Amber's Dark Secret Ch. 01


Meanwhile, Andrew continued his forceful thrusts from behind Amber. He felt like a locomotive at times, barreling down into her deep hole. Some moments he would pause for a minute and Amber thought it was over only to have him jam it back up inside her. When she would cry out in pain, he would slide two fingers into her ass, tormenting her tiny body. As much as she tried to deny it, the pain was worth it. It made her aroused and want more.

Andrew pulled out of her pussy and slapped his hard cock on her ass. Then he reached between her legs and slid three fingers into her pussy as he penetrated her virgin asshole. He wasn't easy with it either. As she tightened up, he forced deeper inside of her. He pulled all the way out and slammed it all the way back in for what seemed like hours, all while Amber continued to suck off Sam. She could taste Sam's cum. It was unusually salty. She wasn't looking forward to taking a large load of his man juices down her throat but she new better that to argue. She licked and sucked furiously in the hopes that he would just blow his load and be done with it. But Sam had incredible stamina.

Just when Amber thought she couldn't take a moment more of the double pounding she has been receiving, they both pulled out. Amber's poor body fell to the floor and hovered in the fetal position. She was crying and screaming from all the pain. She had gone through so much but never had an orgasm herself. But the nightmare was not over, not by any means. Andrew grabbed Amber by the back of her hair and pulled her to her feet. Sam pointed to the wall and Andrew shoved Amber towards it. They each grabbed an arm and restrained Amber's hands inside the metal cuffs. Then they each subdued her legs at the bottom. She was completely helpless there tied to the wall.

Sam moved towards her and began to spread her pussy lips. He quickly found her clit and began to rub it between two fingers. Andrew had walked to the desk and picked up the hardest whip he could find and returned to Sam's side. Sam took a hold of the whip, took three steps back, and whipped Amber's breasts. They turned blood red with every stroke. When her tits had been punished enough he moved lower to her stomach and then her thighs, each time turning them an awful shade of red. Amber shrieked in agony, finally letting her face fall to her chest. When Sam felt she had been tortured enough, he instructed Andrew to release Amber and lay her back on the bed.

Andrew did as he was told. He released Amber's arms and legs and guided her to the bed. Once at the bed, Andrew tossed her ravaged body to the mattress, face down. Without instruction from Sam, Andrew spread Amber's ass cheeks and slowly licked her asshole. His tongue was pierced and the cold metal ball felt unusual as his tongue darted in and out of her ass. She arched her ass towards his face with every lick he made. She started to reach between her legs and play with her clit when Sam climbed up on the bed, grabbed her hands and held them down in front of her palms down. With his tongue still buried deep in her ass, Andrew reached around Amber's waist and he quickly penetrated her pussy with 3 fingers.

"Ohhh, God!" Amber exclaimed.

She couldn't help but feel aroused and she began to hump his fingers, ass jerking back and forth on his tongue. Sam leaned Amber up and slid his body underneath hers. Andrew pulled his fingers out of her ass making room for Sam's cock to enter her puckered pussy hole. Sam slid his cock into Amber as her body lay on top of his. He made circular motions inside of her trying to loosen her up before he rammed himself deep inside her. Andrew removed his tongue from her asshole. Sam used all his strength to pull himself and Amber back towards the middle of the bed while continuing to fuck her senseless. Once in the middle, Andrew climbed on as well. He vigorously stroked his cock, taking a moment to spit on his hand to lube it up. When he was fully erect and lubed up, he edged towards Amber's ass and shoved all eight inches deep in her asshole. As one man thrust into her pussy, the other was exiting. It was like a see-saw of hot, nasty sex. Their rhythms were perfect. At one point they were penetrating her at the same time and she could feel both cocks rubbing in that small area of this flesh between her ass and her pussy. She had never been double penetrated before. It was painful at times but very arousing as well.

"Sweet Jesus!" she cried out. "I'm gonna cum!"

"That's right bitch, cum all over my cock!" Sam demanded.

With just a few more strokes, Amber's cunt squirted her sticky, sweet juices all down Sam's cock and over his balls. Sam pulled out while Andrew continued to fuck her asshole, becoming even more forceful with each movement. Andrew pulled Amber's body back towards the edge of the bed so Sam could lay there. Sam draped his body over the end of the bed, cock pointing north. Andrew then shoved Amber back towards Sam and shoved her face back on his cock.

"Suck it!" Andrew ordered her.

Amber's mouth opened wide and swallowed all of Sam's cock. She bounced her head up and down taking the time to savor every drop of her own cum. When she reached the bottom of the shaft her tongue licked the cum that had been dripping down his balls. She carefully sucked one of his nuts into her mouth, massaging it. Then she let that one fall out and took in the other, repeating this motion. She then eagerly continued with her blowjob.

"Yeah, bitch. Suck it!" Sam screamed at her. "I'm gonna blow my fat fucking load in your mouth and you're gonna swallow it you fucking whore!"

Amber yanked her head off his cock. She didn't want his load blown in her mouth. His pre-cum was already salty and she didn't want a whole load of it sliding down her throat. Before she could argue with him he grabbed her face and shoved his cock to the back of her throat. She began to gag and struggle for breath. Sam pulled back a little to let her breathe but once she had enough air, he was back to ramming himself down her throat. Her lips wrapped tightly around his cock. That was just enough pressure to make Sam lose control of himself. His hot cum struck the back of her throat with a great deal of force. Amber tried to pull her head back again but Sam forced her to stay where she was, gagging her again with his cock. His cum slid down her throat. His cock remained inside her mouth, throbbing and dripping more and more cum on the back of her tongue. When he had finally stopped throbbing, he pulled out and sat up. He covered her mouth with his hand forcing her to swallow what he had just deposited.

"Sam," Andrew called out. "I'm gonna blow. Where do you want it?"

Andrew pulled his cock out and stroked it waiting on directions from Sam. Sam came around the bed, shoved Amber back to her stomach and spread her ass cheeks wide open for Andrew.

"In there," Sam pointed. "Shoot it in her ass."

Andrew stroked faster as he placed the tip of his cock right against Amber's asshole. The first shot landed on the small of her back. The next shots tickled her asshole. Andrew rubbed the head of his cock in his own juices covering the head. Sam kept Amber's asshole spread while Andrew pulled her face up from the bed and forcing her to lick him clean.

Sam then sucked the cum out of Amber's ass and made her watch as he swallowed it down. Amber lay motionless on the bed, every muscle in her body sore from the beating she had taken. She fought to keep her eyes open but she simply couldn't do it. Her eyes fluttered shut as the two men walked towards the door. Andrew and Sam walked out the door, pulling it closed behind them. The last thing Amber heard was the locking of the door. She was trapped, at least for now.

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