tagIncest/TabooAmy Misbehaves at Sister's Wedding

Amy Misbehaves at Sister's Wedding


I was just 20 when I was bridesmaid at my older sisters wedding. It had been a long day and I had drunk too much wine. Later in the evening I wandered in the hotel grounds to try to clear my head. I was slowly strolling when I saw my uncle Roger sitting on a bench. As a young girl I had always got on well with him and we always had a laugh together. I'm not sure how old he was but I think he was about 10 years older than my mum.

As I reached the bench he patted and said, 'Hi Amy, come and sit down.' We chatted about general things and then he said, 'Do you know, one thing I really enjoy about weddings is the fact that brides and bridesmaids are almost certainly wearing stockings and suspenders under their dress, and I always wonder what colour knickers they are wearing.'

I blushed at hearing my uncle speak like this. I didn't know what to say. He followed this up by saying, 'Well am I right, are you wearing stockings and suspenders?'

I said, 'I don't think you should be talking like that, after all you are my uncle.'

He then shocked me when he said, 'Just because I'm your uncle and old enough to be your father doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you. Just because I'm your mum's older brother doesn't mean I couldn't give you one of the best orgasms you've ever had.'

I wanted to get up and walk away, but something stopped me.

'Well are you wearing stockings and suspenders?' he asked.

'I might be,' I replied. 'I'll take that as a yes, then,' he said and laughed.

'What about your knickers, what colour are they? I reckon either virginal white, sexy black or slutty red. I'd like to think they're slutty red, but I think they're white.'

Instead of feeling disgusted what he was saying I was quite enjoying being spoken to like this. 'If you must know,' I teased, 'I'm not wearing any.'

He leaned towards me and started stroking my thigh and whispered in my ear, 'Wow, what a great thought, you not wearing any knickers, I'm getting a hard on. He was still stroking me and said, 'Pull your skirt up for me.'

I don't know why, but I did as he told me. He rubbed my thighs above the stocking tops, soon he was only inches away from my pussy and I knew I was getting wetter all the time.

I said, 'You must stop, this is not right.'

Uncle said, 'Don't you want to cum, I'm going to give you the best orgasm you've ever had.'

I didn't reply. His fingers brushed against my white satin knickers. I knew they were soaking wet. He slid a finger inside me and I gasped. Then he almost slid it out and then back in. This was so wrong, my uncle was finger fucking me. But I couldn't do anything about it, it was so good.

He took my hand and put it on his cock, it seemed so hard. I squeezed it tightly.

'Let me take your knickers off,' he said.

I stood up and he pulled them round my ankles and I sat back down. My legs were wide apart and he rubbed and played with my pussy. I was getting wetter and wetter and then he brushed against my clit and in a matter of minutes I was having the most amazing orgasm ever. I cried out with pleasure. Even though my mum and dad and auntie Fiona were a few feet away inside the hotel I couldn't have stopped if they had come out.

I eventually stopped cumming and he undid his trousers and dropped his pants. His huge hard cock stood to attention. Then he positioned himself between my legs and pushed forward. His cock slid inside me so easily. He pounded deep inside me and soon I was cumming again. Only a few boyfriends had ever given me an orgasm but never have I cum more than once.

Uncle continued fucking me and soon I felt him cumming. He plunged his cock as far inside me as it would go and emptied all his cum deep inside my pussy.

He slipped out of me and we sat and recovered. He said, 'We'd better get back inside.'

We walked in together and my mum who was sitting with my dad and auntie Fiona said, 'What have you two been up to?'

I blushed and said, 'Just chatting.'

It was strange, but I got the feeling that auntie Fiona knew exactly what we had been doing. As I sat chatting to my mum and dad I could feel uncle's cum seeping out of my pussy, trickling down my thighs and onto my stocking tops. I was feeling very sticky and very satisfied.

Roger and Fiona went home after the wedding but not before Amy had agreed to stay with them for a weekend. As Amy suspected auntie Fiona knew exactly what she and uncle Roger had been doing outside. They all agreed that they would call in a few days to arrange a date. As they left Amy felt that both Uncle Roger and Auntie Fiona had given her a special kiss and hug.

A few days later a small parcel arrived for Amy. She quickly opened it and read the note that was included. It read:

Dear Amy We both just wanted to say how much we enjoyed ourselves at the wedding, particularly me, you really do have the most exquisite cunt. Although we both like your choice of underwear we feel that as a 20 year old girl you should be experimenting with, shall we say, slightly naughtier and sexier knickers.

Auntie Fiona feels you should start with sexy black ones and when you feel comfortable wearing them you can progress further, culminating in the slutty red open crotch ones (which are actually aunties favourites and really makes her horny).

Auntie Fiona has an extensive collection of knickers, some a lot naughtier than others, and we went out yesterday and bought some we thought you might like to try. Then when you visit us maybe you could let us see you wearing some of them.

With love Uncle Roger and Auntie Fiona

Amy looked inside the parcel and pulled out several pairs of knickers. She examined them thoroughly and was so pleased that uncle and auntie had taken the trouble to buy them for her.

She liked the silky white ones and decided to wear them first. She pulled down her ordinary white ones and pulled the new ones on. She liked the feel of the lace against her skin and in between her legs.

She thought the black ones looked very sexy and was shocked when she came to the red ones and when she saw they had an open crotch she couldn't believe that anyone would wear such naughty things, but then she remembered that they were auntie favourites!

She put them away in her undies drawer.

A couple of days later she realised she hadn't thanked auntie and uncle for the knickers so sat done to send them an email.

Dear Auntie Fiona and Uncle Roger Thank you very much for the very nice knickers you sent me. So far I have only worn the white silky ones. I like the feel of the material against my skin and I like the feel of it between my legs. I will be wearing the black ones soon but I'm not sure about the slutty red ones, they seem really too rude for me.

I'm, looking forward to coming to stay with you soon. Love Amy xxx

Within a few minutes she got a reply

Dear Amy Auntie and I are so pleased you like your knickers we sent you. I agree the red slutty are naughty but we all feel a little naughty sometimes. Auntie likes to wear them so she can touch herself there easily. Auntie really loves touching herself between her legs and often wants me to touch her there too. She says it gives her a lovely feeling, so maybe you should wear them soon and see if they make you want to touch yourself between your legs. We are looking forward to seeing you soon and wearing your knickers. Love Auntie Fiona and Uncle Roger

Amy was pleased with the reply and decided to try all the knickers, after all she did like it when she touched herself between her legs.

At the weekend she went with mum and dad to see her now married sister as they were home from the honeymoon. Amy had been feeling a little naughty so decided to wear the red slutty knickers. As she pulled them on she got the urge to touch herself. She felt through the open hole in the knickers and touched herself. She was amazed how wet she was, she always liked the feeling when she was wet.

They all went off to her sisters and had a lovely evening, looking at the wedding photos and drinking wine. Amy saw uncle and auntie in the photos and it reminded her of the knickers they had bought her. Soon it was time to go home. Amy sat in the back of the car and felt very relaxed after the wine. As she sat with her arms folded her arm had brushed against her nipple. She realised how hard it had got and she secretly squeezed it without her mum and dad knowing.

Now she was getting wetter between her legs and she wanted to touch herself. She put her cardigan over her legs and managed to pull her short skirt up. Then she put her hand under the cardigan and started feeling herself between her legs. She loved the feel and couldn't believe how wet she was. She managed to slide a finger inside her. She started to think about auntie Fiona wearing the same knickers and wondered if uncle Roger really did slide his fingers inside her.

Amy was totally aware that her mum and dad were sitting only a couple of feet away from her but the feelings she was giving herself were so strong she was unable to stop. Suddenly the car pulled into their drive. They were home.

Amy went straight up to her room and pulled her skirt down and lay on the bed, her hand went to her knickers. She imagined Uncle Roger and Auntie Fiona were lying either side of her and touching her everywhere. She found the opening in her slutty red knickers and rubbed herself faster and faster until there was a huge explosion inside her and her fingers become absolutely soaked. She had had an enormous body shuddering orgasm.

She soon drifted off to sleep. When she awoke in the morning she had made up her mind to phone Uncle and Auntie and go and see them. She knew they were the right people to talk to about how she felt last night. She knew they would tell her and teach her all she needed to know.

After exposing herself and letting uncle fuck her at her sister's wedding a week or so ago, Amy couldn't get the thought of what she did out of her mind. And when a couple of days later another parcel arrived for her from uncle Roger and auntie Fiona and it contained another three pairs of knickers she felt really excited.

The letter with it explained that the white frilly ones were to be worn when she was feeling innocent and pure, the black lace ones to be worn when she was feeling sexy and juicy and the red open crotch ones when she was feeling very slutty. It also said that the red slutty ones were auntie's favourites and when she was feeling very, very naughty she even went out without wearing any knickers. Uncle and auntie were really looking forward to her spending the weekend with them soon, and to make sure she bought the knickers with her.

Amy wrote back and asked whether she could visit them the following weekend. Later that day she tried on all three pairs and the thought that uncle and auntie had chosen them for her excited her and made her damp between her legs. She couldn't ever imagine the day when she would go out without wearing any knickers.

The more Amy thought about what she did at the wedding the more it excited her knowing she had exposed herself. She realised she was becoming an exhibitionist, she liked exposing herself to other men.

When the weekend came Amy got the train to uncle and aunties place. She was wearing her white frilly knickers and as it was a lovely hot summer day she wore a short skirt and low cut top.

She settled into her seat in train and didn't take much notice of the older man sitting opposite her. Amy was feeling very relaxed and looking forward to the weekend and soon she had dozed off into a light sleep. She woke after a while and noticed the old man looking down at the crotch. She soon realised that her legs had parted and her skirt had risen up. Her first reaction was to cover herself up but then saw that the old man had his hands in his lap under a newspaper. The old man was actually getting turned on and playing with himself. Amy pretended to go back to sleep and slightly parted her legs even more.

Amy managed to partly open her eyes and saw that he was definitely rubbing himself. They were the only ones in the carriage and this was definitely turning her on. Then she felt very adventurous. She opened her eyes and said, 'I don't mind if you want to play with yourself.'

The old man was very apologetic and said, 'Oh no I'm very sorry, I shouldn't have.'

Amy said, 'Oh go on I want to watch you.'

With that she pulled up her skirt and exposed her frilly white knickers. The old man opened his trousers and took his cock out. It wasn't particularly large but was quite thick and very hard. He started rubbing faster and Amy said, 'Do you like young girls' knickers, would you like to see my tits.'

He nodded and Amy pulled her top down and pulled her tits out of her bra. She realised that she was getting very wet between her legs and said, 'Can you see how wet my knickers are becoming?'

He was wanking faster and Amy said, 'I want you to cum in your hand.'

The old man needed only a couple more strokes and he held out his other hand and came in the palm of his hand.

'Show me your spunk,' Amy said.

He held out his open hand and she could see a huge blob of cum in the middle of his palm. He took out a tissue and wiped his hand clean. Amy popped her tits away and pulled her skirt down.

She continued to her station and as she got out the old man simply said, 'Thank you very much, I shall remember that for a long time.'

Uncle Roger and auntie Fiona were at the station to meet her and they got in the car and drove the five minutes or so to their house. They had lunch and as the weather was hot they went and sat in the garden. Uncle Roger poured them all a glass of wine and they sat down and enjoyed the weather.

Auntie Fiona was wearing a short skirt and a t shirt that hardly covered her ample breasts. After a few minutes of chit chat uncle Roger said, 'So, Amy, I hope you're wearing the knickers we sent you.'

'Yes,' she replied, 'the white ones at the moment.'

'I can't see them,' he replied.

Amy slid down on the sun lounger that she was sitting on and her skirt slid up. At the same time she parted her legs,

'That's better,' he said, 'isn't it dear,' looking at his wife.

Amy then started telling them about the old man on the train.

Uncle Roger said, 'Wow, wish I was there too, would you mind if I play with myself while I look at your knickers too?'

Amy replied, 'No, of course not uncle, would you like me to touch myself down there too?'

'Yes, definitely,' he replied.

Amy started touching her white knickers, already they were getting damp. She ran a finger over the front of her knickers and loved the feel as she stroked her pussy.

Uncle Roger slid his trousers and pants down and was slowly rubbing his cock.

Auntie Fiona was alternatively watching her husband and her niece and herself getting hornier all the time.

Uncle asked, 'Can you show me your tits?'

Amy nodded her head and took out her tits. Both uncle and auntie loved the look of them and BOTH wanted to suck her enlarged nipples.

Uncle said, 'Amy, what do you call that part of your body between your legs?'

'It's my vagina, uncle,' she replied.

Auntie Fiona said, 'That's right Amy, but when you're feeling juicy and naughty, lots of girls call it their cunt. It's a really naughty word, but I know it makes me even wetter and hornier when I think of it as my cunt.'

Auntie had pulled her skirt up round her waist and as she wasn't wearing any knickers soon started stroking her wet pussy. Now all three of them were playing with themselves and watching each other, although uncle and auntie clearly couldn't take their eyes off their young niece.

Uncle Roger had to keep slowing down as he didn't want to cum before Amy.

He said, 'Are you ready to cum yet, Amy?'

'Oh yes, I'm almost there, oh it's so good, I just adore the feeling when I cum,' she said.

Auntie Fiona then said, 'No Amy, don't cum yet, let me do it for you.'

With that she went over to Amy and took her knickers down and then sat her back down on the lounger with her legs wide apart and her feet on the ground. Auntie knelt beside her and started stroking the outside of her pussy and then as her pussy lips opened slowly inserted one finger. Amy sighed with pleasure and auntie carried on finger fucking her young niece. Then she took her finger out and as she brushed against Amy's clit she almost exploded with pleasure. Fiona had played with enough clits to know how to make her cum and in no time at all Amy was having a thundering orgasm.

Amy was breathing heavily, her eyes were closed and she was playing with her nipples. She had never felt anything as good as this and within a few more seconds her auntie was bringing her to her yet another orgasm.

Amy took quite a while to recover while uncle had just about managed to stop himself cumming as he watched his wife making their young niece cum.

After a while Amy came to and said, 'Oh my god, that was wonderful, I want to do it again.'

Auntie said, 'Don't worry, you'll have plenty more of them before the end of the weekend, but now we have to do something about uncle.

Fiona took her niece's hand and went over to her husband. Amy sat one side and Fiona the other side. They clasped hands together and gripped uncle Roger's throbbing cock. They moved their hands quickly up and down his shaft and as expected uncle was shooting huge spurts of hot cum into the air and eventually it dribbled down over their hands.

Amy looked down at uncle's cum on her fingers and auntie told her to lick it and taste it. She very warily licked her fingers and realised she liked the taste and quickly licked her fingers clean.

Auntie said, 'Now it's my turn to cum, are you going to help me Amy?'

Auntie then sat down on the lounger with her legs wide apart and her feet on the ground. She held her cunt lips open and told Amy to put a finger inside her and slowly finger fuck her.

Amy did as she was told and uncle Roger came over and started sucking his wife's nipples while Fiona played with her clit. Her throbbing clit soon bought a wonderful throbbing orgasm for her.

They all sat down and recovered and had another glass of wine.

Amy said, 'I think I'm going to really enjoy the weekend here.'

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Okay she says she isn't wearing panties but he touches her knickers commenting I knew they'd be wet. He had NO idea they'd be wet because he thought she wasn't wearing any. Then the story changes frommore...

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