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An Adventurous Wife


This story was told to me by my friend Cindy. She asked me to write up for her so her husband could read all about her adventures!

My name is Cindy, I'm twenty four years old and I have been married to my lovely, handsome, husband Leo for four years. Leo is a couple of years older than me and six foot tall. I'm somewhat shorter than he is at five foot two and posses a slim build. Leo and I talk about sex a lot together, but until recently we had never adventured outside of our marital boundaries.

Last January Leo and I went to a New Year's party at my elder sister Alison's house. In order to ensure that Leo and I could make the most of the evening, the plan was for the two us to spend the night in one of Alison's spare rooms. Other than Leo and me, the other guests were a combination of friends and work colleagues of Alison and her boy friend. One of the guests at the party was Alison's boss Bill whom I had met on a few occasions at some of Alison's work outings. I would have said Bill was somewhat older than Leo and me, somewhere in his late thirties. I always considered Bill to be quite distinguished.

We hadn't been at the party very long before Bill started flirting with me. He didn't seem at all bothered to be doing this with Leo in the same room. This flirting continued whilst we were partnered up during one of my sister's party games and after when we had a couple of dances together. A little later in the evening, my sister set up a game of postman's knock. When Bill called out my number, it wasn't just a kiss that he gave me but a full on snog, with his hands exploring my body a little, and I actually moved his hands up a few times from my behind ( I have come to realise that men do seem to appreciate my bottom). Bill actually called my number a total of four times during the game, and it was snogs and squeezes every time.

A little later I was helping Alison make sandwiches in the kitchen. It was at this point that she told me that her boss really fancied me and she confessed to deliberately setting up the game of Postman's knock, ensuring that Bill would keep getting my number. I laughed at this, but she just went on to say that a "change was better than a rest".

Bill continued flirting with me that evening. At one point during a sing-a-long, Bill, while sat next to Leo, pulled me on to his knees and wasn't afraid to place his hand on my thigh and hips. In fact Leo whispered to me how he had noticed what had been going on during the postman's knock game and teased me that Bill was my boyfriend.

A little later I notice Alison and Leo have a quiet chat to one side of the room. Shortly after this Leo announced that he had a bad headache and would be going home, but encouraged me to stay at Alison's. Presumably he preferred our own bed or maybe he and Alison had made an arrangement, I'm not sure and to this day I still don't really now.

When I returned to the living room after Leo had left, I found that Alison had dimmed all the lights, and had replaced the disco music with slow soft music. Bill and I began to slow dance, with Bill holding me very close against him, his hands exploring my bottom till he must have known every inch. We kissed once or twice. I found him to be a very good kisser, his tongue was magic. After leaving us to dance for a while, my sister came up to two of us and suggested that we would be more "comfortable" in the bedroom. Maybe I should have said no, I don't know, but I didn't. I have no excuse; I simply took Bill up with me to the bedroom I was going to share with Leo!

Once we got the bedroom, Bill began to kiss me passionately, lifting my skirt up at the back whilst playing with my bottom. Bill seemed very experienced. We sat down on the bed kissing; before we fell back lying down. Bill began to undress me skilfully, and started to kiss me all over concentrating on my breast which he also sucked. I was completely naked with a man for only the second time in my life. Bill quickly undressed himself, and we slipped under the duvet. That was when I felt Bill's cock for the first time. I liked Bill's cock. Actually it was quite similar to Leo's (around 7 inches I would say), only circumcised, and perhaps a little thicker. I enjoyed playing with his cock as we lay there kissing.

He started to kiss me a lot again, exploring my mouth with his tongue and my body with his hands. His stiff erection was hard against me and it wasn't long, having checked first that I was on the pill, before he was working his way in to my waiting and very wet pussy. Bill pushed me back down onto the bed and as he fucked me urgently, he made me cum before he did.

In all we fucked three times that evening, in many different positions, many of which were new to me. Bill liked to fuck me with my legs up over his shoulders, penetrating me very deeply. He also put his cock in my mouth to help him get hard before our last fuck, something that I had never done before. After that we fell asleep together on the bed, and spent the night cuddled together. In the morning I took him in my mouth once more, and feeling more confident than the night before began giving him a nice slow blow job, sucking him off slowly till he ejaculated in my mouth. I made sure that I swallowed every last drop of his cum.

Shortly after this I phoned Leo to see how he was. He asked me if I slept alone at my sisters, and I told him that I hadn't. We had been supposed to go and visit his cousin that day, but I told him that I was tired, and we agreed that he would go on his own and that we would meet up after at home. After breakfast, being so tired, I went back to the bedroom alone and fell asleep very quickly.

When I awoke in the afternoon, I found Bill in bed with me once more. Bill had come equipped this time, my sister having lent him a selection of her sex toys. He took one of the vibrators and slowly began to pleasure my pussy with it. It felt very nice. This he did for some time, bringing me to the heights of pleasure several times. He then took a change of tack, removing the vibrator from my pussy and, after applying Vaseline that my sister had provided him, placed it at the entrance of my anus. I didn't stop him as he began to probe my anus with it. It with a little sore to start with, but this soon passed, and I readily took in the toy. Once Bill had gained access, having fucked and lubed my arse with the lubricated vibrator, he replaced it with his own erect cock and after taking my bottom gently but firmly, climaxed inside me.

Since that night I have met up with Bill on few occasions (about five in total) either at my sisters or at a restaurant. We have had sex again on all occasions, using the back of his car when we didn't have the luxury of my sister's spare room. Bill has even taken me away to hotels for the night, but that as they say is another story.

As yet Leo has not entered my mouth or anus, but I would like him to and look forward to receiving the cum of the man I love in each of these.

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