tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAmitabh Bachchan has Aishwarya Rai

Amitabh Bachchan has Aishwarya Rai


Late into the night, the clock struck two as a Bentley silently pulled into the driveway of Jalsa, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's residence at Juhu. A tall figure dressed all in black slowly stepped out and entered the dimly-lit bungalow, which was devoid of all staff except for 3 trusted aides.

He didn't ring the doorbell. He didn't need to. The door opened as he approached, only to reveal the slim, anatomically perfect figure of Aishwarya Rai clad in nothing but a thin, black lingerie & heels.

"Papa!" she yelled, as she rushed into his arms. "Where have you been? What took you so long?"

She demurely looked up into the eyes of the great film star Amitabh Bachchan, and sunk her lips into his. She found his tongue and began to contently suck on it. This was all she had ever wanted ever since she was 6 years old, and now she was his woman.

"Where's Abhishek?" he looked down at the pretty little piece of ass who was inching her leg into his crotch as she sucked on his tongue

"I've sent the little pussy out to a nightclub. He'll probably be back home in the morning with his mouth & ass full of cum" she giggled.

Amitabh sighed. In the lust for fame and power, he had fundamentally castrated his son the latter had grown to up to become a sissy boy. But what was done was done. He grabbed the most beautiful woman in the world by her hair & dragged her upstairs to her bedroom. He usually stayed in Prateeksha, so He didn't have a bedroom in Jalsa. He just stayed in Aishwarya's bedroom whenever he came here.

He threw her on the bed and began to rip off her lingerie. She sat up & quickly began to undress him as she felt him pinching her nipples. She whimpered as she dutifully took him into her mouth, and he pushed his throbbing member inside..

Amitabh looked down at the most beautiful woman on earth, naked and giving him head. I am the master of my empire and it is unto me to produce a worthy heir to the throne, he thought to himself. He had plans to impregnate this Manglorean bitch ever since he had met her & he knew getting her married to Abhishek was the only way he could achieve his goal.

His dick hard now, she pulled away from his crotch & looked up into his eyes.

"Take me, Papa! Abishek has been eating me out while you were away for 3 days, but now I need your cock inside me! Make me your slut, Daddy. Use me, own me, impregnate me! I'm yours!"

The tall patriarchal god looked at his daughter-in-law: the goddess of love for millions of hearts across the globe. The look of wanton lust in her eyes proved she was truly his. He spread her legs & fell upon her with an alpha-male roar that echoed through the corridors of the bungalow.

She was dripping wet as he mounted her and slipped his snake into her cunt and bit her nipples. "Fuck me Daddy, use my body for your pleasure!" he looked up from her boobs and grabbed her throat. She knew what he wanted. She wrapped her legs around his waist began to milk his cock as it mercilessly thrust into her hungry snatch. He increased his tempo and suddenly stiffened. She braced herself as he bucked & shot a gallon of cum into her fertile womb. Mission accomplished, she smiled to herself as he slumped beside her. She was now the crown jewel of Amitabh Bachchan's fabled harem & soon she would give him an heir which would permanently secure her position in his empire.

He got up, dressed & left without saying a word. She looked at the bedside clock. It was 4:55 a.m. She lay naked in the bed as she heard the Bentley pull out of the driveway downstairs...


A few minutes later, she heard another car pulling into Jalsa. She heard Abhishek's footsteps as he made his way to his wife's bedroom. He had come home around 3 a.m but remained parked outside. Abhishek knew better than to enter the house when his father was busy nailing his wife.

He opened the bedroom door to find his stark naked wife on the bed, her legs spread wide apart with his father's cum leaking from it.

"Hi Honey, Your father dropped by. He has left you a present..." she trailed off as she crooked her finger, beckoning him towards her.

Abhishek began to lick his lips as he approached her. This was definitely gonna be the best load he had had all night.....

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