Amy Gets Shared on Road Trip


I must admit that the thought of Chris fucking Amy had crossed my mind as well. I noticed the fire start to dim so I excused myself to retrieve some more firewood from the other side of the yard in hopes that either Amy or Chris would make a move for the other. When I returned to the fire I found that I was the only one there. I looked around the yard in search of my wife and friend but couldn't find them. I stoked the fire and waited for Amy and Chris to come back from wherever the went. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door to the outhouse open and out stepped Amy followed closely by Chris. As Amy approached me I could see that she was adjusting her dress and Chris had an ear to ear grin on his face. When I asked what they were doing Amy said that she was scared to go into the dark washroom alone so she had asked Chris to escort her. Amy sat down close to the fire and Chris took the seat next to her.

The three of us continued our talk about our sexual escapades which combined with the liquor seemed to be getting us all a little hot. Chris became more bold as well, often reaching out to touch Amy while they talked. Each time his hand landed on her leg or arm it seemed to linger for an extended period of time. Amy must have liked feeling Chris touch her because the next time his hand came to rest on her thigh she grasped it with her own and held it in place. I watched as my wife and friend flirted and saw that his hand was now lightly rubbing her bare thigh. I made up my mind that I wanted to share my wonderful wife with Chris so I decided to instigate the action. The next time I caught Chris sneaking a peek at Amy's tits I suggested that if he wanted to see them to just ask. Of course Chris requested that Amy pull her dress down so that he could get a better look. Never the shy one, Amy lowered her dress without hesitation and proudly showed off her breasts.

With my sexy wife on display to my friends eyes I asked them if they would like to move into our tent. Amy was the first to move as she stood and held her hand out as an invitation to Chris. Chris quickly rose and followed Amy and I into our tent. Once inside I asked Amy to remove her dress and show Chris what he had to play with. She slid the straps past her shoulders and let it fall around her waist. Chris and I sat down on the air mattress and watched intently as Amy began to fondle her tits. She lifted her large breast toward her mouth and flicked her tongue across her erect nipple. I looked over at Chris to witness his reaction to my sexy wife and saw that his eyes were glued to her body and his hand had moved to his crotch and was nonchalantly caressing himself through his pants.

Amy resumed peeling off her dress, bending at the waist as she slid the dress past her hips and let it puddle at her feet. She stepped away from the dress and dropped to her knees in front of Chris. She slapped Chris's hand away from the bulge in his pants and replaced it with her own. My wife roughly grabbed at his cock and started to jerk him off through his jeans while using her other hand to undo his belt. Once she had him unbuckled, Amy slid his pants and boxers down around his ankles. She wasted no time engulfing his manhood with her warm mouth and soon had it in the back of her throat. Chris fell back on the bed as he received what was probably the best head of his life. As I watched my wife swallow Chris's tool I began removing my own clothes, eager to get in on the action. When I was finished getting undressed I lay back on the bed beside Chris and watched my wife masterfully suck my friends cock.

Once Amy realized that I was naked and ready for action she ordered both of us to kneel on the bed so that she could suck us both simultaneously. My cock hungry wife jammed both of our dicks into her mouth and sucked us as if her life depended on it. I could actually feel the pleasure that Chris was experiencing as each time she moved her tongue over his head his cock would jump next to mine. Amy grasped one cock in each of her hands and proceeded to rub them together in her mouth while continuing to tease the tips with her tongue. Chris started to moan aloud from the intense pleasure Amy was causing and I had to remind him to attempt to be quiet as friends and family were sleeping in the nearby tents.

Amy's mouth finally tired from the strain of having two hard cocks between her lips and announced that she wanted somebody to eat her pussy. Anxious to taste my wife, Chris quickly pulled Amy to her feet and threw her back onto the mattress. He dove between her thighs and went to town on her delicious snatch. I could hear Chris slurping and sucking at Amy's slit from my position next to her. I turned Amy's head toward me so that I could watch her reaction to Chris's oral skills. She let out and audible gasp which peaked my curiosity. Looking down I could see that Chris was sucking her clit into his mouth while sinking two fingers deep inside her cunt.

I whispered in Amy's ear that I wanted to see her cum on my friends tongue and them give him the best fucking of his life. My dirty comments set Amy off and she unleashed a string of profanity as she reached her first climax of the night. I pressed my mouth to hers in a feeble attempt to muffle her screams that continued throughout her orgasm. When Amy finally calmed down I pulled away from her and crawled up the bed so that I could slide my cock into her mouth again. Just prior to feeding Amy my cock I told Chris that as our guest, he should be the first to fuck Amy. Chris immediately scooted in between my wife's legs and lined up his hard cock with her crevice. Already wet with his saliva and her own cum, Amy accepted Chris's rod in one long, smooth motion. Once his cock was completely hidden in her pussy Chris withdrew until only his head was inside her then slammed it back in to the hilt. Amy's mouth vibrated around my cock as she moaned from Chris's assault on her pussy. Chris and I soon found our rhythm and as he pulled out I would stuff Amy's mouth full of cock and vice versa.

We must have been going at it for quite a while because we were soon interrupted by the sounds of somebody moving around in the yard. Amy let my dick slip from her mouth and told me to see what was going on outside as Chris continued to pound her pussy. I snaked my head through the door of the tent to find that one of Amy's cousins had got up early and was beginning to clean up the yard. She must have heard rustling coming from our tent and she was soon walking our way. I rapidly pulled my head back into the tent and told Chris and Amy to stop moving and be quiet. They rolled over so that they were laying on the bed facing each other and I threw a sleeping bag over their naked bodies. I moved around behind Amy and crawled under the covers as well. We all heard the terrifying sound of Amy's cousin unzipping the door to our tent and saw her head poke inside just as Chris hid his head under the covers. She said that she couldn't believe that we were still awake and asked if we wanted to get up and keep partying. While she was talking to us I could feel the bed moving slightly and I realized that Chris's dick must still be in Amy's pussy and he was fucking her even with someone so close to catching us in the act.

Amy and I both sternly told her cousin to leave us alone and that we didn't want to party any more. Her cousin finally left us alone and we all let out a sigh of relief. As I started to give Chris shit for almost getting us caught, he rolled onto his back and pulled Amy on top of him. He smacked my wife's ass, urging her to ride his cock, and suggested that we should pack up and move to his house in a few minutes. Amy and I agreed that a change of venue was a great idea so I got off the bed and began to gather some things to bring with us. Amy rose from Chris's cock and they both started to put some clothes on. Amy and I both chose to put on some track pants and a t-shirt instead of our wedding clothes. Not wanting to reveal that Chris was in our tent I decided to exit first and let Amy and Chris know when the coast was clear.

We rushed to Chris's car and quickly drove off before anybody could see us leave. I sat in the back seat and let Amy ride shotgun hoping that during the drive she would continue to pleasure Chris. I was very pleased to find out that none of us felt uncomfortable about what had transpired earlier and our conversation flowed just as it had before we entered the tent. When we were about half way to Chris's place I asked Amy if she would remove her clothes and put on a show for Chris as he drove. Not one to back down from a challenge, Amy slid her pants down and played with her moist pussy for the remainder of the trip. Every once in a while I had to remind Chris that he was driving and to keep his eyes on the road.

We managed to survive the ride to Chris's and were soon pulling into his driveway. I heard Chris say something under his breath and inquired as to what he said. He then revealed to us that he had a female roommate and that she was home. Chris reassured us that she was cool and that she wouldn't have a problem with us invading the house. He led Amy and I into the house and called out his roommates name. No answer. We followed Chris out onto the back patio where we found his roommate, Jill, having a cigarette. We were introduced to Chris's very attractive roommate and were pleased to discover that she was just about to leave for work. We sat and talked with Jill for a few minutes and had a smoke of our own. After what seemed like an eternity Jill excused herself and went inside to get ready.

After Jill went in the house I kept an eye open to see if she had left yet, desperately wanting to resume tag teaming my naughty wife with my good friend. I noticed that both Chris and Amy also kept glancing inside and I guessed they were as anxious as I was to continue fucking. I made an announcement the second I saw Jill leave and we all eagerly entered the house. Once we were back inside, Amy ordered us to remove our clothes adding that they would not be needed any longer. Chris gave us a nude tour of the rest of the house and suggested that we have a seat in the basement while he fixed us a drink. When Chris was out of earshot I pulled Amy to me and kissed her passionately and told her to go upstairs and give Chris a hand with the drinks. Amy stood and walked up the stair as her round ass swayed behind her. I waited a few minutes before I made my way up to the kitchen, hopefully to catch Chris and Amy engaged in some sort of sexual activity. To my disappointment, I found them doing exactly what they went upstairs to do, making us drinks. I was just about to walk back downstairs when Amy insisted that we go to Chris's room instead of the basement. I told them to go ahead and that I would retrieve our stuff from the basement and meet them in his room. I again hoped that they would take the opportunity alone to have some fun. And again I was denied.

I strolled into Chris's room and admired my wife as she lay sprawled out on the bed next to him. Hungry for a taste of her pussy I slithered between her legs and started to lightly glide my tongue along her tasty slit. I always love the taste of her pussy but I really enjoy her flavour after she has been fucked and her juices are flowing. I licked Amy's lips and flicked my tongue across her sensitive clit. As my head was buried between her thighs I heard her tell Chris to bring his cock to her mouth and I could soon hear the unmistakeable sounds of a sloppy blowjob. I poked my head up for a moment to witness Chris sliding his dick in and out of my wife's gaping mouth before going back to eating her pussy.

I licked and sucked Amy until she exploded in orgasm on my tongue. Before her climax had subsided I scooted up and slipped my stiff shaft between her dripping pussy lips. I sank my cock into her until my balls slapped against her ass and she screamed out as she came again. Amy wrapped her strong legs around my waist and held me deep inside her, not letting me move from my current position, as she squirmed beneath me. When she eventually released me from her grip I retracted my cock and asked Chris if he wanted to fuck my wife again. He quickly replaced my cock with his inside my wife's pussy and I excused myself to go to the washroom. While I was in the can I could hear their moans coming from the other room so hurried back to witness my slut wife being fucked by her third guy in less than a week. When I returned to the room I saw Chris pistoning in and out of Amy's wet pussy while they kissed deeply. Just as I climbed onto the bed I heard Chris say that he was close to cumming. Almost immediately, he pulled out of my wife and sprayed her stomach with his white cum. Amy commented how warm his load felt as it splashed on her body and pulled Chris closer to her head. When he was within reach she took his softening cock into her mouth and sucked the rest of his cum from his shaft.

While Amy sucked Chris's cock clean I moved between her legs once again and lapped at her freshly fucked pussy. Chris must have brought her to the brink of orgasm because she was cumming in my mouth within seconds. Her juices flooded my mouth and I hungrily swallowed all that I could. This time I let Amy recover from her intense climax before I entered her with my throbbing cock. As I slid my manhood into her well fucked cunt I saw that Chris's cock was beginning to harden in her mouth.

Amy's sopping pussy and the sight of another man's cock stiffening between her lips quickly brought me to my boiling point. I held off my orgasm long enough to tell Chris to switch places with me so that she could swallow my load. I moved so that I could place my twitching cock in her waiting mouth and Chris could fuck her again. I watched as Chris's dick split her pussy again before allowing her to take me orally. Once Chris's meat was enveloped by her pussy I slipped my cock into her mouth. Amy took me deep into her throat as Chris pounded her pussy relentlessly. The sight of my naughty wife being fucked so hard by a good friend of mine pushed me over the edge. As Amy writhed from Chris's intense drilling I emptied my huge load into her mouth. Stream after stream erupted from my cock and was devoured by Amy's excited mouth. She increased the suction around my cock in an attempt to coax out every drop that I possessed.

When my balls were finally drained she released my still hard cock from her lips and told Chris that she wanted to taste his cum as well. Chris was now grunting loudly while he sawed in and out of Amy's box. He announced that he was ready to cum again and she flipped around to suck his glistening dick into her mouth. Chris thrust his shaft into my wife's cum hungry mouth and filled her mouth with another load of white cream. I wanted to cum again from the sight in front of me so I manoeuvred myself behind Amy and rammed my cock deep inside her used cunt. My wife let Chris's cock fall from her mouth just long enough to tell me that she wanted me to fill her pussy with cum. She sucked his cock into the back of her throat as cum began to seep from the corner of her mouth. I was soon spraying the walls of her pussy with my second load while I told her how sexy she looked with another man's cum dripping from her mouth. When my load was completely expended, my withering dick slipped from her sloppy pussy and I collapsed beside my wife. She released Chris's limp dick and was left empty for the first time in hours.

Aware that we had to prepare to leave for Toronto that evening, Amy and I were forced to pack up our belongings and head back to help clean up after the party. While Chris drove us back we discussed how wonderful of a time we all had and wished that we could do it again sometime soon. Amy and I both mentioned to Chris several times that he should come to Toronto and spend a week with us. He said that he would definitely enjoy spending some time with us and told us that he would come visit in the next month or so. It was a great feeling to know that Chris was willing to travel 1500 kilometres to have sex with the woman I get to spend every night with!

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