tagLesbian SexAmy's Evolution Ch. 02

Amy's Evolution Ch. 02


Author's note: Part 1 was a lot of build up and background. If you skipped it, here is the summary: Amy (written in the first person) is a virgin and has just agreed with her best friend to meet at their local Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) martial arts gym after hours for a match with the winner getting to fuck the loser, inspired by the certain website that features these contests. Amy has gone through a transformation over the past year, losing a lot of weight and gaining confidence.

I was so annoyed when it started snowing in the morning. I was working at home since my office had closed, and Friday's noon BJJ class at the gym was canceled. At least the mats would be fresh since they usually clean them well after Thursday's night class. The snow turned to sleet as the sun set, and normally I wouldn't consider driving in that weather. But the ride to the gym was two miles and totally worth the risk for such a special occasion. I knew my competition felt the same way. With butterflies in my stomach, I showered that evening and put on my outfit and applied a minimal amount of makeup, but spent time putting my hair into a nice braid instead of putting it up like I usually do when I grapple. I thought it looked better, and I had to make some concessions to look good and different versus a normal day at the gym.

Surprised that Victoria's Secret didn't carry thong bikinis, I had ordered my outfit online from an unfamiliar retailer. I was relieved the day before when it arrived and actually fit. I had never even worn thong underwear before, so it took some getting used to. Coupled with my new figure, I took to liking it really fast. I loved the sexy black bottom with the cute ties on the side and how it made my butt look, even though I would be mortified to be seen on a real beach with it. I slept in it and washed it the next day to get the "factory" smell off it, the fabric riding between my cheeks serving as a constant reminder of my upcoming match with Claudia.

I complemented the sexy thong with my best matching black bra, because the top it came with just didn't feel as good. I checked myself in the mirror for the thousandth time since the outfit had arrive the day before, humbly very pleased with the way my workouts had left my bare ass looking. I put on my best jeans and boots, then added a parka and left at 8:50PM.

When I arrived, Claudia's SUV was the only car parked in the lot. Our gym was part of a larger industrial storage facility, just like many other small martial arts gyms. There wouldn't be much traffic on a Friday night, especially since the weather sucked. I was grateful for the sleet now that we both had made it, since it gave us added privacy. A fellow student driving by and seeing our cars might get curious and drop in.

The door was locked. I knocked loudly, and Claudia answered. She was wearing a long black overcoat on top of tall black boots, leaving just an inch of bare skin showing above the boots. She looked very Eastern European and fashionable. She gave me a stern look as her eyes went up and down my figure, then she broke out in a smile. We had a quick hug and pecks on the cheek, then I came in out of the cold. Claudia locked the door behind me. It was a sliding bolt, just like the one on the emergency exit, which was the only other way out. There were no windows. We were probably in violation of many fire codes, but at least we had total privacy. She had been there long enough to turn on the heat and make the place comfortable for our impending nudity. I quickly removed my parka. "I didn't think you'd show," Claudia said. "I thought the prudish old Amy would use the weather as an excuse and chicken out."

"No way, I've been looking forward to this all week, and I know you have too."

"True," she said. "Okay, let's see your outfit. You go first, I called it."

"Hey, this was my idea!" I protested. She shrugged her shoulders, and I figured well, we have to strip down anyway. Off came the boots, top, and jeans, leaving me in the bra and thong. I stepped from the concrete onto the mat and turned to let her see my butt, then came back around for the verdict.

"Good lord, you're gorgeous, Amy. I'm going to eat you up."

"Your turn," I said. "Nice boots, by the way. New?" Claudia nodded. She had also applied minimal makeup, but I could tell she had paid attention to the small details, just like me. Her black hair was in the same long braid like we'd agreed. It sure would be fun to pull that hair after I won. Claudia unzipped her long overcoat and gave me a mischievous smile as she pulled it aside. She had nothing but her wresting outfit on underneath.

She had chosen a red thong and top, which I thought was one of her best colors against her skin. However, I hardly noticed it, because when she pulled back the coat, I realized she was already wearing her strap-on. It was the penis of a well-endowed black man: dark brown, realistic looking, and very large. "Oh my God, girl, that thing is huge!" I said. "I suppose I should have expected this since you were in charge of the hardware." She took off her boots and joined me on the mat. My hand clasped around the black shaft. It felt warm and soft but firm to my touch also. I couldn't reach all the way around it. I hadn't even thought about what Claudia would bring. I assumed it would have a bright color and medium size like the ones we had seen in the videos. I felt like I was holding an authentic big black cock attached to a tall stud standing next to me. I couldn't help it: I giggled like a little girl.

"Only the best for our special night," Claudia said. "Have you been with a man this big before?" I shook my head no. "I figured a tall, athletic girl like you would appreciate some size, just like me." She leaned in for a kiss, and I got some tongue briefly for the first time that night. "I want to please you when I fuck you." I loved Claudia's combination of dirty talk and affection for me so far that night. She didn't curse much except sometimes when we were drunk, and tonight we were stone cold sober.

"Sure," I said, scared to death. "I've always been curious about big and black." I renewed my vow to win the match to save my innocent pussy the monumental task of accommodating Claudia's enormous penis.

"I brought lube also. I have a tight pussy, so I need it for this big boy. I doubt you will, though, since you're probably pretty wide already." I pouted a little at her playful insult. "How do I look?" I realize I hadn't complimented her yet, even though I had definitely noticed her beauty.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to tell you how beautiful your red outfit is," I said sincerely. "I also didn't mention how I've been fantasizing about you all week, well, actually longer than that, and that I think you look intimidating but totally hot with that big cock dangling between your legs. It's too bad you'll never get to use it on me," I teased. "You're being a tad presumptuous wearing it now, aren't you?"

Claudia loosened the harness and stepped out of it. "Here, you try it on, just so you'll know how it feels in case you actually pull off an upset," she said. I ignored the comment. I usually won against Claudia still, but her skills were closing the gap. It would be a fight, but I knew I would win.

I donned it, and she helped me with tightening the straps. I was surprised at how heavy the mass felt dangling between my legs. I didn't think wearing it would make me feel different on the inside either, but I suddenly felt a lot more powerful and empowered. It would be a blast to wield this weapon in battle and dominate my opponent's fragile little Latin body. I couldn't wait. Confident in a victory, I was glad Claudia had brought such a large dildo. She smiled as she turned and pressed her tush against my crotch, the length of the dildo pressed down, aligned against her crack. I had to steady myself as she pressed hard, grinding her ass against the dildo. "It looks good on you, too," she said. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a quick kiss.

"I like how it feels," I said. "Can we just skip to the part where I fuck you? Lean over and touch the floor right now and I'll put it in from behind. You know you want it."

"I do, Amy." She was whispering, inches from my face. Then the sexy Latina did just as I asked. Showing her athleticism and flexibility with her lithe body, she reached forward and touched the ground, spreading her legs but keeping them straight. She alternatively arched and rounded her back, forcing her crotch to slide up and down the length of the cock. Then she stopped, reached back, and slowly hooked the thin fabric of the thong with her index finger and pulled it to the side just enough to show me what I was dying to see. "Is this what you want? Go ahead, put it in."

Claudia's cute butthole was staring up at me, the tiny radiant lines surrounding her starfish. The one at the bottom turned into thicker and more prominent fold of flesh that must merge just out of sight with the beginning of her pussy. I leaned my head down, trying to see the rest of her treasures barely concealed below her upturned ass cheeks. Claudia was looking back at me, and she giggled. I knew it now; she was teasing me.

She let go of the suit, snapping it back into place. "Or do you want me to bow down for you?" She fell to her knees. She went below doggie even, sitting on feet, her knees spread to the side to allow her upper torso to press flat against the mat. She stretched both hands out far to the front. Claudia was a gorgeous mix of straight lines, curves and symmetry. Her braided hair fell perfectly along her spine and pointed straight to her split, rounded butt. Her knees were a diagonal line out the side, and her hands stretched far to the front. All the Latina's lines seemed to point to the same place: that beautiful, mysterious area between her legs I wanted so bad to explore. Then she turned her head to the side and put both hands behind her. She took the straps of her bikini and pushed them down her hips just enough to show me an inch of crack. "What are you waiting for?" God I wanted her. But I knew this was a game, and I'd have to earn the prize.

Claudia let me take her in for a few seconds, then she stood. "You're such a tease," I accosted her. She joined with me for another hug.

"For now. All you have to do is win, and I will gladly give you whatever you want," she said. She kissed me lightly. Then I felt a wonderful sensation in my pussy. One of the straps for the harness went between my legs. Claudia exploited the remaining slack in the line and was pulling on it from behind and in front of me, rubbing it gently against my crack. I moaned. "Come on, Amy. Deep down you know you want to receive. You like thinking about me being in charge and having my way with you. There's no shame, and you know I'll be good at it. I can treat you like the whiny little whore you are and still make you love my cock, trust me." I grinned as she waited a few moments before continuing. She had really done her research well on how to take charge after one of these matches, or it came very natural to her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the light touch against my dampening crack. "Stretch out on the mat, baby. Let me fuck you." She kissed me lightly again. I felt the weight of the large penis sag lower. Claudia had loosened the straps on the sides. She raised her eyebrows at me and smiled as I stepped out of the harness. The unspoken question was clear. We were both trying win a battle the best way possible: without having to fight.

"Okay," I said as I nodded. For a brief moment, she believed it. I had returned the favor by teasing her and thus evened the score. "If you can earn it." We both laughed. The teasing was a perfect prelude to turn us on, but we'd have to go to war after all. I knew we were doing the right thing. A good battle would heighten our anticipation and make the sex so much more rewarding. Claudia put the strap-on inside a bag she had sitting on our instructor's desk then came back. We were standing on the mat facing each other, just wearing the bare minimum outfits we had brought.

"So I've been thinking a lot about this match. I have a few proposed rules changes we need," she said.

"Okay, let's hear them."

"I don't think we should kill each other then go straight to fucking since neither of us has really savored the love of a woman before. So we need to intersperse some foreplay in there just so we can be more familiar with each others bodies without rushing."

"Sounds good to me."

"So whenever one of us scores points as if it was a real jiu-jitsu match, we can choose an act of foreplay and stop for a few minutes, then resume from that position." I liked the idea. Points weren't scored here at the high rate as the modified wrestling matches we'd seen on the Internet, so the pace would be good. "But we should still try to score points by the same activities as one of the porn matches and not just go for submissions." No problem, I thought. I could finger-bang her before I did an arm lock to win. "Sound good?"

"When you get all scientific like that, it just makes me look forward to fucking you more," I teased. "I have one more suggestion though." I came close and wrapped my arms around her. "Give me one more good kiss and love me before we fight." Claudia and I shared a kiss for a few minutes similar to the one we had the last night we were together. There was no urgency, awkwardness, or aggression in our kiss. It was a lovely, soft, feminine prelude to the impending carnage. It also served to make my pussy wet even before the match started. I could smell a lovely perfume on her mixed with some kind of berry-scented shampoo. Her breath was minty fresh. I imagined both of us never had put so much time in front of the mirror before a workout.

I moved my right hand down to Claudia's belly and found the waist of her skimpy bikini, sliding a finger underneath it. She reached down and slapped my hand aggressively. "You have to earn that right, girl." And suddenly, our kiss was done and it was game-on. I took a step back, then another. Claudia tried to surprise me with a quick takedown and shot in low to grab my legs. She wasn't quick enough, though. I threw my legs back and sprawled heavy on her, my chest crushing down on her shoulders, forcing her to stay on her knees. It was weird to see my tits jiggle in the bra then flatten out as they pressed hard against her. I was used to doing this in a long sleeve shirt and sports bra. I tried to spin around and take her back, but she reacted quickly and got up, breaking contact. Apparently we were starting on our feet, not on our knees like the porn stars.

As we both continued to work for the takedown, I realized we didn't have the loud music on that normally blared during workouts here. That was fine. I was much more interested in hearing Claudia's grunts and labored breathing, and later the noises of her sexual pleasure. We circled each other, occasionally coming together to try to wrap up the other person and take it to the mat, or occasionally shooting in low. Neither of us had success, and we were already breathing hard after a few minutes. I clenched with her and got my arms under hers. I turned my hips and tried for a judo throw. Claudia was off balance for a second and it looked like I had her, then she was able to use her strength to center herself on her feet. While her hands were around my back and our bodies pressed together on our feet, I didn't notice her tugging at my bra strap until she pulled back a few inches and I felt my tits feel a little less restrained as the straps went slack. I reflexively put both hands on my tits, but it was too late. Claudia pulled hard as she retreated a few steps, and the fabric slid between my fingers. I move my hands aside, and my naked breasts sprang free.

Claudia grinned as she backed up a few more steps so she could gaze at my chest while having enough time to react to any sudden movements. "Do you like?" I asked. I loved my chest, and it was great to finally show it to my best friend. They were more than a handful for sure, but still quite firm with just enough hang to look natural, at least I hoped. My areolae were large and a very light shade of pink, almost indistinguishable from the light flesh on the breasts around them. My nipples were large also, pointing slightly upward, aroused, and raised maybe half an inch.

"Wow, Amy! That is an incredible rack! That bra wasn't enhancing you at all. You are all-natural, huge, and perfect. I love them," she said and winked at me. I couldn't help it and blushed a bit, if I wasn't already overly red from exertion.

"Glad to hear..." I didn't get to finish my answer. Claudia was shooting in again. I sprawled on her again hard, my flopping titties mashed against her back. But this time she had penetrated a little further and already had grabbed one of my legs behind the knee. She drove forward to reach the other one and overpowered me for a double-leg takedown. I quickly ensured I was facing her and wrapped her in my guard between my legs, but it was too late to avoid the points. She had scored.

"What happens now? Good shot," I said. I kept her wrapped up so as to not let her advance her position until I knew we were stopping for foreplay.

I felt her muscles relax, and she said, "Sit up." The Latina moved to sit behind me, and her legs stretched out to my sides as her arms went around my waist. I was nervous, because if we started grappling, she could easily choke me from this position, but I trusted her to follow the rules. She kissed my neck for a few seconds, raising goosebumps and stoking my arousal. "Kiss me," she commanded. I leaned back slightly and looked over my shoulder, eagerly obeying. I felt her hand cup my left breast as our tongues slid together. "So heavy," she mumbled into my mouth as she lifted it slightly. I giggled as she began to massage it gently. It felt incredible, and so far she was not even stimulating the nipples.

This position with a sexy woman I trusted kissing me tenderly and cupping my breasts from behind would turn out to be one of the favorite moments of my life. I could have sat there for hours. The only other person to touch me this way was that asshole from months back that tried to rape me, and he didn't have nearly as nice a touch as my Latina. She enjoyed my chest for a couple minutes, and soon her gentle caressing soon began to zero in in my erect nipple with a very light caress that turned into a light squeezing. Claudia's phenomenally great kissing and light pinching on my nips could potentially have gotten me off by itself, but I knew we had to move on even though I didn't want to stop. "Is that okay? Or too hard," she asked, referring to her light squeezing of my nipple and breast flesh.

"It's just right. You have a wonderful touch. Why don't you kiss one of them? I think I would like that." I turned slightly to give her a better angle. She complied immediately, and I felt her wet lips and soft suction on my nipple. She alternated between a light suction and flicking it with her tongue while her other hand cupped and massaged my other breast. I barely noticed when Claudia's other hand settled on my hip and slid over to my crotch. Her middle finger just barely slid underneath the thin fabric as she began her journey south. I put my hand down and stopped her at the top of my runway. I grinned and shook my head no. She'd have to win another small victory to go there, even though I was dying to let her. We knew our brief foreplay interlude had to end. Claudia grinned as I turned to face her, bringing my legs around her torso to return to the earlier position we had stopped in.

"Go," she said and quickly began to struggle. Her objective was to get out from between my legs and mount me, but I didn't let her. She had a bad habit of getting greedy when she was on top, and I made her pay. I grabbed her head and pulled her down, then brought a knee into her chest. As I pulled her on me, I scissor-swept my legs, sending her on her back to the side of me, and I easily rolled on top of her, mounted. I also had the presence of mind to grab the string dangling from her back as I did this, so by the time Claudia hit the mat on her back, the top still covering her tits was untied and completely loose.

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