tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmber's Initiation

Amber's Initiation


Recently having entered college, Amber was ready to get into a sorority. She really wanted to start her social life strong at college.

Amber did her research on one in particular. It sounded like a fun group to be in, it was pretty well known. Yet she also found another reason why so many people have heard of them.

Apparently for people looking to join, they have to go through pretty embarrassing initiations. All the candidates are put into a crazy stripping game of some kind. There are stories of girls being awfully embarrassed. Things like having their underwear exposed, or having to moon people, and even stuff in public! A lot the details were vague though.

Amber wasn't sure at first. She was pretty shy in high school. She really didn't want to expose herself. At the same time though, she did want to join. "What's the worst that could happen? Some of the other girls see me in my underwear? I have a few silly tasks to do?" she thought to herself.

So on the big day, Amber was there amongst the other dozen or so girls who were looking to earn a spot in the sorority.

After some small talk, and the girls introducing themselves to each other, it was time for the games to begin.

The sorority head stood in front of all the candidates. She got everyone quiet and began to explain, "Our games are infamous. They are known to humiliate and scare many girls away from our sorority. Some though can handle it and become one of us. This year, we will test your resolve by playing..." She paused, and as she did the other sorority sisters carried folding chairs out to the room. "Musical chairs," she finished.

Of course the idea alone caused the candidates to all whisper in confusion, asking each other what could be so bad about that.

"As you play though, rather than having it so there is one too few chairs, and someone is knocked out, we will instead have it so there are enough chairs for all of you. However each chair will have a sort of 'prize' associated with it each round. Once all rounds are done, what you win is what you will be wearing for the challenges later on. You will change into your new outfit that you will wear for the rest of the initiation."

"The challenges will also be decided by this game. Some rounds, there will be no clothing, but instead envelopes that will contain special challenges that you will need to complete. These will have a large range from entertaining us sorority sisters, to exposing yourself further, or even some really humiliating tasks."

The candidates were now starting to seem really worried. All had heard the rumors, but this was sounding a bit worse. Amber wasn't quite as confident as before, but she had a nasty habit of not giving up too soon. She figured she'd at least wait to hear the rest.

"Some of the clothing rounds will also have challenge envelopes. A chair with a good piece of cover could quite possibly also contain a nasty challenge letter. There will be chairs that have no clothing or very little clothing. You might end up in a round where you merely get a pair of gloves. There will of course be a race for some chairs, and as much as you're free to run about, try not to shove anyone, or you will be penalized by either losing a chance to sit, or in general being kicked out of the running to join."

"This is your last chance to ditch out now. If you quit during the game at any point, you will not be allowed to reattempt joining next year. By starting the game you also forfeit the right to your clothing, and if you leave before the game is done, you leave with nothing. We will take your clothes, and we will take the clothes that you had won playing. If you are not ready for this, then you can go out the door."

Amber thought about it. As much as it sounded like things could end up bad, she would surely be able to dress herself properly. Maybe it would be a little embarrassing, but it couldn't be bad. If things did take a turn for the worst though, it would mean being stuck naked, but surely nothing in this game could be that bad.

So Amber stayed in the game, along with another eleven girls. A couple of girls did leave; apparently just not ready to take the risk. Mary felt her odds maybe at least got better because of it.

And so the chairs were arranged, music was set, and the rules were re-explained, and everyone took their places.

The chairs alternated which way they were facing. There was six facing one way, six facing the other way. Envelopes and clothing were to be put on the back of the chairs, so you could not see very well what you were going to get. This would leave a choice for players to take a random chair and hope it's something good, or to see the back of a chair that has something good and risk circling around to get it.

Amber took a breath as the girls were seated on chairs and blind folded. The set up was to be done so none of the girls could get a peek at what was being put on each chair.

When the music started to play, and the girls were told to take their blindfolds off and begin, they all stood and began to circle around the line of chairs.

Amber instantly took note that a lot of pieces of clothing really weren't much! She passed up what looked to be a pretty small shirt that would be very tight on any of the girls there! The pair of panties she walked by were hardly more than a triangle with a few strings attached. She took note of a pair of sandals at one, which wouldn't even really hide anything at all! Most of the other chairs weren't any better than these. Not to mention that there were actually two chairs with nothing at all on them!

When the music stopped, Amber quickly rushed about. She had remembered the chair she stopped by had nothing, so she hoped to get to another one. Yet unluckily for her, some girls had decided to just sit where they stopped, so quickly she was running out of places to get. In her panic she couldn't even remember what was on any of the other spots. Before long she was left trying to dash to an open chair at the far end.

Amber only just barely made it, beating out another girl. They'd been the last two, and Amber knew that sadly she'd be left with the seat with nothing. Amber was feeling bad, but then she looked at the back of her seat. She had ended up with the seat with nothing else also!

Amber knew she was off to a bad start. It was a 1/6 chance to end up with nothing, and she knew the other stuff wasn't very useful yet, but she could have at least started off good!

She then thought about quitting. Amber was realizing now just how bad this could get. What if every round she got nothing? Yet at the same time she remembered the punishment for quitting. By starting the game, she had forfeited the clothes she was wearing. She could try to make a run for it, but would she manage to be able to? She didn't really want to be stripped by all the other girls, who knows how they would punish her for trying to run off too!

Amber wasn't about to quit though. Surely there'd be plenty of rounds, and she'd just have to do better. The girls who won stuff were allowed to bring them to their piles. The blindfolds were being put back on, and again Amber calmed herself enough to be ready for the next round.

When the blindfolds were removed, and they began their walk, Amber noticed the clothing was a bit better. Some modest pairs of underwear and even a regular pair of pants. There were however seats with nothing again, this time 3!

Amber did her best to remember the seats. When the music stopped, she rushed to the seat that had the shirt.

Sadly as she began to head there, someone already sat on it. The girl was lucky enough to have had been there when the music stopped. It seemed almost all the girls who didn't just pick a seat immediately headed for it.

Amber couldn't give up though; she had to quickly get to a seat. She remembered the ones with nothing, and was fortunate enough to be near one she remembered had something.

She just barely made it to her seat, the girl about to sit there groaning, being one of the few left without a seat yet.

Amber quickly looked behind her. Taped to the back of her chair was a pair of purple panties. They seemed modest enough, but Amber hoped she'd at least get some pants or a skirt at some point.

Amber was given a chance to put her panties in her designated pile at the side, and all the girls gathered back at the chairs, ready for the next round.

The girls stood and started to walk as soon as the music played. Yet Amber only walked about two chair lengths before the music suddenly stopped!

It was a mad scramble. Some girls just sat down out of panic, while Amber and some other looked around desperately. They hadn't a single chance to even examine more than a chair or two.

Amber's eyes narrowed in on what looked to be a pair of shorts. No one was at the chair, and the other girls seemed lost. She took this chance to dash around to the other side and race for the chair.

Unluckily for her, one of the girls on that side had actually been watching Amber. So as soon as Amber made it around the corner, this girl sat right in the chair Amber had planned on.

Amber's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe that her chair was stolen from her like that! She looked left and right, but she didn't remember what was associated with any of the empty chairs on that side.

Before she could even consider something, she was left as the last girl standing in no time. The other girls either taking their chances or just taking any seat they could get.

Amber was left to the last seat, and without any surprise to her it had nothing taped to the back. Amber was three rounds in, and only had a pair of panties to show for it! If the game were to end she'd be left completely topless!

Amber was shaking. Everyone found a seat and were all blindfolded once more.

As they sat, hearing the sorority girls go around taping stuff to chairs, they were told that the next round would be nothing but challenge envelopes.

The girls had their blindfolds removed, and they stood as the music appeared.

Confused groans spread across the girls as they passed by the chairs. The envelopes weren't all the same. Some envelopes were blue, some green, and even one red. Not to mention that a chair or two actually had multiple envelopes.

In the very least Amber was happy to see every chair did have a challenge. For all she knew though there were good prizes related to the green envelopes. Which were the bad ones? One of the chairs with two envelopes had blue ones, "Are blue easy so that's why there are two?" Amber wondered.

When the music stopped, most of the girls just sat at whatever chair, deciding it would be better to just let fate decide. Amber was a bit more hesitant. She was near one of the chairs with two challenges, a green and a blue she recalled. Instead she raced towards the end towards another seat. Amber couldn't remember what color it was, but she knew it was singular.

Just barely making it, she sighed in relief. She turned around and grabbed her envelope. She was shocked to see it was the red one. Was red a warning sign it was tough, or was it a special prize perhaps? Amber had no way of knowing, and couldn't even open it. It joined the pile with the panties she won and the girls began to prepare for another round.

The next round was similar to the others. Amber's hesitation ended up landing her in a seat with just a pair of sandals. They did nothing to hide her body, and she was panicking now.

Amber didn't even know how many rounds there were. Looking at the other girls' piles, she saw that some had what looked to be actual modest outfits! Some girls looked to be in as much trouble as her at least. Did the games this year just become tougher? The rumors of the games never made it sound this bad.

The next round was for challenges again. The set up was similar, but this time more red envelopes. Amber figured that she'd go for a non-red envelope. It would guarantee she'd get something tough possibly, but it would be better than getting two red and finding out that they are extra tough.

So Amber was quick to race to a chair that had a green envelope. She felt good about getting something she wanted, even if she didn't know what it was.

So when the next round came up, Amber thought that maybe a quick decision or two was what she needed to do. So when the music shut off, Amber sat right away in the seat she was near, only remembering that it had something at least.

When she turned around and took it, she was shocked to find a really silky teddy. It didn't look long, and it felt as light as a feather, but Amber at least was happy to get something more to wear, even if she was only up to lingerie.

When the next round began, Amber decided to try the same strategy. She was so concentrated on sitting quickly that when the music stopped early again, having only gone half way down the line, she still sat right away.

This turned out to be a mistake for poor Amber. When she turned around she was horrified to see that the only thing on the back of her chair was another challenge!

Amber was shaken up. A teddy, a pair of panties, and sandals is all she had. The girls then announced it would be the last round!

Amber was determined to get something good. Yet when the blindfolds were removed and they began their walk, Amber was horrified to see that the remaining seats were nothing but challenges. Every seat had what seemed to be 3 too! Not a single bit of clothing was on any of the chairs. This last round seemed to last forever. Amber couldn't believe her rotten luck. She'd be left in just a teddy, panties and sandals, and even stuck in 6 different challenges!


Amber's Initiation By Jappio

Part 2

This was awful for Amber. She'd not have a bit of decent clothing on at all. Amber's final walk was nothing but dread. A number of the other girls seemed to be in the same situation, realizing they had no more chances.

Only a bit of hope remained when Amber sat in a chair as the music ended. Perhaps the challenges did sometimes yield a prize? Maybe she'd get a big fuzzy coat or long dress! It didn't seem likely, but she had to hold onto some hope.

Amber took her envelopes from the back of her chair, she didn't care what set she got, there was no telling which would be tougher. She found three new envelopes, one of each of the three colors, and added them to her pile.

The sorority sisters congratulated all the girls on the game. Although a few were smiling, most were blushing and looking to the ground. They explained that they'd give the girls a room they could use to change, and that they'd then all meet back in the main room to give out the challenges.

The envelopes were gathered from the girls, and their names were written on them. Amber took note that she had two blue, two green, and two red envelopes. She was at least happy to see some girls' piles had more envelopes, probably came with some of their clothing.

Amber was allowed to take her clothes and a bag. She was instructed that her regular clothes would be put in the bag, all of them! She'd then put on her new outfit and regroup with everyone.

Amber was given the bathroom, and she immediately closed and locked the door and took a seat on the toilet. She held her 'outfit' in her hands and looked at it. This was the type of thing a girl would wear to bed, not around at a party or something! She even realized that she could possibly end up outside in it if past stories were true.

Amber wasn't about to get out of the situation though. She knew the punishment would be to be made to go home naked. A day in this embarrassing outfit would be bad, but streaking campus was not an option!

So Amber took a breath and stood up. She instinctually looked around as she grabbed hold the bottom of her tank top. With one last sigh she lifted it up and off her body. She set it on the side of the sink as she looked in the mirror. She couldn't believe that she didn't even get a regular piece of clothing like a shirt or something!

Not wanting to waste too much time, afraid that more punishments could be waiting, Amber started to undo her bra. When it was loose, she let it slide off her shoulders and took it off. Even in the private room she hugged her arms over her chest. Even alone Amber was starting to feel like eyes were on her.

Amber grabbed the purple teddy and quickly pulled it over her head and into place.

When Amber looked in the mirror she almost gasped out loud. She knew the material looked light and a bit faded, but she was still surprised how much it showed.

The shoulder straps were not much more than spaghetti strings, and the top of the material was fairly low on her chest, showing off even some of her modest cleavage. What really shocked her though was how see-through it was! She could easily make out her belly button, where her hips were, and even details of her jeans.

At the top, the material clung enough to her that the shape of her modest breast could be made out. Amber was also shocked to see that you could just barely make out the darkened color of her areola through it!

It was definitely better than being topless, but not by a whole lot. It really only applied a purple tint. She also couldn't help but notice it wasn't long. She began to lower her pants and noticed that the material at best only covered her down to her upper thighs. She couldn't help but guess that her panties probably showed under the hem when she was bending over to get her pants off too. She nervously chuckled though, it honestly didn't matter how short it was. Down there the teddy was transparent enough to easily make out the white panties she had on.

Amber kicked the pants off and got her shoes and socks off too. Even losing them made her feel more exposed. She was bare from the thighs down now.

Amber picked up the panties she was to wear. Honestly they weren't too bad, but they still seemed more embarrassing than the ones she had on, maybe because the purple was a tad too showy for her typical taste. Rather than just regular underwear, it was like they were meant to be on show.

She heard a knock on the door, and a call to hurry up. She shakily grabbed hold of the panties she was wearing, getting her hands under the small teddy to grab hold the waistband. She again tried to calm herself. "You got yourself into this Amber; there is no backing out now. Just do it and get it over with," She thought to herself. She hated how stubborn she could be, today was one of the days she should have just given up sooner, now it was too late.

Amber slid her panties down her legs. Amber glanced in the mirror just long enough to see that the teddy even made it clear how she trimmed her pubic hair, a neat triangle.

Amber didn't waste a single moment to pull her new panties up her legs. As she situated them, she noticed they were a smaller pair than her others, and they clung to her in what she admitted was probably a pretty naughty way. She had to run a finger in the leg holes in back to make sure it wasn't riding up between her cheeks too much.

She had one last look in the mirror. Her breasts were nearly bare and her panties were on show through her short teddy. She stepped into the sandals, which hardly did much to hide anything, and she was 'dressed'.

Amber slowly opened the door and looked around. She saw one girl walk by, one of the lucky ones to have a full outfit, and hid back in the bathroom, not confident to just walk out the way she was dressed.

Yet her peek out into the hall didn't go unnoticed. "You there, get out here, we have to get the festivities started!" called one of the sorority girls nearby. She walked over and tried to pull the door open.

Amber wasn't about to try and hide and get in trouble, but she still brought an arm up to cover her breast and a hand in front of the exposed purple panties. "Easy for you to say, you're not half naked," Amber moaned as the door was open. Her face went red as she watched this sorority girl look her up and down. The girl even smiled as her eyes took in every bit and piece they could.

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