tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmy's Humiliation

Amy's Humiliation


My old girlfriend, Amy, is very jealous. She doesn’t want me anymore, but she doesn’t want anyone else to go out with me. She is 38 years old, but keeps her body in great shape. Actually, her 32-22-32 body is incredible! She is 5’6” and weighs 110 lbs. She only has a B-cup, butt her ass is spectacular! She has black hair that falls to the middle of her back.

My current girlfriend, Mary, is 5’8”, 135 lbs., with a 38-26-36 figure. She is 26 years old. Although her ass isn’t as good as Amy’s, her D-cup more than makes up for it. Mary is a brunette with shoulder length hair.

The first time Amy saw me with Mary, we were at a party, and I could see the hatred in her eyes. I knew she was extremely jealous of Mary’s cleavage – and how the men reacted to it. Mary had on a low cut, long white gown. Her mountainous boobs were barely restrained by two thin straps, which ran from the back of her dress to the front. Each man that passed us had his eyes glued to Mary’s chest.

Amy could not contain herself; she walked up to us and asked me how I liked fucking a big titted cow. Mary answered for me by saying, “yes, he loves it – at least I have something for him to play with and titty fuck – not like you, you flat chested bitch.” Wow, Mary shot her down with that comeback. I could tell Amy was steaming mad. I know how Amy thinks, and she thought that by humiliating Mary, she could get some type of revenge on Mary and me. Basically, I knew she would start something.

Well, she did start something: a one sided catfight. Amy snuck up behind Mary and ripped both of the thin shoulder straps on her dress. Mary’s plump D-cup tits came pouring out for all to see! Mary screamed, “Oh my God, you fuckin’ bitch!” Mary folded her arms over her enormous breasts in an attempt to cover up her public display, and when she did, Amy slapped her pretty face. As Mary raised her hands to protect her face, her boobs bounced up and down for all to see. As Mary retreated from the attack, her dress fell to her ankles and she tripped. Before she could scramble to her feet, Amy caught up with her and planted a few smacks on her ass, which was only covered with a white G-string. All the party-goers were laughing as Mary finally left the room. As I drove her home, she swore she would get even.

Mary is a hairdresser and she asked around and found out where Amy got her hair done. Mary is friends with the manager of the salon where Amy had an appointment scheduled. She explained what Amy did to her, so the manager was more than happy to reschedule Amy for last evening appointment and give the keys to Mary.

As Amy was sitting in the chair with a hairdryer on, Mary walked up behind Amy and used duct tape to secure Amy’s wrist to the chair’s armrest. Before she could react, Mary did the same to her other wrist. Amy started screaming and kicking, so Mary also used the duct tape to bind her ankles to the chair legs. Amy was now completely at Mary’s mercy.

Amy called Mary a “fuckin’ balloon tit bitch.” Mary replied, “paybacks are hell.” Mary used her shears to slit Amy’s top and shorts; she then tore the clothes right off her. Mary had allowed me to come in and watch the action. Amy was nude except for a blue thong style pair of underwear. With one tug Mary pulled it off and stuck it in Amy’s mouth. “That ought to shut you up, bitch” said Mary. You could see the fear in Amy’s eyes as her cries were muffled by the thong.

Amy was proud of two things: her delectable ass and her long black hair. Mary was about to take care of the latter. When Mary went to work cutting her hair, Amy started to cry. She didn’t shave her head like I thought she might, but actually gave her a tasteful short haircut. It didn’t matter – Amy balled the entire time, as her long hair fell over her naked body. After she was done, Mary said, “there now, old bitches like you should have short hair.” Amy just cried.

Things took a kinky turn now. Mary grabbed a can of shaving crème and spread it over Amy’s ‘landing strip.’ Mary began shaving off Amy’s sexy pubic hair. Again, Amy just cried, but she was careful not to move, so she didn’t get cut. This was an unbelievable site: watching one hottie with big boobs shave another hottie with tiny tits! By shaving her snatch and cutting her hair, Mary took away two things that made Amy appear sexy to other men. Watching this, I was rock hard and about to explode.

Mary knew this, so she stripped out of her jeans and top. She sat in the chair next to Amy and slid her crotch to the end of the chair. I then fucked Mary standing up. Just before I was ready to cum, Mary yanked my cock out of her juicy cunt, stroked it, and then sprayed my cum all over her beautiful boobs. This felt great because I can get off with hand jobs better – if the girl can do it right.

Mary then stood up in front of Amy. She ordered Amy to clean my cum off her tits!

Amy protested, but Mary forced Amy’s head into her chest. Amy’s eager tongue went to work licking the cum. Talk about humiliation! It had to be worse for Amy with me watching.

When she was done, Mary finally cut the tape on Amy’s hands and feet. She grabbed Amy’s short hair and bent her over in front of me. She made Amy lick her cunt juice off my dick! Wow, this was erotic and it felt great! Lastly, Mary sat down and took Amy over her lap – then she proceeded to give her a bare handed spanking. Amy was crying and kicking her feet as her pert ass was smacked again and again.

Finally, she released Amy. She said, “Well, I guess you paid for that little party incident. Wiggle your ass in front of my boyfriend again, and you’ll get a public humiliation.” With that Amy gathered her torn clothes and left the shop. Mary and I get excited when we talk about sexually humiliating Amy.

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