tagLoving WivesAmy's Cousin Joins Us Ch. 01

Amy's Cousin Joins Us Ch. 01


My sexy wife Amy and I have been married for only about a year but have been together for over a decade and we enjoy a very open relationship in which we are both free to solicit sex from anyone we wish, whether we are together or apart. During our time together we have experienced nearly all that there is when it comes to sex including swapping, wife sharing, picking up strangers at bars, picking up strippers and even a full blown orgy with a group of friends. Throughout all of these wonderful sexual escapades I have learned that nothing turns me on more than watching or hearing about my wife with another man. Before I proceed with the story I should tell you about my wife. She is blonde, 5'5" tall, with 36C breasts, a firm round ass and thick muscular legs that I love feeling wrapped around my body.

Amy and I moved away from our families 5 years ago and we now live about 1500 miles from our nearest relative. The only time we see any of our family is when we travel back home or on the very rare occasion that we are visited by someone. This particular story takes place during a very unusual visit from one of Amy's cousins. Her cousin April had made arrangements to come stay with us in the fall for a week of fun and drinking. I learned 10 years ago, on the night Amy and I met, that she and her cousin had a threesome with her current boyfriend as somewhat of a going away present. Ever since hearing this I have fantasized about getting the same opportunity and I hoped that this visit would provide me with a chance to get April into our bed. My wife and her cousin have no secrets and I was aware that April knew all about our open relationship. This was a fact that I planned to use to my advantage during her stay. If she was conscious of the fact that I had permission to sleep with any woman that I desired then maybe, just maybe, she would allow me to have sex with her.

On the night of April's arrival my wife got called into work and asked if I was able to go pick up April from the airport and keep her entertained for an hour or so, until Amy returned home from work. I agreed to retrieve April in hopes of laying the groundwork for a week of raunchy sex with both her and my wife. I drove to the airport with a raging hard-on as thoughts of the numerous sexual possibilities flashed through my head. When I got to the terminal I was informed that her flight had been delayed and was going to be about 30 minutes late. I decided to have a seat in one of the airport bars and have a few drinks while I waited for April. I found myself anxiously glancing at the arrival board constantly as I sat and drank a few rye and cokes. After knocking back four or five drinks I noticed that April's flight had landed so I paid my tab and walked to the arrival gate to help with her bags.

By the time I staggered to the arrival platform, with a quick stop at the washroom, I saw that April was waiting for me with her bags piled neatly beside her. Having not seen her for close to 5 years, and not since she was pregnant, I wasn't quite ready for what I saw. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had shed all of the baby weight and looked even better than I remembered. April was quite tall, 5'9", with blonde hair, nice 34B breasts and very long toned legs that she was proudly displaying in an extremely short skirt. As I approached I saw that she was looking the other way so I made up my mind to sneak up on her. Influenced by the liquor that I had consumed earlier I decided to walk up behind her and give her a sharp spank on the ass. The second my hand met her butt she screamed in shock and jumped nearly 2 feet in the air.

"You bastard!" she scolded me as she smacked me on the shoulder. "You scared the shit out of me, asshole!"

At first glance I thought that she was truly upset with me but I then noticed a smirk start to form on her pale face. I was glad that I hadn't really made her angry but decided to apologize just in case. "I'm sorry, I just thought that it would be funny."

She assured me that she wasn't truly mad and asked if we could make our way to the car and have cigarette since she was unable to have one for the last 3 hours. I picked up her overstuffed luggage and led her out of the terminal and toward the car, pausing for her to light up along the way. As we walked I informed April as to why I was alone and that we would continue to be alone for the next hour or so. She seemed to be slightly disappointed that Amy wasn't able to meet her at the airport but I also noticed that she had a very mischievous look on her face. When we finally found the car I popped the trunk and placed her heavy bags inside. Just as I let go of the final piece of luggage I felt her hand grab my ass and give it a firm squeeze.

"If you get to touch mine, then I get to touch yours!" April teased as she slid her other hand over my butt as well.

"Well, if that is how things are going to work, why don't you feel my chest?" I joked while continuing to enjoy her exploration of my rear end.

With the car finally loaded April removed her hands from my ass and climbed into the passenger seat of the car. I made a quick adjustment to my crotch before entering the car and heading home. I sped home, enjoying the view of April's long legs stretched out next to me, in hopes of getting as much time alone with her as possible before my wife joined us. We arrived at our house, unloaded the car, and I told April to make herself at home while I fixed her a drink. Upon returning to the living room I was greeted by April bent at the waist over her bags with her skirt slowly riding up her legs, partially exposing her ass. I remained still for a moment, admiring her butt from across the room before clearing my throat to announce my presence in the room. April rapidly stood straight up and pulled her skirt back over her ass, acting as if she were embarrassed.

We sat next to each other on the couch and began to fill each other in on what was going on in our lives. April sat with her legs crossed and gently swirled her foot in circles, flexing her calf muscle each time she did so. As I listened to her tell me about her son and how big he was getting I couldn't help but stare at her legs and was soon completely missing everything that she was telling me.

"Jack, are you even listening to me?" she inquired, obviously noticing that my attention was elsewhere.

"Um...yeah, sorry" I stammered, "It's just great to see you again!"

"I'm starting to think that you want to see more of me!" April teased, placing her hand on my knee.

My wife's cousin was now aware that I still found her to be very attractive and she was definitely showing interest in me as well. April was never one to beat around the bush and she was as forward as ever in this circumstance. She swung her leg over mine and was suddenly straddling me, pulling me in for an intimate kiss. With our lips pressed tightly together she began to grind her covered pussy against the bulge that had rapidly formed in my pants. I felt her hand snake between our bodies and start to fumble with the zipper of my jeans in an attempt to free my throbbing cock. With my pants finally undone she dipped her hand into my drawers and wrapped her fist around my shaft, pumping my cock while moaning into my mouth.

April pushed my face away from hers and dropped to her knees in front of me. She pulled my pants around my ankles as I sat motionless, astonished at her behaviour, while I waited for her to make her next move. April stared hungrily at my erect member, slowly sliding her hand up and down, while licking her lips in anticipation. I looked on as April lowered her head and began planting soft kisses along my shaft causing my cock to twitch in her hand. She soon switched to long deliberate licks from the base of my cock to the tip where she gobbled up the pre-cum that had leaked from my head. I leaned back on the couch, closed my eyes and revelled in the treatment that I was receiving from my wife's cousin. I felt her lips wrap around my sensitive head while her pierced tongue teased the underside of my cock. April's lips glided down my shaft until her nose came to rest in my trimmed pubic hair and the tip of my cock tickled the back of her throat. She started to moan which in turn caused her whole mouth to vibrate around me as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

April's next move took me slightly by surprise. She trailed her soft hand across my balls and down toward my asshole, lightly grazing my asshole which sent shivers up my spine. She either sensed my excitement or had been previously informed by Amy because she released my cock from her mouth and lowered her head until she could trace the tip of her tongue around the rim of my ass. I slid down further on the couch and spread my legs slightly to give April better access to my rear opening which she took full advantage of. She stiffened her tongue and slowly started to push into my asshole while pumping my throbbing cock with her fist. I found myself uncontrollably rocking my hips in an attempt to force her tongue deeper into my hole when she suddenly stopped rimming my ass and traced her tongue back up my cock with one long methodical lick.

"I'm glad we both like having our asses played with." April stated. "We are definitely going to have some fun this week!" she continued with a mischievous wink before again taking my entire member between her lips.

April sucked and licked my dick for a few more minutes prior to once again toying with my ass. This time she brought one of her slender fingers to her mouth and sucked it like it was a tiny cock. Once her digit was slick with saliva she moved it down to my asshole and pressed it against my already moist opening. My asshole accepted her finger with little resistance and I was soon bucking my hips again, trying to draw her finger deep into my ass.

"Mmmm, you like having your ass fingered, don't you?" April asked, "I'll even bet you want me to fuck you with a strap-on!"

She couldn't have been more right. That thought had been flashing through my head since the minute her tongue first tickled my asshole and now that she had brought it up, my whole body tingled in anticipation. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to picture being fucked by April while I had my cock buried in my wife's pussy. Almost without warning I felt my cock tense up and I was soon emptying my load onto April's face and onto her outstretched tongue. Blast after blast of white cum erupted from my dick and splattered April's lips and chin before dribbling down onto her shirt. She used her fingers to scoop up as much of my jizz as possible and deposit it into her mouth, swallowing almost my entire load. When she finished cleaning my cum from her face she engulfed my cock one last time, vacuuming up any remnants of my climax, leaving my shaft and balls in pristine condition. She casually stood and pointed out that it was time to go pick up Amy from work. I stuffed my still semi-hard cock back into my pants and we left to retrieve my wife.

The 10 minute drive to Amy's place of employment seemed excruciatingly long as April and I were both relatively silent and awkward toward each other after what had just happened. Although I was somewhat nervous about how my wife would react if she found out that her cousin had given me a blowjob, my mind was still trying to devise a plan to get them both into bed at the same time. Just as we pulled up in front of Amy's work, April reached across the center console and grabbed my cock through my jeans. "I can't wait to feel your beautiful cock inside me!" April whispered in my ear as the car came to a stop.

"I'm going to fuck you so good!" I replied before giving her a quick kiss. I pulled away when I saw Amy appear out of the corner of my eye. Between the darkness of night and the tinted windows I was certain that she hadn't witnessed April groping my cock or the kiss that I had given her. "How was your night Baby?" I asked my wife after rolling down the window.

"Not bad, but I can't wait to get home and have some fun with my cousin!" Amy exclaimed as she craned her neck to see her cousin in the passenger seat. Her seemingly innocent comment caused my cock to stir since I was already thinking of how much fun the three of us could have. Amy hopped into the back seat and her and April met between the seats for an awkward hug. "What did you two do to pass the time?" my wife inquired.

"Well...uh, we just hung out and caught up with each other." I stammered, hoping that April wouldn't admit what had really happened just yet. "What do you ladies want to do when we get home?" I asked, trying to change the subject.

"Why don't we just have a few drinks and watch a movie. I am tired and don't really feel like going out tonight." Amy answered.

"Sounds good." April and I responded simultaneously as we shared a naughty look.

When we arrived home we piled out of the car and made our way inside. Amy excused herself to go change into something more comfortable and asked me to make us all drinks. She grabbed April's hand and led her to our bedroom where we had decided to watch the movie from the comfort of our king sized bed. When I had finished preparing the drinks I made my way to the bedroom where I found that the girls had already made themselves comfortable under the covers. I set the drinks on the nightstand and grabbed a pair of shorts to slip into before joining the ladies in bed. I started to exit the bedroom to change when I was stopped in my tracks by my wife.

"Where do you think you're going? You can change here, we're all friends!" Amy said with a wink.

I began to unbuckle my belt and was cheered on by both my wife and her cousin. I hesitated for a moment before sliding my pants down my legs, leaving me standing in only my boxer briefs. I glanced at my wife and her cousin and saw that they were both watching me intently as I stripped out of my clothing. I turned slightly before peeling off my undies in an attempt to hide my semi-aroused state from the ladies, who were not shy about vocalizing their disappointment.

"Don't hide it Honey, April won't mind." my wife teased. "She might even like it!"

"Yeah Jack, I want to see that tool that Amy is always bragging about!" April added.

Now that I was certain that my wife didn't mind me showing my manhood to her cousin I spun around to face them directly. My cock stood proudly in front of me and pointed at the two sexy cousins sitting in my bed. When I bent down to pick up my shorts both women criticized my actions.

"There's no need for those" Amy suggested "put the movie in and get under the covers with us."

I knew that our night was about to get a lot more interesting so I followed my wife's directions and crawled into bed between Amy and April as the movie started to play. When I adjusted the covers I caught a glimpse of what my wife had slipped into. She was wearing one of my favourite pieces of lingerie, a baby blue crocheted tank top with matching panties. My prick jumped under the sheets in anticipation for what was possibly in my future. Just when I had gotten comfortable Amy flung the covers from her body, and mine, and rose to turn off the lights in the bedroom. The instant that my wife turned her back I felt April's hand begin to fondle my shaft that was jutting straight up in the air. She pumped her fist up and down a few times before retreating to her original position just prior to my wife returning to the bed.

Amy climbed into bed once again and nestled close to me, her thigh pressing against mine under the sheets. On the other side of me her cousin was located just as close except that she had rolled over onto her side and her butt was squished between us. Laying in bed with two sexy women, both of which I knew wanted me, was such a turn on that I couldn't keep myself from exploring their bodies as we watched the movie. I slowly stroked my wife's leg with one hand while using the other to fondle April's ass. I groped the women for the first 15 minutes or so of the movie, until they both decided to move at nearly the same time. Amy slid under one of my arms and lay her head on my chest while April did the same on the other side. I could feel the heat of their breath caressing my nipples, causing them to quickly harden, and the scent of their hair filled my nostrils. With a sexy women under each arm I tried to concentrate on the movie but had a very difficult time thinking about anything except fucking both women senseless.

I was soon jolted back to reality when I felt a soft, warm hand come to rest on my upper thigh. When I glanced down I was able to see that it was my wife who was touching me underneath the sheets. She moved her hand caringly up my thigh until her knuckles brushed against my sack before withdrawing her hand back toward my knee. While Amy teased my lower body her cousin had begun to tease my upper half. She had apparently noticed that my nipples had hardened and started to softly drag her fingers across them. The intense feeling of two women teasing my already aroused body forced both a low moan to escape my lips and my eyes to close.

When my wife heard me vocalize my pleasure she tilted her head and looked up at me. "Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked me innocently.

"Very much so" I sighed, "please don't stop, it's so relaxing."

Both ladies did as I asked and continued to stroke my body, getting more adventurous as time went by. My wife's hand found my swollen shaft as she lightly traced her fingertips along the underside of my cock while her cousin was now flicking her tongue over my stiff nipple. By this time trying to watch the movie was useless so I just lay back and enjoyed as both women tantalized me. As Amy took my shaft in her hand and slowly pumped her fist up and down April was tweaking my nipple with her fingers while nibbling on my neck and earlobe. April's hand soon started to move south and joined my wife in stroking my manhood.

"He has a really nice cock, doesn't he?" Amy asked of her cousin.

"Sure does, and it tastes great too" April admitted, "I sucked him off until he exploded in my mouth while we were waiting for you to get off work!"

"Can't leave you two alone for a minute!" my wife joked, looking up at me with a sly smile on her face.

"Sorry Hun, I was horny and April looked really hot!" I confessed, knowing that my wife was getting turned on by the fact that I had received a blowjob from April. "Her tongue ring felt great!"

"I'm sure it did but did it feel as good as this?" Amy inquired just prior to dipping her head down and swallowing my entire cock in one gulp.

My hips involuntarily thrust upward, forcing my cock deep into the back of my wife's throat as her cousin looked on in amazement.

"Wow, she really takes that deep!" April observed, "I need to get a closer look."

April scooted lower in the bed until her face was situated next to my wife's bobbing head. April began to tease my balls with her mouth as Amy proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs of my life.

"Aren't you going to share?" April asked my wife.

"Oh, sorry. I just got carried away. Here you go!" Amy responded, offering my slick shaft to April who swiftly wrapped her lips around my meat.

April worked on the head of my cock while my wife kissed and licked around the base, cupping my balls in her hand as she did so. As far as I'm concerned there is no better feeling than having two sexy mouths sucking my cock at the same time. In no time at all I felt that familiar tingle and knew that I was about to cum so I pushed both girls away in an attempt to delay my explosion.

"Hold on ladies, I want this to last." I stated as I slid myself out of their reach. "Why don't you two get out of those sexy outfits and we can really have some fun!"

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