tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmbridge Affairs Ch. 7

Ambridge Affairs Ch. 7

byquinn rogan©

Alistair Lloyd sank into the passenger seat and sighed contentedly as his wife, Shula, slid the car smoothly into gear. Her strapless evening gown showed off her well-shaped shoulders, and the tops of her creamy breasts, and Alastair's cock twitched in anticipation of easing it downwards once they had reached the privacy of their bedroom.

They had only been married a little over two years - the second try for both of them - and Alistair was continually amazed, and delighted, by the passion his normally reserved wife revealed, once the bedroom door was closed. Her previous husband, Mark, had died in a car crash, leaving Shula pregnant with Daniel, their only child, and Alistair had the distinct impression that their sex life had been pretty uneventful and that Shula was determined to enjoy that side of marriage to the full, from now on.

Alistair had been the lucky beneficiary of that resolution, and he wasn't complaining! They had spent the evening having dinner with Shula's younger sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Nigel, and Alistair had to admit that an evening with Elizabeth was definitely calculated to make a man remember what his cock was for.

His sister-in-law's dress had been much more low-cut than his wife's, and she was very generous about bending forward and allowing her guests a long glimpse of her small, but firm tits. Three times, that evening, Alistair had observed a cute pink nipple, and his cock stiffened, again, at the memory. Elizabeth wasn't shy, either, about bodily contact, and Alistair was certain that the way she had slid her hips against his crotch when passing in front of him at the dining-room door had not been accidental.

He didn't think Nigel would be much good to his sexy wife, in the bedroom department. A 'spoiled little rich boy', he was nothing more than a good-natured idiot, in Alistair's estimation, although amusing company. But it was difficult to imagine him slipping the slim, sexy Elizabeth a decent length - hard to see him make her pant with ecstasy and desire. Maybe, one of these days, Alistair might get to know his young sister-in-law a little better ......

Which reminded him ......

"What were you and Elizabeth talking about in the hall, as we left?" he enquired. "Why did she call you 'spoilsport'?"

Shula glanced over at him, quickly, before returning her eyes to the road. Her eyes had betrayed a startled, curious expression.

"Oh, nothing," she mumbled. "It was just one of her silly suggestions." Alistair noticed her fingers whitening as they tightened on the steering-wheel, and his curiosity was piqued. He also sensed an unusual tension in his wife, and he had a feeling it was sexual ......

"What about?" he persisted. "Was it about us driving home?"

It had been suggested, earlier, that they stay overnight with their hosts, so that they could both enjoy, fully, the excellent wines from Nigel's cellar, but Shula had insisted that they return home, and had limited her intake accordingly.

"Yes," snapped Shula, clearly uncomfortable and irritated. "It was just Elizabeth being silly. She had far too much to drink tonight."

Shula was nine years older than Elizabeth, and was inclined to overplay the 'big sister' role, sometimes, Alistair thought. But, clearly, Elizabeth had caught her 'on the raw' tonight.

"Look at her in that dress," Shula suddenly burst out. "And don't tell me you didn't notice, Alistair - I know you better than that! She was practically inviting you in there with her!"

Alistair hadn't realised it had been so obvious to his wife, and was a little taken aback, but he recovered quickly.

"Why would I want to get in there with her, when I'm coming home with you?" he said, smoothly, his hand drifting over to rest on his wife's thigh. Her hand slid down to cover his, and she slid it upwards, nearer her crotch. This was what he loved about her - she could turn so quickly from a respectable, butter wouldn't melt, country lady into - well, something much more earthy. He felt a lot of the credit for that, though, belonged to him.

He pushed his fingers against the join of her thighs, and Shula let out an anticipatory "Mmmmmm."

"Won't be long, now," she said, softly, her hand pulling his deeper between her legs. Alistair imagined her thick-lipped pussy lubricating inside her black thong panties and pressed his middle finger against her crack.

"Steady," she murmured. "You don't want me to go off the road, do you?"

His cock was rigid, now, and he slid his finger up and down the front of her dress.

"You don't fancy Elizabeth's little breasts, anyway, do you?" Shula went on.

"No, I much prefer your big, luscious ones," asserted Alistair, his mind, nevertheless, dwelling on the remembered sight of his sister-in-law's firm pink-nippled breasts. He wouldn't mind getting one of those hard nipples between his teeth, and feeling what lay between those slim, long thighs ......

"Well, that's all right, then," said Shula, dreamily, "because Nigel's little prick wouldn't do anything for me, any more, either."

Alistair's eyes widened - it wasn't like his rather prim wife to use a word like that - even in the bedroom, let alone in the car. Anyway, what did she mean?

The car slowed, and stopped. Shula switched off the engine and turned to him. Her mouth was hot and eager, her tongue pushing into his mouth. He placed his hand gently on the curve of her right breast, and squeezed. She moaned, slightly, and pulled her mouth away. Alistair's heart was pounding - he had never seen Shula so - eager.

"Let's get inside," she said, opening her door. Alistair hurried out of the car and followed her to the empty house. He was glad Daniel was with his grandparents - no babysitter to pay off, and get home. As soon as they were inside, he could ......

Shula entered first and Alistair paused to lock up behind him. When he turned, Shula's fingers were unzipping the back of her dress. She pulled it down to her waist, then flipped the front forward.

Alistair licked his lips as her large naked breasts tumbled forward. Her thick brown nipples were already erect, but she cupped her hands round her tits and flicked them with her thumbs. He recognised the look on her face - it was an expression which she never showed at any other time. It was almost sly - an admission that here was her true nature - the slut, showing off her tits to an admiring audience, turning herself on by sensing the lustful reaction, revelling in it.

He stepped forward, putting his arms round her, dropping his head to take her engorged nipple into his mouth, biting it, lightly, with his teeth. His hands slid down her back to fondle her jutting bottom. Taking a cheek in each hand, he pulled them apart, squeezing each of them, digging his fingers into the firm flesh.

But her little sister was still on his mind. He tried to imagine what he would feel if he had Elizabeth's tight little bum in his hands, at that moment, and his cock told him he would like to know.

Suddenly, a thought flashed again, unbidden, into his mind.

"Any more?" he said. "What did you mean - any more?"

Shula stiffened, then slowly exhaled against his hair. He slowly lifted his head from her breast and looked at her. Her expression was still wanton - but wary. He slid one hand from her bottom, to cup her breast, his thumb rasping across the still taut tip of her nipple.

"I meant," she said, hesitantly, breathily - "Nigel's penis - his cock - it wouldn't do, for me, any more."

"You mean - it did - once?" Alistair asked, his mind struggling to take in the significance of the comment. He knew Shula and Nigel had 'gone out' for a while, but, surely ......

"Well - yes," replied Shula. "You knew that he and I - went out - for a time - long before Elizabeth."

"Yes," Alistair stammered. "But I didn't think that ......" The words wouldn't come, and Shula looked at him in disbelief.

"What did you think, Alistair? Did you think we just - held hands - and kissed a little? Did you think that Mark was my first - man?"

"Well - no," Alistair said. "But - Nigel? You mean - you and he ......?"

"Yes - of course," replied Shula.

"So Nigel has ......?" Alistair struggled, again, for words, as he took in the reality that the idiot Nigel had had these lovely tits in his hands - had seen Shula - his Shula - naked - had actually fucked her - had inserted his cock into her wet, warm cunt ......

"Yes, Alistair," Shula said, gently. "Of course he's - had me. But, it was a long time ago - I thought you knew, and understood."

Alistair's mind was reeling. How could he have been so stupid? He knew that Shula and Nigel had been an 'item' for about a year - but Shula seemed so straight-laced, and Nigel was such a wimp ......

He thought back to the dinner table tonight - it seemed so odd - Nigel having fucked both the women there and everyone knowing that - presumably, Elizabeth knew - except him! He just couldn't come to terms with the fact that, when Nigel looked at his - Alistair's - wife, he knew as well as Alistair did what lay beneath the long flowing dress - her soft warm tits, her peach-shaped bottom, her thick dark pubic bush, her long, full-lipped vagina.

But the biggest question Alistair was asking himself was - why did a thrill of excitement run through him every time he thought of Shula, naked, legs spread, gasping, panting, as Nigel repeatedly fucked her?

His hand closed round her breast and, as he visualised Nigel's hand doing the same, a charge ran through him, and he squeezed it, hard. Shula gasped, and her hand pushed down between them and clasped his erection. She couldn't remember him being so hard and, following an instinct, she whispered - "I just assumed you would know that Nigel's fucked me. He's played with my tits, and kissed them. He's seen me naked. He's fingered my pussy. He's even tongued me, down there - and I've had his cock in my mouth."

"Jesus!" exclaimed Alastair, and Shula wondered if she'd gone too far, but his thick cock was still rigid in her hand.

"But you're bigger than little Nigel, darling," she whispered. "You've spoilt me for the little guys. Let's go upstairs and you can show me how much better you are ......"

They undressed, hurriedly, and clutched each other as they snuggled under the duvet. Instinctively, Alistair made for the core of her luscious body, her thighs parting, slightly, to allow his fingers to slide along the sensitive lips of her damp pussy. She closed her own fingers round his massively erect penis.

"The shock hasn't put you off, then," she breathed. Following her instincts again, she went on, feeling her husband's cock carefully. "You don't mind the thought of Nigel playing with my tits, then?"

She felt the sudden jump of his cock, and an answering surge flooded her thighs. Alistair moaned, and Shula, gaining confidence, carried on.

"He loved my tits, you know - he used to play with them for hours. I think it was because he went to a boys' school, and didn't have a lot to do with girls. I bet mine were the first decent pair of tits he came across. Not that I was much better, despite being brought up on a farm - knew all about horses but pretty ignorant about people ......"

"Was he - the first?" muttered Alistair, hoarsely, trying desperately to keep himself from coming, as Shula's fingers gently ran up and down his straining shaft. He couldn't believe his own excitement.

He had always taken his respectable wife at face value - she seemed as strait-laced as her parents - regular churchgoer - lay reader - supporter of good causes - active in village affairs. Her enthusiasm for the physical side of married life had been, up to now, just that - a wholehearted appetite for frequent and energetic fucking. Alistair, for whom imagination had always played a large part in sex, had had to fantasise on his own, occasionally imagining himself plunged deep in some other woman while Shula writhed energetically, impaled on his plunging cock.

But now - this wasn't even fantasy - this was the recounting of fact, and the dawning realisation on Alistair that the thought of his wife in the arms of another man was more erotic, by far, than himself fucking some other woman.

"Oh, no," came Shula's reply. "No," she repeated, thoughtfully. "But I - I'm not sure if ......"

For the first time for a while, a note of hesitation came into her voice. At first, she had been almost amused to find that Alistair had not surmised that Nigel and she had had sex - and then she was intensely aroused by the effect of the revelation on her husband. But what would he think, once the excitement wore off - would jealousy kick in, and life become difficult ......?

"Tell me about it, Shula." Alistair's voice was strained, almost with a note of desperation. "Please," he added. "I won't - think less of you, afterwards. I've a few secrets, myself, on that score - I haven't been a saint, either."

Shula thought about a long-ago night. She had a shrewd idea that Alistair would find it intensely arousing - and, well, she had been something of an innocent party - especially if she told it carefully, with the right emphasis.

Alistair's hand was now cradling her breast, rolling her nipple between her fingers. His hand was just lying along her pussy-lips, gently stroking, and Shula's passion had reduced a little in intensity, to be replaced by a 'slow burn' of banking desires. As she thought about 'that' night, she felt the old excitement, mixed with fear, well up in her again. Her lips dried a little, and she moistened them with her tongue.

"All right," she whispered. "But no-one else knows about this - you mustn't speak about it, you understand? And it wasn't exactly - my first time, but it was a very significant experience."

Alistair nodded, feeling his balls tighten in anticipation. He was no longer on the point of coming, although his cock, sheathed in Shula's soft hand, was still very hard ......

"My parents were very protective of me," she started, "where sex was concerned. When I was at school, I was hardly ever allowed out in the evenings - at any rate, 'out', in the sense of going to Borchester to go out with boys. That was a little ironic, considering that one of the main risks was right under their noses. Once I started to develop, my twin brother, Kenton, was always trying to touch me, or catch me undressed."

"He used to like having 'wrestling matches' with me, especially when we were alone in the house and, at first, it didn't dawn on me that he was touching my breasts a lot, but then, one day, he had me on the carpet, on my back, and he put his hand down and deliberately squeezed my breast, then tried to put my hand on his - his penis. I went mad, and threatened to tell mum and dad, and he left me alone after that - although, I often felt him watching me, and had to be very careful about changing, and having baths."

"Anyway, one New Year, there was a party at Brookfields - our house - and I was allowed to stay up for it. Everyone was there and - well, I think there were so many people that it all got out of mum and dad's control. Kenton and I managed to have a few drinks - mainly vodka - and, by the time midnight came, I was - well, probably drunk, for the first time in my life."

"Of course, at midnight, everybody kissed each other. Most of the time, it was the usual 'peck', but some of the men did more than that - to me. I felt very daring, and excited by it all - especially with some of the older men - the married ones. I knew they really shouldn't be kissing me like that, and I shouldn't be kissing them back, but - well, it seemed that nobody minded."

"What were they doing?" muttered Alistair, imagining his wife as she must have been, then, young and innocent, but with all her burgeoning female attributes.

"Oh, it wasn't so special - it was just that it was new to me, then. Some of the kisses were full-lipped, and went on for quite a long time, and some of them pushed their tongues into my mouth. And their bodies were pressed against me. My breasts were pressed against their shirts, and sometimes I felt a hand reach down and feel my bottom. I could see quite a few married women being kissed that way, as well, by other men - it was as if the rules had been sort of suspended."

"I even saw one or two women with a man's hand on their breast, squeezing it, as they were kissing, and a lot of the men who kissed me had erections, which I could feel, pressing into me. Then they began dancing, and there was a lot of noise, and laughter, and the lights were turned down."

"I could see people dancing together who weren't married - to each other, I mean -and some of them were dancing very close together, hardly moving, sometimes. I was standing, watching, and feeling quite excited as I imagined their bodies pressed close ...... Anyway, then I suddenly felt like trying to get another drink, and I went into the kitchen."

"My aunt Jennifer was there, with Roger Travers-Macy - my cousin Debbie's father. They were still married, but separated, at the time, and I had had no idea he was at the party. Jennifer was already seeing Brian Aldridge, who she's married to, now, and I couldn't believe it - they were kissing, and Uncle Roger's hand was right up the back of her dress. Her dress was pulled up, and his hand was inside her panties, feeling her bare bottom."

"I panicked, and turned back into the corridor. Then, suddenly, the vodka must have caught with me, and I began to feel very dizzy. I leant against the wall, then Roger appeared at the kitchen door, with Jennifer behind him."

"'It's Shula, isn't it?' he said. 'I haven't wished you a Happy New Year, yet.' And he came forward and took me in his arms, and kissed me. I immediately felt his erection pushing against me. His mouth was open, and his tongue slipped between my lips - then his hand cupped my bottom and pulled me hard against him. I looked over his shoulder, and Jennifer was smiling, watching his hand caress my bottom!"

"And then the dizziness hit me again, and I staggered, and would have fallen, if Roger hadn't been holding me up. Jennifer stepped forward and looked at me. 'I think you've been drinking, my girl,' she said, in that plummy voice of hers. 'Time for bed, I think.' I tried to argue, but my legs were all wobbly, and I felt tired. So I let the two of them take me upstairs, and showed them where my room was. They took me inside, and sat me on the bed. Then Jennifer swung my legs up so that I was lying on top of the bed."

"As she was bending over me, Roger leaned forward and cupped his hands round her breasts, and Jennifer giggled. That was when I realised that she was at least as drunk as I was. I watched Roger feeling her breasts, only inches away from my face. Jennifer stopped giggling, and her eyes closed. She started moving, and I realised she was rotating her bum into Roger's crotch. The room had stopped spinning, and I began to feel myself reacting. It was as if I wasn't there, as far as they were concerned."

"Then one of Roger's hands slid down between Jennifer's legs. I could see his fingers digging into her pussy, and she was letting out a series of little gasps. He pulled her upright, and lifted her dress at the front. She was wearing stockings, and brief white panties. I'll always remember how his fingers splayed out over the front of her panties, the middle one sliding in between the junction of her thighs. She squealed, and called 'Roger!' then I saw his finger slide in the leg of her panties, and disappear inside her."

"Then I saw him looking down at me. His eyes travelled up and down my body. I felt as if he could see me naked. I remembered how his penis had felt against me and, without realising what I was doing, I put my hand down to press my - my pubic area. I tried to make it look as if I was covering myself, but I think Roger realised what I was feeling."

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