Ambush One


They walked out of the movie theater, an art-house type place in his neighborhood, onto the chilled night time streets of the city. The air was crisp and still, with no real wind, and the effect was of near silence. It was unusual for any city to be so quiet, much less this city. There were no car alarms, sirens, barking dogs, or car horns. It was weird, and Turner said so.

Jessica agreed.

"Let's walk around for a while," he suggested. "It's too strange to pass up, you know?"

"Sure," she said. "Sure."

They were going to back to his apartment and fuck, he knew. She would completely go for it.

Dark haired, pale, and cute, Jessica was a genuine sweetheart. He didn't love her or anything, but she was good company and easy to get along with. She also liked to hop into bed, or for that matter hop wherever. He liked her. A little on the skinny side, with small, pointed breasts and narrow hips, she wasn't a womanly figure. More like a girl. But she was fun, both to be around and to fuck. He was looking forward to heading back for a romp and roll, but right now, he knew it was a sure thing, so it didn't really matter if they walked around for a while.

Turner looked at her for a second, glancing at the light blue coat she claimed was her favorite, an old ratty thing she'd gotten from her grandmother's stuff when the lady died. It made Jessica look almost elderly, and she had a strange thing about wearing head wraps and covers that made her look like the Ukrainian ladies in the old neighborhood. Tonight she was wearing a pure white kerchief on her head, and it made her look like an old-time nurse or something. He shook his head and smiled, baffled by her habits, but it didn't matter.

She reached out for his hand, and held it for a second, but it seemed awkward, so she disengaged and swung her arms, ambling, and turned around a few times to walk backward in front of him. She was smiling.

"How'd you like the movie?" he asked.

She shrugged. "It was okay."

It had been an import, Spanish, and loaded with nudity and sex. It wasn't the kind of movie you took a first date to, but for Jessica it was fine. He laughed. "Yeah, it was just okay."

She twirled in front of him, then grabbed his sleeve and yanked him along. "Come on," she said.

Half stumbling on the sidewalk, they moved along in a sprawling, knockabout way, shuffling their feet and fooling around. Turner caught a gleam of something in his vision, and glanced over into a silver car parked along the main street. There was some nasty looking guy in the passenger seat, and he shot Turner a threatening eyeball. The guy had a cruel, brutal look, and Turner felt a short hit of adrenalin, but Jessica took his arm again and dragged him off.

Turner thought to himself, "What is it with people?"

At the next corner Jessica turned him onto a dimly lit side street, off the main drag, and if possible even quieter than the rest of the city. He looked around a little. His place wasn't in the greatest area, and there was a lot of gang shit. This night there was nobody around at all, not even the domino players, not even the usual smallish groups of young punks hanging. Just like he used to. He thought about saying something, about risk, but decided not to. "The odds are decent enough," he thought.

She dragged him down the sidewalk, swiveling her head from side to side, looking for something. He was about to ask what, when she pulled him into a dark doorway.

They stood, silent, for a second, and then she turned up her face and kissed him. He gave it right back, and they did that for a while, until he started feeling ready to head home and get it on. It was only a few more blocks. He was about to suggest they get going when she unzipped his pants and reached for his cock.

Turner couldn't help looking around, but there was nobody around at all. Jessica got her small hand in his trousers and stroked his cock gently, feeling the base and flicking the head with her thumb. When he was hard, which didn't take long, she pulled him completely out, guarding him from the air by wrapping her hand around the shaft. She put her free hand on her mouth and coated her palm with saliva.

When she lowered her hand he had to rear back and breath hard.

Jessica kept the one hand sliding gently on his shaft while rolling and caressing the super sensitive tip with the other. It felt fantastic. She looked up at him, smiling slightly, watching his face and silently laughing as she stroked him off.

"You like that?" she whispered.

She was amazing and his cock spasmed, just that fast. "Oh yeah," he said. "Yeah."

He raised his hands and framed her face, drawing her mouth to his. She nibbled at his lower lip, then kissed him back for real. Keeping that up, enjoying her, he unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her coat and reached in to cup her breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra. She rarely did; her boobs were too small to really need it, and tonight she was wearing a simple T-shirt. As soon as his hands touched her, her nipples got hard and poked through the fabric. He flicked them gently, and she pushed her tongue into his, playing. Her hand felt like magic on his cock, and he felt overloaded, overwhelmed. His knees were getting weak.

She reloaded her palm and kept at it, and he had to, had to, close his eyes. Rocking back and forth to pump his cock in her hand he concentrated on the moment, feeling his orgasm building and wanting to fill her waiting hands with his come. She'd sucked him several times, but this was something special. Unique.

He sucked in air through his nose and let himself go, knowing he'd come any second. He heard her giggle quietly. She was getting off on it, a hand job in a doorway of a dark city.

"Dirty little girl," he thought.

He was just about to come, it was right there, and he felt it starting. Jessica giggled and reached up to kiss him again.

A black sedan turned onto the side street, speeding. It passed them, then shuddered to a stop at the next intersection, and three men bailed out, scattering. Turner saw pale lettering on the shoulders of the jackets the men wore, and realized, "Cops." One of them ran towards them, one arm pumping, the other strangely motionless. As he got closer Turner saw the still hand was attached to a small machine gun.

He was about to step further into the doorway, out of the way, when the cop swung the gun straight up and at him and flicked on a flashlight, spotlighting the two of them. They all froze for several seconds. The cop huffed, an almost resigned, exasperated noise, then clicked off the light and savagely whispered at them.

"Get the fuck out of here! Get off the fucking street!" He physically slapped Turner on the shoulder and shoved him down the sidewalk. "What the fuck's wrong with you? Put your fucking dick away and get the fuck out of here! Take your girl and get the fuck out of here!" The cop tipped slightly and ran down the street into the dark.

Turner frantically shoved his cock back into his pants and zipped up, then reached for Jessica and grabbed her arm. She looked up at him, an expression of total confusion and shock on her face, then moved her feet and followed him. They ran.

They ran for a block, turned a corner, then slowed and stopped. They stood, breathing heavily, on the dark sidewalk. Turner heard Jessica gasping, then making an odd sound. He moved closer to her, worried, but saw she was laughing. She put her arms around him and shoved.

"Holy shit! That was crazy!" she exclaimed. "Holy shit!" She laughed out loud, a high pitched but excited sound, not scared at all. "Holy shit!"

She was totally getting off on the excitement, and Turner had to laugh himself. She glanced around, grabbed his arm, and yanked him across the empty street to another dark doorway.

"Come on," she whispered. "COME ON!"

When they reached the second doorway she slapped her fine hand on his crotch and whispered in his ear, "Let's finish what we started." She lifted her face, put her palm to her mouth, and got ready.

Turner unzipped again and Jessica reached down.

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