tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmateur Night Turnon Ch. 02

Amateur Night Turnon Ch. 02


(You really should read part 1 of this story first...)

I couldn't believe that my friend Kathy actually entered amateur night stripper contests! I couldn't believe that she would talk me into entering one also! And I really couldn't believe that I won $500!

But even more than that, I couldn't believe how much it turned George on and what sex we had after I danced naked on stage for all those people!

So the next day, I had to call my girlfriends and demand they meet me for lunch. My friend Kathy had taught me how to do it, and her husband Joe had been right there next to the stage where I could rub my tits on him. Our friend Gary had also been there too and I gave him a lot of attention. Linda, his wife, put up with it, and I think she benefited from the turn on that Gary got. But she had not entered the contest herself.

They all met me at the deli. We grabbed sandwiches and went out to a table in the park where we could talk privately.

"Well, sexy girl, how does it feel to be a stripper now?" Kathy teased me.

"You know, I still don't believe it. Of course it got George sooooo turned on. But you know it really turned me on too!" I answered her.

"Of course it does. Why do you think I have been doing it at least once a month? Sex is never as good as it is after I show my pussy to a lot of other guys," she went on.

"Well, I think we all saw that last night. None of us even got home. I remember all those cars rocking in the parking lot. Yours too, Linda!" I said.

"Oh my God," said Linda. "I thought Gary was going to rip my clothes off. It was a funny feeling. There he was pounding my pussy, but what turned him on was seeing yours up on that stage. I didn't know whether to be grateful or jealous."

"Ah," said Kathy from her wisdom, " that is the point. All that stuff on stage is fantasy. Men think that it is rubbing their cocks that turns them on. But playing with their heads works just as well. All men live in fantasy worlds anyhow. As strippers we just act out part of the fantasy. Then they take it out on their own girl."

"Well ...." I said. "That stuff in the car was wild enough. I thought George would be done for the night and sleep it off. But you won't believe what happened when we got home!"

Both girls leaned forward. "Come on, stripper girl. Tell us!" urged Linda. I knew she was trying to avoid getting any more involved in this, but my hint of a story drew her in.

"Well," I started, "when we got home he collapsed in his easy chair in the den. But he kept saying, 'Rubbing your tits in their faces!' and 'Flashing your pussy!' So I figured it was still on his mind. I went in the bedroom with my bag, and I put my little schoolgirl outfit back on. Then I came and leaned in the door of the den until he noticed me."

"Oh my God," said Kathy. "You did it again for him?"

I couldn't help but giggle at that. "You bet, girl. I went through the whole act again. I danced around and unbuttoned my shirt, but then I let him take it off. He gave my tits a good rub as he did, and then lifted my little plaid skirt up. But I pulled away, and turned around and bent over. I knew that made my skirt ride up over my ass and show the white panties pulled tight over my pussy."

Kathy said, "Wow, you are as good as a pro stripper already!" Linda gave a nervous giggle.

"So I came back and straddled him and let those white panties rub his crotch. I felt him hard as a rock, and I felt my panties getting wet. I pulled the skirt up over my head, and he grabbed the cheeks of my ass with his hands and pressed me against his cock. It was throbbing already! I leaned forward and let him lick my cleavage, but then I stood up and danced away again. I turned my back and twitched my ass at him, and undid my bra. I held it over my head and swung my butt back and forth in those little thong panties. Then I bent forward and spread my legs. I knew that he could see my ass, my pussy in the panties, and between my legs he could see my tits. It seems like an awkward picture to me, but he seemed to like it."

"They like tits and ass any way they can see it. I know. I have shown mine on stage every way but with a cherry on it!" laughed Kathy.

"Well, I danced back toward him. But just as I got there, I pretended to see another man and go rub my tits on him. George looked surprised but then laughed. So I pulled down my panties and rubbed my pussy, all in the direction of that 'other' man. I turned to George and saw he had his pants down and his cock in his hand. He said, 'Show it to him babe! But sticking a rod in it is only for me!' That wouldn't do, so I grabbed his hand and shoved it on to my pussy, and started stroking his cock myself."

Linda was staring at me in amazement, but Kathy chuckled, "You go girl!"

"Then I danced away from him again. Like I did on stage, I lay down and flexed my hips up, clenching my pussy. Then I sat up with my legs spread and rubbed it, and stuck a couple of fingers in it. I went over to George and put one foot up on his shoulder so it was right in front of his eyes. He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy to him and started shoving his tongue into it. Of course I was excited and very wet by now so I threw my head back and moaned. At that, he couldn't wait any longer. He pulled me down and his rod was standing up so hard it pushed right in to the depths. I could feel it bumping inside me and started bouncing up and down. The feeling was amazing, because we were both so turned on. He rammed it as deep as he could, and I started rotating my hips."

To my surprise, Kathy and Linda both had their hands moving under the table and were looking slightly glassy eyed. I went on, "I felt that rod inside me, throbbing and thrusting," and they each gave out a little soft sigh. "Then he raised his hips as high as he could and drove it way deep in my cunt. I felt it jerk and felt the warm jizz filling me up, and my whole pussy started contracting tight around his dick again and again. It was one of the greatest orgasms ever. Now that made three of them all due to amateur night, one when Kathy danced and two last night!"

"Wow," breathed Kathy. Then she put her hand back up on the table and was all business again. "Ok, we know how well it works to turn our men on. So will you be there to enter amateur night next Wednesday?"

"Of course I will," I said positively. "It turns me on, it turns him on, and I might win some money too! Let's do it!"

Kathy and I laughed and high-fived. Then we both turned to Linda. "Ok, girl," Kathy said, "you have been riding free on our pussy twitches. Are you going to strip next week with us?"

Linda shook her head. "Not a chance. It turns you girls on, apparently, but it scares me to death. You do your thing, and if Gary gets a tit rub and a pussy flash from each of you, he should be ready for me."

"Awww," I started.

But she was insistent. "No way. Not my thing. Never happen. I will cheer for you two, but I am NOT getting naked on that stage."

Kathy and I both laughed at her. Kathy said, "Linda, you have to try it. The first time I pulled my panties down on stage in front of a hundred men was amazing! I got so wet I was afraid I would drip on the floor."

"She's right, Linda," I chimed in. "And letting your tits be sucked by ten men, one after the other, can't be described. Just thinking about how much you are messing with their head is a turnon too!"

Linda grabbed her big tits in both hands. "Nope," she said, "Nobody gets their hands on these tits but me and Gary!"

"You don't know what you are missing, girl," Kathy said, and I nodded in agreement. But it was clear that Linda was not going to be talked into amateur night stripping. So Kathy and I agreed that we would both enter the contest next week, and talked how about we would go all out to win. Linda did agree to come along and bring Gary, probably because she figured he would find out about it anyhow.

I was in anticipation all week. I would sit at work and think of moves to do with my tits, ass, and pussy and get all wet just working them out. Kathy and I had agreed not to tell our guys until that day, so it was all our little secret. She would call me at work and be careful what she said, but unmistakable. "Hi, Becky," she said. Becky Thatcher was the stage name I had used. "Getting everything ready for Wednesday night? We want all the stuff to be in good working order and well-lubricated," she said. Well, anybody hearing that conversation would think we just meant sewing machines or something, but of course I knew what she wanted lubricated! I would reply, "Yeah, be sure they are hard and ready for hungry mouths," I replied, as if I was talking about popsicles. It was just another turn on.

Finally Wednesday night arrived. George came home from work and settled in his chair, and I went back into the bedroom. I came out wearing the same old gray sweatsuit I had worn over my sexy undies last week. He looked up at me, and I said, "I am so tired from work. I don't feel like cooking. Lets go out for a sandwich."

He regarded me quizzically. "Sure," he said, "where will we get a sandwich?"

"Well, last week we had some really good eating." I let him think that over for a minute. Then I gave him a big smile and said, "I want to go back to the Gold Club. It is Wednesday night."

Now he stared at me for a second. Then his face lit up and he said, "Great idea! Let's go for a sandwich, babe!" He got up out of his chair, grabbed one of the cheeks of my ass, and practically pushed me out into the car.

As soon as he got in he had one hand in my lap trying to press up to my crotch. I put one hand on his thigh, and with the other took his out of my lap. "Take it easy, big guy. I plan to show that pussy to a lot of men tonight. You don't get it until after they all see it!"

"So you are entering the amateur contest again?" he said. He looked just like a puppy dog being offered a doggy treat.

I ran my hand over his crotch and felt a bone getting hard already there. "Of course I am," I said, "and so is Kathy."

"Oh my God!" he gasped. "Both of you? Double the fun? I can't wait." I thought he would wreck the car trying to drive with me rubbing his hardon, but we made it to the club safely. Kathy and Joe were waiting for us at a table near the stage, and pretty soon Linda and Gary came in. We ordered our sandwiches and sodas. I watched the pros dancing as I ate.

To be honest I thought they were pretty boring. Come out dressed, wiggle around the stage. Second number, peel off the top. Some of them just took it off, others managed to put a little tease into it and pull it down a bit at a time. Then they rubbed their tits, bent over so they swung down, and bounced around a bit. Every one of them was pumped up, I thought. I wondered if my own small tits with the perky nipples compared. Well, I knew they were getting hard just watching and thinking about being on display soon.

All of them gave the guys sitting at the stage rail some action. One girl just let them get a close look, but most at least rubbed tits over their faces. Now and then I could see a girl let a guy tickle her nipple with his tongue, and one let the guys squeeze her tits a bit until the bouncer glared at her. Last week I had let George suck my nipples, and I wondered if I should let a few other guys do it this week. It sounded exciting and my nipples got even harder at the thought.

Third number is when the bottoms come off. Do it facing forward, do it facing backward, do it lying down, do it with your legs in the air? They tried them all. I saw that every girl had shaved her pussy except one, and she had a neat landing strip. Since I had shaved last week, I had cleaned it up this week and knew mine was a smooth as a baby's bottom. I wondered why that seemed to turn men on. I knew Kathy did not shave hers, but just trim it into a nice delta, and she often won this contest. So maybe it did not matter.

The girls gyrated, humped, jerked their hips and rubbed their slits. The men cheered all through it. I have to admit that thinking about showing off my pussy that way was making me wet. Glancing around, I slipped a hand under the table and rubbed a finger over my crotch. My hips jerked a bit and I decided I had better leave that for later. As I brought my hand back to the table I noticed Kathy's hand was under the table too, and she saw me looking at her and gave me a big grin.

Finally the DJ made the announcement we had been waiting for. "Amateur night begins in 15 minutes. Report to the DJ booth to sign up for amateur night and compete for the $500 prize!"

Kathy and I grinned at each other and stood up. Kathy looked over at Linda, and teased, "Last chance to get those big boobs out of their bra on stage, girl. Come on and sign up with us!"

Gary tried to push Linda up, but she positively shook her head and pushed his hand away. "You girls do what turns you on. The whole thing scares me and you will never catch me up on that stage!"

Kathy shrugged, and she and I went over to the DJ booth. We were the only two girls there, no line at all. Kathy signed in as "Desiree Lacock", the name she had won with several times. Then I signed in as "Becky Thatcher," hoping it had an innocent sound. The DJ looked the two of us over, and said, "There is no contest, girls, unless at least three amateurs sign up."

"Awww," Kathy said. "Maybe another girl will come along." We waited at the booth about ten minutes but nobody else showed up. The DJ made another announcement, but still nobody. We were both on a serious downer. We had been all hyped up to strip in front of our guys and all those other guys.

"Sorry, girls, but that's the rule. Three girls or nothing," the DJ intoned.

"Wait, wait," Kathy criied, "just give us five more minutes!"

"I don't see anybody coming," said the DJ hesitantly.

"She's on her way, she really is!" pleaded Kathy.

"OK, five minutes," said the DJ.

I whispered to Kathy, "I don't see anybody coming?"

"Just wait," she said, and pointed to Linda.

I gasped. "She will never do it!"

"We are going to talk her into it," Kathy giggled.

We went back to the table, and told them the situation. "We only need one more girl!" Kathy moaned.

Everybody looked at Linda. Gary put his hand on her back and started to push her up. "No yo don't!" she exclaimed. "I told you NO and NO means NO!"

Five of us started talking at once. Kathy was praising her big boobs. I was telling her what a turn on it was. Gary had his hand in her crotch and was trying to persuade her that way. Joe and George were both babbling nonsense but I knew they both had been hoping against hope to see Linda's boobs tonight and they were really working on her.

After a few minutes, the DJ came over to us. "OK, girls, what is it? Three girls or none?'

We all grabbed Linda and pulled her up. She looked around wildly, not knowing what to do, but the guys started chanting, "Amateur, amateur!" Kathy and I each took an arm and began walking her to the booth. She seemed almost dazed, but finally she signed the sheet, showed her ID, and Kathy wrote down "Booby Bouncer" as her stage name! Then without giving her a chance to think, we hustled her back to the dressing room.

"What have you gotten me into?" she wailed. "I don't even have a costume."

"Babe, you always look good just being you. That scoop neck top you are wearing already shows off more boob than I will ever have!" I told her. It was true. Hers were by far the biggest boobs any of us had, and mine were definitely petite.

"Just wiggle your butt in that miniskirt and then unzip the side, and that will turn them on right there," counseled Kathy.

"Well..." said Linda, "it is an interesting thought. Back in High School I used to practice turning on the Seniors just by walking by them."

Kathy and I both giggled. "Yes," I said, "we remember. And wow, were we jealous of you! You will do great dressed just the way you are."

Kathy hurried into her outfit. Tonight she was dressing totally slutty, in a black and red lace bodice that pushed her tits way up, and a red garter belt that held up black fishnet stockings. She slipped into four inch heels and plastered red lipstick heavily on her lips. Then the music started and she danced out on stage.

"Watch through here," I told Linda, showing her the partially opened door that gave us a view of much of the stage. She seemed entranced as Linda put on her show. She bent low so the audience had a good view her cleavage, then turned around and gave them a good view of the cheeks of her ass. She held the pole as she raised her legs high, showing off the patch of red silk over her pussy pulled tight.

Linda muttered, "I can't do that!" but I said nothing.

Kathy was inviting men sitting at the rail to unsnap the back snaps of her bustier, one at a time. Most of them fumbled with it and she gave them disdainful looks. But for the last snap she danced over to Joe and he adroitly flipped it and threw open her top. She let it fall to the floor and danced back toward the mirrors, which I knew would be reflecting her tits to the crowd. I had seen her lipsticking her nipples and knew they were blazing red. I saw her throw her hands over her head and turn slowly to let the crowd see those red nipples.

Then I saw something I am sure she had thought of, bu t I had not. She want over to a bald guy sitting in the front row, and pulled his head to her chest and snuggled it around. She stepped back and he had a big smile, but he did not realize that his bald head was decorated with two wiggly red lines from her nipples! The guy next to him laughed and whispered in his ear, and he grinned and blushed.

Kathy rubbed her boobs on a couple of other guys, and Linda muttered again, "I can't do that!"

"Linda," I said, "the guys will think they have gone to Heaven and found the softest pillow there! I just wish I had the stuff to work with that you do!"

"Oh my gosh," Linda moaned. She covered her eyes. I peeked out and saw that Kathy had pulled Linda's husband Gary up to the rail. She was rubbing her butt on his crotch as his hands cupped her tits and squeezed them. Then he took a bill out of his pocket and tucked it into Kathy's garter belt. I though it was really nice of him to get it started that way.

Then Kathy danced over to George. She turned her back to him and bent forward, so her ass in the thong panties spread before him and the red silk over her pussy flashed in front of him. I felt sure it had a wet spot on it already since from last week's experience I knew how turned on dancing could make you.

She grabbed George's hands -- MY George! -- and put them on the straps of her thong. She pushed down, and he pulled the thong down off her ass and almost off her cunt. Then she danced away from him and over to Joe. She let Joe finish pulling the thong down to her knees, revealing the neatly trimmed delta of pussy hair. As she stepped out of the thong she made sure to spread her legs wide and let everybody see the lips of her cunt.

Linda buried her head in her arms and said, "Oh, no. I won't. I can't."

"You are all signed up and delivered, girl. By the time you get out there you r pussy will drip and clench like hers does!" I laughed.

Now Kathy was taking her fishnet stockings and garter belt off. She bent forward to remove one, and her nice round tits swung down in front of her as she did. Then she turned around to take the other off. As she bent forward and stretched out the leg, her round ass and pink pussy lips were making quite a show for the audience. She pulled the stocking between her legs and handed one end to Joe. He pulled it toward him and she pulled it back to her, and between the two of them they gave her pussy quite a rub. Then she threw the stocking over to George who made a big show of sniffing it deeply and grinning at her. I was going to show that guy later tonight!

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