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America's Favorite Sport


Based on a real incident from my youth.

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Questionably over the years, arguments have arisen, polls conducted, wagers made, all over one question, "What is 'America's Favorite Sport'?" Take your pick, was it Baseball, Soccer, Football or some other sport that you've only heard of through history books?

Well, I found the definitive answer back in 1955 during my first year at college in Indiana. My brother, Cy, and I had both won baseball scholarships and we came early in the summer to join training and hopefully play part of the baseball season. We did get to play a few innings that summer under the coach's critical eye and we suffered all of the pains of pre-season football practice.

In the summer not many students were around other than those on sports scholarships, so we were able to find a nice off-campus apartment We were also extremely fortunate to find a team member with a car, the ever essential need of horny young men. Honas joined us as our third roommate. We were going to tear up the field this fall.

The varsity players rumored that everyone who suited up got layed after the opening football game. And we were all for that! It was only two days before our first game when Honas groaned his lament; his parents were coming to watch his first game of the year. They did. They chatted. They took us to dinner. They also ruined our expectations for Friday night. After the game they wouldn't hear of anything but taking us all out to snack and chat some more. They wanted to get to know their son's roommates.

The next day, Saturday, we found the campus almost dead. Since we had won the game, I figured everyone must still be partied out. I suggested that we try in town this evening; we might still get lucky. Both roomies agreed, so we went back to the apartment until early evening.

That evening, as we got in the car, Cy asked Honas to run by the Greyhound station so he could pick up a bus schedule. It was only seven o'clock when we pulled into the terminal. We all went inside. Cy went to talk to the agent, Honas and I checked for girls in the waiting room. Almost immediately, I became transfixed on a raven-haired woman gazing straight back at me. Without breaking her gaze, she rose, walked over to.

"You look like three nice young men', she said. "I've missed my connection and will be stranded here in the station overnight. If you can give me a place to sleep tonight, I promise you that you will hit all the bases tonight."

My trance broke. My hand flew to her and I blurted out, "Yes, yes, we can. We have our own apartment. We'd be glad to give you a bed." I was rambling, but she was a beauty, a full head shorter than the three of us and curvy, yet trim like an athlete. What if she did look older than my mother?

Cy joined us and I did the introductions, "This is Honas and my brother Cy. I'm Ty. We're all in college here on baseball scholarships. We're very happy to meet you." Was that another stupid statement from my lips?

"I'm Lillith", she said. "And, tonight, we're going to be even happier. I like big tall men. I especially like big tall twins. Now, if someone will carry my suitcase, let's go find that bed."

I picked up her suitcase. She grabbed the arms of Honas and Cy. Walking out of the station, I heard Honas say, "Dibs on first." I thought to myself, "That settles the lineup. I'm five minutes younger than Cy and at 6'2, was an inch shorter than him. I got the 'three hole' and would be expected to keep the inning alive. I put the suitcase in the car truck and got in the back seat with Cy. It only took five minutes to get back to the apartment.

Once inside, Lillith took over just like a mother. She said, "Show me the bedroom and the bath. Everyone takes a bath first, with me if there's enough room."

I put the bag in Cy's and my room with the two beds. When I walked into the bathroom, the three of them were already in the shower soaping each other all over. Lillith was stroking their bats and humming. I stripped, step in and started to take practice swings with my bat. After a couple of hits on her ass, I pulled her back against me and reached around to grasp both of her tits. Honas thought it was his chance to make it to home base, but Lillith pushed him back saying, "Don't hurry. This is going to be an all night game. Let's rinse off and find that bed."

Honas lifted her in his arms and walked in putting her down on my bed. It seemed like one continuous movement as he swung between her legs to sink his full length into her. He started slamming into her, keeping rhythm with her groans and mouthing of "It feels wonderful. Faster. Oh, yes, harder."

The leadoff man finished by slamming his full length into her and shuttering. Lillith's reaction was to say, "Next batter up." Cy step into the box and Lillith's pussy seemed to try to swallow him before he even touched her. In a couple of minutes, she began to shutter and quake, heaving her hips up off the bed. Cy ploughed deep into her then and held still filling her with his first home run of the night, her second.

When Cy pulled out, Lillith turned over on her hands and knees. She just said, "Batter up, Ty." I stepped behind her and quickly slid into her hot, wet tunnel. I pushed every inch in. She said, "Oh, you're the deepest yet. Keep slamming that long cock into me. Pound me fast. Please don't stop."

She kept moaning and muttering as I pounded full length in and out. She was shivering. Her pussy was squeezing the live out of my cock. It was when she went silent that I lost it when I looked up and saw Honas with half his cock in her mouth that I. I blew the biggest load that I had ever had into her depths.

Cy stepped into my place, changing the batting order, and not diminishing her pleasure one whit. I don't know how long we went at it evening. Between her sucking, changing positions and our watching her being fucked, all of us seemed to be perpetually hard.

We did her cowgirl, sidesaddle, double ended and even one time she had two batters in the box. She was riding Cy in a reverse cowgirl position when I stepped in for a blowjob. Instead, she lay back on his chest and pulled my cock between her legs, guiding it to her pussy and slipping the head in along side of Cy. Her cunt just swallowed us both.

Honas finally ended the night. He had pulled his softball bat out and was standing waiting for his turn. Now most men brag or exaggerate about the size of their dicks, but ball bats are made to regulation size. Most ball players know that bats are selected for their compatibility to the player. Honas used the near maximum size.

Softball bats are design with a barrel for hitting the ball. Honas' bat was designed with a 2.75-inch diameter and a 14.5-inch length. The barrel's large size makes it easier to find the 'sweet spot' getting the best hit.

After I finished, Honas stepped in and placed the tip of the bat to Lillith's pussy. It slid in easily and started her groans loader than anything we had heard that night. Needless to say, she found the sweet spot. She went crazy, threshing around in orgasm all over the bed. After several minutes, she lay still, passed out and panting. Her body was smeared all over with cum.

The night was over. We got warm washcloths and towels. Cleaned her off and lifted her over to Cy's bed. As I pulled the soaked sheets off of my bed, Honas went to his room and Cy covered Lillith and slip into bed beside her. I turned the lights out and snuggled in beside Lillith with Cy pressed into her backside. I was the last to fall asleep.

I awoke in the morning from her movements. She was tussling with Cy and trying to get out of bed. She nearly cried, "We can't do that this morning. I'm too sore. And, besides I have to shower before catching my bus."

She got out of bed and walked naked into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and wondered if my morning 'woody' might change her mind. I got up and walked across my room. As I stepped through the doorway, I saw Honas standing there fully erect. He was thinking the same thing I was. Just then, the shower cut off.

A few seconds later she emerged from the bathroom still drying herself with a towel. She looked at us and said, "Sorry fellows. Last night was great and I'll always remember you as my favorite team. But, now you have to get me to the bus station. Maybe I can come back sometime for another evening game."

She walked on into my bedroom, opened her suitcase and proceeded to get dressed in some fresh clothes. Honas was the only one who had gotten dressed and when she was ready they walked to the door. She turned to Cy and me, gave us each a deep kiss and said, "Until our next game."

As the door closed, Cy asked, "Do you believe she'll ever come back?"

"I don't know Cy" I responded. And grinning to myself, I thought, "I do know, with profound knowledge, that 'America's Favorite Sport' was and will always be – SEX!"

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