Amanda Ch. 02


NOTE: It is highly recommended that you read Part One first. If you don't, this part will not make much sense.


"Holy shit!" said Faith, struggling to catch the slumping teenager.

"Jesus!" said Tiffany. "Do you think she liked it?" Giggling, they wrapped the girl's arms around their shoulders and half carried, half dragged her inside. "Where should we put her?" Tiffany asked.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Faith had a brainstorm. "Oh, my God!" she said.

Tiffany was just a second behind. "Oh, my God!" she echoed.

Without another word they took the unconscious teen to the soundproof room and laid her out on the exam table. In the dim light from the one way mirror they looked at their victim. Amanda was groaning softly, just starting to come around.

"She needs to get more comfortable, don't you think Tiff?"


"Help me sit her up. Let's get these things off." The two sophomores quickly removed Amanda's starched white nurse's uniform, then laid her back in only her modest white bra and cotton bikini panties. The girl was starting to mumble incoherently.

"Does she look fine, or what?" said Tiffany.

"Fuck yeah. C'mon, let's get her strapped down before she comes to."

"Faith--you're evil!"

"Whatever! Tell me you weren't thinking about it too," Faith retorted as she pulled the straps tight on the sexy teen's wrists. Tiffany did her ankles and another strap just above the knee, while Faith added one more around the girl's ribs right below her breasts.

"Time to call the doctor!" Faith announced. She punched in a number on the intercom.

"Scott here."

"Dr. Scott, we've got a surprise for you in the crisis management room. I think you're going to like it."

"Cool. Are you girls thirsty?"


"Right. We'll be there in two minutes."

Faith and Tiffany smoked a cigarette while they waited for the doctor. He entered a few minutes later carrying a twelve-pack of Corona. With him was Nurse Constance. "Well girls, it looks like you've done a good night's work," said the Director of Nursing.

"Mmm, mmm!" said the doctor. "We need to have a better look. All the loonies are down for the night so I think it's safe to turn these on." He flipped a switch activating the bright exam lights directly over the table where Amanda lay.

"Hey! What's going on?" she wondered aloud as the light hit her eyes. "Where am I?"

"Sweet Jesus in heaven!" said Derek Scott, sucking in his breath. He was walking slowly around the exam table checking out the helpless teenager from every angle. "She's perfect."

"Yes she is," agreed Nurse Constance, looking at Amanda's legs, her stomach, shoulders, face, even her feet, but especially her massive tits. "Can those be real?"

Before anyone could answer, Amanda said again, "Hey! What happened to me? What am I doing here?"

"Don't you remember, baby?" asked Faith. We had a wild time outside and you sort of blacked out."

The memory came flooding back causing her cheeks to burn with shame. "Damn you!" she yelled at Faith. "You raped me! Dr. Scott, they raped me!"

"Yeah, right," Faith sneered. "You came so hard you passed out. I don't think it's rape when you want it that bad."

"They tricked me! Dr. Scott, you have to believe me! They gave me drugs and they--" Her voice faded to a harsh rasp before she could finish. "Water," she croaked. She tried to sit but found it was impossible. Her face registered shock and confusion. "What--!" Dr. Scott took over. In his best bedside manner he began, "Look kid, you're restrained for your own protection. The girls knew you were pretty wasted and they didn't want you to fall and hurt yourself. As far as their giving you drugs--are you shitting me? I was there, remember? Nobody forced you to do anything." He sat next to her on the edge of the table. "Now drink this," he said, holding up a bottle of Corona. When the frightened schoolgirl started to protest he shushed her, then helped to raise her head. "Drink," he repeated.

Kid! she thought again. I'll show you I'm no kid. She took a long swallow, then another, and the cold beer felt good going down. But Dr. Scott kept the bottle to her lips until beer spilled down her chin and neck and onto her breasts.

"Doctor--" she choked, but he raised the bottle to her mouth again and she drank. This time he stopped when her eyes told him she could take no more. She took a deep breath and he continued until the bottle was empty.

"That's better, isn't it?" he said.

Amanda nodded. She really did feel more relaxed, a little giddy even. The three women had been watching with interest and downing beers of their own. Nurse Constance came forward and began stroking Amanda's leg just above the knee. "Look at her skin, Derek. It's flawless. Not a zit or a mole or even a birthmark anywhere. It's incredible." The compliment made Amanda flush pink.

The older woman began to run her hands up and down the teen's long smooth legs. "I think we need to see the rest, don't you?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," said the doctor. "Let's put her feet in the stirrups." He raised a pair of gynecological stirrups from where they had been folded under the table. Before the helpless brunette could freak out, Tiffany began to whisper reassuringly in her ear. She kissed the teenager's cheek and stroked her hair. While Amanda was thus distracted Dr. Scott and Nurse Constance strapped her legs securely in the stirrups and lowered a large section of the exam table so that the pair could stand directly between the patient's open legs.

And there they stood, admiring the view. As Tiffany began to kiss Amanda on the lips, the older nurse caressed her silky thighs. Dr. Scott turned a crank under the table that caused the stirrups to move apart, spreading Amanda's legs wider and wider. It happened so slowly that the gorgeous teen hardly noticed until her legs were very far apart indeed.

Tiffany and Amanda shared a deep French kiss while Nurse Constance felt the soft flesh of the teenager's inner thighs, occasionally letting her hands stray over the girl's cotton-covered mound. Amanda's body began to respond, though the tipsy brunette wasn't fully aware of it. The juices flowed in her cunt and her hips began to undulate very slowly.

"I've gotta see that pussy," said the doctor. He handed Nurse Constance a pair of long-handled, blunt-tipped scissors, the kind used to safely remove bandages. The skillful nurse used these to snip Amanda's panties through on each side, then she pulled them from under the girl's perfect butt.

Amanda felt the cool air on her most private part and gasped. She broke her kiss with Tiffany and cried out, "Nurse Constance! What are you doing?" She felt her face redden in shame, but the older pair ignored her distress.

"Very pretty," said Nurse Constance. The teenager had a fairly thick patch of dark brown pubic hair trimmed only at the sides. Her outer lips were puffed up with arousal and her inner lips were just visible. "But I think we need a better look, don't you doctor?"

Faith, who was getting hornier by the second, was already in motion. She got a razor, shaving cream and a towel from a cabinet, and also a bowl of warm water. "No!" Amanda cried. "Please don't do this!" She began to cry with humiliation. Never in her short life had she felt so helpless or ashamed, nor had she felt so completely exposed. "Please," she sobbed. "Don't..."

"Nurse Constance," said the doctor. "It's time to prep our young patient." And to Amanda, "I suggest you don't move while you're being prepped. And you can stop that blubbering." Amanda didn't move but the tears rolled down her cheeks just the same. Nurse Constance used scissors to trim the hair short and began shaving. As a former O.R. nurse she was very adept, and soon the young girl's pussy and asshole were as smooth as the day she was born.

All traces of shaving cream were washed away and lotion applied to soothe the delicate skin. "Now that's fuckin' beautiful!" said Faith. The four of them stood and admired the lovely teenager. Now Amanda was really and truly exposed: with no hair, every fold of her pink pussy could be seen. Like the rest of her, it was perfect.

"Mmm, that looks tasty," said the Director of Nursing.

"What!" Amanda yelped. "You can't! That's so nasty!" The tears came faster, but there was absolutely nothing she could do.

"Can't you raise this thing, Derek?" the nurse asked.

"Sure," he said and pressed a button at the side of the table. It slowly inclined so that Amanda's hips and legs rose in the air. She was soon tilted up with her crotch at a convenient height, her head still at waist level. Amanda sobbed pitifully. "Please don't," she begged. "Pleeeez!"

There are great artists whose talents lie with paint and brush, others with the violin, camera, or pen. Nurse Constance was a master in the art of pussy eating, and she set about her canvas with the utmost refinement. She began by kissing her way from Amanda's left knee to the hollow at the very top of her thigh. This move was repeated on the other leg, then she dragged the tip of her tongue in a wavy line up one thigh and down the other. All the while the despairing teenager pleaded with her to stop.

But when the older woman began to gently kiss the outer lips of the young girl's cunt, Amanda gasped as a shiver went through her body. "No," she said aloud, "Don't," but she knew she was lost. Nurse Constance ran her tongue lightly along the slick pink folds, avoiding the most sensitive area around the teenager's clit. No one had ever eaten Amanda's pussy before, and even as her mind screamed 'NO!' her body responded. As she felt the need for release begin to build again, she lay as still as possible to hide her pleasure.

Amanda had a small, dainty cunt that hid its inner delights most of the time. But under the nurse's talented tongue it opened like a flower, the bubblegum-pink inner lips slowly unfolding. The other three watched in awe as Nurse Constance gently sucked Amanda's pussy lips into her mouth. She nibbled, she licked, but still she didn't touch the girl's clit. Shame reddened the teenager's cheeks and filled her eyes with tears, but she couldn't stop her soft moaning, or the slow rolling of her hips.

Earlier, when Amanda had allowed the two college girls to break down her resistance, she had felt humiliated. This was much worse. Now she was being watched by a handsome, crushworthy doctor while an older woman actually licked her gooey snatch. She would never be able to look at herself again.

Dr. Scott chose this moment to step forward. The brunette teen was so lovely, so sexy, and so helpless he couldn't wait any longer to sample her. "How does she taste?" he asked. As he stood at the side of the table near Amanda's head, the former basketball star leaned over so that his face was just above the gorgeous teen's pussy. He could see her pink clit peeking out.

Nurse Constance lifted her head. "Like candy," she answered. Her mouth and chin were wet with the girl's cunt sauce, and she kissed the big Negro so that he could taste the juices on her lips. They kissed deeply for a minute, then Dr. Scott began to lick Amanda's pussy very near her clit. Nurse Constance probed the girl's fuckhole with her tongue.

Amanda was in heaven. It pained her deeply to give in to her lust--she couldn't imagine anything more filthy than having her pussy licked by an older woman and a black man at the same time--but she could hold back no longer. Her mouth opened and her moans became more rhythmic. She raised her hips slightly to press more of the nurse's tongue into her wet slot.

The doctor and nurse looked into each other's eyes and each knew what the other had in mind. With the sides of their faces squeezed together, she worked on one side of the girl's tasty cooze while he sucked on the other. When they met in the center, the experienced nurse was the first to lick the sexy teen's clit.

"Oh!" Amanda cried, "Oh God! Right there! Yes!" her climax building fast.

"Let me," said the doctor, and Nurse Constance moved aside. He gently sucked the girl's clit into his mouth and released it, over and over, while the Director of Nursing tongue-fucked the brunette hottie's tight hole. That did it. With a scream the gorgeous teen achieved the third orgasm of her life.

The pair of medical professionals kept up their oral teamwork as the shuddering teenager reached another and then another huge orgasm. Finally she had to beg them to stop. Amanda's skin was damp with sweat and her muscles were as limp as overcooked pasta. She lay with her eyes half closed as the others feasted their gaze on her delectable body. They were amazed that the young, mostly innocent teenager had such a capacity for pleasure.

"I need your cock," said Nurse Constance, rubbing Derek's sizable instrument.

"And I need to finally have a look at those tits," said Faith picking up the scissors. She began by cutting the shoulder straps of the girl's bra. Amanda, basking in the afterglow of her pleasure, hardly noticed. But when Faith cut through the center of her staid white bra she realized what was about to happen. Even though she had just experienced the most intense sexual enjoyment of her life in front of three virtual strangers, she was still uncomfortably aware of her breasts. They were just so big!

"Please don't," she begged, her eyes filling with tears again.

Faith decided to play up the drama of the situation. "Hmmm," she wondered aloud. "Are they real? What color do you think the nipples are?" The tits in question were barely covered by the bra's cups, now split down the middle.

"No, don't," Amanda pleaded. "Don't look at me, please..." she broke off sobbing. Faith bent down to whisper in her ear.

"It's OK baby," she said. "You're beautiful and sexy. I love your big boobs and I can't wait to touch them. We all want to see what they look like. I'm sure they're great. Don't be embarrassed." With that she slipped her hands under the loose cups and began to feel the shapely tits. The remains of her bra fell to Amanda's sides leaving the huge breasts covered only by Faith's small hands. And those massive globes made Faith's hands look very small indeed.

"They're real, alright," she said with a grin. She squeezed, caressed and wobbled the big melons in her hands, and all the while Amanda cringed with humiliation. "Let's see what kind of nipples she has," Faith went on. She moved her hands to the sides a little and pushed the huge tits together. A collective gasp rose from the group as the teen's pale pink nips came into view.

"Holy fucking shit!" said Tiffany. Dr. Scott could only murmur his agreement as he stared with open lust. Nurse Constance had his dick out of his pants and was stroking it lightly. Faith began to gently pinch and squeeze the puffy pink nerps of the helpless teenager--exactly what she had been dreading. The sensation, as usual, went straight to her pussy.

Amanda turned her head to one side to avoid watching her tits being mauled by Faith's slender hands. And what did she see? Nurse Constance sucking on the biggest, blackest dick she could ever have imagined. Dr. Scott's fuckstick was not quite fully erect but it was already much bigger than any dick she had ever seen or even dreamed about.

The Director of Nursing was bent over at the waist and sucking the fat, purple head. The former basketball star's cock was very thick and bulging with veins. The huge instrument was just at Amanda's eye level and only a few feet away, and she could hear slurping as the hot nurse coated the enormous tool with her spit. The teen was mesmerized.

Nurse Constance looked up and caught Amanda's stare. She recognized the look in the girl's eyes for what it was--longing. The teenager's lips were parted and she had forgotten her humiliation for the moment, even though Faith was still playing with her tits. With her eyes locked on the girl's, the sexy nurse twirled her tongue around the heavy balls and then all the way up the underside of the shaft.

She plunged the head into her mouth again, her wide brown eyes still holding Amanda's sultry green ones. Without breaking her gaze, Nurse Constance led Dr. Scott by his dick over to the exam table. The doctor now stood at one side of the teen's head while Faith stood at the other, pinching the girl's nipples. The Director of Nursing stood next to Dr. Scott holding his dick just inches from the young girl's face.

The ebony shaft was slick with the nurse's saliva, her hand sliding up and down. Amanda could not take her eyes from it. So long, so thick, and as black as coal...something inside her craved that enormous tool. "You want to try it, don't you?" said the nurse.

"No," Amanda whispered, but none of them was convinced.

"Lick it," Nurse Constance ordered, pulling the big cock right up to the young girl's mouth. Amanda shook her head no, but when the head of that big dick brushed her lips, the tip of her tongue seemed to snake from her mouth of its own volition. She licked it hesitantly. The almost innocent teen had never had a cock in her mouth before, but Dr. Scott's sigh of pleasure encouraged her. He reacted not so much from the sensation--her tongue barely touched him--but from the visual stimulation.

Looking straight down he saw his long black cock held in the small white hand of his lover, Nurse Constance. The attractive thirtysomething woman directed his meatstick to the mouth of the cover-model beautiful brunette teenager strapped helplessly to the exam table. Her curious tongue stretched out to lap his cock like an ice cream cone. What he couldn't see--what none of them saw--was the face at the one-way mirror.

Stay tuned for Part Three...

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