tagBDSMAmazon Tamed Ch. 06

Amazon Tamed Ch. 06



What you missed after Paula dominated Keith for the night he use her own chloroform rag on her.

Paula woke up mid morning, she had a black rose and red rose in a x pattern across her breasts "Had to get the last shot in didn't you " she muttered.. There was a note attached to the black rose's stem.

"My dearest Paula you were magnificent last night and I have no regrets in submitting myself to your creative dominance. Please do me the honor of joining me for dinner at my place tonight."


"P.S. Yes I had to get the last move in."

Paula smelled the roses it was wonderful being in love.

Keith went through his appointments in an upbeat manner. He had closed one major project which guaranteed him a bonus this quarter.

He had saved Greta's meeting for last. But unlike a few days ago when he dreaded it, this time he was looking forward to it.

Greta greeted him at the door with a big smile" Keith I am glad we could reschedule."

"At least that we will tell the public" he responded.

"You could tell them you were doing customer service for a client" she suggested.

Keith nodded, "All three of us got serviced this weekend."

"What do you have the show me?" Greta asked.

Opening up his briefcase, "A new high tensile contemporary product."

Greta felt than the product than tried to rip it, "This is perfect for my new line I am introducing to the boutiques. I will give you an exclusive for it."

"Greta that is extremely generous...."

She held up her hand, "Stop. It's the best product and I do owe you for turning me around."

'Great, I'll send you the quote tomorrow."

"Are you going to use those sample ties on Paula? Than eying him speculatively, "Or is she going to use them on you?"

"Paula and I are exploring each other."

"Do you have time to discipline me" Greta asked hopefully."

Keith looked at his watch, "Not now, but I'll ask your mistress if we can double dominate you on Friday."

Keith arrived home with plenty of time to prepare dinner, or so he thought.

After he passed the threshold. A sheet dropped on him and he was pushed to the floor. Then the sheet was rolled into a cocoon.

"You are my prisoner" a bikini clad Paula announced triumphantly.

"You can do much with me like this" Keith pointed out.

Paula said on his chest "Oh I certainty could, but than we miss dinner. She stretched our her feet. "For now kiss my feet and acknowledge me as your conqueror."

Keith did so" You have defeated me , Mistress Paula"

Paula smiled and unrolled him and helped him to his feet 'You know breaking and entering is a crime."

"And what is my sentence?"

"You are a first offender and I want dinner " so taking off his clothes, 'I think corporal punishment in the form of spanking is appropriate. He sat on the sofa "Over me knee."

Paula flopped over and pulled down her bottom" Ready"

Keith squeezed her butt and than began a light spanking.

"Is that the best you can do" she challenged

"Fine' he administer the last 5 quite hard.

Paula squeaked "That's better" Than standing up she removed her top. "What for dinner?

"Venison with mushrooms and than a chocolate ganche for dessert." He eyed her " you are not a vegetarian?"

Paula was horrified" Have you realized I am a huntress and a carnivore?"

"The venison will need an hour to marinate" I have some sushi we can start with."

"And I" Paula said, "have an interesting way to eat it." Grabbing some rope and the plate. "Sit on the floor and spread your legs."

Keith obeyed and Paula wrapped her legs in a lotus position around him and then wrapped the rope around both their waists. Keith cock entered her pussy

"Sushi Bondage!"

"Only one thing worries me" as Keith rubbed an octopus against Paula's breast.

"What's that?

He popped the sushi in her mouth "We run out of ideas"

"Trust me" she said feeding him a piece" that won't be a problem."

The main course was more civilized and they actually ate at the table

"That was great ." Paula enthused. "You can cook almost as well as you can make a woman your sex slave."

"Well my sexy huntress, will you submit for your dessert?"

"I think that would be fair payment for dinner.. She looked at him 'what is your wish?"

"On your knee with and sit back on your ass.

Keith quickly tied Paula's wrist behind and than brought out the Ganache. This is usually called Chocolate Ganache but tonight it is Chocolate Ganache de Paula" He than poured half it over her breasts.

Paula shivered "Don't I get any?" She complained.

"You will" as he began, licking " but remember Master's first."

Paula sighed happily as his tongue went over her body.

"Your turn" as he poured the rest over his lower body "Give me a chocolate blow job"

Paula lowered her head and went to work having dessert while making Keith hard an finally cumming

"Mm mm good" she giggled.

After dinner. Keith went to one knee and grabbed Paula's hands "Marry me."

Paula looked at him" Yes I will be your wife and your mistress/slave"

"And I will be your husband and Master/slave."

"We have all night, let split the domination tonight." Paula kissed him " This is going to be an equal partnership."

Keith stroked her hair "Ladies first."

I want to physically control you" Paula announced," You will not resist as I control your body."

"Yes Mistress Paula:

Paula then did a reverse sweep knocking Keith to the floor, than flipped him on his stomached.

"Are you ticklish?" She asked grabbing an ankle.

Keith did not answer.

Rubbing against his sole, Keith held in a laugh "You are" Paula said in a mock amazement. She applied her nails to his feet.

Keith broke "Ha hahahahhah, please stop, hhahahahhahahahaahh"

"Big tough man can't take a tickle" as she continued.

Finally letting him take a rest, she entwined her legs around his mid section., while grabbing his hair.

"Whose your mistress?

You are Mistress Paula"

She began rolling back and forth" You are my plaything aren't you."

"Yes Mistress"

"Your Mistress want her pussy serviced"

Keith said early 'As you wish Mistress" as he began licking her cunt.

"Good slave, I have one of the toys from last night. Can you guess which one pet.?

"The cock ring leash Mistress"

Yes Keith, I love when I have total control. Beg me to put it on you."

"Please Mistress Paula put it on your unworthy slave"

"Right answer," putting it on him" This is going to be pain and pleasure time. My pleasure as you continue satisfying me and your pain." Yanking it." Back to work."

Paula loved being a bitch even though she loved her man, After the 5th organism she released him.

"Poor baby, let your Mistress kiss and make it better." She started kissing and licking over all his body. "Don't move you are still my play thing."

Keith let himself go Just letting her dictate the pace. Finally the alarm clock rang.

Paula rolled off "Your turn."

"I want to test that flexibility of yours" Keith putting a blindfold on her. "No peaking!

Paula heard him setting something up and than he dragged her to a wall and manacled her arms above her head. Than he lifted her in the air and deposited her in a sling. He took of the blind fold.

"Now for the fun part' he tied a rope to her left an ankle extending her leg out, Paula held her breath as he tied the other end to the side. Then he repeated on the opposite side.

"There totally exposed to me"

"What evil do you have planned for me?" Paula asked mockingly.

"Pain first" he said holding up a pinwheel. Keith began running it across Paula's leg and thighs. 'You like that don't you?

"Yes Master"

"I am glad slave, now for your breast, tracing the luscious curves

Paula was breathing hard, "I cant take much more"

"I thought you could take it, strong woman" He mocked.

Paula resolve strengthen "Do your worse"

"Just teasing love, " Would you like some pleasure?"

"Pease Master"

Keith pinched her nose "O.K my slut" producing a vibrator ."But" as her began playing over her pussy," You don't cum until I say so"

"Yes Master"

Keith play her like a violin, varying the intensity and the pressure.

"Gawd I can't take it, please Keith!"

"Not yet, " he said sternly.

Paula began shaking" Please!

"All right now" he said softly.

Paula squirted all over the place and actually broke one of the restraint" I told you I was strong."

Keith untied the other leg and Paula wrapped her legs around him "Now release me you miserable SOB, I need some satisfaction"

I am sure you do,"

Pula landed on top of him. "I love you but I am starting on top." She than mounted herself on his erect cock and started bouncing up and down "Fuck me Fuck me!"

"You are unsatiable, you sexy demon."

"Yes I am ." She turned 180 degreess"Again"

Keith grabbed her shoulders "Come on you bitch!"

From there they went missionary, before finally finishing up with Leapfrog.

"Eat that carpet" Keith said as he pushed Paula to the floor.

Keith and Paula were finally sated.


Keith and Paula had a lavish wedding and Greta was Paula's maid of honor

Paula became a recognized environmental expert and unlike Al Gore never sold our her principles.

Keith made enough money to become a full consultant and they traveled around the world exploring internationally, adding refinements to their favorite pastime.

Greta because a success in her own right and continued her weekly sessions with Paula and at time with Keith joining in.

The love and trust between the three grew so much, that two years later on her birthday, Paula and Keith offered themselves as her sex slaves for that occasion . (A story for the future)

They live happily and sexually fulfilled ever after.

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