tagFirst TimeAmber and Jack Ch. 01

Amber and Jack Ch. 01


Amber's eyes scanned across the page of the text book sitting in her lap as some Lifetime movie played across the television screen. "I hate history" she muttered to herself highlighting a sentence she thought might be important. Just as she finished final page of the chapter, she heard the front door open and Mr. and Mrs. Callahan walked through the threshold.

"Hello," Amber said closing her book and sliding it back into her bag. "How was the show?"

"Excellent," Mrs. Callahan exclaimed with enthusiasm. Amber bit her lip to keep her laughter at bay as she saw Mr. Callahan roll his eyes in obvious disagreement. "I think we might have to catch it again before the end of its run."

"I think it might be sold out," Amber replied, earning her a look of gratitude from Mr. Callahan. "That's what they said on the news this afternoon."

"Maybe Jack can call in a favor or two from a friend," Mrs. Callahan thought quickly.

"How were the kids?" Mr. Callahan asked quickly changing the subject.

"Great," Amber answered honestly. "We ate dinner, which there are leftovers of in the fridge if you're hungry, and then they each had some homework to do so we worked on that. And then I made them clean their rooms before watching a little bit of TV."

"Did they go down without too much trouble?"

"It wasn't too bad. Lisa was so tired she hardly fought at all, and Nick well, you know him. He had about eight thousand excuses to keep him out of bed, but eventually he quit that."

"Wonderful," Mr. Callahan said. He didn't waste any time in pulling his wallet from his back pocket and digging several bills out before extending them towards Amber. She slid the folded money into her back pocket before tossing her bag over her shoulder.

"Same time on Thursday?" Amber asked in confirmation.

"Do you think you could come a little earlier?" Mrs. Callahan asked. "I think we might need to leave closer to 5:30 because of traffic downtown."

"I think so," she replied. "I get out of volleyball practice at like 5:00, and I can make it here in thirty minutes. I'll have to show up in my volleyball clothes but I should be able to make it here by 5:30."

"Great," Mrs. Callahan exclaimed.

"I didn't see your car in the driveway," Mr. Callahan commented. "Are you having someone pick you up?"

"Yeah, my car decided to crap out on me so it's in the shop. My brother said that he would come and get me. So, I'm just going to go wait on the porch."

"Are you sure you don't need a ride home sweetie?" Mrs. Callahan asked.

"Oh yeah, it's totally cool. My brother should be here in a few. No worries. I will see you guys on Thursday."

"Goodnight," Mrs. Callahan called after her.

Amber slid her phone out of her bag and scrolled through her contacts as she sat down on the bench on the front porch. She quickly found her brother's name and pushed the send button, connecting the call. The phone rang a few times before getting answered by his voicemail. "He's probably driving with the music too loud," Amber thought to herself.

Knowing that it was going to be a few minutes, she began perusing through her phone. After scrolling through Facebook, she noticed the time at the top of the screen. It had been twenty minutes since she had called Ian. She quickly found his name in and called him again. Once again, it rang a few times before his voicemail picked up. "Hey Ian. I'm not sure where you are, but I know you aren't here, picking me up, like you're supposed to be. Where the hell are you? Call me."

A few moments later, the front door opened and Mr. Callahan stepped onto the porch closing the door behind him. "Still here?"

"Yeah," Amber answered. "I just left my brother a message; he should be here in a few minutes."

Almost as if on cue, her phone vibrated in her hand. Amber unlocked the phone allowing her to read the text message she had just received. "Or not," she said dejectedly. "Apparently he got way too drunk at his frat house and now can't come get me. Fucking A."

Mr. Callahan let out a deep chuckle causing Amber to slap her hand across her mouth. "I'm so sorry. I promise, I don't swear in front of your kids."

"It's okay," he laughed. "Come on, let me take you home." He fished into his pocket and pulled out his car keys.

"No, you don't need to do that," she dismissed quickly.

"What are you going to do? Spend the night on the porch?" he asked with humor.

"Well—No, I uh," she stuttered out.

"Walk home?" he continued, "Because you live a good ten miles from here. Just let me drive you home. It's not trouble at all."

"Fine," she surrendered.

Amber followed Mr. Callahan across the lawn and towards the vehicle. She saw him unlock the doors to the SUV and continued walking towards that vehicle. Tossing her bag onto the floorboard first, she quickly lowered her body into the seat and pulled the seat-belt across herself.

As he started driving down the street he couldn't help but look at Amber out of the corner of his eye. This was by no means the first time he had driven her home after babysitting. He used to have to drive her home all the time before she had her driver's license. But for some reason this time, he had to constantly remind himself NOT to stare at her while driving this time.

Maybe it was the way her shorts sat low on her hips, but rose higher up her thighs as she sat. Or the way that her t-shirt, while only a t-shirt did wonders for her eighteen year old chest. Or the way her brown hair was haphazardly piled on top of her head, pieces falling down randomly, almost as though she had gone for a romp in the sheets and didn't bother fixing her hair.

As he watched her out of the corner of his eye, he almost let a sigh escape his lips as she stretched her back slightly, causing her chest to stick out a tad. Almost as if his hand had a mind of its own, Jack's hand that was resting on the center console dropped slightly, allowing his fingertips to come into contact with the tanned skin of Amber's thigh. He felt her leg tense quickly, but then relax and she made no move to get out of his reach. She easily could have slid over in her seat and subtly move her thigh from under his fingertips. But she didn't.

If anything, Jack could swear he felt her move a little closer towards him. Deciding to play it safe, for a moment at least, he left his hand exactly where it was; Dangling off of the center console, just the fingertips of his right hand skimming across her thigh.

As he pulled up to a red stop light, he looked out of the corner of his eye and saw that Amber had closed her eyes and allowed her head to fall back against the seat. He turned slightly to get a better look and couldn't help but notice that her chest was rising and falling a little more rapidly than normal breathing patterns would require. Jack needed no further invitation. He dropped his hand further, allowing his palm to lay flat against her skin.

Noticing a lack of protest, he slid his palm across her skin, allowing his fingers to dance across her inner thigh. He allowed his hand to remain there as the light turned green and his car accelerated.

With growing confidence, Jack slid his hand farther up ever so slightly. His thumb brushed against the hem of her shorts while his fingers splayed across the inside of her thigh. Not caring if it was merely his imagination, a smile crept across his face as he felt a heat radiating towards his hand. As he brushed his thumb softly across her skin, the sound of her breathing made its way to his ears.

As his fingers pressed in softly on the flesh of her thigh, Jack heard a sigh escape from between her lips. Moving his hand up her thigh again, his thumb and index finger now rested under the fabric of her shorts. Again, he heard her breath quicken. "If you want me to stop, just ask," Jack said huskily as he rolled to a stop at a red light.

He smirked as he saw her shake her head back and forth while keeping her head against the back of the seat. Going a step more, Jack removed his palm from Amber's thigh and danced his fingers across her lap until his fingers found themselves at the center seam of her shorts. Amber felt herself contract slightly at the pressure his fingers pressing into her clothes covered center. His fingers began rubbing up and down softly pressing against the fabric.

"Shit," she muttered as she felt a warmth start to pool between her legs. As the light turned green, Jack continued rubbing her center through her shorts loving the sound of her rapid breathing. He recognized that he was getting closer to her house and increased the speed and pressure of his fingers. Amber gripped the door handle with her right hand and the center console with her left, as her hips, with a mind of their own, jutted forward pressing back into the fingers that were bringing her so much pleasure.

Jack's car pulled into the driveway of the dark house and he quickly pulled up on the emergency break to keep the car from rolling. He glanced toward Amber watching her eyes for any sign of protest as his fingers moved up slightly to the button on her shorts, when he didn't see any he threaded the button through its loop and pulled the zipper down its track.

His hand quickly slipped into the opening and made contact with Amber's warm skin. His hand rubbed her through her underwear a few times causing her to let out a soft sigh before pushing the fabric to the side and allowing his fingers to come into contact with her folds.

He groaned at the wetness that his fingers pushed through, as he began expertly moving through her. His index finger found her clit and she sucked in a huge breath and squeezed her eyes shut. Moving his finger back and forth a few times, he felt her breathing increase even more. As his index finger danced across her clit, his longer middle finger pushed down and made its way inside her.

As he pushed farther inside of her, he felt her tighten against his finger and a moan escaped from her mouth. "Come inside?" she somehow managed to mutter out in between ragged breaths.

"Are you telling me where you want to come or inviting me in?" Jack asked with a smirk, his deep voice causing her to grow even wetter.

"Both," she practically moaned in response.

"What about your parents?" As he asked, he pulled his middle finger from inside her and added it to her clit, moving both fingers in a circular motion.

"Shit," she moaned. "Out. Of. Town" she stuttered out in between breaths. "Home. Alone."

"Are you sure?" he asked. His fingers still moving around her clit and they both knew that she wouldn't last much longer.

"Yes," she breathed out. A few final strokes of his fingers and he pulled his hand out of her shorts. A slight whimper came from her lips, causing him to chuckle softly. As his fingers came into the light, he smiled at the wetness that coated his digits.

As they stepped out of the vehicle, Jack looked around, making sure that no one was in a position to see him. While part of him wanted to shout from the rooftops that he was about to bang a tight eighteen year old, the more sane and the part of his brain NOT thinking with his cock, knew that was probably not a good idea.

Jack's foot tapped softly as Amber shakily slid the key into the lock, unlocking the door before pushing it open. As soon as the door was out of the way, Amber stepped into the house, followed very closely by Jack. As soon as he was inside, he reached forward, wrapped his arm around her waist and spun her as he used his foot to kick the door closed. Before Amber knew what happened, her back was pressed against the mahogany door and Jack's chest was pressed against hers.

His lips quickly found hers and his tongue thrust its way into her mouth and her fingers threaded through his hair. She let a small moan pass between their mouths as his fingers dug into the flesh of her hip, slipping below the waistband of her shorts. Amber's back arched slightly, pressing her chest further into his. In response, Jack gyrated his hips against hers, the friction a pleasing feeling to both of them.

Amber pushed her back away from the door and further into Jack's chest as she took a step forward. Her arms wrapped their way around his neck as she continued walking forward through the front entry of the house. Making Jack walk backwards, she led him through the living room and towards the hallway. As they walked through the doorway, Amber unwrapped one of her arms from his neck and traced her hand slowly down his body. She allowed it to rest of the waist band of his slacks, pausing momentarily before continuing further south.

Jack almost tripped over his own feet as he felt her palm on his hardness through the material of his pants. She cupped him gently as she continued walking forward, urging him towards her bedroom. Hearing him moan softly caused her to squeeze ever so slightly allowing her to further feel just how hard he was.

Noticing the transition from tile to carpet beneath his feet, Jack's eyes opened and he surveyed his surroundings. Her bedroom came into view and at that point it took almost all the restraint he had to keep from literally throwing her onto her bed and fucking her into next week. He took control and slowly continued walking them towards the bed, until he felt her legs bump into the edge of the bed. He softly pushed against her body, causing her to collapse backwards onto the bed. He remained standing, her lips falling from his, causing her to let out a slight whimper of protest.

Jack felt his cock harden even more, if that was even possible, at the sight of her splayed out in front of him, her lips swollen and red, her hair disheveled, her chest rising and falling rapidly and her legs spread with her feet planted on the ground on either side of his legs. He made eye contact, silently asking if she wanted to continue, and the smirk she responded with made his cock twitch inside his growing-tighter-by-the-second trousers. Jack leaned down quickly, his hands gripping her side as he kissed her lips. He pulled his lips from hers and trailed them to her chin, across her jaw, across her neck and onto the fabric of her shirt.

With a mind of their own, his lips found her breasts and he sucked softly on the fabric, getting it wet with his tongue. As he felt her nipple hardening beneath her shirt, he suddenly realized that the only thing between his lips and her skin was the t-shirt. "No bra?" he mumbled against her as he moved to the other side of her chest.

"It's in my purse," she said with a sigh. "I realized during second period that you could see it through my shirt so I just took it off."

"Fuck," Jack moaned into her skin, both from the thought of her going the entire day, her breasts hidden by only the thin fabric of her t-shirt and from the sensation of her hand rubbing his cock through his pants. That caused him to pull his mouth from her hardened nipple and continue down her body smirking as he saw the two wet spots on her shirt. His lips finally reached the waistband of his shorts, those dammed shorts, and he wasted no time un-threading the button and sliding the zipper down.

Not quite ready to lose sight of her pink lacy underwear, he left them alone and slowly pulled her shorts down her legs and threw them somewhere across the room. The scent of her arousal filled his nose as he leaned closer to her, subconsciously licking his lips in anticipation. His hands planted themselves on the tops of her thighs, with his thumbs pointing downward, resting on the junction between her leg and her pelvis and he slid the tips of his thumbs under the seam of her underwear wanting to feel her skin below.

He stuck his tongue out and drug it along the top line of her underwear, from left to right, getting the skin wet. Jack then allowed his mouth to move further south and planted suckling kisses through the lacy material down the very center of her body. He could hear her rapid breathing and that caused him to lick her slowly, slightly pushing the material of her panties into her slightly. He pulled back and almost ripped the material to shreds at the sight of her underwear pushed into the slit of her pussy.

Figuring that he had teased her enough, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them down her legs, finally allowing him to come eye to eye with her pussy. He could see some wetness on the outside, presumably from when his fingers and been there earlier, rubbing her wetness around. Jack lowered his head slowly and allowed his lips to make contact with the area between her legs.

"Fuck," Amber moaned as soon as she felt him in contact with her most intimate area. She felt Jack smirk against her skin but before she could scold him for being a jackass-y teasing jerk, she felt him press his tongue along her slit. She almost lost it right there. His tongue moved up and down her a few times, each time pressing a little harder into her.

Amber pushed her fingers into her hair in response to the pleasure she was feeling. Jack's tongue worked its way through her, licking in varying patterns before pushing it inside of her. She moaned in response to him entering her with his tongue and could only imagine the pleasure he was capable of bringing her. His tongue moved in and out of her at a painfully slow pace before he moved slightly and allowed his tongue to flick across her clit. Her body jerked slightly and Jack knew that he had found something that she very much enjoyed.

Moving his tongue back and forth he could hear her breathing increase, which only urged him forward. His lips suctioned around her and he sucked, pulling part of her skin into his mouth while continuing to move his tongue back and forth. Jack knew that she wouldn't last long, considering he had already taken her to the brink of orgasm in the car. As his mouth continued its assault on her clit, he pulled one of his hands from its resting place on her thigh and trailed it between her legs. Amber must have had her eyes closed because Jack heard her audibly gasp as he slowly pushed his fingers inside of her. Pushing into her tightness with his finger made him all the more anxious to push into her with his cock. With his finger fully inside of her, he moved it around slowly, feeling all of her with the pad of his finger.

As he felt her tighten around his finger, Jack pulled his finger out, added a second and slowly pushed two fingers into her. Sliding his fingers in and out of her tightness, his mouth released her skin and his tongue swirled around her. Her grip on his fingers tightened and he knew that she was close.

"Fuck," she moaned. Amber had had orgasms before. Hell, her ex-boyfriend had gone down on her more times than she could count but this time it felt different. This orgasm was going to make the previous ones she had feel like nothing more than a sneeze. She felt Jack increase both the speed at which his tongue lapped at her clit and at which his fingers plunged into her pussy. "Shit. Shit. Shit." Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt a surge of warmth originate low in her stomach. Needing to grip something, her left hand found Jack's hair while her right clawed at the sheets on her bed.

Another two or three more thrusts and she was going to cum harder than she had ever cum before.

"FUCK!" she screamed out as she felt her orgasm wash over her. Her toes curled, her leg jerked to the side, her pussy clamped down tightly and her entire body convulsed. Jack's fingers were literally stopped from moving because of the tightness that surrounded them, but he continued licking at her clit, using her free hand that was resting across her stomach to keep her lower half from moving too much.

As he felt her convulsions slow, he pulled away from her, her arousal evident on the skin around his mouth. "Holy shit" Amber breathed out her arms falling limply on either side of her body.

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