Amy Meets Online Tag Team Partner


"Aren't you going to join us?" my wife called, poking her head out into the hallway. She waited in the doorway for him and gave him a soft kiss when he finally arrived. She reached down, grabbed him by the belt buckle and pulled him into the room before closing the door behind them. I watched as John's hands moved to my wife's ass and gave her firm cheeks a gentle squeeze. It was nice to see John start to act slightly bolder and I was wishing his confidence would continue to grow. "Why don't you hop up on the bed and lay down, cutie?" she requested of John.

John crawled onto the bed and Amy sat between us, eyeing us both hungrily. She reached her hands down and started to rub our crotches simultaneously through our clothing. John was definitely feeling more comfortable with the situation as I saw his right hand start to roam over Amy's thighs, just inches from her bare cookie. I began mimicking John's actions, letting him control the pace, so I began caressing her opposite thigh while I watched her hand grabbing at his hidden cock. John moved slightly closer to Amy so that he could peel her dress down and get at her wonderfully soft tit. When he lowered his head to take her erect nipple between his lips I followed suit on the other side. My wife let out a very subtle gasp, quite content to have two men suck and fondle her breasts at the same time.

John lifted his head enough to press his lips to my wife's mouth, engaging her in a very deep tongue kiss, while continuing to massage her exposed breast. With her nipple still in my mouth I trailed my hand down her tummy until I found her bald cookie which, not surprisingly, was extremely moist already. I slid my index finger along her slit and spread her ample juices all over her pussy. My fingers teased every inch of her pussy and she began to squirm in an attempt to create more pressure. John's mouth helped to muffle her moans as I entered her with two slick fingers. I soon felt John's hand next to mine as he started to rub her protruding clit while I slowly finger fucked her.

I wanted John to feel free to explore my wife unabated so I withdrew my hand, allowing him to have her pussy all to himself. I watched closely as he immediately thrust two fingers deep into Amy's wet snatch until his knuckles rubbed her clit. They had finally broken their kiss so I moved up and kissed my wife deeply, demonstrating my high state of arousal. I guessed that Amy sensed my desperation since she shrugged us both off and ordered both John and myself to remove our clothes.

"Let me see those big, hard cocks!" Amy demanded, "I want them both!"

I wasted no time in shedding the rest of my clothing but John appeared to be a little hesitant. His shyness quickly evaporated when he saw my horny wife engulf my shaft with her talented mouth. He watched in awe as Amy swallowed my entire cock until her nose rested against my stomach. Having a nearly non-existent gag reflex she can take a cock into her throat and still have the ability to outstretch her tongue and lick your sack. I closed my eyes and lay my head back to enjoy my wife's ministrations.

After a few minutes of yet another fabulous blowjob, courtesy of my cock hungry wife, she let my cock fall from her mouth and asked John to move closer to me. When I opened my eyes I saw that John was now also naked and his cock was standing up proudly as he lay on his back just inches away from me. His cock was slightly longer than mine and was roughly the same thickness. He slid himself over until our legs brushed together while Amy kneeled over us with lust in her eyes. She took hold of both our cocks and stroked us in unison before lowering her head into John's lap and wrapping her pink lips around his cock for the first time. Her fist maintained a steady rhythm on my dick while she bobbed her head vigorously on John's rod, increasing her depth with each stroke.

John moaned loudly when Amy finally stuffed his entire length into her warm mouth. His hands went to the back of her head in an attempt to control her pace. With a fistful of my wife's hair he pushed her head down, burying his cock in her throat. She inhaled his cock for only a few minutes before suggesting that we switch things up a bit. She told me to move out of the way so that she could lay down and stretch out on the bed.

"Will you please eat my pussy?" she pleaded to no one in particular.

I always love how sweet her pussy tastes when her juices are flowing so I immediately dove between her legs and went to town before John had a chance to do so. I lapped at her pussy with long, slow licks, taking in her wonderful flavour. As I devoured her tasty puss, John moved into position to feed his rigid cock into Amy's mouth once again. He knelt beside her face and dangled his cock in front of her face. She reached for his cock and eagerly inhaled him between her lips, making loud slurping sounds as she proceeded to give him a very wet and intense blowjob.

My wife was moaning constantly around John's cock from the tongue lashing I was giving her and he seemed to really be getting off on it. Each time she made a sound he tried to push his shaft a little deeper into her mouth. Meanwhile, I was in my own personal heaven! Watching my slut wife take a strangers cock in her mouth while I taste her dripping pussy had my cock throbbing as it lay sandwiched between me and the sheets. My cock needed some attention now so I retreated from Amy's slit and lay down beside her to catch my breath.

"I need to get fucked, which one of you two is first?" my slut wife questioned, looking in my direction.

"He's the guest, let him feel how tight your pussy is!" I replied, "I want to feel your mouth again!"

My wife moved to lay on her side and invited John to enter her from behind. He quickly moved into position, eager to feel my wife's tight, wet box. Amy took hold of his firm cock and glided it along her moist slit prior to lining it up with entrance to her pussy.

"Are you ready to fuck me in front of my husband?" she asked John naughtily, more for my benefit than his. She knew full well that I always loved seeing her with a fresh cock inside her and tonight was certainly no different. She was staring directly into my eyes when she spoke but I soon witnessed her eyes start to roll back into her head shortly before they shut completely. I quickly looked down and realized that the head of John's cock had already disappeared between her labia as he was slowly penetrating her, inch by inch.

It wasn't until I watched his entire 8 inches vanish into her pussy that I finally moved. Although I wanted to feel the warmth of her mouth around me so badly, I couldn't help but take this opportunity to kiss her passionately as she grew accustomed to John's dick inside her. While I was kissing my wife I could feel her being pushed toward me each time John thrust into her. I pulled away from Amy and lay down so that my cock was within reach of her lips. Her tongue parted her lips and flicked across the underside of my cock while John quickened his pace.

I wanted to see my slut wife being stuffed from both ends so I fed my throbbing manhood into her mouth and she gladly took me deep into her throat. I held still as best as I could and allowed John's momentum to push Amy's mouth further down my shaft. John must have really liked seeing my wife take it from both ends as his thrusts became harder and faster until his body was slamming into her from behind creating an audible slapping noise. My cock literally vibrated when Amy began to moan constantly, signalling her first climax of the evening.

"Fuck me harder, make me cum!" she screamed after spitting my cock out. She gasped each time John hammered his dick deep into her tight twat, "Oh...God...I'!"

John continued his relentless assault of my wife's contracting pussy throughout her lengthy and very vocal orgasm. Usually my wife's pussy becomes so sensitive after an orgasm that she needs to stop for a minute or two but she never once requested that John slow his movements. His youthful enthusiasm allowed him to fuck her hard for quite a while prior to needing a breather as I looked on from the other side of the bed. John slowly pulled his glistening penis from my wife's damp snatch and collapsed in a heap behind her.

Once he eventually withdrew from Amy's pussy I quickly rolled her over until her back was to me and I took me turn fucking her from behind. Within seconds of my cock entering her well fucked pussy my wife was crying out in orgasm once again. I slowly fed my cock as deep into her as I could while enjoying the sensation of her already soaked pussy as it released more cream onto my dick.

"I love your cock, it always hits the right spots!" she admitted as she came down from her most recent climax. "I want you to make me squirt!" she pleaded, obviously extremely turned on and in need of a vicious, gushing orgasm.

I reluctantly withdrew from her dripping pussy and walked around the bed to retrieve her favorite toy. I left the bedroom and went into the washroom to clean the toy and take a quick leak. When I returned I walked in just as John was feeding his cock into Amy's mouth again. I can completely understand why he was trying to get another blowjob from my wife since she possesses a magnificent gift for sucking cock. She slurped away at his manhood while I lubed up the toy and moved into position between her thighs.

"Just to warn you, once she gets going she won't be able to control herself so you don't want your cock in her mouth!" I informed John.

As I began to insert the vibrator into her snatch John took his cock from her mouth and lowered his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth. When I had the toy about halfway into her puss, I turned it to medium and watched Amy begin to squirm. I started off slow as I knew that after a slow build up her orgasm can be much more intense which in this case means that she will squirt ample amounts of cum from her slit. I worked the vibe slowly in and out at an upward angle in order to tickle her g-spot which always causes her to writhe in ecstasy.

"Stop teasing me and fuck me harder!" she commanded, "I need to squirt all over you!"

As usual, I did as I was asked and really started to pound her pussy with the plastic cock. Wet sloshing sounds could soon be heard escaping from her cunt as her excitement grew and I knew she very close to covering me with her cum. When I was certain she was on the verge of an enormous eruption I turned the vibrator up to high speed and continuously thrust deep and hard against her g-spot. She arched her back and cried out that she was going to cum. Her pussy contracted so tightly that it forced the toy from her hole and spurt after spurt of warm fluid burst from her pussy and sprayed my entire upper body. As I was being coated in my wife's sweet nectar I managed to glance at John and saw that he was watching in awe, mouth agape.

I will never get enough of feeling my wife's sopping pussy just after she has cum, which is another reason I like having sex with her after another guy has, so I rapidly positioned my cock at her opening and plunged deep inside her wet cunt. After burying my cock all the way into my naughty wife I proceeded to slowly fuck her, knowing that her twat must be overly sensitive. As I slowly made love to Amy, John scooted back up and inserted his still hard dick into her open mouth. I watched in the mirror on the dresser as this stranger stuffed my wife's mouth with his cock while I fucked her gently from behind. It was almost like watching a porno except that I was one of the performers and it was my 'innocent' wife being fucked by two men.

This scene was too much for me to handle as I found myself suddenly emptying a huge load of sperm into my hot wife. She clenched her pussy tightly around my spasming shaft, milking every last drop of cum from my member. When my tank was empty I pulled my cum coated semi-hard cock from her pussy and collapsed onto my pillow behind her, completely exhausted. With me out of the way, John grabbed Amy's hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. He slid his young cock into my wife's sloppy pussy and they resumed their fierce fucking from earlier. I shut my eyes to rest for a moment before hopefully getting back in on the action as the whole bed shook violently beneath me.

I must have been drifting in and out of consciousness because I don't recall John exiting the room but at some point I opened my eyes to find only Amy and myself in the room. She told me to go back to sleep and that she would be back shortly. I stayed awake long enough to watch her sexy ass leave the room to presumably join John in the living room. I woke again when I heard the front door close, John must have left. Moments later my wife walked into the room and snuggled under the covers behind me. She filled me in on what I had missed while I was asleep while taking my flaccid cock into her hand and fondling me tenderly.

Shortly after I had fallen asleep she had told John to go to the living room so that I could get some sleep without the bed shaking. She pulled the covers over me and left to finish John off in the other room. Apparently they sat and chatted for a while prior to engaging in any more sexual activities. She had to comfort John as he was still slightly self-conscious about the whole situation. He queried her as to how I could make her cum so easily and with a minimal amount of effort. Once she had sufficiently boosted his ego she dropped to her knees in front of him and sucked him to full hardness before climbing into his lap and riding him until they both came. She sat on the couch they had just fucked on and casually played with her pussy until he got dressed and left, thanking her for an amazing night.

By the time she had finished catching me up on her living room romp my dick had risen to full mast once again in her soft hand and I was hell bent on fucking her one last time before we went to sleep. I startled her when I jumped up and roughly spread her legs. I looked down at her pretty pussy and saw that her lips were red and puffy from the repeated poundings that she had received throughout the night. I couldn't wait to slide my manhood into her cum filled pussy and deposit on final load.

"Can your little pussy take one more fucking before bed, or does it need to rest?" I asked Amy, hoping that she was ready to go. "I need to feel my little slut one more time!"

"I love being your dirty slut and I think you should treat me like one right now!" she urged.

I slammed my cock all the way into her wet gash and revelled in the sensation of my cock being surrounded with the previous loads that both John and I had left behind. I remained motionless for a second, taking in her wetness, before pulling my cock all the way out and admiring the cum that coated my entire shaft. I inched myself back into her snatch and observed the spunk that was forced from her pussy as my rod filled her canal. I cannot remember ever feeling my wife this wet before tonight and I was loving it!

"Stop teasing me and fuck me like a slut wife deserves to be fucked!" she pleaded while wrapping her strong legs around my waist and pulling as deep as she possibly could. "I love the way your cock fills me up! Now fuck me nice and hard!"

My wife then released her grip of my body just enough that I could fuck her hard and deep but couldn't pull all the way out. I reared back and violently thrust deep into her cunt, our bodies loudly slapping together in the process. Having already cum once I was able to hold off my own orgasm and give her a really intense thrashing until she yelled out the arrival of another severe climax. Amy's sopping pussy clamped down around my cock just ahead of delivering a gush of cream that drown my member.

I maintained my high tempo assault, Amy convulsing beneath me, until I felt that familiar tingle that notified me of my own impending explosion. I plunged my twitching cock deep one final time and erupted, emptying a vast amount of jizz into my wife's already cum filled pussy. Unable to hold my weight any longer, my arms buckled and I fell atop Amy as we both tried to catch our breath. I couldn't help but rotate my hips for a short moment, stirring the mixture of cum that was now seeping from my wife's cunt.

As my cock softened and slipped from her pussy I shifted my weight and moved to lay next to her. I kissed her lovingly and thanked her for fulfilling my number one fantasy yet again! "I love watching you have a good time with another man, especially when I know that I get you all to myself at the end of the night!"

"Anytime honey, anytime." she mumbled as she drifted off to sleep.

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