked, sexy smile was on her face. She stood up and threw her hair back over her shoulder exposing both her breasts. Still looking right at John and then brought her hands up to her tits and cupped them, squeezing and kneading them. She pilled on her nipples and a slight gasp or moan escaped from her lips. Her expression was one of total wanton lust. Her fingers began to pull and pinch her hard pointy nipples.

John fidgeted in his seat. He had to rearrange himself as he was sporting a very hard woody.

Wendy’s left hand continued playing with her breast as her right hand slowly moved down her stomach and until it found her pussy. She rubbed her slit with one finger for about a minute and then brought the finger up to her mouth. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh my God,” moaned John.

She moved closer to John until she was standing between his legs. Again she moved her hand down her pussy and ran a finger up and down her slit. This time, as John watched, she stuck one finger into her pussy and pumped it in and out several times. She withdrew her finger and moved it up to her open mouth, but stopped just a few inched away. She looked at John and moved her fingers toward him until they were under his nose. John inhaled her scent very deeply. She then pushed her finger into his mouth. John eagerly sucked it clean.

Wendy then moved back and began to move her body faster and more erotic. Her hips were moving, her hands were caressing her body and her hair was being tossed all over. This lasted several minutes and all the time her eyes never left John. Then she turned around, moved close to John and bent over, her hands grabbed her ankles, She had her butt high in the air toward John’s face, her pussy was only a few inches from John’s nose. He could really smell her sex. She held that position for a short time, and then she moved one hand up to her pussy and spread her lips. John was looking right into her pussy, it was one of the most erotic things John had ever seen.

It was all John could do not to reach out and grab this exquisite Oriental young woman. His hands grasped the arm of the chair, his breathing was very rapid, beads of sweat were running down his face and he had a very hard almost painful erection.

Then she stood up, turned around and sat on his leg. She rubbed her pussy up and down his thigh. She leaned over and gently touched her lips to his. When John responded, she quickly moved away and waited a few seconds before she did it again. She played a game of cat and mouse with John. Every time he began to respond, she moved away. Finally John got the hint and just sat there while she kissed his lips again. She took the tip of her tongue and slowly traced the outline of his lips. She kissed his nose and stood up in between his legs. She grabbed his head and pulled it toward her chest. She pushed her right breast into his face, nose and then his lips. The she did the same with her left breast. She rubbed his face all over her chest. She sat down on his lap, right on his hard cock. While she rubbed her small tits all over his face, she rubbed her pussy up and down his cloth-covered cock.

Her movements began to increase, as did her breathing. It was hard to tell who was more turned on John or Wendy. Moans were coming from both their mouths. Finally she arched her back, threw her head back and screamed. About the same time John grabbed her hips, shoved her down on his cock and came in his pants. She collapsed against his body while he slumped down in his chair.

John was the first to speak, “damn Wendy that was unbelievable. I don’t think I have cum in my pants since I was a teenager. You must have had many regular customers.”

Wendy lifted her head and looked into John’s eyes, “John, in all my years of dancing, I never came that hard from a lap dance. There was something about the way you looked at me while I was dancing that turned me on. God that was fantastic.”

“What did you get paid for a dance?”

“A lap dance cost the customer sixty dollars and I got to keep twenty of it, but I got to keep all my tips. I usually made out on the tips. I usually got a twenty-dollar bill for a tip and sometimes more. One night, three older gentlemen came in they were on a business trip. They each got a lap dance and they each gave me a hundred dollar tip. That night I took home almost a thousand dollars.”

“God you earned it. I would have given you a hundred dollar tip as well. But now that the lap dance is over, I need to touch your sexy body. God, are you beautiful.”

John took Wendy in his arms and pressed his mouth against hers so hard that he was surprised that there wasn’t blood on their lips. He stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He cupped her ass cheeks and carried her to his bedroom. He laid her gently on the bed and began to remove his clothing. Now it was Wendy who watched as more of his body came into view. She looked at his muscular chest with only a slight amount of hair growing on it. John unbuttoned his pants and pushed them along with his underwear down his legs. When they hit the floor, he simply stepped out of them and sat on the bed.

“Here, let me clean up the mess you have there,” said Wendy, pointing to his cum covered crouch. “After all, I’m the one who caused it.

John expected her to get up and get a washcloth from the bathroom. Instead, she pushed him down on the bed and brought her face to his crotch. She proceeded to lick and suck every bit of cum off his body. This caused John to get hard again.

John reached down and grabbed Wendy by the hips. He lifted them up and over his body, bringing her pussy to his face. “After having your pussy so close to my face, smelling it but not able to touch it was driving me crazy, I have to taste it.” John took his tongue and licked her entire slit, gathering as much of her juices as he could before his tongue went back in his mouth and tasted her essence. She tasted as good as she smelled or looked.

While John was licking her snatch, Wendy was trying to get as much of his cock into her small mouth. Try as hard as she could, she could only get about three-quarters of his stiff member into her mouth. While his cock was deep in her mouth, she ran her tongue around and around it. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. She was very oral. She enjoyed giving head as much as she did receiving it. She paused a minute while John’s talented tongue was working on her snatch. John could lick a pussy, she thought, actually better then most of the women lovers. Most men immediately attack the clitoris thinking that’s the way to pleasure a woman. They don’t spend the time exploring her, finding other spots that can cause pleasure to her. John’s tongue touched every part of her pussy inside and out. She went back to sucking his cock and playing with his balls, but shortly she abandoned his cock and enjoyed his talented tongue giving her what will be a tremendous orgasm.

John could tell Wendy was close, not only had she stopped sucking his cock, but her breathing was rapid and he could feel her sweat as it ran down on her body and onto his. Her juices were flowing onto his tongue and into his mouth much faster. Up until this point, John had only briefly licked her clit, but now as it was becoming evident that Wendy was close to an orgasm, he concentrated on her clit. He licked it. He rubbed it with the tip of his tongue. He sucked it into his mouth between his slightly parted lips. He nibbled, very gently at it. And finally while he sucked it into his mouth, his tongue moved back and forth over it, much like it was a punching bag.

Wendy was getting closer and closer to an orgasm, but when John’s tongue began to push her clit back and forth against his teeth, she went into overdrive. She pushed her hips against his face and ground her pussy into his mouth. She pushed so hard she was actually hurting John, but that was the last thing on her mind.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” she yelled.

She was gasping for air, she could barely catch her breath. Sweat was coming out of every pore on her body, she felt like she was in a hot furnace. Juices were pouring out of her pussy and drenching John’s face in her essence. She was light-headed. Her body went rigid and then it went limp and collapsed against John.

John tried to lick up all of Wendy’s juices, but a lot of it ran down his face and onto his neck and chest. He felt Wendy’s dead weight just lying against him. He too was hot and sweating and very turned on. He enjoyed making people cum; it gave him great pleasure knowing he could make another person feel so good.

He rolled Wendy off of him and onto her back. She was totally out of it. Her eyes were closed and her lips were moving but only inaudible noises were escaping from her lips. Every few seconds her body would have an uncontrollable spasm and her hips were moving slowly, in a small circle. John looked over the Orientals petite body; in her state she was even sexier than she had been before. He moved up aside of her so he was looking at her face. He wanted to see her expression when she finally came down from her orgasmic high. It was a good five minutes or more before she weakly opened her eyes.

When she saw John looking at her a smile came on her face. Her lips moved and she whispered to John, “un…be….liev…a….ble.” She tried to move arms to hug him but her body would not respond, so she just lay there, looking at him and smiling.

Finally, Wendy came down from her high and could talk to John. “You are something else,” she said. “I enjoyed being here the other two times, but I really enjoyed just the two of us. You are a very talented man, Amanda is very lucky.”

“I’m the lucky one, although it is very unconventional.”

“Not really,” Wendy replied. “Many societies have incest between the father and the daughter and in some countries it is forced upon the girl when she is very young. Amanda is old enough to make up her own mind and she is certainly willing. She is a lucky girl, I actually wish I could have the same type of relationship with my father; I think he is so sexy. But, I think my mom might object. I was brought up where sex was not evident and it was never mentioned.”

“Well, I would have not believed it could happen to me. In fact, it would not have happened if Amanda didn’t push me into it. Maybe your father just needs a push.”

“That’s something to think about,” Wendy replied. “Maybe I’ll try something if I can get him alone and speaking of getting someone alone, what would you like?”

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