tagErotic CouplingsAn Affair of the Throat

An Affair of the Throat


As I turned into the dark parking lot of the department store, I could see her car on the far side of the lot, conveniently hidden in the shadows, blocked from the view of the road by a row of overgrown bushes. It was 2:30 in the morning, and there were no other cars in the dimly lit parking lot. I drove across the lot and pulled my car in next to hers. As I turned my engine off, I fully realized how secluded this particular spot was. As I opened my door and stepped out of my car, Deborah had already walked around to meet me between the two vehicles.

Deborah is a sultry redhead with a romantic and fiery personality. Her hair is cut short, not quite to her shoulders, and she usually flips it out, making her look many years younger than she really is. Debbie is in her forties, but she doesn't look a day over 30.

In fact, there have been times I have looked into her face, and could have sworn she wasn't a day older than 21. Her body is absolutely gorgeous. She is 5'4", with a slender build. She has large, natural breasts, a small waist, athletic legs and arms, and to top it off, she is absolutely one of the sexiest dressers you'll ever see. Everything she wears looks good.

But for all of the things about her that will grab your attention, it's her eyes that seal the deal. Big, beautiful blue eyes. When I say blue, I mean the kind of blue you see on a crisp, clear, cloudless summer day. Whoever first said that the eyes "are the window to the soul" was undoubtedly gazing into a pair of eyes like Deborah's. I know that I have never looked into a pair of more beautiful eyes. And tonight, after five long hours of her shooting her "bedroom" eyes at me from across the club, I was glad to finally be standing in front of her, where we could finally have our first embrace of the evening.

Our embrace was very passionate, and we held each other tightly in our arms for several long seconds. Deborah is about a foot shorter than me, and her head was rested perfectly against my chest as we stood there hugging in the shadows. We had both spent the last five hours staring at each other in the club. My band was playing the local dive, and she was there to watch us play. On this night, we were both there with someone else, but as it always is, we only had eyes for each other. Secret lovers with immeasurable passion. Our relationship is very complicated, but suffice to say that the ramifications of anyone knowing that we were romantically involved would be fairly catastrophic.

Having said that, our situation isn't anything new, and we both know how to handle it so that we don't draw any attention to ourselves. Our rouse is quite simple, and like every other time we are together in public, we basically just pretend to be slightest of acquaintances. The pressure of keeping our secret is hard on both of us, and can be very draining to maintain, but there is at least one very good side effect that comes out of it… The sexual tension between us is as powerful as anything two people can feel. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us.

Our love story is a love story for the ages. All the feelings are there… A strong physical attraction. Lust. Playful flirtation. Love and desire. Passion, respect, and heartfelt admiration. We have made love. We have fucked. But we are more than just lovers. We are more than just friends. We are hiding in a secret world were our passion is fueled by the forced repression of our true feelings for each other. The last time we had made love was nearly nearly a week earlier, and tonight, being that close to one another, and not being able to express our passion, had created an unbelievable amount of sexual tension.

As our bodies came together, I could feel the energy as we literally climbed into each other's arms. Deborah grabbed my head in her hands and kissed me. A very passion filled kiss. Our lips pressed tightly as our tongues flicked together. Our hands pulled us closer together as our arms wrapped tightly around each other's bodies.

Sadly, the clock was against us this night. I knew that Deborah only had about fifteen minutes before she would have to leave to get home. I knew I wouldn't have time to do anything with her beyond a quick make-out. I mean, I would have gladly fucked her there between the cars, but 15 minutes would have left both of us very unsatisfied. I was resigned to stealing a few kisses from her, but I wanted so much more. I was desperately fighting the powerful instinct to take Deborah there in the shadows.

Lucky for me, I was about to lose this fight.

Our kisses are very intense, and standing there in the dark parking lot, our mouths pressed together… my hands holding her waist… her hands under my shirt, her nails raking my back… the erotic desires began to quickly take over. After just a minute, our bodies were pressing together as if we were already naked and making love. The silence of the night was now filled with our moans of desire.

I had run my hands under the waist of Deborah's shirt and could feel her skin under my fingers as I held her by the waist. I wanted her so bad, and I knew that I needed more.

I grabbed Deborah's shirt by the waist and pulled it up over her bra. The sight of her tits like that was so beautiful. Deborah looked into my eyes and grabbed each cup of her bra and pulled them down, exposing her nipples. Still looking her in the eyes, I bent forward and began licking each of her nipples. As my tongue darted back and forth across each nipple, I could feel them growing and hardening. Feeling her nipples grow like that to my touch is one of the most wonderful things in the world.

Taking a nipple in my mouth, I began sucking it in between my lips. Our eyes were still locked together. My tongue slowly circled one nipple, and then the other. Our gaze never broke. Deborah fought the instinct to shut her eyes as her body soaked in a bath of erotic release. I love it when Deborah looks into my eyes while I've licking and kissing her body. The passion we have for each other becomes somehow even more intense when our eyes lock like that.

After a few more minutes licking every inch of each of her beautiful breasts I licked my way up her neck to find her lips again. Deborah's hands reached forward and unbuttoned my jeans, and her fingers just as quickly pulled my zipper down. With in just seconds, her hands had freed my cock. As she pulled my jeans open and out of the way, she also quickly she dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock was pointed directly at her face, and before taking me into her mouth; she finally broke our stare to look at my cock for just a second. Licking her lips, she looked back into my eyes as she took me into her mouth. The word "Beautiful" wouldn't be strong enough to describe the sight before me.

Then, with a hand on each of my hips, she pushed her lips down over my cock. The parking lot was dark, but my eyes had now adjusted to the lighting. Looking down at Deborah, kneeling in front of me, with all of her clothes still on, taking me in her mouth like this, was one of the most erotic sights I'd ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Deborah pushed her lips down over my cock and within just seconds was bobbing her head fairly quickly onto my cock. My hands instinctively went to her head. I rested one hand on the back of her head and took a fistful of her hair into the other.

Deborah began moving her head faster and faster and with her head in my hands, I began thrusting forward on each down stoke. It felt so good to have Deborah's lips around my cock. I had been watching her on the dance floor for hours, and had built up so much desire for her.

Every minute or so, Deborah would pull her mouth off of me and take my cock in her hand. As she jerked my cock in her hand, she would rub the tip around her lips, flicking at the tip of my dick with her tongue. Of course, while she did this, she would be looking up into my eyes, which only made the whole scene even more intense.

It's hard to describe the look in her eyes, but when she looks at me with those passion filled eyes, I want to melt. No one has ever looked at me the way she does.

Then her eyes would shut and she would push her lips back over my cock and begin bobbing her head again. God, what a feeling...

I longed for a release as she went back and forth between the head bobbing and jerking me in her hands. Being outside in a parking lot at 2:30 in the morning, was only making things more intense, since it added a sense of "risk"... knowing we could be busted at any moment by a patrolling security guard or police officer.

Deborah was very good at giving a blowjob, and she knew exactly how to tease and please me. The tension in my body had been steadily rising since she first took me in her mouth, and after ten minutes of feeling her lips around my dick, I knew it wouldn't be much longer before I would cum.

Deborah dropped into a nice rhythm, and I sensed she knew I was close. Holding her head in my hands, I literally began fucking her mouth. Deborah doesn't have a gag reflex, and on each down stoke, I could feel my cock entering her throat. Deborah is the only woman I have ever been with who could take me this deep, and the feeling is out of this world.

The feeling of her tight throat on each down stoke quickly brought me to the edge. I was literally fucking her face now, holding her neck in my right hand, and a fistful of her hair in my left, Deborah knew I was close to cumming and began moaning each time my cock pushed into her mouth.

I felt my cock tense up and I barely had time to tell her I was cumming. Still holding her head tightly in my hands, I began cumming in her mouth. Deborah continued to push her head up and down on my cock. I know I let out a loud moan each time my cock pulsed between her lips. I'm not sure how much cum I shot into her mouth, but Deborah swallowed every bit of it.

As I pulled her to her feet to share a passionate kiss, I could see her licking some of my cum from her lips and from the corners of her mouth. I have never seen a woman look more beautiful. I knew she needed to go. We had use up all our time together. I should have been satisfied, but I only wanted her more... I wished I could have taken her right there in the parking lot between the cars, under the moonlight... I wished we could have spent the rest of the night making love... but Deborah had to go. We both had to get home. After a long embrace, and another passion filled kiss, we reluctanlt drove off in opposite directions, satisfied for the moment, but still burning for each other.

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