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Amy Fucks on Vacation


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the naughty. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


Christmas was fast approaching and I had no idea what to buy for my wife Amy. I had thought of everything and still came up with nothing. She doesn't like jewellery, doesn't need any clothes and is not a fan of many electronics. I have succeeded every other time in coming up with some great ideas but this year I was stumped. I asked some of the guys at work who knew Amy and they had some ideas but none of them were any good. Just when I thought I was shit out of luck our friend Matt offered a suggestion that I liked. He said that I should plan a vacation and sweep Amy away on Christmas eve to a romantic surprise destination. I decided to look into this idea.

After some vigorous investigation I settled on a location and resort that would suit our lifestyle and that we could both enjoy. For those of you who aren't aware, Amy and I have a completely open relationship and are both free to partake in whatever sexual exploits we choose. Having said this, I chose to take my lovely bride to Hedonism in Jamaica for a week of relaxation and debauchery.

I managed to plan everything without Amy finding out and waited to tell her until the last minute. I let the cat out of the bag just hours before we were to leave for the airport allowing Amy some time to gather her things. We hastily left home and were off the ground shortly thereafter. We arrived at the resort, checked in and were situated in our room without incident. I had booked the honeymoon suite which included a full bar and a huge jacuzzi. Amy loved everything and couldn't thank me enough.

We decided to change into our swimwear and head to the beach for a swim. When we got down to the beach we were surrounded by hundreds of beautiful women and men. We lay out a couple of towels and headed for the water. We played around in the water, giving each other a few pinches and grabs under the water. After growing tired of the water we walked back up the beach to our spot and lay out to enjoy the sun. Amy asked me to rub some lotion on her back so she wouldn't burn. I squirted some sunscreen into my hands and began to rub it in. Amy reached around and untied her bikini top so that I didn't get lotion on it. When I was done we both lay down and took in the warm tropical sun. After about 10 minutes I noticed that Amy had drifted off to sleep so I decided to go for a walk and get a drink.

This would also give me a chance to set up what was to be the second part of my surprise. After grabbing a drink I walked back to the hotel and took a seat in the bar and waited. I only had to wait for a few minutes. See, I had arranged for Amy's friend Pat to meet us at the resort and spend the week with us. I knew that Amy had always wanted to sleep with Pat and I intended on making that dream come true. Pat and I quickly said hello, I gave him my room key and I excused myself to get back to Amy on the beach. I told Pat to come our room at 8:00 that evening and to let himself in.

When I got back to my wife I noticed that she wasn't alone. A gorgeous ebony woman had taken a seat next to her and the two of them seemed to be hitting it off. I interrupted their conversation and introduced myself to Amy's new friend. I learned that her name was Stacy and that she was on vacation with a few of her friends. I informed Stacy that Amy and I had to leave for dinner but we all agreed that we should get together with Stacy and her friends later on for some drinks and dancing. Before we got up to leave, Stacy reached for Amy's bikini top and tied it up for her. Amy and I said goodbye and left for the hotel.

After a great dinner Amy and I retreated to our room to make use of our jacuzzi before we were to meet Stacy. At least that's what Amy thought! It was nearly 7:30 and I knew that I didn't have much time before Pat was to arrive at our room. Amy and I quickly stripped and entered the warm water. We enjoyed the hot tub for a few minutes before I made my move. I lowered my head to one of Amy's breasts and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I felt it harden beneath my tongue and a soft moan escaped her lips. She in turn placed her hand in my lap to find that my cock was already rock hard. Amy suggested that we exit the water and take our fun to the bed. My plan was coming together nicely. I pushed Amy onto the bed and went to my suitcase to get a few things. I returned with a blindfold and some lube. I placed the blindfold securely over Amy's eyes and made sure that she could not see anything. I roughly spread her thighs and dove between her legs. I began to lick and suck at her pussy and clit. Amy came almost immediately, screaming at the top of her lungs and thrashing about the bed.

I was shocked when I felt a hand come to rest on my shoulder. I guess that Pat had entered the room without me hearing and had snuck up behind me. I continued to gently lick Amy's pussy and motioned for Pat to get naked. He moved away and removed his shorts and t-shirt. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was already sporting a huge erection.

Pat came closer to the bed and I moved out of the way, asking Amy if she was ready to be fucked. She said that she wanted my cock in her really bad. Pat and I took this as our cue. I moved out of the way and allowed Pat to move between Amy's legs. He grabbed his cock and slowly fed it into her soaking wet pussy. Pat and I were roughly the same size so Amy didn't realize that it wasn't me pounding away at her. I took a seat in the chair next to the bed to watch my wife get fucked by her friend.

Pat grabbed Amy's legs, lifted them onto his shoulders and started to really pound her pussy hard. Amy was loving the deep fucking that "I" was giving her. She began asking me to fuck her like she has never been fucked before. I loved when she talked dirty to me in bed and Pat seemed to love it as well. He had to bite his lip to avoid giving our little secret away as he grew closer and closer to cumming in my wife. Amy was fast approaching what would hopefully be the first of many orgasms this evening. Seeing that she was getting close, I rose from my chair and moved to the side of the bed. As Pat continued to slam into her I quietly reached for her blindfold and yanked it off in one quick motion. When Amy saw that it wasn't me inside of her she came immediately, screaming out Pat's name. Hearing this, Pat unloaded deep within my wife's canal and collapsed on top of her.

Once he regained his breathe, Pat did something that shocked both Amy and I. He pulled his softening cock from Amy's sticky pussy and lowered his head between her legs. He started to lick and suck at Amy's cum filled pussy, cleaning her and tasting his own cum at the same time. When he was done he moved up on the bed and began to share his cum with Amy. Seeing this nearly made me cum right then and there.

I hopped up on the bed and slipped my hard cock into Amy's well used pussy. She was wetter than I had ever felt before, a combination of her own orgasm and the remnants of Pat's load. I didn't want to cum right away so I took my time and fucked Amy nice and slow. Amy asked if she could suck Pat off as I fucked her so I pulled out for a moment as they repositioned themselves. Pat lay on the bed and Amy situated herself over him in a 69. Amy started to lick Pat's shaft, bringing him back to full mast. I moved behind Amy, grabbed her hips and began to slowly slide myself back into her.

I pushed my cock all the way inside her and adjusted my myself so that I could watch my wife pleasure Pat for a minute. My face was right next to hers as she bobbed up and down on Pat's pole. Meanwhile, Pat was sucking on Amy's hard clit causing her to moan around his cock. He continued to work on her clit as I started to thrust slowly in and out. Occasionally, I could feel my balls slide across Pat's forehead. I didn't really mind this and Pat soon proved that he had no problem with it at all. As I maintained my steady rhythm, I began to feel Pat's tongue licking at the point where my hard-on was entering Amy. This was a wonderful new sensation for me and I was curious to see just how for Pat was willing to go.

I pulled my cock nearly all the way out of Amy, leaving only my head inside her. Pat kept licking and I could feel his tongue on the underside of my cock. I allowed my cock to slip from Amy's cunt and to my delight, Pat caught me in his mouth. I thrust into his throat and he swallowed me without any problem. This was obviously not Pat's first blowjob. He sucked my cock for a few seconds and then used his hand to line me up with Amy's opening again. I pushed myself back into Amy and resumed fucking my slut wife. We stayed in this position for quite some time before switching things up a bit.

Amy stated that she wanted Pat inside her again and swung her hips around until she was positioned above his cock. She proceeded to impale herself on Pat's rod in one swift motion. Amy then ordered me to put my dick in her mouth which I was more than happy to do. My wife loves having two cocks in her simultaneously and this time was no different. She was quickly building to another climax and I suspected Pat was as well. Amy's masterful mouth was bringing me close to the brink also. My pleasure was doubled when Amy took my shaft from her mouth and began to share me with Pat. Receiving a blowjob from my sexy wife and her male friend was too much for me and I began to squirt warm ropes of cum all over both of their faces. The two of them were also cumming as they started to kiss each other around the head of my cock. Once everyone's orgasms had subsided, we collapsed in a pile of sweaty flesh and sticky cum and drifted off to sleep.

I was suddenly brought back to life by a loud knock at the door. I rolled over to take a look at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. I lazily got out of bed, slipped on a pair of shorts, and went to see who was at the door. When I swung the door open I was greeted enthusiastically by Stacy, our new dark skinned friend from the beach. She gave me a quick hug and gentle kiss on the cheek. Stacy was dressed in a skin tight white dress that showed off every curve of her fantastic body. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. She inquired as to why we weren't ready to go dancing yet. I told her that we had just gone for dinner and come up here to have a little nap so we would have some energy for the remainder of the night. I assured Stacy that we would get ready and meet her in the club shortly. We said our goodbyes and I closed the door behind me.

I walked around the corner expecting to see Pat and Amy still asleep but I guess the knock at the door had woken them up as well. Pat was laying behind Amy with his arm around her and his hand lightly tweaking her nipple. I divulged who was at the door and told Amy that Stacy and her friends were waiting for us. Amy turned to Pat and asked him if he was interested in joining us. Pat informed us that he had also made plans to meet up with a couple he had met earlier in the day. We all quickly got dressed and left our room together. Before we parted ways, Amy told Pat to feel free to stop in later if his night didn't go well. She gave his cock a playful squeeze through his pants and we parted company.

When Amy and I arrived at the club we were amazed at the energy in the atmosphere. There were hundreds of sexy people dancing, drinking and of course flirting spread out across the huge dance floor and bar areas. We went to the nearest bar to order a drink as we surveyed the club in search of Stacy and her friends. We soon noticed Stacy and a large group of guys and girls seated in a secluded corner of the club. Once we had our drinks we made our way over to Stacy. She introduced Amy and I to her friends, 4 guys and 3 girls, and told us to make ourselves at home as she scooted her ass over allowing room for both Amy and I to sit next to her. We all sipped at our drinks and got to know each other. Stacy's friends made us both feel comfortable and we were soon having a great time.

At one point, one of Stacy's girlfriends said that she wanted to go dance so Stacy, Amy and the other women went with her. This allowed us men to talk some sports and to examine some of the fine women that were gracing the club this evening. While we were talking earlier I learned that Stacy and her entire group of friends were all single and had decided to come to Jamaica for some wild sexual fun. I explained our relationship to the guys and bragged that we had already had a mind blowing threesome earlier that evening. Just as I finished elaborating on our earlier escapade, the girls returned from the dance floor. Amy once again sat next to me and Stacy sat at my other side.

Amy engaged herself in conversation with Scott, the only black guy in the group. He was very tall at about 6'4" and obviously took good care of his body. Stacy leaned into me and whispered in my ear that Amy had told her that she thought Scott was really cute and wanted to get to know him better. I informed Stacy that I had no problem with that and asked her to come get another drink with me to allow Amy and Scott some time to get acquainted. We decided to take a little walk around the club and go to the bar that was furthest from were we were sitting. Stacy and I both had a wonderful time talking and flirting while we spent some time away from our group. While waiting in line for drinks I felt Stacy's hand come to rest on my butt. She confided in me that she found me really attractive and hoped that we could have some fun later on. I told her that the feeling was mutual and gave her a quick kiss before making our way back to our seats.

While I was away Amy and Scott must have got along quite well and were seated very close to one another. Amy had one of her legs draped over his lap, giving all who cared to look, a peek up her dress. I caught Scott admiring Amy's shapely legs and could see that he was surely interested in my sexy wife. Scott turned to me and asked if he could take her out on the dance floor. Amy interrupted and snapped that they didn't need my permission. She got up, grabbed Scott by the belt buckle, and dragged him out of sight. I loved seeing my wife take control like that and knew that behavior like this usually ended up with her getting laid.

Stacy seemed a little taken aback at Amy's actions and asked if I was upset. I assured her that I was fine and actually got turned on seeing my wife lust after another man. I grabbed Stacy's hand and placed it in my crotch where I knew she could feel just how turned on I was. I guess that the remainder of the group saw this and wanted to give us some time to ourselves because they excused themselves to go dancing. Once they were gone I pulled Stacy close and planted a passionate kiss on her full lips. This was the first time I had really kissed a black woman and I loved every second of it. As our tongues danced, Stacy swung her leg around and straddled me, now sitting in my lap. She started to rock her hips to the beat of the song that was playing, all the while grinding her pussy against my firm dick.

I looked down and noticed that Stacy's dress had ridden up and her bald pussy was within view. I squeezed my hand between our bodies and began to fondle her ebony box. Stacy moaned into my mouth and asked me to put a finger inside her. I gladly granted her wish, easily sliding my index finger into her already wet cunt. I finger fucked her for a few minutes until she came. She let out a loud scream of pleasure that I could hear over the loud music. Once she came down form her climax, she stood and lifted my finger to her mouth. She greedily slurped her juices from my finger and then leaned back down for another kiss. The faint taste of pussy was evident on her lips as we made out.

After straightening up we decided to make our way out to the dance floor to see what was happening with Amy and the rest of the gang. We saw that they were all gathered in the center of the floor. It took us a few minutes to fight our way through the crowd but we soon reached our destination. I snuck up behind Amy and gave her firm ass a hard spank. She jumped forward in shock and snapped around to see who had hit her. When she saw that it was me, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I grabbed her ass to support her as we kissed. Amy asked if I was enjoying myself and I assured her that everything was great. She informed me that her night had been excellent as well and that she really wanted some dick. I let her down and gave her a gentle push in Scott's direction. She knew what this meant and took the opportunity to let Scott know as well.

Amy stepped in front of Scott, reached her hand up to his neck, and pulled his head down to meet hers. She gave him the most intense kiss that I have ever seen. It looked as if she was trying to suck his entire head into her mouth. When Scott realized what was going to happen, he became a little more bold. His hand reached for one of her amazing tits and gripped it firmly. Scott's other hand was on Amy's ass pulling her tightly against him. The two soon to be lovers swayed to the music as they kissed and fondled each other.

Now that I was certain Amy was going to be taken care of I could pursue my goal. I moved behind Stacy and pulled her close. I made sure that she could feel my fully aroused cock against her ass. Stacy began to gyrate her round booty against my member, nearly causing me to explode right there on the dance floor. I snaked my head around and started to lick and nibble at the nape of her neck. My hand moved for the hem of her dress and pulled it up slightly. Reaching under her dress, I once again found her opening and slid two fingers inside. I suppose this was making her feel slightly uncomfortable because she asked me to stop. I spun her around and suggested that we go up to my room. She said that she was game and excused herself to go grab her purse from our table.

I turned around to tell Amy that I was going upstairs and she disengaged from Scott just long enough to tell me that they would be joining us. She then whispered something in Scott's ear and I could see a huge grin flash across his face. Amy later told me that she had asked Scott to come to our room and stretch her pussy out for me. They took each other's hand and started for the room while I waited for Stacy to return. When Stacy did get back I wasted no time whisking her away. We managed to catch up to Amy and Scott at the elevator.

The four of us entered the elevator and quickly closed the door so that we would be alone. Amy immediately sank to her knees in front of Scott and wrestled to free his cock. When she finally released him I was shocked at how big he was. He had to be 10 inches long and as thick as my forearm. Amy proceeded to lick his shaft from balls to tip. She then forced the head of his dick into her mouth and began to suck him off. I turned to see that Stacy's eyes were fixed on the sight before her. Not unlike my wife, I moved in front of Stacy and dropped to my knees. I lifted one of her legs until her foot rested on one of the elevator's hand rails giving me access to her beautiful black pussy. I dove in and ate her pussy like it would be my last. In no time at all Stacy stated that she was about to cum. She grabbed my head and held it in place while she fucked my tongue. She surprised us all when she came. Stacy's pussy erupted with squirt after squirt of cum. I nearly drown in her juices and had to push myself away from her to catch my breath. I guess that the sight of Stacy squirting had excited Scott because when I turned around Amy's face was covered in cum. We had timed our oral fucking perfectly, just as I stood the elevator doors opened on our floor.

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