tagInterracial LoveAmber Takes on Hubby's Boss

Amber Takes on Hubby's Boss


Jeff Meagor trembled slightly as he walked through the hallways of Roosevelt High School. He had been summoned to the assistant principal's office, and as a young and un-tenured teacher, he tended to expect the worst when summoned by the administration. "God, did I swear in class? Did a parent complain about my curriculum being too easy? What did I do?" he thought hotly as he neared the office. "Shit, there I go again, just like Amber said..." he mused. Jeff's wife, Amber, had recently gently told him that he was too pessimistic, too defensive.

"You're always jumpy and uptight" she complained. "It's so much more sexy when you cut loose and act on your impulses. Try to do that more, hon. It makes you much more sexy to me." Jeff loved nothing more than seeing Amber get hot. In a word, Amber was beautiful. Hot. Devastatingly hot. Her beautiful facial features were framed with sandy blond hair, her skin healthy and tan and supple. Amber's body made men and women alike stare. She was a regular hiker, biker, and dancer, and to these activities she added regular gym visits. Her thighs and calves balanced muscularity with tone, and her smooth taut waist rose up to an luscious pair of large firm breasts.

Amber possessed wit, intelligence, and fire, and Jeff felt like the luckiest man in the world when Amber agreed to marry him, though he felt that he had spent more time during there 4 year marriage focusing on school and work. The couple met and fell in love during college. Amber was a sophomore when Jeff was a junior. They met in a physics class and became study partners. Sharing a love of academic rigor, Jeff and Amber developed intimacy through their intellectual connection. They forged a loving connection that subsequently developed into a physical connection. Jeff had dated in high school and college, but Amber was the most stunning woman he had ever dated. She was one of those girls whom he had assumed was out of his reach, but he had felt emboldened to pursue her by their long philosophical discussions and debates.

Amber found Jeff to be unlike any other man she had dated. She had suffered from the perception that she had too high standards. Men tended to avoid her--at least, the kind of men that women wanted to settle down with. She had had her share of vain selfish pretty boys, and Jeff was a welcome change from that type. Jeff was caring and supportive and intelligent. From the beginning Amber felt that he was a bit too cerebral, but she was confident that her vivacity and playfulness would teach Jeff how to be more out-going and spontaneous. Certainly she figured that she could get him to loosen up in the sex department. She understood that he wasn't as experienced as she was, and his 5" cock was a change of pace from some of her earlier boyfriends, but she was willing to alter her sex life for a while to encourage his sexual development.

Jeff reached the door to Robert Wilson's office, and hands sweaty, he pushed open the door and trudged in. Before he could say a word to the Carrie, Mr. Wilson's receptionist, she coldly looked at him and said, "He's waiting for you." Well, her manner did nothing to put Jeff at ease, and with a sense of trepidation, he stared at the windows, which looked into the office. The blinds were drawn. Apparently this was to be a private meeting. Head sinking into a droop, Jeff moved into the office. Robert Wilson did not get up from his desk to greet Jeff. He simply looked at Jeff and nodded towards a pair of chairs, simply saying "Jeff" as a greeting. Even sitting down Robert Wilson intimidated Jeff. Robert was a large bald black man in his early 30s. He stood about 6'4", kept his body fit and muscular, dressed in expensive Italian suits, and maintained a demeanor, which commanded respect. He was the assistant principal in charge of curriculum, and as part of his duties he sat in on Jeff's classes and evaluated his performances.

Jeff sat down across the desk from Robert, and just as he was about to take some initiative and ask about the meeting, the door opened and Amber walked in. She had just come from the gym and was freshly showered. She wore a simple short cotton skirt, and her white camisole accentuated her full chest. She gave Jeff a questioning look as she bent down to kiss her husband hello. "Amber, good of you to come" said Robert as he stood to greet her. "You look radiant, as always. It's been a while since we've seen each other."

"I think it was the Christmas staff party" replied Amber as she gave Robert a quick friendly hug, her normal greeting for friends. "And hey, you're looking pretty good yourself. Last time we spoke you were juggling a number of girlfriends. Has any one of them made you an honest man?" Amber spoke with a natural ease and radiance, which Jeff always felt to be a bit on the flirtatious side.

Robert laughed shortly. "They wouldn't want me if I was an honest man. Please, sit. We have a serious matter to discuss."

"Nothing is wrong, I hope" Amber said worriedly as she sat. She leaned forward as she sat, and Jeff noticed that her position allowed Robert a nice view of her deep cleavage. "Well, yes. Something is wrong." At this, Robert turned to Jeff, and his tone changed abruptly. "Jeff, Zoë Valentine filled out a sexual harassment report on you today, and the claim is serious, disturbing, and potentially very damaging to you." Amber's sharp intake of breath registered briefly in Jeff's mind as he sat in shock. Zoë Valentine. He should have known. "Fuck" and "Busted" whispered in his brain as his mind quickly ran through his memory of her.

Zoë had been in Jeff's 9th grade class, and she had been an obnoxious little shit from the first day. A scrawny kid with braces, she had possessed a loud mouth that spewed forth nothing but confrontation, put-downs and vulgarity. Jeff had fallen into the trap of challenging her in front of the class, and eventually he set her up for embarrassment in front of people. He never passed up an opportunity to tell her that she was wrong, out-of-line, or under achieving. He aptly demonstrated his mental superiority over her, and at the time he gloated over his tiny little victories. Though she could have justified earning a B+ by the end of the year, he gave her a B-, justifying it to himself based on the grief she had caused him.

Zoë was now enrolled in Jeff's senior class, and the Zoë that had know certainly had changed...physically. Her auburn hair was styled in a mod flapper's bob, and her braces had resulted in a beautiful smile. She had grown quite tall--over 5'8", and her long slender body was accentuated by beautiful hips and a very full bustline. Zoë was a knockout, and Jeff had gravitated towards her from the first day. He sat her in the front row, and he never passed up an opportunity to steal a glance down her shirt. He chatted with her when she was working on class work, trying to earn at least a sparkle from her eyes or a friendly chuckle. She rebuffed his attempts at friendliness, which drove Jeff even harder. Her previous snottiness was replaced with a cold confidence, and she peered over the crowd like a queen searching out a single pearl in the crowd.

Last week, Jeff had "accidentally" bumped into Zoë as the class was departing, and he had pressed himself for an instant into the side of one of her glorious tits. He couldn't help himself--her cockiness drove him wild. Such assurance coupled with the developing 18-year old body and 18 year-old sensibility made his libido throb. Upon the contact, Zoë had frozen and stared him down with contempt. Jeff had mumbled a weak apology, citing his clumsiness, then fled to the teacher's lounge. She had not been in class since.

Jeff's reflection was interrupted by Amber clearing her throat expectantly. He looked over at his wife, and she glared at him with a cocked head. Jeff opened his mouth but no words came out, and his eyes conveyed nothing to Amber but a plea. Amber narrowed her eyes and her upper lip curled in disgust. "I'm waiting for you to deny these charges, Jeff" she spat out. "I'm waiting for you to thunder at your boss that you'd never abuse your position, break the clear laws in existence, or pick a high school brat to focus your sexual energy on instead of your wife." Jeff's heart raced as he babbled out fragmented words: "Amber...you don't...I can't, couldn't...I mean..." Jeff turned to face Robert, hoping for some sort of sympathy, but Robert stared down Jeff with an iron expression.

Amber stood. "I've had enough of this." She fumbled with her purse, then threw it down angrily. "I keep myself fit for myself and for you, Jeff, and I wait nightly for you to notice me and want to be with me. You spend more time in front of the t.v. than you do with my body. I'm too young and have too much energy to be alone in a marriage, Jeff. How dare you embarrass me like this. How dare you spit upon the sacrifices I've made to be in this marriage. I'm...I'm at a loss..." Amber, flushed and livid, paced back and forth before the desk.

Robert rose and moved over to her and gently led her by the arm back to her chair. "Amber sit, please, and listen to me. I'm sorry I included you in this matter, but I felt that you should be here for Jeff when he found out. Please, I have more to tell you both, including a possible solution." Amber angrily wiped a tear from her cheek as she nodded in assent. Robert sat on the edge of his desk and turned sternly to Jeff. "First, Jeff, it's going to get worse. I took the action of checking your classroom computer. Your saved records and cookies add to this shitpile you've created for yourself."

"Oh my god" sighed Amber. "What did you fucking do?"

"Apparently your husband figured out that he could bypass our website screening program by searching for keywords in Spanish. He left behind traces from websites that advertise to have the youngest girls allowed by law. This alone is an offence for which he can be fired."

Jeff opened his mouth to protest. He'd never done such a thing. He didn't even know any Spanish. Robert cut him off with one finger. "Jeff, now is the time to listen, not to whine. I'm the only person Zoë has told, and I'm the only one who has accessed your computer records. You are facing the prospect a criminal record, loss of employment, and having to register in your community as a sexual offender." At this, Robert passed Amber the file folder with the accumulated evidence--Zoë's written complaint and printouts from his classroom computer with cookies attached to his login. Amber slowly shook her head with a fierce glare in her eyes as she read the material. Furiously, she started smacking Jeff with the file, cursing him as she did so. "Fuck you fuck you fuck you!" she screamed. "You fucking asshole! I've been patient for you, waiting for you, nurturing you, and you turn your goddamn limp libido on a high schooler!? Fuck you!"

Robert moved to intervene as Jeff simply shrank away from his wife, unable to bring himself to make eye contact with her. Robert whispered to Amber and calmed her down, then turned a baleful glare on Jeff.

"Jeff, This is the most serious shit you have ever gotten yourself into, and you don't look like the type to have a high-powered lawyer on retainer. Let's face it--the union will want to distance themselves from you as quickly as possible. However, there is a gleam of hope for you." Jeff's body shook and he locked his eyes onto his boss. Jeff's mind reeled at the humiliation and possible danger to his physical safety of being a registered sex offender. He would lose his wife--if he hadn't already-- his job, his friends, his freedom, and maybe even his family. With the mention of a possible solution, Jeff sucked in his breath and waited for the explanation. Robert resumed his position on the edge of the desk and spoke slowly to Jeff. "Zoë and I have spoken at length recently. That's why she hasn't been in your class. She has agreed to rip up the report…on one condition. She feels humiliated by you, and she wants you to experience an equal dose of humiliation, plus a little extra for having violated some very basic principles."

Amber's stare shot from her slumping husband to Robert. "What exactly are you talking about" she asked slowly. "How could she forgive him so easily?" Jeff's vision swam as Robert reached behind his desk and produced a digital camera. "I didn't say that she'd forgive him, just that she'd consider the score settled. Zoë has a poetic sense of justice. As Jeff's crime was sexual perversion, so will his punishment be. Amber, you will take pictures of Jeff, your husband, on his knees sucking my cock until I cum all over his face." Jeff and Amber froze in unison. Then Amber chuckled, a bitter laugh snickered through lips sneered in disgust. "Well, Jeff, what do you say?" Jeff formed a sentence, finally. "No fucking way. No." He felt sickened by his behavior, but he was not going to sink as low as he could imagine. He had no options in mind, but this was not an option. Amber, however, was not as absolute.

"Listen, Jeff. I WILL NOT have it come out that you chose a high school bimbo over me. You will suck Robert's cock, and then I'll decide what to do about our marriage."

"Amber, I'm not going to give him a blowjob" Jeff replied firmly. Amber started to reply, but Robert stood up and stopped her. "Actually, I hoped that he'd say no. Zoë and I figured it was a 50/50 chance, so Zoë suggested a contingency punishment. If you won't suck my dick, Jeff, then Amber can." Again, both couples froze. Robert tolerated no hesitancy. "Which will it be Jeff? You or your wife?" Jeff looked over at Amber, who already was staring at him, waiting for his response.

"Come on Jeff," pushed Robert. "Do you really want to be a registered sex offender. Do you really want to have that known about you in the outside chance you do jail time?"

Jeff sucked in breath and tried to formulated a cogent sentence, but all that came out to his wife was a hoarse "please"

Amber's eyes widened and she sneered down at him.

"Let me get this straight, dear." She spat the word "dear" at him. "You rubbed up against a student, downloaded porn at school, and now you want me to suck your boss' dick to get you off the hook? Is that correct?" Jeff managed only a look of shock and a slight shoulder shrug. Amber leaned over to Jeff.

"Fine, I'll do it. I'll do it because I've been short-changed by you for all these years. I've thought it was me, that I wasn't sexy enough or dynamic enough for you. Now I know."

Amber stood and posed before Jeff and Robert, her hand lightly playing with her tits. "I couldn't understand why you didn't want a piece of this body every night. I now see that you've been devoting yourself to your students, those young girls who make mooney eyes at you because they don't know any better...yet. I bet that lets you keep that ego of yours intact. Well, I'm through trying to help you shore up your ego. It's time for me, now. I'm going to indulge myself, and right now I want what you haven't been able to give me--a nice, thick, hard dick."

Amber now pointedly pulled upon her nipples, making them stand out against the already taut fabric. "Don't worry, honey, this isn't exactly new territory." She looked at Robert and laughed. "You know, dear, Robert tried to get me on my knees at the last boring school social function—the Christmas party, as I recall. I always abstained, laughed it off, and returned to your side, as I recall."

Amber moved and stood right in front of Jeff, who gaped opened mouth, and she slid to her knees in front of her husband. She rubbed her tits up and down his leg and moaned slightly, her eyes half-lidded. "Robert told me that his cock is over 11 inches and as wide as my wrist. I got sooo wet when he told me that, but I returned to you and your small cock. But since you want me to, I'll suck his big fat black cock for you...I'll suck it and lick it until he cums all over my pretty mouth and lips, just for you sweetheart."

Amber swung her shoulders around and put her hands on the floor and crawled the few feet over to Robert, who had gotten off of the desk and now stood tall and proud before the beautiful young woman. Amber rubbed his pants leg and felt his growing shaft, and upon contact a noise between a purr and a growl emanated from her. A look of intent lust crossing his face, Robert gave a short command: "Reach in and fish that big dick out." Amber knelt up and unzipped his pants. She reached in and gasped. "My GOD" she murmured. " You weren't lying, were you?" As she worked to get his long shaft through the layer of boxers, she turned to Jeff, who hadn't moved in minutes.

"Jeff, hon, I think that your ego is in trouble. This is a monster cock." With a grunt, Amber finally pulled out Robert's cock, and the sight made Jeff's eyes bulge. It was about 8 inches semi-hard, and it was obscenely growing before his eyes. Robert, his demeanor quite altered, began to take his pants off and spoke down at Amber: "Get that top off. Show me those big tits that you parade around." Amber let go off his cock and slowly pulled off her top, freeing her glorious big firm tits. Robert stripped from head to toe, revealing a cut muscular body. His cock had grown to most of its length, over 11 inches, but it still had its width to stretch out to. Amber's watering mouth would take care of that.

Amber ran her tongue wetly over his cockhead, tickling the exposed crown as she stroked his shaft to fullness. She giggled as she was amazed at the heft of his huge dick, and her tongue snaked around his dick, coating it with a sheen of saliva. "Suck my dick now, you hot little bitch" growled Robert as he thrust his cock forward. Amber opened her mouth as wide as possible and sucked in his fat wide cockhead as she reached up and wrapped her hand around his cock as much as possible. She moaned and gagged at the same time as his broad head filled her mouth. Robert reached around and held the back of her head in place for a moment, keeping 4 or 5 inches of his thick cock deep in Amber's throat. With his cock filling her mouth, he demanded that she look up at him. Robert held the digital camera and framed Amber's swollen cheeks and watering eyes in the viewfinder.

"Are you catching this Meagor?" he chuckled. "Your wife's pretty eyes are looking right in the camera. Shit, her mouth is totally distended!" Robert tossed the camera to Jeff. "Film this, or Zoe's deal if off." His throat knotted, Jeff fumbled with the camera, figuring out how to work it. As he focused it and began to record, Robert released Amber's head and eased his cock back. As the head slipped past her lips, Amber heaved for breath as a thick strand of gooey saliva drooled out of her mouth. Panting, she stared at the giant dick bobbing before her eyes. She licked out with her tongue and ran it along Robert's broad cockhead. Amber slathered the pink head lavishly, tonguing his pee slit and tickling the underside of the sensitive head. She turned her eyes up to Robert and said coyly, "Do you really want me to suck your cock?"

"Babe, you know you want my cock just as badly as I want your mouth. Get your mouth working."

Amber looked over at Jeff and smiled with a closed mouth. Jeff could see her cheeks sucking in and out and her lips quivering. She winked at him meanly, then turned back to the thick dick in her hand and spat loudly onto it. Amber stroked her spit onto the shaft before opening wide and bobbing her head down as far as she could on Robert's cock. Robert moaned at her depth and began a gentle thrusting as Amber moved her face back and forth, suctioning the thick black cock with her dripping mouth. One hand kept up a twisting jack-off motion on his thick wet black shaft, her dainty fingers unable to fully close around the 9-inch width of his impressive cock. Amber's other's hand massaged Robert's swelling balls, fondling and tugging on the large plum-shaped testes. Drool squished out of the sides of her mouth as she forced more and more of the giant cock into her mouth, thrusting her face on and off and on and off and her bouncing big firm tits became wet with her own drool. Occasionally she'd pull her face off his dick and gasp for breath. Robert took these opportunities to cock-slap her tongue and lips.

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