tagLoving WivesAn Affair Busted Ch. 02

An Affair Busted Ch. 02


I stood up a looked at the mess on top of my Porsche. The smeared love juices covered most of the area of the hood and had just started to crust over. I myself was a mess of juices, sweat and spit; my glistening chest and swollen limp cock a clue as to what just transpired.

My wife and young girlfriend had just left me in the garage to clean themselves up inside the house. My wife surprised the hell out of me, first, for not killing me after catching me in the act of fucking a young college girl, and secondly, taking command of my sexual tryst and becoming the dominating link in the love triangle. I exited the garage through the side door and heard the shower flowing upstairs. I had been given strict orders by my wife to prepare a meal and stand at attention in the dining room. With no time to shower myself, I dove into our pool to at least rinse off the mess that was upon me.

I went into the kitchen and found some left over tri-tip from last night's dinner. I made two salads, and placed thin slices of the meat on top. I placed the two bowls of food on the formal dining table and set the table elegantly, capped with a bottle of my wife's favorite wine. Just as I slipped an apron over my head I heard the girls talking as the came down the stairs.

"Oh Mommy, thank you so much for soothing me," Dana said in her role's baby-talk speech, "the baby oil rub was just what my little pussy parts needed." Both were nude as the entered the dining room.

"My pleasure Baby you washed me well. Take care of me and I'll see that everything will be fine, and you'll be well rewarded," Dee my wife told her in a reassuring motherly voice, "I know how to please little girls, and how to keep an incorrigible man in line." She added as she saw me standing next to the table.

Not having time to tie the apron in the back, I stood at attention like a well-trained Marine in the dining room, daring not to make eye contact.

"I thought I told you to be at attention!" Dee rebuked as she looked at my bulge-less apron-covered crotch, "Bend over the table," she commanded, "Not you my loves, him, you just sit your pretty little ass down."

I laid my chest across the cold glass of the table, arms prone. SLAP! She swatted my bare ass hard. SLAP! Another blow stung my cheek. "But you did appear to make us a nice lunch. I'll let you get off easy for today. Now get under the table," she ordered.

As I crawled under the table Dee sat down and extended her leg so her foot was in my face. "Suck our feet as we eat. Baby give him your foot too." Sitting crossed –legged and hunched over, I took each girls foot in each hand and gently began to lick and suck on my wife's left foot. I traced my tongue up and over each toe, making sure to wedge it all the way into the cracks between each. I gently squeezed and massaged Dana's foot while I orally pleased Dee's foot. I wetly kissed Dee's foot from heel to toes and back again. Dee was eating and trying to talk to Dana, but she was squirming too much to stay focused on the conversation. I inserted her big toe into my mouth and sucked it like a mini-cock, bobbing my head, swirling my tongue around its circumference. Dee moaned loudly.

I removed her toe from my mouth, and brought up Dana's foot for its treat. But Dana put up more of a struggle as it became apparent her feet were very ticklish. She could barely hold still with every lick and nibble until she accidentally kicked me in the nose. "Careful Baby, I'll take care of the discipline," Dee giggled. She thrust her other foot towards my mouth which I quickly engulfed with kisses. After 5 minutes Dee pulled her foot away, pushed her chair back away from the table a bit, and scooted her hips of the edge of the chair. She did not need to tell me what to do. She flashed me her freshly shaved cunt and ass. Not a hair was in sight; Dana must have shaved her clean.

I got on my hands and knees and began to kiss her soapy fresh pussy. Dee placed her bare feet on the edge of the table and spread her knees wide. Her outer pussy lips spread unaided, pouring out her bright pink inner lips and flesh. I delicately licked her newly exposed sex with the tip of my tongue. "Good boy," she said as she stroked my hair, "you always knew how to lick a pussy. Does he lick you just as well Baby?"

She reached a hand to Dana, pulling her out of her chair to stand next to her. "Oh yes Mommy. He can make me cum and cum again. I especially like it when he makes my shoot my cum in his mouth," Dana told her as she instinctively began to softly stroke one of Dee's tits. I looked up to be met by both sets of eyes focused on my cunnilingus skills. I traced Dee's inner lips with a light touch of the tip of my tongue. Slowly grazing her sensitive wet flesh, my tongue stayed in a slow circular motion across her sex. I kept eye contact with them until Dee had to close her eyes in her erotic state, and Dana started to kiss Dee's mouth lightly. As their tongues began to dance together, I kept my tongue's pussy touch light, and slow. The tip of my tongue glided up one side of Dee's pussy, down across her taint, and back up the other side. When I got to the side of her clitty's hood, I gave the flesh next to it a firm kiss with full lips before journeying back down again. With out touching her pussy's opening, or her clit, I continued this licking pattern until I saw a small dollop of pussy juice beginning to pool out of her hole. I had to taste her offering and gently scooped up her juice with a cupped tongue. Its was tangy and thick.

"Oooohhhhh," Dee uttered into Dana's mouth as I barely touched her pussy's hole to gather the juice. Dee grabbed her tit that was untouched by Dana and traced circles around its areola with her fingernail. I went back to my circling pattern, lightly licking the sides of her sex, enjoying the view of it quivering and expelling more juice. Dee used her other hand to begin to stroke Dana's pussy. Dana responded by raising her leg and placing a foot on the table top. Dana's pussy was enflamed once again: red-purple and puffy. I raised my eyes to watch in amazement at my wife's fingers deftly manipulate Dana's pussy folds. My cock began to fill with blood at the visions in front of me.

Dana broke their kiss, "Oh Mommy you're so good to me. Your fingers feel so good." Dee had spread Dana's lips and her middle finger was circling her pussy's opening. She was stroking Dana's puckered and rigid sphincter, and skillfully spreading the pussy's rapidly expelled juices around its area with her first and ring finger. The dexterity Dee was displaying was a shock and an incredible turn-on. I began to stroke my now hard cock, pulling more blood into its shaft.

A quick swat to my head made me realize I was doing too much watching and not enough eating. I released my cock, and brought my hand to Dee's pussy. Curling two fingers together, I eased them into Dee's willing pussy. My tongue found her clit, and made rapid circles around its perimeter. Dee grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my mouth harder into her. I sank my fingers in as far as they would go and suck her clit in between my pursued lips, beginning a rapid flicking of her clit with my tongue. Dee groaned loudly, and her hips flexed.

Pumping her feverishly, my fingertips scraped her inner walls, as I rotated my hand, trying to touch every part they could reach. Dee had broken her kiss with Dana, her head thrashing back and forth too much for contact. Dee was squeezing one breast's nipple as Dana lip-locked her other nipple. Dee's own fingers were plunging in and out of Dana's pussy causing the young girl to dance, bending and straightening her knees. My cock was throbbing as I was now beating Dee's clit with a forceful tongue. Her vise-lock on my hair told me this is exactly what she expected of me. And as she her orgasm exploded, she removed her other hand from Dana's pussy, and used its sopping wet fingers to pull me in even further. Dee shook, convulsed, and spasmed in a screaming climax, holding my face tight against her pussy. When her second wave began she rotated my head in her hands, directing me to rub face all over her sex, smearing her juices from ear to ear, and chin to hair. I was in heaven.

Dee forcefully pushed me away. I looked up through the glass of the table and saw a sight that almost made me cum on the spot. Dana was sitting on the table, grinding her folds against the glass, her juices leaving a sticky mess. Just when I was about to lay on my back and stroke myself, Dee told me to sit in her chair. No sooner had I sat down when she impaled herself on my rock-hard cock to its full length. I almost came.

Dee just sat on it, only grinding down instead of bouncing. This helped me from cumming, which I needed as I saw Dee bend at the waist and plant her mouth on Dana's dripping pussy. I couldn't see exactly what Dee's mouth was doing to Dana, but I heard plenty of play-by-play enabling me to see the action in my head.

"Yeah Mommy, lick my slit. Suck my baby juice. Oh your tongue feels so good, suck my lips, uuuhhh, you're such a good Mommy, making her baby so happy." Dana was in full little girl mode, and living it up to the fullest.

Dee's grinding became harder, and her pussy tighter. I reached around and grabbed each swollen, hanging tit. She didn't resist my impulse and I began to milk them, squeezing each from the base to the nipple.

"Mommy I'm cumming, Mommy I'm cumming," I could see Dana's eyes roll to the back of their sockets as her face clenched in ecstasy, "OH YEAH, OH YEAH, UUUUHHHHHHNNNNNN!" Dana grabbed a hold of Dee's head with both hands as she pulled her in deeper and harder. Dee's head was a blur as she tongued Dana unmercifully.

"Stop Mommy, stop, my little nubbins, please stop!" Dana begged. Dee sat up, releasing her mouth from Dana's beet-red and engorged pussy lips. She leaned back against me and started plunging as rapidly as her legs would pump. With hands full of tit flesh, I pulled and twisted her nipples, in a vain effort to try and extract milk from them. She came with a body shudder while frantically rubbing her clit.

"Oh yeah Mommy, fuck the slave-boys cock, fuck it good," Dana cheered as she was softly caressing her pussy. Dee leaned forward and kissed Dana. This change in pussy penetration angle pushed me over the edge. I grunted hard as my cock injected my seed into Dee. The girls kissed as I came with a vengeance, pumping what felt like a quart into her pussy.

Dee held her position, allowing me to enjoy the tight grip her pussy walls had on me, while her and Dana softly kissed. As I relaxed and leaned back, Dee raised a leg on top of the table and rose off my cock. Her pussy instantly began to leak my load down her folds and legs. "Clean me slave. You too baby," she commanded softly.

Dana joined me on the floor and we softly sucked, licked and exchange the juices Dee's pussy expelled. Dee didn't even make a move when Dana and I kissed. Dee's face was at peace, and softly smiling at us, and on occasion brushing our hair out of our faces. She took her leg down from the table and joined the two of us sitting on the floor. She looked at me with surprising loving eyes, and kissed me tenderly. I returned the kiss with love and passion.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

"You should be, but I can understand. It's been a long time, and I forgot who wonderful that big dick of yours feels. I don't plan on forgetting from now on. I know you men need pussy on a regular basis," she told me. I was in a state of shock. "But I won't be giving you any reason to stray again."

"Dana can live with us, rent and board free, if she wants, and for as long as she wants. Sex between any of us is allowed at any time, with no conditions except when it's the three of us together. Then the roles of Mommy, Baby and Slave will hold precedent. What do you say Baby?" Dee asked her, but not in her Motherly roll-playing way.

"I'd like that very much. You two are great screws. I'm enjoying this very much," Dana told us with a grown woman's assertion. "This is too good of a deal to pass up. I'll move in today."

"And what about you Honey?" Dee asked me.

I was too dumbfounded to speak, and nodded my head.

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