Amy's Cousin Joins Us Ch. 01


April and Amy stood and rapidly shed what little clothing they were wearing before rejoining me on the bed. I leaned over and darted my tongue into my wife's mouth, kissing her passionately, before rolling over and giving her sexy cousin the same treatment. My hands roamed freely over both of their naked bodies as I took turns kissing the two of them. After a few minutes of this I decided it was time to force the action a bit so I started to trail my kisses down their bodies. I started with Amy as I kissed and licked my way down until I reached her erect nipples which I sucked into my mouth. When I finished with my wife's tits I rolled over again and took April's nipples into my mouth. She moaned loudly when I pinched her nips between my teeth and urged me to bite slightly harder. Having previously had her finger in my ass and now witnessing her writhe when I bit her nipples roughly I realized that April was one wild woman who really enjoyed rough and dirty sex. I moved my hand between her legs while continuing to manipulate her breasts and found that her pussy was already soaking wet. I plunged two fingers into her snatch and fiercely fucked her with my hand.

"Her pussy sounds nice and wet for you!" my wife commented, taking my pulsating shaft into her hand, "I can't wait to see you slip this inside her."

While Amy slowly fisted my cock I manoeuvred myself until my head was between April's thighs. I was in awe at the amount of thick juice that was leaking from her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I removed my fingers from her sloppy pussy and fed them into her mouth so she could taste her own cream before I started munching on her snatch. April's pussy tasted fantastic as I lapped at her slit vigorously, causing her to cry out in ecstasy. "Ooooh, your tongue is so good, don't stop!" she pleaded as she neared orgasm. April suddenly clamped her legs around my head and fucked my face with complete disregard for my comfort, all she was concerned about was getting off as soon as possible.

I sucked her clit between my lips and began to flick my tongue rapidly which was apparently all that she needed to reach her climax. "Oh my God, nibble my clit" she wailed, "I'm gonna cover your face with cum!" With that she released a flood of cream from her pussy which filled my mouth entirely. I swallowed down all of her cum, relishing her sweet flavor while gulping quickly. "You weren't kidding, he is really good at that!" she commented to my wife, releasing my head and trying to catch her breath.

I sat upright and looked down at April's slit which was swollen and pink from the intense tongue lashing it had received. Satisfied that I had pleased April I turned my attention to my wife who still had one hand on my cock and was playing with herself with the other. I lay down on my back and slid beneath Amy's legs, positioning her wet box directly above my face. Impatiently, my wife dropped her pussy to my mouth and began thrashing about, smearing her juices all over my already wet face. I licked and sucked greedily at Amy's pussy as her cream mixed with her cousin's which coated my lips and chin.

As I licked my wife's pussy to what I was hoping would be a very severe climax, I was delighted to feel a warm mouth envelope my shaft. I was in heaven as I ate my wife's tasty pussy while her hot cousin bobbed on my cock. I wasn't surprised at all when I felt April's finger exploring my ass again so I spread my legs to give her better access. April slowly inched her finger into my tight ass while continuing to give me an incredible blowjob. As my rear opening was invaded I moaned loudly into my wife's pussy, the vibrations from my lips sent shivers through her body which forced an exuberant groan from her lips.

"I need to cum right now" Amy blurted, "I want your hard cock inside me!" She lifted herself up and stood above my head, allowing my to gaze up at her pink wetness. "Look out April, I need that cock!"

April let my cock pop from her mouth, her finger still buried in my ass, and held it upright so that Amy could impale herself on it. My wife spun around to face me as she lowered her moist snatch toward my waiting manhood. Amy paused just before my cock slipped between her labia in order to permit April to rub the head of my cock along her slit, teasing me mercilessly. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my cock slid into my wife's tight pussy while she descended until her ass rested against my balls. Her snug pussy clenched my cock firmly as she started to gently rock her hips. As my wife increased her pace her cousin did likewise. I was soon being fucked wildly by my wife while April pumped her finger in and out of my ass.

Amy leaned down and lay her head next to mine as she steadily gyrated her pussy around my cock. "Your cock is so hard, Honey. Do like it when I fuck you while April plays with your ass?" she inquired sexily, knowing full well what my response would be.

All I could muster was a primal grunt as I drove my cock as deep as I could into my wife which, in turn, caused April's finger to slip from my ass. My rear opening didn't remain vacant for very long since April quickly plunged two fingers back inside, stretching my hole, and resumed her assault on my asshole. I couldn't help but buck my hips up toward my wife's pussy which caused April's fingers to tickle my prostate each time I moved. The intense sensation of a tight pussy around my cock and two fingers in my ass had my insides trembling, signalling my impending orgasm. "I'm gonna cum" I groaned while swirling my hips around, trying desperately to takes April's fingers as deep as possible.

"I want to taste your cum again!" April pleaded, "You tasted so good earlier!"

April grabbed the base of my cock with her free hand and pulled me from my wife's pussy before stuffing me into her mouth. April sucked my entire cock into her throat just as I started to explode. I emptied a huge load into her moist mouth which she swallowed down as quickly as she could. I came so hard and so much that cum began to leak out the corner of her mouth and fall to the bed below. She twisted her fingers in my ass in an attempt to coax out every drop of spunk that I possessed. Once April finished swallowing my load she aimed my still erect cock at my wife's pussy yet again and Amy slammed herself down on my shaft.

April withdrew her digits from my asshole as Amy bounced energetically on my manhood. Having cum twice already today I knew that I would be able to last long enough to make both ladies cum numerous times. I lay back and enjoyed my wife's tight pussy as it hugged my shaft while she rode me wildly. April took this opportunity to once again have me lick her pussy as she moved up on the bed until she was straddling my face, her pussy just inches from my mouth. I tilted my head and started to enthusiastically lap at April's wet slit which caused her to begin moaning and bucking her hips. April soon reached down, clasped her hands around my head and pulled my face against her pussy roughly. I was unable to move my head at all as she fucked my tongue vigorously, smearing her juices all over my face. At this point I was merely a two ended toy that the girls were using to get themselves off.

Amy was the first to announce that she was going to cum. "Fill me with your cock, make me cum!" she demanded just prior to unleashing a very intense orgasm that flooded my pistoning cock. "Oh God, you feel so good inside me!" She continued to ride me and her initial climax was followed closely by a second. And then a third! Now, completely spent, she collapsed next to me and watched intently while her cousin fucked my face.

April was grinding her snatch very hard against my face when she too announced her impending climax. I sucked her clit into my mouth and sucked hard while flicking my tongue rapidly. She came almost immediately! Her pussy released a gush of fluid which I eagerly lapped up while she groaned loudly above me. Once her orgasm subsided she finally released my head and I inhaled deeply, trying to regain my breath. April fell to the other side of me and the three of rested for a moment before going at it again.

I turned toward Amy and kissed her passionately, sharing April's cum which still coated my mouth and face. As my wife and I made out April nestled behind me and reached around my body to take hold of my cock. "I hope you still have more in the tank!" April stated while stroking my cock gently.

"What did you have in mind" I asked.

"Why don't you bend me over and fuck me from behind!" she requested boldly.

Without hesitation I raised up and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. I rammed my cock into her slick pussy with one long, hard thrust until my balls slapped against her clit. With my cock buried to the hilt I reached for her hair and grabbed a handful before snapping her head back roughly. I pounded her cunt hard while pulling her hair which soon had her screaming out another climax.

"Keep pounding my pussy, I'm gonna cum again!" April wailed as her pussy began to spasm with another wet orgasm.

In the midst of her second climax I took it upon myself to plunge two fingers deep into her tight asshole which I knew from experience would intensify her climax. I started to pump my cock and fingers in and out of April simultaneously and yanked on her hair with each thrust.

"That's it, fuck both my holes!" she cried out in rapture, "Make me your slut!"

I eventually slipped a third finger into April's ass which was convulsing each time I pushed them deep. She obviously loved having her ass played with as much, if not more, than I did since she seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm. I assaulted both of her holes for what seemed like an eternity before she collapsed to the bed in exhaustion.

"That was so fucking hot!" Amy commented from her spot next to us while tenderly rubbing her own pussy. "Bring that hard cock over here and fuck me!"

I pulled out of April's moist cunt, gave her a stinging smack on the ass, and moved between my wife's legs. Already slick with April's juices, I easily slid straight into Amy's waiting pussy until my rod was completely enveloped by her snatch. I leaned down and drove my tongue into her mouth while gently rocking my hips back and forth. I was so consumed with making love to Amy that I didn't notice that April had left the room and entered the washroom. As I made out with my wife I moved my hips just enough to allow my cock to stir her juices slowly.

"Did you like watching me have sex with April?" I asked Amy as I increased my pace slightly.

"I love it any time you get to fulfill a fantasy" she replied, "but it was especially hot to see you with my cousin." my wife admitted.

Hearing and feeling just how much Amy got turned on while I fucked April encouraged me to begin really pounding my wife's slit. We kept up our dirty talk in an attempt to see who could turn the other on more. It turned out that I won as Amy's pussy erupted in a very wet climax. Her pussy contracted so tightly that my manhood was forced from her gushing cunt. She sprayed my stomach with numerous streams of cum before begging me to penetrate her again. I let out a loud grunt as I hammered my shaft back into my wife's drenched cunt.

I resumed my fierce fucking of Amy but was startled when I felt something cold slip between my ass cheeks. I whipped my head around to see that when April had gone into the washroom it was apparently to slide her sexy body into one of our strap-ons. It appeared as if she had taken the time in the washroom to apply an ample amount of lubricant to the rubber cock that was dangling between her legs. April rubbed the slippery head of her fake dick along the crack of my ass and against the rim of my asshole, preparing my opening for her cock. When she felt that my asshole was appropriately lubed she placed the tip of the dildo in line with my hole and began to push. I was surprised at the ease with which the rubber cock slipped inside me and the incredible pleasure that it caused.

I had paused my thrusts into my wife while I waited for April to enter my ass with the entire length of the rubber cock. Once I felt the harness for the strap-on touch my ass I knew that the full 6 inches was inside me. Both girls remained motionless while I became accustomed to the cock in my ass. I signalled my readiness by starting to rotate my hips ever so slightly which, in turn, forced April's "cock" to move around deep inside me.

"Mmmm, you like being fucked in the ass, don't you?" Amy asked rhetorically as my cock twitched uncontrollably inside her pussy. "Wow, you're making his cock leap inside me!" she commented to her cousin.

By now I was ready to be fucked by April so I pushed as deep into my wife as possible which caused the cock to slip from my ass until only the head was left inside. I withdrew my cock slowly from Amy's tight box, forcing the rubber dong to once again push deep into my ass until the leather harness smacked against my ass. The pleasure of an extremely tight pussy wrapped around my cock while I was penetrated from behind with a 6 inch cock was astonishing. I had never before felt such an intense and overwhelming sensation. Each time I thrust in and out of Amy I was treated to the rubber cock fucking me from behind. I found myself gasping each time I was invaded by April's prick and my entire body trembled in absolute bliss.

I was well aware that I wasn't going to be able to hold off my approaching orgasm for very long so I buried my pulsating cock to the hilt in Amy's snatch and halted my movements completely. "Fuck me hard!" I blurted out as I swung my head around to look at April. "I want you to pound my ass until I fill your cousin with cum!"

April's eyes lit up when she realized what I wanted. She started sliding the false cock into my tight ass slowly allowing me to feel every inch as it stretched my asshole. With the whole cock buried in my ass April leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Are you ready to have your ass fucked hard?" she inquired before pulling back and slamming the cock back into me before I could muster a response. April proceeded to really hammer my ass as I loudly grunted my appreciation every time she thrust into me. Amy reached her arms around my torso and firmly grasped my ass. She pulled my ass cheeks wide apart which permitted April to thrust even deeper into my hole.

April continued her relentless assault of my asshole while Amy now started to gyrate her hips beneath me which added all the extra stimulation I needed. With a very loud groan I began to unload my seed into Amy's eager pussy while April maintained a steady rhythm behind me. My cock throbbed as I emptied a huge load into my wife's snatch. Spurt after spurt of hot cum exploded from my prick during what seemed like a never ending climax. As my orgasm began to subside April pushed her cock deep into my asshole one more time which coaxed a final jet of cum to burst from my cock.

With every last drop of cum I possessed emptied into my wife, I collapsed on top of her completely spent. April's strap-on cock slipped from my ass with an audible pop allowing the cool air to waft across my well fucked bottom. April lay down beside us with very sexy smile beaming from her face, obviously quite pleased with the fucking she had given me. That is the last memory I have of that night as I was apparently exhausted and passed out shortly thereafter. When I awoke in the morning I found myself alone in bed with a butt plug laying on the pillow next to a note from Amy. As I read my wife's very provocative letter my cock started to stiffen in anticipation of what was in store for me later that evening.

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