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Amy's Invitation


Chris was an ex-boyfriend, but we had parted ways very quickly realizing our mutual profound incompatibility. We remained friends, and he often drove to my house in the Adirondacks for respite from his (self-imposed) hectic life. On a few occasions, he brought his new girlfriend, Amy, a lovely auburn 19 year-old, to visit. Chris had drinking problems and had a hard time with emotional issues, and they often asked me for advice. Though she was younger we always had a good time. I never thought much of it until the day that Chris called me to ask a very strange question.

"You know that Amy used to be a Lesbian?" he asked


"Well, she's interested in exploring her bi-side again"


"She has a crush on you, and wants me to ask if you'd be interested in joining us..."

I had to think about it for a minute. I can appreciate good-looking specimens of either sex, and, like most women, I was curious but had never done anything about it. I pictured Amy, with her expressive eyes and lush curves and great laugh. I expected the adventure would be more Chris getting off with me watching. Still, my boyfriend lived out of state and Adirondack winters are known for being brutally long and cold. And boring. Curious to see where this would lead, I ran the idea past my boyfriend (who surprised me with a complete lack of jealousy except that he wished he could be there to watch!), and I booked us a night at a nearby motel. You only live once, right? I couldn't actually picture myself kissing a girl, but I figured that events would run their own course if I kept my mind open.

You could see your breath in the room when we entered. We turned on the heat and went out for coffee, laughing about most North Country foreplay consisting of hours spent removing endless clothing layers to thaw by the wood stove. Strip poker games have lasted entire weekends. I knew of marriages that lasted only because of the harshness of an Adirondack winter. You couldn't see anything under the layers of scarves, hats, gloves, long johns, overcoats, etc. As we thawed in the diner, eventually I could tell Amy was actually wearing a skirt over her long johns, and a beautiful corset that laced up the back. Her cleavage was eventually exposed after a while, and I started fantasizing about nuzzling my face into it. That's when I first knew I was in for a treat, and that I was most certainly bi myself. That revelation out of the way, it was playtime!

After drinks and appetizers, we clowned around in the snow a bit outside the motel, and Chris at some point dropped snow down Amy's shirt. She made him get it out for her. He unbuttoned her coat and flannel, and dropped his mouth to suck the water drops and slush from the slope of her very generous breasts. One hand grabbed her hips. I stood transfixed by the sight. Open-mouthed they kissed passionately and wantonly, Amy's body pressed against Chris with undisguised lust out there in the parking lot. Chris grabbed me with his other arm and pulled the three of us into a steamy embrace while he kissed me too. Laughing about small town gossips, I quickly ushered all three of us into the room. Chris unloaded beer while I helped Amy out of her coat, gloves, boots, etc. She was gorgeous in a black corset and red broomstick skirt. I peeled off my own layers to reveal dress pants and a silk blouse. They didn't know about the baby doll teddy underneath. With deliberate slowness, I removed her long johns, leaving her in skirt and corset.

I lit some candles and turned off the lights. It gets dark quickly, and soon we were aglow in candlelight. We made small talk while I warmed up a bottle of homemade massage oil and Amy offered me a backrub. Chris settled back with a beer in hand to watch his girlfriend's hands slowly remove my pants and blouse, leaving just a flirty little red teddy. I was in great shape and in my sexual prime. I sat on the edge of one of the queen-sized beds while Amy rubbed my shoulders and neck with skill, and then worked the straps of the teddy off my shoulders. Chris greedily stared at my hard nipples as the material floated past my chest. I looked at him and licked my lips as Amy laid me down to rub my back. She straddled my lower back with her warm thighs and smoothed hot oil into my skin with hands as soft as a dove's wing. The folds of her skirt whispered against my bare flesh in maddening strokes like tiny lashes with a feather whip. I felt the ends of her hair also lightly stroking my back, each touch a tiny lick from an even tinier tongue.

When I am with someone sexually, I always take a moment to decide what persona I will take for each encounter. It helps me build a fantasy while I pleasure my partner. Amy had recently talked to me a lot about her problems with men who did not appreciate her, and I decided, with her hands gliding over my back, that I was going to take a masculine lead and treat her to a night of love and ecstasy centered on her own pleasure. I was going to set a pace that made her feel loved, wanted, and cherished. What was great is that because I knew Chris so well, I would be able to manipulate him into playing along. I was going to tease Amy out of her shell, and then let her be whoever she wanted to be.

When it was my turn to reciprocate the sensual massage she had given me, I started by massaging her feet. I am semi-professionally trained to give massage, and I can vary my pace from practical to sensual enough for a night in Araby. I opted for the latter. I let my hands linger on every pressure point and fold as I slowly worked up to her ankles. I felt her relaxing under my hands as I worked my fingers and palms into her calves and thighs. For now, I deliberately avoided any classic erogenous zones, staying only in "safe" zones. Her skin glowed in the candlelight. Chris watched with lively interest while Amy purred between my thighs. I was starting to get very turned on, and could smell myself over the scented oil. I could also start to smell her scent, similar to mine but yet different. I longed to taste her.

I deliberately undid her corset, revealing a smooth white back that I couldn't wait to touch. I reveled in the feel of her ass as I massaged her glutes and quads, lingering to appreciate her wonderful curves. I traced my finger lightly around her underwear as she shuddered. I started lovingly on her lower back, kneading her flesh like I was making a loaf of fine bread.

After I worked her muscles all the way up to her neck and shoulders, I started alternating my strokes to massage out along her ribs with my nails and the back of my hands. Between strokes, I ran my hands down her sides, feeling the heft of her breasts ballooning out from underneath us. Her entire back was glistening now with scented oil. My breasts dangled free, the chilly air forcing the nipples into erect points. Chris started stroking his cock through his jeans. My hands roamed Amy's neck and traced underneath to her sternum and shoulders. They lingered in all the spots that made her shiver. I used her response to intensify and lighten my strokes as she wanted. Her body grew very warm underneath me. I played with her hair and nape when she lifted her head and looked into my eyes with a look of unmistakable desire.

She abruptly rolled over, and I was treated to the sight of her large breasts pressing against my naked thighs. My pussy heated up as it rested against her navel, separated only by my flimsy silk panties. My teddy pooled around my waist and hers. She raked her nails down along my back as she pulled me towards her for my first kiss with a woman. It wasn't awkward at all. Our lips met, and I was struck immediately by how soft and warm they were. I opened my mouth and met her tongue probingly with mine. Her mouth was wonderful, and we kissed gently and passionately for several minutes. I felt her hips start to rock under me. I played with her tongue, sucked her lips, and met her motion for motion. She tasted absolutely wonderful.

Holding her head in my hands, I kissed her eyebrows, brushed my lips along her cheek, tilted her chin, and nuzzled her neck. She started panting with desire almost immediately. I kissed down her neck to her chest and scapula, savoring the smell of her flowery perfume. I nibbled her ear while she moaned softly. My lips eventually traced a path to her cleavage. My hands freely caressed her body. Taking a deep breath, I slowly drew her large nipple into my mouth and sucked it as gently as I could. As soon as I did, Amy's hips bucked underneath me sharply. I could now clearly smell her arousal, much sweeter and less musky than my own.

I played with her breasts for about 15 minutes, sucking them and playing with them exactly how I like to be toyed with. I could not get over how succulent the flesh felt under my hands, mouth, and tongue. I sucked her nipples and aureoles until they throbbed in my mouth. I felt Amy growing hotter underneath me with each movement. I traced kisses down to her navel, then back up to her tits. I massaged warm oil into her globes. She glowed like a treasure that has just been exposed to the light of discovery, and started pushing me down with her hands while making small moans of invitation. "I can't believe you've never done this before!" she gasped, as I lightly sucked and licked her abdomen.

"I'm just doing what I know I like done to me", I whispered, and kissed the prominence of her hipbone. She outright groaned with contentment and relaxed further into the bed, playing now with her own nipples.

Emboldened, I nuzzled and explored her hips, lower abdomen, and inner thighs with my tongue, licking her skin with small flicks punctuated by long, savory helpings. She squirmed and I did my best to hold her in place. The smell of her luscious cunt was drawing me closer and closer to her crotch, and she was frantically pushing me there with her hand on my shoulder, the other squeezing her nipple so hard it was turning bright red. Finally, an eternity later, I peeled off her panties. Her pussy was completely shaved, and was literally oozing with clear fragrant juices. I ran my hands along its surface, and her legs spread for me almost instinctually. She was now completely relaxed and completely turned on, a glorious vision of a woman powerful in heat and lust. She started moaning for me to eat her with insistent little whimpers and whispers.

So I settled my shoulders between her beautiful white thighs, lifting her knees slightly, and bent forward to take my first encounter with pussy other than my own. I heard Chris gasp but blocked him out. Amy was all that existed. I deeply inhaled her scent as I nuzzled her lightly all around her lips before actually opening my mouth. She smelled like spiced fruit. My first lick followed her slit, and I couldn't believe how delicious she was. I wanted to drink her wetness dry but that seemed impossible with the rate at which it was replenishing itself. My tiny tongue slid easily straight up into her opening, and I pushed it inside as far as it would go. She was very loose and very, very wet. She was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. I nibbled her clit and pussy lips while drinking her flowing liquid right out of her. I couldn't get enough. She started bucking and writhing on the bed and I had to really hold onto her. I shoved two fingers into her, palm up, and curled the fingers against her G-spot while pressing on her tummy. She came almost instantly, screaming and cursing loudly enough to wake the dead, her face contorted in pure rapture. When she caught her breath, she grabbed me like an animal in heat and tuned me around on top of her, saying, "I need some of that too!"

She ripped off my underwear and immediately dove into my own cunt with an expert tongue and lips. My back arched instantly- her mouth was smaller than any man's I had ever known, and it practically fit inside my tiny little hole. I felt her tongue actually licking the inside walls of my cunt while she feasted on my own flowing juices.

Chris must have had enough, as he was suddenly in front of me, naked, holding his cock out to me. Amy ate me to bliss while I deepthroated her boyfriend, taking his cock easily into my gullet and sucking the entire shaft. He threw his head back and enjoyed my very skilled mouth for a minute before pulling back to investigate Amy's offerings. I held her open as he plunged his head right into her open hole. I watched with pure lust as his dick slid back and forth inches from my eyes, his balls slapping against her ass, his hair curling around her bald folds and mound. She was so wet I could hear squishing sounds coming from her cunt. His dick glistened with her wetness. Their combined scent was heavenly. She continued to lap at me in between grunts of pleasure. When she was almost there, I lowered my head and flicked her engorged clit with my tongue, completely pushing her over the edge. She screamed her way through her second orgasm of the night, and as she did, I watched Chris's cock stiffen as he blasted a load of cum into her. It dribbled around her opening as he pulled out.

Amy was now shaking with her lust. She rolled me over, kissing me roughly, running her hands all over my body, and moaning the entire time. She bit her teeth into my shoulder and neck and breasts, repeating, "Oh my God, Oh my God, I need to cum again!"

I was not at all surprised when she straddled my face between her thighs and placed her sloshing cunt over my mouth. I reached up and played roughly with her heavy breasts while I drank Chris's cum out of her box. She bounced on my face until I had completely cleared her out and licked the walls clean. My face was a mess with their combined love juices, and I was more turned on than I had been in years. Amy was in a state of continuous orgasm from me eating her pussy. I remembered her saying that she wished Chris was more into anal, so I moved her a little bit and slid my tongue into her tight little asshole. She screamed even louder than before while I ate her again into oblivion by playing with her back door. She was more delicious with each lick! My mouth was even starting to cramp and I still couldn't stop. All I wanted was to keep her on the edge, and give her the best fuck of her life. She rode my face until she collapsed in exhaustion.

I suddenly felt Chris's hard cock enter my open pussy, and only let myself be taken aback for a moment. As much as I love giving and receiving oral sex, I only come with something inside me. I wanted to come. Chris was a sloppy lover compared to his girlfriend, but his cock was thick and hot and it hit all the right places. Amy moved aside and played with my breasts and watched while he pounded me into my own long overdue orgasm. As I lay there panting on the bed, he pulled out and dripped his second load all over my heaving tits. Amy obliged by taking me into her arms and licking each drop from my chest. We fell asleep with our arms wrapped around each other, my nipple in her mouth, and our hair falling in a cloud around us. Chris gave us one bed and he took the other.

I got up to pee early the next morning, and wickedly put my coat on to step outside. The cold blasted my mostly naked body as I got what I wanted. I returned to bed beside Amy and lay the icicle on the nightstand beside me. Amy opened her eyes and kissed me. She tasted like cunt. She was exquisite. I wanted to devour her again. I told she smelled good enough to eat, and that I was very hungry. She giggled and said that I was a good girl and deserved some more pussy.

I whispered to her that it was going to be a little cold but that she would enjoy it. She quietly asked me to light a candle. I traced the icicle over her nipples as she shuddered and gasped from the cold. She asked me to drip hot wax onto the places touched by the icicle. I watched, astounded, and the tiny drops touched her skin and made her cry out in pleasure. I ran the icicle down her belly to her mons, and she moaned with desire. Gently, I pushed the tip of the icicle carefully inside her, freezing her tunnel as I fucked her gently with the frozen member, and lapping up the water that dripped from her pussy. Her skin was covered in gooseflesh and she was incredibly turned on. I set the icicle down and lovingly fingered her pussy and ass to another orgasm. Once again, we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms afterwards.

I awakened to Amy gently fondling my breasts as we lay on our sides. Her eyes were looking right into mine as we kissed longingly and deeply. She rolled me over on top of her and ran her hands up and down my back. I pushed myself up and dragged my nipples across her naked body. She asked me to bite her, hard, and I sank my teeth into the flesh of her shoulder and tit. She immediately got hot. I reached around and played with her pussy with one hand, stroking her hair with the other. She placed my hand on her throat, and I squeezed her as hard as I dared. Chris was behind us again. I moved to accommodate his body behind me as his cock entered Amy's pussy, pulled back, and then entered mine, in successive alteration. As his strokes got more furious, I held Amy down while he fucked her hard over top of me, filling her tunnel a second time with his copious fluid. I had enjoyed it so much the first time I had no choice but to eat it out of her again the second time. I relished the taste of fresh cum and her overpowering scent of arousal as I imbibed in my delicious meal. Wordlessly, I ate her into yet another orgasm. Chris watched in amazement as I tongued her ass, saying first, "I assume that's her pussy you're licking?" followed closely by, "Damn, most men have to pay for a show this good". Finally, he just shook his head and went out for donuts.

Amy and I showered together while he was out, washing each other's hair and bodies. We had a great time. When Chris came back, I was lacing her back into her corset, battling a sense of loss as I covered her heaving bosom with the silky black material. I put my arms impulsively around her waist and kissed her again, and I could sense that I had guessed right about what she was really after. She wanted to feel safe in someone's arms, and she hadn't with Chris, not in a while. I vowed to find out why before she left. For now, I felt very protective towards her, and I think Chris sensed it, for he started to get irritable. As if I was stealing her from him. In a way I actually was, I guess, although not intentionally.

We tried to keep everything light as we bundled up to head back to my apartment. Chris was a jeweler and silversmith, and had some errands to run. Amy asked to stay behind with me while he worked his route. Frustrated but realizing he had no choice, he acquiesced. Amy told me after he left about the living conditions at their house in West Virginia, with no running water and the unspeakable filth. She went home to her parents to shower. She was the only one of four people in the house working a steady job, and the steady flow of alcohol and pot ensured that this would not change. All three men expected her to perform for them. She admitted that she felt she needed it, as she wanted to orgasm like any normal woman but had never been able to do it herself.

Amazed, I asked her if she had ever tried a vibrator. No, she admitted, she had not. I explained that I had never been able to come by myself either until I tried one. Laughing, I told her that I was very grateful to the Xandria Company for saving my love life. With my boyfriend Chen in another state, 5 hours away, we saw each other only very infrequently, but had learned to have great phone sex assisted by my "little friends" as he called them. I had a small collection and showed them to her. "Lay back on my bed", I told her, as I pulled out my favorite. It was an expensive Japanese model, worth every penny, with a rotating shaft of pearls, multiple vibrations, and a clit stimulator that covered the entire region in question. "I'm going to show you something..."

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