Amy and I Pick Up Partners


Sometime while my attention was focused on Amy, Clair had recovered from her initial climax and moved behind me. I felt her hand reach beneath my body and firmly grasp my still hard cock. She started to pump her fist around my shaft and lowered her head until she was able to lick my balls from behind. I soon felt her tongue start to make it's way upward until it ran across my asshole. My cock jumped in her hand as Clair began to give me a fantastic rim job. She flicked her tongue all around my ass before pressing the tip into my opening. Again she had me on the brink of orgasm. I reached back, pushed her head away, and rolled over onto my back on the floor. I grabbed her by the hips and positioned her over my cock. She took hold of my shaft and placed my head at the opening of her wet snatch. Clair began to tease me by taking just the very tip of my cock inside her and then pulling away. I wanted desperately to fuck her so the next time she took me inside her I grabbed her hips and pulled her down until I was fully buried in her tight pussy.

Clair began to bounce on my cock at a frantic pace as she approached another orgasm. I looked up and saw that Amy was riding Tony directly above my face while she leaned to watch me fuck Clair. I winked at my wife as we both fucked our new friends. While Amy and I watched each other I felt Clair's pussy clamp around my cock and release another flood of juices onto my shaft. She screamed out as she came for a second time. I could feel her cum leaking from her pussy and trickling between my legs. I glanced up again just in time to see Amy cum from the fucking she was receiving. Her pussy exploded all over my face and torso as she yelled out how good Tony's fat cock felt as it stretched her gushing cunt. Feeling my wife squirt onto me from above and talk dirty about another man was too much for me. I warned Clair that I was about to cum and she lifted herself from my cock. Clair told me she wanted me to cum on her face and tits and I wasn't about to refuse. I stood and Clair immediately took my glistening shaft into her mouth once again. She grabbed my hands and placed them on either side of her head. Sensing what she wanted I wrapped her hair around my fists and started to fuck her face hard and deep. In no time at all I felt my cock twitch and knew I was about to burst. I pulled out of Clair's mouth and stroked my cock a few times until I exploded all over her face. I sent jet after jet of white cum into the air which splashed onto her lips, cheeks and tongue. I watched my cum drip down her chin and onto her tits and stomach as I squeezed out the last few drops.

I had nearly forgotten about Amy and Tony in all the excitement. I turned around and saw that my wife's beautiful face was also covered in cum. She looked so sexy with a strangers jizz smothering her face and dripping onto her body. She then took Tony's softening cock into her mouth one last time and coaxed the remaining cum from his rod. Amy then took Tony by the hand and told him it was time for bed. They said goodnight as I watched my cum covered wife lead her man down the hall and into our bedroom.

I laughed to myself at the fact that Amy still wanted to keep up our charade. As I heard the door close behind them I turned to Clair and asked if she wanted to spend the night as well. She said that she would stay provided that I fuck her again in the morning. I reached down and trailed a finger along her slit while I told her that I would fuck her anytime she wanted. I took her to our spare bedroom and we crawled under the covers. I spooned behind Clair and my semi-hard cock slipped between her legs. She reached down and slipped me inside her pussy before saying goodnight. She was quickly sound asleep with my hardening cock buried inside her. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I thought I heard a low moan coming from the other room. I fell asleep to the sounds of Tony fucking my "roommate" while my cock was buried in a sexy older woman.

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