tagIncest/TabooAn Affair With Mom

An Affair With Mom


My name is Deva and I am 23 years old. My dad divorced mom and live with a woman who was our neighbor a five years ago. So now it is just my mom and I on our own. We left our house. Due to finances, Mom could only afford housing with one bedroom, and therefore, I slept in the same bed as her. Nothing sexual went on, till last Saturday.

I work in a software company. Mom stays at home all the day. It became our routine.
Mom is beautiful. The 5 '8” woman with long black hair, dark black eyes, big pouty lips, 34/dd breasts, and long skinny legs. She always has been beautiful, from looking at her high school pictures. She's always been big as well, which meant that she didn't have an easy time with guys.

I still remember those days When I was a kid she would bathe me everyday and make me change my clothes every time I came in from playing. I started washing my hidden parts in high school when I was in eighth standard. Before that she used to wash my penis. When mom touches my penis at that age of 12/13 my penis erects at that time mom call it as a bird and tells me look that bird he wanna fly.In those days I don’t know why it happens. But now I am young enough.

It was a rainy season, a cold evening in August. As I came home from work, I shouted...Mom, MOM! I'm home...."

I glanced at her kitchen, but she wasn’t there. So I walked upstairs. And I saw her. She was in the bedroom, who is wearing a tight white blouse, and a satin sari.

"Hi mom!" I said.

Mom looked at me and said " Hi ! How are you?"

"What a cold day, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes dear. Come with me I will give you a cup of coffee " Mom said.

“No Thanks Mommy I had my dinner.” I replied

Then we go to bedroom. I changed my cloths and put on my shorts and T shirt. Then I jumped in bed. But God planned something different for that Saturday night. Suddenly mom came near to me and kissed me on my lips. I was embarrassed at that time. I didn't know what to say. Should I say “ no mom! ”, but that hot kiss turned me on.

My virgin mind don’t want to loose this opportunity. Mom said "keep kissing me young man, I may let you take advantage of me." I couldn't believe my mother was talking like that to me. My whole life my mom has been an authority figure by setting boundaries for me. So I decided not do any thing now may be some other time. Then I escaped myself from moms grip and left the bedroom.

After that, I always tried to sneak peeks at her. Once I saw her getting out of the shower, assuming that I was sleeping in and that she could walk out from bathroom without being spied. Seeing her gigantic breasts bounce as she walked gave me masturbation material for weeks afterwards. My eyes was glued at those big tits. The sides of her tits could be seen. That scene made me hard instantly. Suddenly she turned back and laughed. "You love big breasts. Don't you?" mom said. When I hear these words from her I was shocked with excitement.

"Yes mom..." I stammered. My face was all red. "How do you know it mom?" I said. The boys at your age loves tits.

Hey son ok now enough I want you to close your eyes because you know I'm totally naked". She laughed erotically. Mom looked at me suspiciously. "Look honey don't open your eyes. Ok?"
"Trust me mom." I said. Of course I opened my eyes and watched the show. Oh what a view! I was watching her sexy ass swaying. Ohh my god I even saw her pussy from behind as she bent over. Ohhh the view of her pussy was so beautiful. And her back….. Her naked back was seemed so smooth, so feminine . What I felt is that I want to spray my cum on her lovely back and watch them ooze down.

Oops, there I go, my cock running away from me and telling the story as he sees it. I quickly got out of the bed. That time my mom was just trying to wear a towel on her back. I hold her from her back touching my rock hard cock to her ass. She said, " You know this is wrong don't you?" I said, "Mom, I don't care, I want to fuck you."

"Oh really Son you know one thing I've wanted you for so long, I've watched you grow up into a man, a handsome man and I've wanted to have my son's cock inside me. I've wanted you to love my body but I thought I was too ugly."

My lovely mother let her towel fall open. She was topless underneath and I moaned involuntarily.

We kissed for the first time as a man and a woman. Mom slid her tongue inside my mouth, and I returned the favor. I ran my hands over her body, feeling her tits and hard nipples. Mom ran her hands over me, and began feeling for my cock.

She took my prick in her hand and started stroking it as she kissed me.

I said, "Please, Mom, I don't want to cum yet!"

She let go and I kissed my way down to her big tits, sucking on first one then the other, she moaned as I sucked on her nipple. "Oh yes baby.... suck mommy's tit.. oh yes suck it baby!" First off I licked her nipples. When the breast was drained I automatically switched to the other. A gush of warm milk shot into my mouth as soon as my mouth clamped onto the nipple. I could feel the excitement starting to build in myself and mom. and slowly moved down her body towards her pussy. I buried my face in it. The orgasms coming from my mum were almost making my dick explode.

Caught up in the fever of the excitement, I cautiously reached down towards moms cunt. Mom quickly grabbed my hand and pulled it away, but she pushed me back onto her

"Mommm...." I heard mom’s moan.

After making moms tits completely empty mom lay down on the bed. Then I climbed up in between her legs from behind. Guiding my still, hard as steel, 8-inch dick to her big big Ass. Ramming it in.

"Oh yes Deva!" Mom suddenly screams, throwing her head back against the pillow, reaching up and digging her nails into my back "Oh yes! Fuck me Deva! Oh yes. Yes. Yes. Slam that big thing in me. Mmmmm! Shit! Ram me baby boy!"

While I was ramming my dick in and out of mom's ass at blinding speed I now bend forward and take her big, erect nipple in my mouth. Tasting the sweetness. Feeling her giant melons. Kissing her lips.

"Oh shit mom!" I yell, looking down at my dick ramming in and out of her ass. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cummmmmm!"

"Take it out Deva!" Mom shouted, cupping her big tits. "I want you to cum all over my tits! Give it to me big boy!"

Then I hear a wet slurping sound as I pull out my cock, hearing her gasp, hearing the slapping sound of the giant tits that could can now see in front of me, seeing joy in her eyes, seeing her look up and licking her lips. Seeing the giant tits that I can now feel rubbing my cock. Feeling the softness as I ram it between them. Feeling the head bump against mom’s chin. Feeling her tongue on my dick.

"Ahhh," I moan as I shoot cum all over her tits and her face. "Take it all mom. Mmmmmm. Eat all my cum!"

Then I collapsed onto mom’s big tits, feeling my warm cum on her tits.

"I love you," mom finally says.

We remain in same position for fifteen min, and again my cock start erecting.

"Do you want to put that big rod of yours into my pussy?" My mother asked me. "I am all yours to enjoy, my son. Do whatever you wish to do with me."

I needed no further encouragement. I climbed on top of her. My mother lay back and lifted her knees and held apart her legs to expose her pussy to me. At first, I was so excited that when I tried to insert my cock into her pussy, I could not find her hole. She had to help me insert it into her. I had finally got what I yearned for all these years. I had, at long last, become a man. It was quite incredible inside her. I had never imagined that there could be a place so warm, soft and comfortable.

I began to move against her. We soon fell into a rhythm as our bodies slapped against each other and the motion of my cock moving forwards and backwards in the sheath of her pussy made a soft squelching sound. Her lovely smooth skin was hot against my body but so cool to touch and caress with my fingers. I found myself being transported to new heights of joy and pleasure. The friction of my cock head with the velvet soft walls of my mother's pussy released waves of sensations from deep inside me that I had never known nor had ever even thought could exist. I rammed my cock in a mad frenzy deeper and deeper into her.

My mother too was beginning to enjoy herself hugely. She squealed as she lay impaled under my rock hard rod as I pounded away into her. Very soon the bed sheets were sodden with our sweat and love juices that mingled and ran together freely as our frantic bodies heaved against each other. My mother had wrapped her legs around chest almost my armpits so her pussy walls could get a better purchase of my cock that now pumped her harder and harder still. She screamed as my cock entered deeper and deeper into her, but I was beyond caring. I had a fire raging in my loins that simply had to extinguished in the cool dark well of her body. I drove on harder and harder into her.

Finally, I felt my cock begin to swell up inside her. My mother must have felt it too for her screams became increasingly frantic and long drawn out. I felt my balls release the sperm inside them. They flooded into my cock and then gushed out in huge torrents into my mother's womb. I kept pumping and pumping till I was sure that each and every drop had been squeezed out of my balls and deposited in my mother. The pace of my fucking decreased. We lay panting in each other's arms for a long, long time as we kissed and caressed each other. I felt as if I was in some dream world. I could still not quite believe what had happened. Totally exhausted and quite overcome by it all, I fell asleep in my mother's arms.

That was three years ago. Mom and I have never felt any regret or embarrassment about the relationship that we share and we have been having the time of our lives. Everyone should be so lucky to have a mom like mine.

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