tagNon-EroticAmerica's Playboy Ch. 05

America's Playboy Ch. 05


"You only have to give the guy an estimate on the work that he needs, so that he knows you're legit and so that you can get him to trust you. Once you get in his good graces, you shmooze him a little bit and get me the information. Then our business is done and your debt is repaid. Capice?" He looked at Anthony. "Do you have a business card?"

"A business card? Yeah, I have a business card with a gothic inspired entrance way on it," he said reaching in his back pocket. "Hey, that fuckin' hurts," said Anthony when Vito grabbed and twisted his arm around behind his back.

"Don't worry, Vito. He's clean," said Angelo. "I frisked him back at the club before we started walking."

"Oh, sorry, Anthony," said Vito fluffing down his shirt. "I react sometimes before I think. It's instinctive. I didn't know what you were reaching for back there," said Vito. "Some guys keep a .22 in their back pocket."

"It's just my wallet," he said pulling out his wallet and showing Vito. He pulled out his business card and handed it to Julio.

"That's nice, perfect. This business card is class." He handed his business card to Mario. "Look at his business card. That's class. This will get him in the front door. Huh?"

"Yeah, Boss. That's a beautiful business card. It looks official."

"I figure by you being in the house, it will serve two purposes. Since you are there to give him an estimate on what it will cost him to fix his mansion, this guy will give you his trust. People always bond with their sub-contractor."

"It's just like the unions, Boss. We're all bruthas."

"Yeah, yeah, bruthas so long as they pay us. So anyways, by being in the house, you can also snoop around to get the information that I need."

"Sure, sure, absolutely, I can do that. I'm a licensed house inspector on the side, too. I'll crawl through every crawlspace to get whatever it is you need. Only what information do you need, Mr. Russo?"

"That's wonderful, Tony. I'm glad you can do me this favor. Anyways, it seems that, we'll call him Mr. HH. Mr. HH is in need of some small repairs but only wants to hire an expert in the industry and someone who specializes in the very special type of house that he owns. Only his house is in Los Angeles, California. My associates will give you the address."

"California? Gees, I don't know Mr. Russo. Ever since 9/11 I hate flying," he said ducking and missing a slap from Mario.

"Don't worry, Tony, the trip will do you good. Besides, you're a good looking guy. You can catch some rays and maybe hookup with a movie star while you're there. Work and play is always the best formula for success. Too much of one or the other will either get you dead by takin' a heart attack or put you in jail."

In the way that Julio looked at Anthony, he knew that declining his offer to go to California wasn't an option. He only hoped he could ask his boss at work for a week off next month maybe or the month after that. Definitely, he could go for a week in the summer when he took his vacation, but California in the summer was unbearably hot.

"Sure, okay, I'll go Mr. Russo. I just have to clear it with my boss. Maybe, I can go in a couple of months when—"

"That's wonderful Tony. Your cooperation in this matter makes me very happy." He turned to look at his boys. "See, there's nothin; like takin' a nice stroll through the neighborhood while havin' a nice conversation." He looked at Tony. "I'm glad we had this little talk."

Mario, Angelo, and Vito patted Anthony on the back.

"You're a standup guy. We like it when someone says or does something to make the Boss happy," said Vito.

"Anyways, figurin' that I could find someone to get the information that I needed, I reached out to some friends of mine in California askin' them to setup an appointment with this guy. Then, when I asked around the neighborhood for someone who is experienced in that kind of house your name came up. It pays to have friends," he said giving Anthony a broad smile. "Then, coincidentally, when my boys here told me that you owed me some dough and couldn't even make good on the vig, then I put two and two together and here we are havin' this nice conversation while takin' this beautiful little stroll through the neighborhood. What do you know? Ain't we havin' a nice conversation?" Julio turned to look back at his associates and they all shared a laugh. "Ain't this a nice stroll?"

"Yeah, this is a swell conversation, Mr. Russo," said Anthony a bit nervous with what was the come. "And this is a nice stroll. What do you know?"

"So, I've arranged for you to leave in the morning—"

"In the morning? But, Mr. Russo, I can't. I have a job that— Ow! What the fuck! Stop slapping me in the head. That really fucking hurts," said Anthony turning around and not knowing who or why someone whacked him now.

"If the Boss tells you to jump, your only question is how high," said Mario. "Capice? You're lucky I don't do more than just slap you in the head. You're lucky I don't pistol whip you with my fuckin' gun. Only, I need to spare your pretty face, so that Mr. HH will welcome you in his home and give you his trust."

"Yeah, you should be on your knees kissing the boss's feet for giving you this opportunity. Ordinarily when a guy doesn't pay what he owes, we don't give him much of a chance to have a nice conversation like we've having now," said Angelo. "And we never take him for a nice stroll, unless it is his last one."

"C'mon fellas, you're gonna give the poor kid brain damage if you keep hittin' him in the back of the head like that," said Julio. "Tony has already agreed to go," he said looking at Anthony while squeezing his shoulder with his fat hand. "Right Tony?"

"Yeah, yeah, I said I'd go, Mr. Russo."

"Good, that's good Tony. Your mutha would be proud of you," said Russo tucking a first class roundtrip ticket in his shirt pocket. "He's some spendin' money," he said pulling out a folded wad of cash. "That's five grand" he said handing it to Anthony.

"Thank you, Mr. Russo."

"That should be enough. Go buy yourself a nice suit, get a haircut, buy some matching luggage, and use the rest for your expenses, hotel accommodations and meals. Things like that. I want you to look good. I want you to look like you're an expert. I need for you to act the part. I need for this guy, HH, to like you so that he'll take you in his confidence. Capice?"

"Sure, okay, Mr. Russo."

"I hear he's much like me, in that regard, a people person. Only, this guy is much the ladies man, like me, too, in that regard, if I say so myself" he said sharing another laugh with his boys while doing his vulgar motion again with his hands in front of his hips and humping the air. "And this guy knows how to live. Wait until you see his house. Mamma Mia, I've seen pictures of it and it's beautiful from the inside out." He looked at his boys and then looked back at Tony. "And wait until you see the broads. You're eyes are gonna pop out of your head. Only, stay focused on what you have to do and the information that you need to get me. Capice?"

"Okay," said Anthony accepting the wad of hundred dollar bills. "So, what do you want me to find out once I'm there and in his house?"

"It's simple," he said turning to look at his boys. Mario, Angelo, and Vito laughed their appreciation of Anthony's situation and of what Julio was about to ask of him. "Alls I need you to do is to find out what's his secret with the ladies."

"What? Seriously? What's his secret with the ladies? But, how am I supposed to find that out? That's really personal information to find out from a stranger, especially when I'm there on the pretense of repairing his house. How the Hell am I going to do that?"

"Pretense? What're you college educated?" He turned to his associates. "Listen to how this guy talks. I like that and HH will like that, too." He looked back at Tony, "Pretense, I like that word. What's it mean?"

"It's a claim made or implied, but usually not supported by fact," said Anthony fearful or receiving another slap by explaining something to Boss Russo, but he did ask him.

"Listen, let me tell you somethin' about guys. No matta how old, all guys like to talk about broads. When it comes to kissin' and tellin', guys are worse then women in that regard. Guys love to brag about the women they banged and how they banged them. Guys even keep little black books of all the names of all the women they ever banged. Maybe, HH keeps a black book, too. Maybe everythin' you need to know is in HH's black book," said Julio.

"Boss," said Mario. "Today with the computer, he probably keeps it all on his hard drive."

"How am I supposed to find his black book? How am I supposed to get in his computer? How am I going to get him to tell me about how he gets so many women?"

"Maybe, you have a couple of drinks with this guy and maybe he starts talkin' or maybe you talk with some of the broads that he's banged. Maybe you even tell him that you're havin' problems gettin' a broad and ask for his help. Maybe, he'll give you a couple of pointers and then the conversation continues from there. Maybe, you ask him to use his computer to write up some notes. Whatever? Capice?"

"Gees, I don't know, Mr. Russo. I was nervous before about flying out to California, now, I'm really nervous after finding out what I have to do."

"Tony, Tony, Tony, don't be nervous. Listen to me. There are always broads roamin' around his house. Maybe you can start a dialogue with some of them. He lives with three of them. Maybe you can have some drinks with them and get them to talk about HH. All you have to do is to watch and listen. See how HH interacts with his broads. That's a good way to discover his secret with women without him even knowin' that is why you are there."

"Okay, I can do that."

"Whatever method you use to get me my information is your problem. I don't care how you approach this guy to find out the information that I need, but I'm countin' on you to get it. You know what I mean," said Julio lookin' down at the gun that protruded from his open jacket. "I don't like being disappointed. Disappointment makes me very sad...and angry."

"Yeah, sure, Mr. Russo, I got it. You want me to find out how this guy has been so lucky with the ladies but, Mr. Russo—"

"No buts Tony. Just be at Logan Airport tomorrow mornin'. Rocco will pick you up at your house at 5:30 in the morning to make sure you get to the airport on time. Capice?"


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To be continued...

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