tagNon-EroticAmazon Nation Ch. 01

Amazon Nation Ch. 01


The sun rose over the land of Thrace. It looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

Tecmessa was restless under her tent. She had been having dreams again. Strange dreams. She was afraid of them. These were dreams that would get her into trouble if the others found out about them. She was dreaming of a strange man she felt was destined to become her lover.

Tecmessa was an Amazon. The Amazons were female warriors that rejected the authoritarian ways of men. They lived apart from men and only went to meet them when they wanted to have children. The Amazons kept the female children but gave the male children away to travelers. The Amazons seldom ventured out of their territories. They did not attack the patriarchal world but defended themselves from it at any cost.

Tecmessa was born an Amazon. Her mother was none other than Narissa, the Queen of the Amazons. The Amazons of Thrace lived in a small city with a few thousand inhabitants. The Amazons were raised to be farmers, weavers, musicians and warriors. All of the above. These were very capable and versatile women. Tecmessa knew not who her father was. Some man her mother had encountered in a mating venture into the patriarchal world. Tecmessa had ventured into the patriarchal world once. The Scythes were a band of wandering horsemen. They invaded the land of the Amazons. Tecmessa and many other Amazons went out to fight them. The battle was bloody. The Scythes were driven off but too many Amazons lost their lives. The Scythes were brutal warriors.

Tecmessa had been captured by one of the Scythes. He was a strange and beautiful young warrior. He rode a fiery black stallion. He rode naked and carried only a spear. She rode on horseback and tried to take him down. He fought against her and she ended up falling from her horse and losing her weapon. The young Scythe had her at his mercy. All around her, his fellow men were taking out her Amazon sisters. Sometimes, Tecmessa forgot how brutal men could be. They seemed to be made for violence and conquest. It came natural to them. The young Scythe dishonored her by not giving her a warrior's death but capturing her and bringing her back into his camp. He would be her master. Tecmessa was filled with rage. She did not want to be owned by any man. She wanted to kill the arrogant son of a bitch and return to her people. Sadly, it was not to be.

The handsome young Scythe brought her back to his camp. She was quite shocked to see women there. Of course. Women and children. The families of these wild horsemen. She was surprised at the women and the men. The men were not the brutes that she thought. They seemed to genuinely care for their wives and children. The wives of the Scythe saw themselves as the valued members of a tribe rather than as slaves. They cared for their men and loved them. The sight of a woman happily embracing her male lover returning from battle brought dread into the heart of Tecmessa. The young Amazon had been shocked. Apparently, these women loved men. And surprisingly, the men loved them back. They were free to leave. Yet they did not. There was a bond between men and women that Tecmessa had not known could exist.

Tecmessa had grown up in the realm of the Amazons. The Amazons were bound to each other as fighters as well as lovers. The women she knew loved each other both emotionally and sexually. Lesbianism was the way of life among her people. It was what she had come to view as normal. Apparently, there was another kind of relationship between men and women that appeared to be just as loving. This frightened her to the core of her being. The people in the Scythe camp looked at the captive Amazon with curiosity. Apparently, none of them had seen a female warrior before.

Tecmessa would show them what she could do had she not been bound. She had a lot of training when it came to wielding weapons. Her captor left her in the hands of a surprisingly strong matriarch who tended to her injuries. Tecmessa attempted to reason with the matriach but this old hag seemed to be more loyal to the men than her fellow woman. This was quite strange. An odd way of life. Tecmessa learned that her handsome captor's name was Tychus. He was the son of Habor, King of the Scythes. He was a fearsome warrior among his people. The Scythes suffered very few losses while Tecmessa recalled that the floor of the battlefield was littered with Amazon bodies. She swore that she would make them pay for the death of her sisters.

Later, Tecmessa would escape from the Scythes and return to her people. She would be forever changed by her journey. She was born an Amazon but although she did return to her people, she did not remain one of them. Her journey into the world of man changed her at the depth of her heart and soul. She would experience what it meant to be a woman. She would fall in love with a man. She would experience love and joy and sorrow. Ultimately, she would change into something she would never have seen herself as. One of the sons of the race of men would mean more to her than anything she had ever seen before. This Amazon's journey was just beginning.

To be continued...

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