tagLoving WivesAmy & Trina's Lesbian Photo Shoot

Amy & Trina's Lesbian Photo Shoot


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the naughty. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging and helpful comments regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


Amy and I have been married for only a year but have been together for nearly 11 years. She stands 5'5", weighs 135lbs, long blonde hair and eyes that change from blue to green depending on her mood. She has a lovely set of 36C breasts, a nice round ass and legs to die for. Everywhere she goes she turns heads and she lives to flirt with both men and women. Amy possesses the friendliest personality and is very confident in her sexuality. This confidence has permitted both of us to live out many of our fantasies including swapping, wife sharing, orgies, and both MMF and FFM threesomes.

For the last while we have had a difficult time finding anyone suitable to play around with and Amy wanted to try being with a woman again so we decided to try looking online. We placed ads on various adult personal sites hoping to find compatible couples to share some erotic times with or at least singles to join us for some naughty threesomes. Over the first month or so we had little success as the only replies that we received were from single old men or from couples that we just didn't find attractive.

One night while we were sitting around the house doing nothing Amy suggested that we browse through some ads and see if we found anyone we liked. We were in the middle of browsing through the results of a search in our area when a notification popped up on the screen informing us that we had just received a new message. Having no real luck with our search we clicked on our inbox and brought up our newest message. We saw a short message from a couple that appeared to be about our age that lived within an hour of us. We read the very flattering message and then decided to check out their ad to see what they were all about.

Upon reaching their ad page we were delighted to find a very well written ad that they must have put a lot of effort into and a few very sexy pictures of a hot blonde in some racy lingerie. Amy and I looked at each other and both agreed that they were by far the most enticing couple that we had come across, as of yet, and chose to send them a message in return. We composed a response to their message that included a picture of ourselves and a long list of compliments about both their ad and their attractiveness.

Over the span of a few weeks Amy and the female from the ad, Trina, were conversing regularly online and fast becoming close friends. The girls discussed everything from family life to sexual exploits and it was apparent that they were hitting it off very well. They even traded erotic photos online which Amy, in turn, showed me afterwards. Trina was a very sexy blonde with a body that had a remarkable resemblance to my wife's. Each time Amy showed me a new picture of Trina I found myself wanting to see my wife licking Trina's seemingly always wet pussy.

Eventually the women set up a night for us to go to Trina and her husband Shawn's place for a few drinks and hopefully some sexual escapades. Amy and I were both very nervous as this was the first time either of us had met anyone online and we were scared that we wouldn't hit it off in person. All of our anxiety was quickly laid to rest when we arrived at their home. We were greeted by Trina as we pulled into their driveway . Just as my wife had done, Trina had dressed hoping to make a very good first impression. She was wearing a short black shirt and tight fitting blouse which showed off her C cup breasts. We were politely invited into their very big farm house and introduced to Shawn. Both Shawn and Trina were very welcoming and insisted that we make ourselves feel at home. Shawn fixed us all a drink as we sat and got acquainted.

As the four of us drank and chatted about everything from home improvement to sex we realized that we had a lot in common. It came as no surprise that Shawn loved seeing his wife with other women and he also eventually wanted to watch her fuck another man which was one of my biggest turn-ons. Trina also wanted Shawn to fuck another woman in front of her. Trina and Amy grew uncomfortable and soon disappeared to change into something more comfy. While the girls ventured off on their own, Shawn showed me around the rest of the house and we even fired up guitar hero for a few jam sessions. Amy and Trina returned shortly after Shawn and I picked up the guitars and giggled when we messed up some notes. I think that both Shawn and I found it difficult to play as thoughts of our wives fooling around together ran rampant in our minds.

When I found a moment during our current song to glance over at the ladies I saw that they were snuggled quite close to one another on the couch. Shawn and I decided that we should quit playing video games and pay some attention to our women. We each grabbed our cameras and requested that they pose for some pictures since they both looked so cute in the flannel pyjamas that they had thrown on. The photo shoot started out with a couple of fairly tame shots of the girls hugging and bending over next to each other.

Once they got a little more comfortable in front of the camera Amy and Trina started to spank each other and let their hands roam over each others bodies. We got a few great pictures of Amy cupping Trina bare breasts in front of the fireplace and some of both ladies bent over with their bottoms exposed. I was amazed at how similar, and sexy, they looked from behind. Both asses were round and firm and their shaved pussies looked pink and delicious. After engaging in a very sexy kiss, which Shawn and I obviously got close up photos of, the wives said that if we wanted to continue taking pictures then they wanted to change into some sexy lingerie.

While the ladies were changing Shawn and I resumed our game and played a few songs before realizing that our wives were taking an extremely long time to change. We finished the song and went to locate Amy and Trina. We found them in the guest bedroom, my wife had brought all of her sexiest lingerie, where Amy's hands were caressing Trina breasts while Trina was fumbling with a sexy pink dress that she had chosen to wear. Amy was wearing a shear red dress that left her erect nipples and pretty pussy clearly visible. I noticed that Shawn's eyes were examining my gorgeous wife and I must admit that I was checking out Trina's sexy body.

Shawn and I snapped some shots of the ladies preparing and when they were done we followed them back to the living room. Our flashes were continuously lighting up the dimly lit room while Amy and Trina posed before us. With each new pose the girls grew a little more brazen and Shawn and I were witnesses to some very sensual kisses and even some pussy rubbing. Trina and Amy seemed to be really into the erotic photo session but they soon suggested that they change again in order to add some variety to the pictures.

Yet again, the women left to change so Shawn and I took the opportunity to refill our drinks and watch part of the game. Before we knew it an entire period of the game had passed and the wives hadn't returned. Shawn and I went upstairs to see what type of trouble the ladies were getting into. We made our way into the master bedroom and discovered that Trina and Amy were going through a chest of sex toys. When I first saw my wife her tiny hand was wrapped around a huge dildo that was meant to be fit into a strap-on. From their online chat sessions I was aware that Trina had somewhat of a strap-on fetish and I immediately pictured Trina fucking Amy with this huge life like dildo. Both women were definitely feeling the effects of the liquor as both were giggling and flirting openly.

Shawn suggested that the girls get on the bed and pose for some photos that we could use for our online ads hoping that forcing them together would lead to some hot lesbian action. His plan worked like a charm as with each photo the women grew increasingly more playful and more adventurous. In the first few pictures Amy and Trina were side by side with their arms wrapped around one another while lightly kissing each other. This progressed to the point where Amy was positioned behind Trina and was cupping her lovely breasts while kissing her neck sensually. Shawn and I were both taking an abundance of pictures to capture this extremely sexy show that was taking place before us. Seeing my wife fondling another woman's breasts turned me on to no end and I was desperately hoping that they would continue.

My prayers were answered when Amy leaned over and took Trina's left nipple between her lips and sucked on it tenderly. Shawn and I kept snapping away as we watched my wife move from one erect nipple to the other while casually caressing Trina's round ass. Trina let her head fall back and allowed my wife to explore her ample chest while running her hands through Amy's hair. Once Amy felt that she had paid sufficient attention to Trina's tits she kissed her way up Trina's chest and neck before kissing her passionately and roughly grasping at Trina's butt.

When they ended their deep kiss Trina took control of the action and pushed Amy onto her back on the bed. It became obvious what Trina really wanted when she dove between Amy's legs and started hungrily licking her inner thighs. My wife squirmed each and every time that Trina's tongue came into contact with her skin and moaned loudly when Trina's tongue found her bald pussy. In all of the excitement I had nearly forgotten to take some pictures of the girls pleasuring each other so I clicked away as fast as the camera would allow. I even managed to get a short video of Trina eagerly eating my wife's sweet snatch.

My wife kept glancing in my direction as Trina lapped at her pussy both to pose for pictures and to witness how much I loved watching her with another woman. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better Trina stopped what she was doing and told Amy to stay where she was. My wife and I were equally surprised when Shawn and Trina began to fiddle with the mattress at all four corners exposing handcuffs that were already attached to the bed. They proceeded to secure Amy, and fondle her, to the bed using the cuffs so that she was spread eagle with her hands above her head.

Once they had ensured that she was unable to escape Shawn backed away and retrieved his camera while Trina attacked my wife's dripping pussy. I watched in awe as Amy squirmed in ecstasy from the tongue lashing Trina was providing. My wife hastily announced the arrival of her first orgasm of the night which caught me slightly off guard since she rarely cums from oral sex. As Amy climaxed Trina started to suck on her pussy in an attempt to consume as much of my wife's cum as possible. When Amy finally came down from her lengthy orgasm, Trina retracted her tongue and moved toward Shawn in order to give him a very sloppy kiss, sharing my wife's cum with her husband.

Shawn and Trina decided that Amy needed to be freed so they unlocked the cuffs which allowed Amy to stand and request that she get to taste Trina's pussy. Trina agreed, stating that her pussy needed some attention, and suggested that Amy help her into the sex swing that hung at the end of the bed. The position of the swing made it possible for Trina to place her ass in the swing while the bed supported the rest of her naked body. Before sliding between Trina's legs my wife winked at me, knowing how much I wanted to watch her eat pussy.

Amy started slowly trailing her tongue along the entire length of Trina's wet slit, tasting her new friends' pussy for the first time. Trina had a huge grin sweep across her face which let everybody know that Amy was doing a good job. My wife was obviously enjoying herself as much as Trina was since she dove in face first and was exuberantly licking and sucking Trina's box. At some point, while I was watching my wife devour Trina's pussy, Shawn had put down his camera and hopped onto the bed next to his wife. He leaned over her naked torso and planted a gentle kiss on her parted lips and began to massage her breasts caringly.

Shawn motioned for me to climb on the bed and join him in fondling his wife while Amy continued to sample her snatch. From the moment that I first got a glimpse of her breasts earlier I wanted to cup them in my hands so I wasted little time in moving into a position where they were within reach. I lightly glided my hand from her shoulder to elbow and then over to her right breast. Trina looked up at me with an approving smile as I firmly massaged one tit while Shawn groped the other. Trina commented how great it felt to have two sets of hands and an eager mouth exploring her body at the same time.

Trina moaned aloud and stretched her arms out above her head causing her right hand to come to rest between my legs. My cock jumped in my pants at the thought of her delicate hand caressing me while my wife ate her pussy. When I pinched her nipple between my fingers her hand started to lightly stroke my inner thigh just inches from my erect cock. She had also begun to force her hips up into Amy's face, smearing her juice all over my wife's face. Trina's hand eventually found it's way to my prick and traced the outline through my pants. We went on like this for a while before deciding to change things up a bit.

Trina stated that she really wanted to fuck Amy's pussy with the strap-on and my wife readily agreed. Shawn helped Trina fit into the strap-on while Amy and I shared a lengthy kiss on the bed. When Trina was ready she scooted between Amy's legs and lined her rubber cock up with my wife's slit. Trina slid the head of the dildo along the length of Amy's wet pussy before slowly pushing it inside. Amy squirmed as the fake cock entered her while Shawn and I once again started taking some pictures. I managed to get a minute or so of video before sitting down to intently watch my slut wife being fucked by another woman. I think my cock was as hard as it had ever been when Amy climaxed around Trina's cock. Once Amy came down from her most recent orgasm the girls took a break for a few moments to catch their breath.

Trina then revealed a gift that she had bought just for tonight. It was a long, thick double headed dildo that was bright pink in color. She pulled it out of the package and asked Amy if she would be interested in trying it together. Never one to back down from anything my wife eagerly agreed and got on her hands and knees atop the bed. Trina scooted behind Amy and after lubricating the toy with her mouth she began to teasingly run the dildo along Amy's slit. My wife moaned each time the rubber cock nudged her clit and was soon insisting that Trina penetrate her with it. Trina obliged and slowly inserted the dong into Amy's tight box. Once the dildo was half way into my wife's moist pussy Trina moved into position, her ass pressed against Amy's. Shawn reached under the two women and helped Trina stuff the other end of the toy into her hungry snatch.

Now that one end of the dildo was in Amy and the other was inside Trina they began to move in unison. Each time they desired more of the toy they would slam their asses together generating a loud smack. Shawn and I both circled the bed in an attempt to get the best vantage point for more pictures. A combination of their asses slamming together and their loud moans soon filled the room and had Shawn and I watching in awe with uncomfortable bulges in the front of our pants. We looked on intently as our wives rode the double dong to a series of noisy and wet climaxes. After both ladies had cum numerous times they fell apart and the dong slipped out of Trina but remained firmly planted in my wife's pussy.

When our women had recovered Shawn suggested that I join them on the bed and have some fun. Amy was still laying on her back so I decided to slip between her legs and taste her creamy pussy. I licked her pussy with a few long deliberate strokes and was pleasantly surprised when I felt Trina's face next to mine. I moved over slightly in order to grant Trina better access to my wife's pussy. With our heads pressed together Trina and I shared Amy's box. She would lick one side as I licked the other or she would lick Amy's pussy while I tongued her clit. When Trina and I ended up kissing with my wife's labia between our mouths, Amy cried out in orgasm yet again. Amy seemed to be in a constant state of climax for the entire time that Trina and I licked her simultaneously.

Both girls were so turned on from the double oral session that they were soon begging for some real cock. Shawn and I both stripped off our clothes exposing stiff cocks that looked to be on the verge of exploding without even being touched. When Trina saw Shawn's rigid shaft she immediately slid to the floor and took him into her mouth. I watched for a moment as her pink lips wrapped around his cock and sucked it as deep as she could. Amy quickly brought my attention back to her when she swallowed my entire member, her nose pressing against my stomach. She proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs that I had ever gotten while I glanced at Trina as she sucked off her husband next to us.

I knew that this night was all about the women being completely satisfied so I only permitted my wife to suck me for a few minutes before bending her over and stuffing my cock into her from behind. Amy screamed in pleasure as she started to cum on my thrusting dick while I roughly smacked her bottom. I fucked my naughty wife to a series of very intense orgasms until she couldn't take it anymore. She collapsed on the bed in complete exhaustion letting my rock hard cock slip from her slick snatch. I took a second to look over at Trina and Shawn and saw that she had a long rope of white cum stretching from her mouth to her ear so I assumed that he had emptied the rest of his load into her mouth.

Our fantastic time was brought to an end when we realized that it was nearly 5 a.m. so Amy and I said goodnight and excused ourselves to head for our bedroom. I had to go to bed with a raging hard-on as Amy passed out the second she hit the pillow. I had to wait until we got home the next afternoon before I finally got to empty my huge build up of cum all over my sexy wife.

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