An Alpha's Klutz


Getting on his own horse he started walking, leaving her to follow. "Are you alright? Do you want to ride with me?" He knew what the answer would be, but he had to hope.

"Nope, I'm good."

He nodded. "Let's pick up the pace some. Let me know if you get scared or want to slow down."

Jenna just nodded and squeezed her knees around the horse the way she saw Nekko do it. Flower took off galloping behind Nekko, a steady gallop that could easily lull her to sleep.

They made it into the woods in no time and Nekko kept talking about the Elverton Coal town. Jenna was interested in everything else so she didn't really pay much attention to him. The forest was beaming with life. Squirrels jumped from tree to tree, bees buzzed around from flower to flower. It looked magical.

"Hmm, that smells good." She said from a few feet behind Nekko.

It startled Nekko that she had gotten so far behind. "What does?"


Ah shit. That could be only one thing out this far. "JENNA! DON'T MOVE!" He knew he startled her, but he had no choice. "Slowly look around you. What do you see?" He was terrified for her. The horses had been trained to stay calm around snakes, but that training only went so far. "What you are smelling is a copperhead. It is a very poisonous snake. We can often tell when we are close to one by smelling them. They smell like cucumbers." And this one had to be moving in towards her fast because he didn't smell one when he passed that area and now the smell was strong.

Jenna looked around, frantic, but everything seemed to blend together and look deadly. Every tree branch looked to be a snake, and every hole or dip in the ground turned into their lair. "I don't see anything." She whispered, afraid to make too much noise.

"Okay, stay perfectly still, I'm going to do a quick look. Just keep looking around the feet of the horse." Nekko slowly got off of his horse and slowly walked towards Jenna. There had to be more than one by the smell of it. "Okay baby, listen. After I walk around your horse, if I give you the all clear, I want you to kick the horse and get her moving. You have to get away from this area. Can you do that?"

She was absolutely terrified, and barely able to nod from shaking.

The smell of her fear had his wolf frantic. It needed to get out, to protect its mate. "Now don't move until I tell you." Slowly, keeping a watch all around him, he walked around the horse. It wasn't until he reached the back that he saw it, or more like them. Three copperheads curled up and poised to strike. "Okay baby," He whispered so not to startle her or the snakes, "You have three snakes behind you. Just stay calm. I'm. . ."

He never got to finish. One copperhead chose that moment to strike out, nipping flower in the leg. The pain caused flower to rear up and try to turn towards the source of the pain. Jenna, losing her seat, tumbled off the back of flower and down an embankment. Like a shot, flower ran, leaving behind Jenna and three very pissed off copperheads.

Jenna didn't really know what was going on, she just knew that she kept falling, hitting tree after tree on her way down.

"Jenna!" He yelled from the top. His fear for her over powered any fear of the snakes. He let his wolf out, knowing that he could protect her from any animal that she encountered. Turning quickly, his wolf bit into each snake, quickly dispatching them before rushing down the incline to Jenna. And what he saw stopped him in his tracks.

Jenna rolled over onto her back, hurting in places she would have to borrow to replace. Wasn't this just her luck? It couldn't be a nice peaceful ride. No, it had to be another near death experience. If this kept happening she wouldn't leave her house. Good thing she had excellent insurance.

Sitting up she looked around, hoping to figure out where she was, not that it would do her any good, cause she had a horrible sense of direction. The first thing that caught her eyes was an old wrought iron fence, rusted and it had vines wrapped around it in some places. It seemed eerie sitting out here in the forest all alone.

Next she saw a tombstone, then another, then another. It was crazy. Some of the tomb stones had obvious wear and tear, then some looked brand new. It seemed tacky in a way.

Getting to her feet, her very pain filled feet, she stumbled to the first headstone she saw.

James Smith, loving father and husband. 1864-1899.

Becky Smith, loving mother and wife. 1870-1899.

Moving to the next tombstone she brushed away at moss that clung to it. It seemed to be the oldest looking one here. A pentagram was revealed. Danya Elliot. Burnt at the stake. 1621. "Until we meet again." A very odd saying to put on a tombstone.

Weird. Very Weird.

Moving to the next tombstone she found another couple buried together, their date of death was the same. On and on she checked and each tombstone revealed the same. Each couple died at the same time, or at least was found at the same time.


She turned to the sound of Nekko's voice, suddenly dizzy. There was a buzzing in her head that wasn't there before. "I'm fine." She said like she always did. She could be dying and she would say the same thing.

Nekko rushed to her side. He had to go back for his close when he saw where she landed, but he wouldn't be able to explain why he was naked in the woods. Pulling her into his arms he felt her tremble. "Are you hurt?" She shook her head against his chest.

He could smell her blood and knew she was lying, but now was not the time to search her for injuries. "What have you found here?" He knew what it was. It was the old witch's cemetery. Some say all those that were buried here with the witch were killed by her. It was hard to believe since she died so many years before them. But it was also very believable too. Every person that was buried here was a husband and wife, no children, and was found dead on the exact same day. The records show no sign of injury.

"I don't know." She said snuggling further into his arms. She was really starting to feel horrible. Nausea had crept up on her at some point and she was afraid that if she moved she would vomit all down Nekko's shirt.

"Let's get you home." He whispered into her hair. She had to be shaken up pretty bad.

Jenna just nodded against his chest before stepping away from him. One step, that's all, before she passed out at his feet.

Nekko cursed under his breath as he grabbed her before she could hit the ground. She had to be more injured than she let on. He needed to get her home and quickly. And apparently he needed a new plan.

Jenna woke feeling like her body had been beat by a hammer. Groaning, she tried to sit up, but collapsed back down when her body protested."Don't move Jenna. Dr. Lowery is trying to set your arm."

Whaaa? What happened to her arm?

Suddenly everything came rushing back to her. Jerking up in bed she grabbed a hold of Nekko's shirt. She clenched the fabric in her fist. "Are you alright? Did the snakes bite you?" She was frantic.

Turning to Dr. Lowery she begged him. "Please check over him. Make sure he's okay."

Dr. Lowery just shook his head and tried to push her back down. When she refused he pulled out a needle to sedate her.

Jenna saw the needle and pleaded with Nekko. "Please! Make him check you. Please." The medicine started working on her. "Plea...."

Nekko stared down at her, her fists still clenching his shirt. Leaning over he brushed his lips across her forehead. "Easy baby, I'm alright." She had completely captured his heart. Here she was broken, battered, and bleeding but she was concerned about him.

Pulling away he faced Dr. Lowery. "So how is she?" He was almost afraid to know.

" It isn't too bad all things considering. She has a broken arm, mild concussion, two deep cuts that will need to be stitched, and a sprained ankle. You say she was standing when you found her?"

Nekko nodded.

"Well, she must a very high pain tolerance. It's a pretty bad sprain."

Nekko grimaced. This was his fault. He never should have taken her out in the woods. He knew she had horrible luck and was lucky that she didn't die. He wouldn't risk her again.

When Dr. Lowery finally left, Nekko climbed in bed beside her and was extra careful not to touch her. He had to wake her again in a few hours anyway to give her pain medication that Dr. Lowery left, but until then he just wanted her to sleep.

She had scared him, but a few good things had come of it. 1) She had to stay in bed for the next few days, and 2) her falling into a grave yard full of lovers fulfilled part of verse. For that he was grateful. For a while he was worried that she wasn't truly his mate, but now he had his confirmation.

Jenna moaned in her sedative induced sleep, causing Nekko to scoot closer to her to give her some comfort, but he didn't know if that comfort was really for her or for him.

A few hours later Jenna woke, the pain that radiated through her body stole her breath.

"Easy baby." Nekko said beside her.

She turned her head to look at him, but even that movement hurt. "What happened? Did you beat me with a stick?"

He smiled gently at her. "You fell, but you'll be okay in a few days. Until then you are fortunate enough to have my company."

As if that was a hardship, she thought to herself and smiled. "Are you okay?"

He looked into her eyes and saw her concern. "I'm fine baby. It's you I'm worried about." But worried didn't seem to be a strong enough word. He was more than worried, more than concerned. He was absolutely terrified for her. "Are you feeling okay? Would you like your pain medicine?"

"No. I'm fine. Thanks anyway." She felt better with him just being close to her. Now all she needed to do was wiggle her way into his arms and she would be perfect.

Her stomach chose that moment to growl, causing her to blush.

Nekko just laughed. When the body made demands you had to obey. "I'll go get you something to eat. Is there anything you would like?"

Struggling to sit up she replied. "Anything really..... Except oysters."

Nekko helped her sit, holding on to her a bit longer than was needed. "I knew you didn't like oysters." He said jokingly.

She savored the feel of his arms around her. Ever since she had dreamed of him, she had been yearning to know if the dream was the best it could be.

Just a scientific study..... that's all, she thought to herself. A shame she couldn't break his ankle so he couldn't run. It wasn't like she could wrestle him to the ground.

Nekko saw her expression, and was about to comment on it but Emily came in.

"Hey Jenna, how are you doing? Nekko told us what happened. Should I add horseback riding to the big list of "No-No's for next time we vacation here?" She was smiling at Jenna gently, trying hard not to laugh.

"I'm good, and no. It wasn't anyone's fault and I didn't end up in the hospital this time. I think I'm safe."

Emily stared at her for a moment. "Very well." She turned away from Jenna towards Nekko. "Chad asked me to remind you that tomorrow's the full moon." She said it oddly, not really understanding what it meant, then left the room.

Jenna watched as Nekko went pale, but waited for Emily to leave before asking him about it. "Are you okay?" He didn't look it. If anything he was looking nervous.

Nekko didn't know what to say. It wasn't like he would turn into the wolf, but during the full moon was when the drive to mate would be its strongest. He didn't know if he had the willpower to be near her without hurting her. "It's nothing. Just...... nothing." He had to find someone to sit with her tomorrow night, he couldn't do it. He couldn't lay beside her, hold her, without ravishing her.

"Are you sure? You're looking pale."

He swallowed. He wanted to tell her so much, but it wasn't like he was admitting he had crazy aunt in the family. And even if he did tell her, how would he do it? He couldn't just walk up to her one evening and say "Excuse me Jenna, I'm a werewolf, care to go out for a burger and fried? He'd be doomed from the start if he did it that way.

No, he had to know she loved him first. There was no other way.

"I'll just go get a plate to eat." He rushed from the room, needing to make plans. If nothing else he could chain himself to his bed, but that was still too close to her.

Jenna watched him leave, wondering about him. He always seemed so composed. Wouldn't she just love to rumple his feathers a bit. Seriously, she needed to get her hormones under control.

It wasn't long before Nekko returned carrying a tray with a covered bowl, and some sandwiches. By the smell that was filling her room it was tomato soup.

"Here you go." He said carefully placing the tray across her lap.

Once she started eating, he sat down on the foot of her bed and watched her. The way her lips formed around the spoon was giving him such wicked ideas.

"Do you know if Emily has any plans tomorrow?" She needed to go into the nearest town and buy a few things, and to pay Dr. Lowery.

He thought about it for a moment. "I believe that she said she was going hiking tomorrow with Chad." At her look of disappointment he asked her why.

"I just needed to go into town for a few things. It can wait though."

"I'm sorry to say that your touring days are over for the time being, but if you tell me what you need I can get it for you."

"That's okay. I'll wait." She couldn't send him to town to pay her bills. "So what are the plans then?" Distractions, distractions, distractions.

"Tomorrow I'm spending the day with you, and tomorrow night I'm going to be gone." No way in hell was he going to be here tomorrow.... Maybe. Her look of disappointment was quickly changing her mind.

She knew she shouldn't feel disappointed that he was leaving, but she couldn't help it. She was getting way too close to him, her interest him growing by the minute, and honestly, her heart would probably shatter when she had to leave. Yeah, distance was a good thing right now.

"Okay." What more could she say? It wasn't like she owned him.

Suddenly her appetite was gone.

Her look of disappointment was more than Nekko could bear. Sitting beside her, he pulls her into his arms, resting his lips against the top of her head. "I won't leave you. " He repeated over and over in a chant.

His lips slowly moved from her hair down to her forehead traveling to her lips. He kisses her eyelids, her nose, and her cheeks until finally his lips touch hers. Her lips are soft and yielding against his allowing him to lead her and teach her what he likes. She melts into his kiss, moaning, and seeking.

Pushing her down gently, while being careful of her injuries, Nekko stretches out on the bed beside her. His kiss begins to travel again, slowly, from her lips, down to her jaw line and to her neck. The urge to mark her is strong, intense, but he fights it off. Not while she's injured.

Be easy my friend, we will claim her soon, he thinks to his wolf, trying to calm him down enough for him to continue kissing her. It was a difficult task, but one he was determined to do. His wolf could help her heal, to increase her natural healing powers, but he couldn't let him yet. Not until she decided to stay with him. The blood already in her system would help some, would help her with the pain, but he could do so much more.

After his wolf settled he continued kissing and licking her neck. His cock surged when she grasped a handful of his hair with her good arm. Nekko allowed her to drag his head up toward hers. She was demanding his lips and he was more than glad to give them.

She couldn't get enough of his mouth; his taste was erotic and addicting. Each swipe of his tongue across her lips left her tingling and light headed. This was what loving making was supposed to be, touches that entice and kisses that leave you breathless.

The feel of his mouth robbed her of all thought; she was left completely unaware of her surroundings until she felt his hand under her nightgown. She pulled her mouth away from his lips to gasp from the heat of his hand. It was scorching.

Undaunted, Nekko kissed his way back down to her neck. He allowed his nails to grow long enough to slice through the fabric, leaving her bare. His lips softly slid down her throat to her breast. Her nipples beckoned to him, begging to be sucked into his mouth. He complied. It pebbled against his tongue, every ridge pronounced. The pleasure he got from her moans was indescribable and completely different from the pleasure he got in other sexual encounters.

Before, he left satisfied. He would make sure his partner was satisfied also but it didn't matter how. Now his satisfaction is because of her pleasure.

Jenna arched into his mouth, every muscle straining to get closer to him. Her injuries didn't exist then; nothing did, but Nekko and his mouth.

He slowly released her nipple, blowing on it softly and making her shiver. She was trembling in his arms, her body begging to be fucked. Shifting slightly he ran his hand down further, over her abdomen to the bright blue panties that covered her pussy. He could smell her arousal, taste it in the air, and it drove him to madness. The wetness was easily visible through the silk and his fingers yearned to be buried in the heat.

Bending back over her luscious breast, he traced the veins that were visible through her skin with this tongue all the way down her stomach, her muscles quivered beneath his tongue. Her pussy was so close now.

Jenna was completely taken by surprise when he stood, leaving her body in shock. She watched him walk to the foot of the bed. He quickly took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. His body was rock hard and completely defined. It was hard not to stare at him.

He quickly moved her legs apart, gentle with the injured on which he propped up on pillows. "Let me know if I hurt you baby." It was a demand he would completely enforce. He waited for her to nod before he lay back down on the bed...right between her legs. He gave no hint; no warning of what he was going to do

At first he was just kissing her thighs, small lingering kisses, and then before she could even inhale, he ripped her panties off and buried his mouth in her pussy. She cried out, the sound was music to his ears.

She moved against his mouth, his tongue flickered against her clit sending electrical currents through her body. Never had anything felt so perfect. Each flick was like a million little tongues swirling against her.

"Please." She begged him, needing more. It was torture the way he moved.

Nekko ignored her. Flicking against her clit, he felt her muscles tighten, knew she was about to cum, then he backed off. Her frustration was building.

"Please" she begged again.

Taking mercy on her, he stood. Her eyes were on him as he lowered his pants, her gaze a caress. Stepping away from his discarded jeans, he gently lay on top of her careful not to hurt her, but determined that she would feel every inch of him. "I'll be gentle, but tell me if I hurt you."

"Nothing hurts right now" She whispered up to him, and honestly nothing did. The only ache she felt was inside. It was a yearning for completion, a need for the orgasm that built inside but was left incomplete.

Nekko stared into her lovely eyes, seeing her desire; it made his heart clench. Slowly he shifted her so that he was poised at her entrance. The heat against his cock was intense and he knew he couldn't wait anymore.

Plunging forward he buried himself inside her. It was like coming home. Her muscles squeezed him, strangling him, her pussy so tight he could barely move in her. It was a challenge, and he loved challenges.

Jenna felt him thrusting inside of her; the friction had her moaning into each thrust. Her back arched off the bed, trying to send him deeper, but Nekko took it as an invitation to suck on her nipples instead, just long enough for her to tighten further around him.

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