tagLoving WivesAn Anniversary To Top Them All

An Anniversary To Top Them All


This story is a sequel to "My Happiest Anniversary" which is recommended for reading first.

Chapter 1

While I'll never, ever, forget our twelfth anniversary, I had no idea that Jim had even bigger plans for our fifteenth. If you don't remember our twelfth, then take the time now to go and read "My Happiest Anniversary" which describes how Jim and I met and fell in love, how I was a sexual neophyte, how he brought me along into the world of sexual passion and capped it all off the night of our twelfth anniversary with an erotic massage for me which, with our night of fucking after, has been the sexual peak of my life.

Now, we're at our fifteenth anniversary and Jim has again booked us into The Mark Hopkins Hotel in downtown San Francisco. He won't tell me any more which, of course, he knows will keep my panties wet for weeks in advance.

The day finally arrives and we check in and go up to our suite. It is even nicer and larger than before and a bottle of champagne awaited us bathed in ice.

So, Jim opened it and poured us each a glass of cold bubbly then suggested that we bathe ourselves in the warm, bubbly water of the nice whirlpool tub as we toasted our fifteen years of marriage.

We sat together, each next to the other, holding our champagne flute in one hand, our other hand under the churning water, mine stroking his lovely cock, Jim's fingers rubbing up and down my labia. It was lovely but I knew we had seven-thirty dinner reservations and the time was moving on. I wanted a nice pre-dinner fuck but it wasn't looking like that was on Jim's schedule. It sure was on mine, but I guess he had the evening all planned out, so I just decided to see what happens even if I was all horny through dinner.

After we got out and dried each other off, each kissing our favorite areas on the other, we began dressing for dinner.

Jim had laid out my ensemble, his favorite short, white knit dress of mine that fit me so well, a lacy bra, stockings and shoes.

"Um, Jim, where are my panties? Is this like last time, no panties on the wifey?"

"Better to finger you with my dear."

"You're going to have me leaving a big stain on the banquette doing that, you know."

"Yeah, I know," he said with a devilish grin.

"You haven't changed, Jim, I guess I'm glad you haven't."

On our way down in the elevator, as I expected, Jim's raised the back of my dress and his hand rubbed my butt until the door opened. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to pull it back down before I stepped out into the restaurant. I'm sure not that much of an exhibitionist.

We were seated along the wall at the same table as last time and as I perused the menu, Jim took my right hand and led it under the table and onto his cock, his bare cock.

"Jim, you are awful, but I love it," as I gave him a gentle squeeze and began to rub my thumb around the end of his dick which was moist with anticipation.

My dear husband ordered his meal just like normal, not like he was being masturbated under the table. See why I love him?

Of course, he was able to sneak his hand between my legs and rub my juices all around. I had shaved my pussy that morning, something I don't do that often, it's just so much trouble, but I had a suspicion that my pussy might be the centerpiece of our weekend so I was bare and smooth and ready.

Neither of us had orgasms during dinner which, I suppose, was a good thing. Guys are messy and gals tend to be rather vocal so we kept things just at a nice simmer.

Afterward, on the way back up in the elevator, Jim had me standing in front of him facing the back as he lifted the front of my dress and rubbed my pussy. My heartrate was rising even faster than our elevator.

When we got back into our suite, he embraced me and began kissing me as his hands rubbed my butt up under my dress. I had my hand down in front of him, his bulge the target of my attentions. Then there was a soft rap at the door.

I stood there as Jim opened the door. There he was. Bryant. The masseuse from last time. Oh, what a hunk. Oh, am I ready for this.

"This is Matt, you have us both tonight. Your husband wanted this to be even better than last time."

"Um, hi, Matt, hi, Bryant. I didn't expect this."

Jim went over and sat down as the two guys came over to me, Bryant sat down a small gym bag as Matt walked up to me, put his arms around me and began kissing me, his tongue probing deeply as I accepted his caresses. His hands went down my back and up under my dress and began to rub my ass up and down.

Then, he stepped back and Bryant embraced me and kissed me, his hands tracing the same route up under my dress.

This was starting out different from last time. Before, there was no kissing, he just had me strip and lay on the bed, then started his massage.

This time, they both kissed me, then together they began undressing me, my dress first, then my bra, my stockings, then my shoes as their hands roamed over me. They both kissed my breasts and each one knelt down and kissed and licked my mound.

Oh, this was going to be good, really good, I thought as Matt picked me up in his arms and took me to the bed and gently lay me down.

Then, as I watched, Bryant came over to the bed and they both began to strip. Matt was the first to get naked and I must say, he was well-endowed. His cock was large and I wasn't sure if it was fully erect, I suspected not. Oh, my.

Then Bryant stood before me, his cock looking fully erect, reminding me of how nice his was three years ago as I remembered sucking it. He asked me to turn over and I rolled onto my stomach.

They both got up on the bed, one on each side and they began to massage my back and shoulders. Oh, it was lovely. It was also so erotic, we were all three naked in bed together as their hands glided over me, so firmly, yet, so tenderly. There were also kisses on my back and shoulders along with their cocks brushing up against my arms sending shivers across me as they rubbed me down.

Then they moved down to my feet, massaging each toe, my heels, my arches, it was just wonderful. On up my calves, kneading my muscles, I knew I was now making the bed wet, I could feel it.

They each massaged a thigh, then on to my butt. I was also getting kisses from my feet up to my butt, it was much more than the normal massage, this was erotic, for sure.

Then, I felt my feet gripped and my legs gently pulled apart, and a hand dipped down my butt right along my wet pussy. A tremble went though me as I knew things were escalating, I was beginning to be sexually pleasured not just massaged.

Two fingers went up and down along my labia, it felt so good, and then a finger slid inside, then a second, and began going in and out. I wasn't sure who it was but whoever it was knew how to use their hands to pleasure a woman.

"Mmm," I moaned as I widened my legs farther. The fingers kept going in and out as I felt the other pair of hands rub my inner thighs and along the sides of my pussy. Oh, this was good, so good. Two handsome naked men, their cocks nudging my arms at times, making me so aware of their presence as they made my pussy feel so fantastic.

Then, like an electric shock, a spasm took over my whole body, I trembled, and a huge wave of ecstasy washed over me.

"Oh, OH, OH, uuh, uuh, mmm, oooh," I groaned. Two beautiful cocks hung on two very handsome guys, then my husband Jim all the rest of the night and in the morning.

As I lay there, panting, they moved their hands and lips up my back working my back muscles, a hand still occasionally dipping back down my butt and between my legs rubbing along my wetness smearing it up and down, sending waves of delight along my body.

Then, my shoulders and neck, oh it felt good, relaxing, calming me down a little, but, just a little. I knew they were about ready to do my front and, if it was even possible, I felt myself getting even wetter in anticipation.

Bryant leaned over and whispered, "Time to turn over, Anne," and he helped me turn over on my back. Oh, this was it, my breasts, my pussy, all there for them.

Jim now came over to the bed, naked, as well, his cock stiff and ready. Each one of them bent over to kiss me as their hands roamed all over my body, all six hands, I was just covered with men's hands feeling me all over, three tongues taking turns in my mouth. The feelings were incredible, just so wild and erotic.

Then, Bryant and Matt began on each side of me with my neck and shoulders, then on to my breasts. My breasts aren't really big, I'm a B-cup, but I do fill it up pretty well and they're just the right size for my body. And their warm, soft hands gently but firmly kneaded my breasts and softly pinched my nipples, rolling them between their fingertips.

Jim was rubbing his hands softly along my stomach which was nice, calming.

I decided that since much of the evening is aimed at making me happy and widening my sexual experience, that I would reach my hands out and take hold of my masseuses, each by their hefty cock, after all, they were right there. I could have reached for Jim's cock but, I mean, under the circumstances, what would just about any other woman do? They were big, Bryant's was pretty hard, Matt's a bit softer, so I gave his a little extra attention, rubbing my thumb around the tip, spreading the precum which was seeping out.

I was feeling Matt harden as I rubbed the tip end of his cock, then both Matt and Bryant both bent over and began licking my nipples and taking soft nibbles on them, then, in unison, they both pulled in my nipples and began sucking them.

Jim, meanwhile, had gently pulled my legs open and had his finger in me, turning it, rubbing all up inside my pussy, all round, gently caressing my vaginal walls. Oh, this was really wonderful.

I lay there, rubbing two quite large and hard penises, having my nipples sucked and breasts rubbed by two handsome men as my husband finger-fucked me just the way he knew I liked.

It just had to happen. The whole suite was filled with sex. I was being pleasured by three handsome men. And like a bolt of lightning, another orgasm hit.

A bright flash of light blinded me for several seconds as heat spread across my face and my body shook, then tensed, a river of ecstasy poured over me radiating out from my middle, washing across me over and over.

"Oh, OH, OOOH, oh, uh, uh, mmm, mmm. Oh, oh."

My body slumped as I was engulfed by the feelings and they began to slowly ebb.

"Oh, thank you, Bryant, Matt, and you, honey. Oh, that was lovely. Mmm, wonderful."

"We'll see what else we can do for you, Anne," said Matt as I gave him a squeeze and he smiled up at me from my breast.

Then, they began rubbing and kissing and licking their way down my stomach and abdomen. They were each kneeling on the bed, so as they moved down my body, I could still reach their cocks and keep them in my grip.

Soon, they were at my pussy's mound each taking turns licking my slit. At that point I had to let go of those two nice, hard cocks as they moved down the bed.

Jim came up and began rubbing his hands over my body, especially over my belly which felt both soothing and sexy. Then, Bryant and Matt took my feet and pulled them wide apart as Matt got up between my legs and began giving me oral sex.

Oh, I don't know what Jim was paying these two guys, he never told me how much he paid Bryant that first time, but all I knew was that it wasn't enough. Matt was an expert in the pussy. He had me raising my butt up off the bed trying to get his tongue in deeper and deeper.

Soon, Jim was gripping one of my legs lifting it up and off to the side up in the air and Bryant did the other and Matt's head was down between my thighs, his fingers holding my pussy lips open as he tongued down into me.

I have never squealed during an orgasm before, this was a first. Jim and Bryant had a hard time holding onto my legs I was jerking and writhing so much. It was one of the most powerful climaxes I'd ever had.

After, I just collapsed back, "Oh, that was awesome, just the best, oh, Matt."

"Just trying to please, Anne."

"Oh, that was so much more than just pleasing. It was earthshaking."

"Don't say that here in San Francisco, could be a bad omen," and he laughed.

Then, Bryant got down between my legs as Matt and Jim held my legs up and wide apart and he began licking, tonguing and sucking on my pussy. I have never been so pleasurably pussy-licked in my life. Jim has given me oral, sometimes for hours, giving me one orgasm after another but this was just spectacular. It wasn't long until I was shuddering with another magnificent orgasm.

I was thinking that probably our two masseurs were finished for the night but then Matt and Bryant held my legs up for Jim. More pussy licking. I felt like I was on fire between my legs as my husband licked and sucked my clit which he knows and loves so well. I almost couldn't believe it when I erupted in another orgasm after only for, maybe, five minutes.

They lowered my legs down and all three men each kissed their way up my body, stopping to lick and suck a nipple, then finally a kiss from each one.

Wow, what an evening. Incredible. Unforgettable.

Chapter 2

"Anne, I know that our last time here, you told me how wonderful it all was, yet there would always be a part of you that would fantasize about how another man's cock might feel deep inside you. Mine is the only cock you've ever had inside you, tonight, my anniversary gift to you is two new cocks for you to experience and enjoy. Happy anniversary."

It really only had one meaning, what he just said. These two guys were going to fuck me. Only Jim had ever done that, I was twenty, then, he was my first and only...until tonight, I guess.

Bryant got up below me as I watched him, I spread my legs anticipating what was coming and he bent down and licked my pussy again for a minute, then got up and led his cock up to me and began pressing it inside.

Now, Jim, he tells me, has a pretty average cock, I mean, what do I know, really, and Bryant's is larger, not a lot, but some and I know Jim fills me up pretty well. So, Bryant is pushing and I'm wiggling my butt around trying to help him get into me when I feel his pubic mound meet mine, he's in...all the way. And, I'm full.

Then, he began taking long, slow strokes in and out of me, almost backing out all the way, then slowly descending up in me. He started doing this over and over and the feeling of fullness was soon replaced by an overwhelming sense of rapture and joy at the feelings he was giving me. I was fuller than I'd ever been and the feeling was incredible.

Matt and Jim were each gently sucking a nipple and each rubbing their hand along my stomach as I gripped each one's cock and tried to rub back and forth. You can imagine that my sense of concentration was a bit frayed at the moment.

Matt began fucking me a little faster, giving an extra push when he got down deep. I was rotating my hips around, the way Jim taught me on our second night together, to add to the wonderful sensualness of our sexual union, it just made Bryant's cock reach a bit deeper. Oh, was this good.

I know, that sounds awful. I love my husband, he's everything to me, really everything. But, I'm human. I'm a woman. How could I not love this? Two men rubbing me sensuously, each sucking a nipple, a handsome, well-built young man between my legs, filling me with his cock, making we weak with his fucking in and out of me.

Wham! My hips began to buck up and down, I was groaning, thrusting, I felt like my body was being lifted-off in a rocketship.

"UNH, UNH, uhh, uuh, oh, mmm," as he drove deep in me and took small, rapid strokes. Oh, it was heaven, just staggering, I just lay back, taking in the feeling as he continued to run his cock in and out of me, oh, this is heaven, for sure, I thought.

In a minute, Bryant jammed his cock into me and I felt his warm cum flow into me, "Oooh, oh, that is so good, mmm."

He went back and forth a few minutes longer as he dropped down on me kissing me as we hugged, my legs up around is back, keeping his nice, warm cock deep inside. I really didn't want him to take it out.

Then, I relaxed my grip on him and he pulled out of me, bent down and kissed my happy pussy.

"Thanks, Anne, you were great. Really great. Jim is a lucky man," and Bryant backed down the bed, his cock, shiny with our juices, swaying between his legs.

Bryant came over to the same side of the bed as Matt who now got up between my legs, bent over and gave me several lovely licks of his tongue.

"My turn, Anne. We'll start slow, okay?"

I nodded and he put the end of his dick right up to my lips and pressed. I could feel it go in some, maybe a fourth of the way. God, it was big. I'm sure all this sex and then Bryant's nice cock got me all nice and dilated inside but, Matt was big. He gave another push and I was feeling so full, I wondered if he could put it all inside me.

Then, he pressed again and, yes, it went in all the way. Wow. Good thing that vaginas can enlarge. I was full, to the brim.

Then, he started to slowly move back and forth. Oh, wow. This was something altogether new. Is this why women talk about big cocks? I don't think I can ever tell Jim about this but, oh, is this good. He went on slowly but also with firmness, every time he pulled back up out of me, the feelings were incredible. I wasn't sure why his exit stroke felt so good, I really didn't care why, it just did and I hoped he could just keep going. Maybe forever.

I looked over at Bryant and saw his cock just a few inches from me so I reached over and tugged it toward me and took it in my mouth. It was the second time I had Bryant's cock in my mouth, I had sucked him off the first time, three years ago tonight. Well, almost to the day, anyway. I could tell he liked it as he moved a step closer so I could take more of him inside.

"Mmm, thanks, Anne," he whispered in my ear.

Then, Matt pushed all the way down.

Bang! A flood of intense pleasure swept up my body, sending shivers across me as I shook and trembled under my body's reaction to all this intense sexual stimulation.

"Oh, oh, OH, mmm, oh, don't stop, Matt, mmm, just fuck me more, mmm."

I was hoping that I hadn't bitten the tip off Bryant's cock and, sure enough, my tongue felt it out, all nice and still attached. I couldn't live with myself if I'd damaged such a lovely thing.

At just about this time, I felt Bryant cum into my mouth as I struggled to keep up with his flow of juices. But, I made it, I've had lots of practice on my sweet husband. Boy, was he gonna get his cock sucked a lot after all this. My mouth is all his.

Matt was still fucking me, it was still feeling rather wonderful, then I could feel him jam into me hard, buck his hips a couple of times and "UUH, uh, uh, oh, yeah, mmm."

Deep inside me, I felt his warmth spill out into me and every time he pushed back inside me, I could feel liquid being forced out of me and dribbling down my butt onto the bed. I must be in a pool of juices by now.

Matt leaned over tongued me between the lips and whispered, "Thank you Anne, you are wonderful to make love to," and slowly pulled out of me with a 'splush' sound.

I saw Jim getting up between my legs and I supposed it must be his turn now. Matt and Bryant were back massaging me, kissing me, licking me, sucking me everywhere I can be sucked, as he slides into me right up to the hilt.

God, I hoped I wasn't stretched out by these two guys so I was now too big for my husband's cock. Then he started. Mmm, yes, more familiar, for sure, but wonderful even if I was somewhat sore. It was not the time for me to let up, I was determined to give Jim a good fucking, he surely deserved it. And many, many more. Oh, he'll get them, all right.

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