Amy Ch. 09

byParis Waterman©

Amy spent the rest of the afternoon staying out of Eve's way as she completed her duties, having insisted that Amy not help in any way. And at four the doorman buzzed them again.

"Another package for Miss Prentice," he said. This time it was a matched set of black pearls to go with the earrings. Only after Amy had them around her neck, and both girls were "Oooing" and "Ahhing," did Amy see the note in the box.

Quickly she picked it up and read it. Eve looked on and saw Amy's hands begin to shake.

"What is?" She asked and reached out as Amy handed it to her. Eve read the one short sentence written unmistakably in John Prentice's hand.

"Amy, Darling, wear nothing under the dress."

"Oh, Miss Amy!" Eve gasped. "He going to have your virginity!"

With calm she didn't know she possessed, Amy answered simply, "I know."

"You KNOW!" Eve shrieked, "How do you come to know this?"

"Have you forgotten last night?"

But Eve had been preoccupied with Mona then and had not witnessed Uncle John's fondling of Amy, or her sudden departure to lock herself in the bedroom.

"No I have not," Eve said and her dusky skin flushed with renewed desire as a particular moment was recalled. She reached out and rubbed Amy's left breast.

"Nor have I forgotten this morning."

Amy placed her hand over Eve's and pressed it to her breast.

"This morning was wonderful and we'll have to repeat it, perhaps tomorrow, but not now. I must prepare myself. The dress may need an adjustment… I have to do my face… oh, so many details before he comes home," she ended the sentence with a long sigh.

"Of course, you are right, Miss Amy. And I will help with whatever you need."

"Thank you Eve, you're a darling, but right now I must try the dress on with those beautiful accessories."

Eve busied herself with last minute preparations, setting the dining room table, and after peeking in on Amy and gawking at her in the dress, set out to make dinner.

Amy came out of the bedroom about twenty minutes before her Uncle was due to arrive.

Eve dropped everything and sat to watch as Amy modeled the finished product for her. Pirouetting and strutting back and forth in a splendid imitation of the Paris Models on a runway, Amy offered a commentary to Eve.

"Please note that the dress is moderately daring when worn properly, but…" she paused until she was directly in front of the spellbound Guatemalan girl. "Obviously my uncle had something specific in mind when he selected this for me."

Running her hands up and down her body, she continued. "This garment was not intended to be worn while wearing nothing beneath it."

She twirled around and almost lost her balance. Giggling she continued, "Unless the desired result was to have the wearer be exceedingly erotic, for it's as if…"

Eve finished the sentence for her. "You are naked. I can see everything through the dress. Your nipples; your behind and the crack in it as well; and of course your pussy almost jumps out at me."

"Right," Amy said approvingly. I believe I could seduce the Pope in this dress."

"Oh, Miss Amy…" a shocked Eve responded. (It should be noted that Eve is a devout Catholic.)

"I'm kidding, Eve. But seriously, look at the top. Why it's loose enough so that whichever way I move my nipples rub the material and harden. They'll be hard as long as I have the dress on."

She laughed, "But that won't be long, I guess."

Eve covered her face with her hands and giggled along with Amy.

"Look, Eve," she said, "see how the nipples entice the eye to follow them. And the waist, here, see how tight the material is? It might as well have been spray painted on."

"Si," Eve agreed, "like it was sprayed on. Everything is visible and that is sad."

"Sad, why is it sad?"

"Is supposed to be like opening a package, but is no package… well, maybe package, but you can see through it, so no surprise."

"Umm, I see what you mean," Amy said thoughtfully, "but this is how he wants it. Now where should I stand when he comes home?"

The two spent some time thinking this important problem through and finally decided to use the library as the greeting point, with Amy standing in front of the large picture window overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

"You show him in here Eve, and I'll be looking out the window and turn to greet him as he comes into the room."

"Very good, Miss Amy, will there be anything else?"

"Umm, a glass of wine, make it red, please."

Eve hurried off to pour the wine and Amy looked out the window at the world she intended to have groveling at her feet in a few short years.


Her uncle was late and Amy had a second glass of wine to fortify her courage and was just placing the empty wineglass down on a table when John arrived.

A moment before, in the elevator, John told Mona who was having dinner with them (unknown to Amy and Eve) in no uncertain terms that she was to leave Amy alone and why.

"She's a virgin and I want to be her first lover, pure and simple. At the appropriate time, take Eve over to your place and relive last night. I'm sure that will satisfy your sexual craving for this evening."

"Yes John, but you know I want her too."

"And you shall have her, but not tonight. Not this week for that matter, but your turn will come, just be patient."


On entering his apartment, John allowed Eve to lead them to where Amy stood poised while awaiting their arrival.

The slit in her dress rode up to her hip as she stood with one foot slightly in front of the other. In her hand she held the now empty glass of wine.

"Good Evening Uncle John and Mona! What a pleasant surprise." She managed to convey delight that Mona was to join them although she was actually deeply disappointed.

"Will you be having dinner with us?"

"Yes, John was gracious enough to invite me although I'll be leaving right after, I'm afraid. Business, you know."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, another time, perhaps?" Amy said, and was delighted with herself for carrying her feigned disappointment off so well.

"That would be my great pleasure Amy."

Amy caught herself staring at Mona's breasts. There was something weird about the woman's nipples. Many women's nipples protruded through the material of their clothing, especially if they went braless. But this was… drastically different.

Mona saw the young girl looking at her breasts, but said nothing, she only smiled politely.

John had been staring at Amy from the moment he'd walked into the room. He couldn't believe how gorgeous the teen was. And the dress --- it was perfect on her; he had to remember to send the woman who'd selected it a thank you with a handsome tip.

Mona couldn't help but lick her lips thinking of the many ways she would make love to this stunning beauty. And she silently cursed John for excluding her from this night's festivity.

Eve almost tripped as she entered the room bearing drinks for everyone. Then she backed out, her eyes locked on Amy and only when fully out of the room did she regain a semblance of her composure and set about making the final preparations for the dinner.

As they adjourned to the dinning room some thirty minutes later, Amy almost tottered over and fell, in part because of the wine and in part because of the high heels she was wearing. But she found herself leaning against John's ample shoulder and managed to right herself and to sit down without further mishap.

He smells so nice, she thought, and was beginning to slip into an erotic daydream about him when she heard her Uncle's voice talking to her.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my mind wandered off for a moment. What was it you said, Uncle John?"

He smiled at her. Eve was standing next to the table, having just placed the dessert tray out for the guests to select from.

"I asked you," John said, "if you followed my instructions and wore nothing underneath the dress?"

"I… umm," Amy sputtered, highly embarrassed at the question.

"Mona, please check to see if Amy followed my explicit directions," he said without giving Amy a further chance to respond.

Eve's mouth fell open and she found herself clutching at a breast in shock.

Mona, on the other hand, rose up from the table and then got down on her hands and knees and crawled under the dinning room table until she was in front of the now distraught young teen.

Amy shrieked at the first touch of Mona's hands upon her. But Mona was not to be denied. With blurring speed her hands were under the gorgeous dress and running up along each creamy thigh. Although asked only to determine whether the girl wore underwear, Mona took it upon herself to taste as much of the ripe girl as was possible under the circumstances and began to lick along the inner thigh until she reached Amy's cunt. She paused for a second to admire what she could make out in the dim lighting available to her, then planted a wet kiss on the girl's labia and made a quick withdrawal.

As she rose from under the table, Mona turned to John and said, "Nothing under the dress but darling Amy herself.

Watching them from the corner of the room, Eve had to lean against the wall to support herself. She guessed what Mona had done and was so excited by the thought that she was on the verge of coming in her pants.

Amy had gone rigid and white, never having expected to be assaulted in such a manner. And yet the feel of Mona's lips upon her was so scalding hot that she wanted nothing more than to throw herself into the woman's arms and kiss her repeatedly.

In an attempt to salvage what he now knew was a mistake, John decided to switch the subject away from Amy and selected Eve as his target and then Mona.

"Eve, are you all right?"

All eyes went to the young servant.

"Oh, yes sir, I… I am fine, thank you." Obviously flustered, Eve made a flimsy excuse and hurried out to the safety of the kitchen, and quietly began to masturbate.

John turned to Mona. "I've been meaning to ask you about your breasts tonight, Mona. There's something different; definitely different. Are you wearing a new type bra, or something of that sort?"

Mona smiled seductively, licked her lips and took a moment to savor the sweet taste of Amy that still lingered there.

"Why John, you know I never, ever, wear a bra." That said, Mona slowly raised her top and draped it over the back of her chair and then thrust out her impressive chest.

"Nipple stretchers!" She said beaming at them. "I wear them during the day to stretch my nipples out. See, they must be over an inch and a half. I'm trying for two inches. That should get me some scenes that now go to some guy's dick. Guy's wanna see tits like mine, so I try to help 'em along. Do you two like 'em?"

Amy couldn't help but stare in horror at the grotesqueness of the sight before her and John, to his credit realized it.

"I'm sorry I asked. Please put your top back on, Mona."

"Well I was only trying to satisfy your request," the porno star huffed, obviously miffed at this treatment, but quickly donned her top and sat down again.

But as they began to sample the delicious desserts Eve had prepared, things settled down and a normal conversation resumed until John, wanting to test the waters once more, asked Mona about her trip in from the West Coast several days earlier.

"You know, Amy, Mona had started telling me an interesting story about her return trip from California earlier and, well we arrived here and she never finished. Would you mind if she told it? It might be a little risqué, but I think after last evening you can handle it. What do you say?"

Mona interrupted before Amy could reply. "Risqué isn't exactly the word I'd use," and took a deep gulp from her wine.

"Oh," Amy said, somewhat tipsy by this point, "I don't mind. I rather enjoy a… an off color story, Uncle John."

"It's more than off color Amy," he said warning her, but pleased that she was willing to go along.

"Go on Mona, tell us about the trip." Amy said, her eyes sparkling with excitement from both the closeness of her Uncle, the effects of the wine and of course the brief, all too brief contact between Mona and herself. For what John didn't know was that more than anything in the world at that moment Amy wanted nothing more than to suck on Mona's oversized nipples until the woman screamed for mercy.

"All right, if you two insist," Mona said and smiled seductively at Amy.

Amy, ever the actress, blushed and wondered what had become of Eve.

The fact of the matter was that Eve was squatting in the kitchen, ramming a rather large implement into her cunt, moaning incoherently and frothing at the mouth. She craved a mouth on her sex, or a huge cock. The Spanish porn star came to mind, and seconds later the Guatemalan girl was coming in torrents on the floor.

"Actually the story begins," Mona said, "when I flew into San Diego to begin work on a new script. It had been a long flight from New York and I drove to the motel. I checked in, then undressed and headed for the shower. Just as the water was beginning to get warm there was a soft knock at the door."

"I distinctly recall swearing, 'Shit!' and grabbed a towel to wrap around me as I headed to the door to see just who the hell needed me so soon."

John took the opportunity to refill everyone's wine glass and Amy immediately picked up her glass and took a long gulp from it.

The room seemed to be moving around a little to Amy, and she wondered if she might have had too much wine. She couldn't recall how many glasses she had had, and decided to ask for coffee.

"John," she said and interrupted Mona, "might we have some coffee? I'm afraid the wine is getting too me."

"Eve!" John called out and in the kitchen the Guatemalan girl fell face down to the floor, still in the convulsions of her orgasm.

Weakly she called out to her master. "Si, Mr. Prentice?"

"Coffee please."

"Si, Mr. Prentice right away. I must brew some first. Maybe five -- six minutes, okay?"

"That's fine Eve, just bring it in when it's ready."

"Si, Mr. Prentice," she responded and rose to her knees, then pulled herself erect and started to make the coffee, stopping only to use a dish towel to wipe the juices dripping from her pussy.

"Thinking it was the damn maid; I wrapped a towel around me and went to the door. It didn't make much sense, since I'd just arrived, but I've spent a lot of time in motel rooms over the years. Maids sometime show up to clean rooms at the strangest times.

Clutching my towel around me, I opened the door. A Greek god was standing there with a smile that melted my nipple rings. He wore an off white suit with a dark blue shirt, open from the color to his navel. He had a chest full of wiry hair and a bulge in his slacks that I would have sworn was a sock, but something told me it was the real thing.

I fought to retain my hold on the towel.

"Yes?" I asked. He looked at me silently, smiling.

"Well, here I am, for you!" he said cheerfully, pushing past me into the small room. I closed the door. And he turned to face me, the huge bulge never more evident.

"For me?" I managed to get out before babbling incoherently.

"Yes, for you I am here," he said looking around the room. He had what I thought to be a Balkan type accent. 'Croatian, or Serb,' I thought.

"Umm, who sent you?"

"Max sent me, Little Max. You know him?" He beamed at me.

"Yeah I know little Max," I told him and began to relax. The guy had to be from an escort service. Max was Max Viskovic, an entrepreneur in the porn industry.

"Did little Max tell you why he sent you?"

"Yes," he said beaming even more. "He told me to fuck your brains out and then bring you over to his place for dinner and nice conversation."

"You do this thing often?" I found myself having to ask.

"Very, Zolton is very much in demand by the ladies. I have what they want." He said this with no apparent embarrassment.

Then proved he had what the ladies want by whipping out the biggest cock I've ever seen and believe me, I've seen a lot of them."

I dropped my towel and it was his turn to gawk.

"Very nice lady," he murmured, complementing my body, then moved to me, his huge cock jerking in the air until it lay flush against my belly and I tried to hold it in my hand. It took both to do that.

We kissed. I had thought it would be a perfunctional kiss, a courtesy on his part before we got it on.

Was I ever wrong.

An electric shock tore through me as his tongue seemed to wrap around mine. His hands were everywhere -- up and down my back, rubbing my belly and then the cheeks of my ass . . . and then his lips were tracing their way down my throat and he picked me up and carried me over to the bed and lay me down and fell alongside me, not on me.

He moaned happily as I groaned when he bit my nipple for the first time, then followed that with a hard swat on my ass. Quite frankly, I loved this treatment and vowed early on that I'd try to help Max out in anyway I could for sending this… gorgeous hunk my way.

"Now John, and you too Amy. You know I fuck for a living and you know I love my work, but this… this was paradise."


Amy felt herself growing wetter by the minute. She knew that she would soon have to touch herself if no one else did. Yet she sat there, unmoving, listening to and worse, imagining that it was she and not Mona with this tall, dark and handsome man.

Mona continued her story. "My mouth moved toward his ungodly appendage, I couldn't wait to get my mouth on it and . . . well quite honestly, I had to stretch my lips grotesquely wide to get it into my mouth and then all I could manage with him being so damn wonderfully thick was suck feverously on it, drooling like an idiot while doing so. I mean the fuckin' sheets were soaked, from my drooling!"

"Zolton allowed me, yes I said allowed me to do him for several minutes. Then he literally popped his cock from between my lips and said, 'Now we do it my way. Don't worry, you'll like."

He grabbed my wrists and tied them to the metal bedposts with what might have been neckties, or scarves, I never did find out. I didn't resist. Normally I might have struggled, but I wanted that huge cock in me. I wanted that more than anything in the world at that moment. He pulled two more brightly colored scarves out of his jacket and secured my legs to the foot of the bed. I was now spread-eagled. I had a fleeting memory of a scene I'd played several years earlier in one of my first movies, but that time I had all I could do to keep from laughing. I sure didn't feel like laughing this time.

He laughed when I tested the ties. He could tie a good knot. They held me securely, I was at his mercy and didn't care.

"Fuck me with that tool!" I said.

But I quickly forgot about his tool as he knelt between my legs and lowered his face to my shaven cunt. The sensation of feeling his rough lips against my freshly shaven ones was exquisite delight. My juices were flowing freely and he took a moment to savor them. Yes, he actually savored them as one might savor a fine wine. I discovered that I loved him for just that act alone, and began to shake with the anticipation of what was sure to come.

I knew I was making strange sounds. Even I didn't understand them, God knows what he must have thought, not being fluent in our language and all. And I was doing my best to move around and get to feel more of him against me.

Suddenly it seemed like I had been hit by a bolt of lightning! He buried his face in my twat and licked up and down. Did I mention his long tongue? Well it was longer than average, much longer. And when he sent it into me I went through the roof.

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