tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 02

An Arrangement Ch. 02


It was a very lucky thing for Ken that it was Saturday, and that he didn’t have to be at work. He didn’t wake up till well after 10:00am. Then, as he lay there in bed, groggy and sleepy he rolled over. The first thing he noticed was that the sheets were sticking to him from about the lower abdomen all the way to his knees. The second thing that he noticed was that his cock and balls were sore when he moved. Pulling back the still moist and sticky sheets, he could see that his cock was very swollen and red. His balls ached just moving around and he groggily tried to remember what had happened the night before. He remembered coming home and Mandy helping him inside. He smiled as he vaguely remembered her long tan and exposed legs. Laughing to himself, he thought that the night wasn’t a complete disaster; at least he got to see her gorgeous legs. But other than that, the rest of the night was a blur.

As he sat there, trying to get into a comfortable position he could smell a very faint scent of her perfume, on the sheets. At first he was shocked, wondering if they had been in bed together. Thinking about it, he realized, being in bed with her would be something that he would definitely remember. As much as he tried, he couldn’t remember anything. But there was that lingering scent of her on the sheets. He could smell her. Had she been there, with him? He fought with his memory, digging deep, but there was nothing there.

He sat up, feeling an ache deep inside his balls. Looking again, he could see that the foreskin of his cock was really raw and tender. The head was a little bit swollen and it was obvious that the sheets were covered in cum. This one, he couldn’t figure out. He looked around the room, searching for any sign that would give him a clue as to what had happened. Had he brought someone home with him? He thought about it but knew that he would not have done that. Besides, he didn’t know anyone well enough to bring them home, especially a home that was not his own. He really didn’t think that Mandy would have liked that, especially after the way they had been getting along. And the night before, there had been no one that he was even with, let alone taking home with him.

After much internal debate, he could only surmise that Mandy had been in his bed. But what had she done that resulted in his being so sore and the sheets so wet. Whatever it was, he felt that he would soon find out. Slowly getting out of bed he went into the bathroom and quickly washed up. The smell of sex was all over him. He did notice that he could not smell her perfume on him, but only on the sheets. It was as if she had been at one spot on the bed, but nowhere else. It was odd. Ken became convinced that he had been in bed, probably passed out or sound asleep and Mandy had come into his bed. Again, if this was the case, he figured that he would discover more, talking to her. He was somewhat nervous about facing her. It would be easy if he could remember what happened or the very least, her being there with him. But he couldn’t remember anything and that made things embarrassing.

Putting on his robe, he left his room and went into the kitchen. Mandy was already there sitting at the kitchen table. When he walked in, she smiled cheerily and pushed a cup of coffee across the table to him.

“I figure after last night, you might be needing this,” she smiled.

Ken wasn’t sure what that meant. “After last night…” What was she referring to? She was smiling, almost from ear to ear, as if she knew something.

“What did I do last night?” he asked hesitantly. She looked at him with a big smile on her face, his heart beginning to sink.

“What did you do?” she laughed. “Well …” she trailed off, pausing for affect. “Actually, you didn’t do anything,” she whispered, almost sounding disappointed.

Ken cheered up a little. “What do you mean?” he asked. She took a long sip of her coffee and crossed her legs. Ken couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be showing him a little bit more leg than normal, this early in the morning. He was use to her playful flirting and teasing, but that was later in the day as it became hotter and normally when one of them was sun bathing. It seemed that the less clothes either of them wore, the more sexual the situation became. Imagine that. But now, early in the morning, she was sitting at the kitchen table, wearing only a robe as far as he could tell, and her legs were exposed, all the way to her upper thighs. This was different. But he didn’t mind at all. They were great legs. He couldn’t help but take longer looks at them, their smoothness and tan. He could only imagine what was higher up her thighs. He found himself wondering if she had tan lines, even though he had seen her tanning on several occasions. She was barefooted, something that he always found arousing in women. It also seemed that she was more than aware of what he was thinking, playing off what he was saying with her body language.

She smiled, slowly sipping her coffee and watching him closely. He sat down at the table, wincing as his thighs pushed his balls together under the table. “What’s wrong, did something get you?” she innocently asked.

“No, I must have slept wrong or something,” he mumbled.

“Or something,” she said smiling. He did not fail to notice her strange behavior and definitely her exposing more of herself than usual. She seemed very pleased with herself, as if she knew a joke and he didn’t.

He finally got comfortable enough at the table, sitting back and enjoying the hot coffee. In mock concern, she asked, “What’s wrong? You look like you’re in pain. Anything I can do for you?” A big smile spread across her face. He just sat there, still wondering what had happened to him. She grinned really big and pulled her legs up, her feet on the chair seat, her knees up to her chest. Sitting as they were, he could see directly between her legs. The white cotton panties showed brightly against her dark tan. He could almost see the outline of her pussy against the soft fabric. He immediately felt his sore cock begin to swell. He couldn’t help it; he just sat and stared between her legs, enjoying the view. When he did finally come around, she was looking him right in the eyes and smiling. He immediately blushed, turning bright red.

“See something you like?” she softly asked him. He turned even redder and stood up to get more coffee. It was her turn then, watching the front of his robe pushed out as he walked across the kitchen. Seeing her watching his crotch made him only more embarrassed and even harder. He was so obvious that even his embarrassment didn’t help reduce his erection any. Standing against the kitchen counter, he pressed hard into the counter, hoping to somewhat push the erection down. It helped a little, but he could feel her eyes watching him. Her legs were still up and somewhat open. She was smiling even more now. He came back to the table and sat down, changing the subject with her. She never did give him any clue as to what happened the night before.

After leaving the kitchen that morning, he was convinced that she was the cause of his sore and aching genitals. But she wasn’t giving in or saying anything about it. He had expected her to talk about it, or at the very least, mention it, but she didn’t. If he knew what had happened, he would at least know what direction to take with her. But without knowing anything, there was no way he could tease her back or continue with what might have been a very fun night. Since she was smiling and laughing, he could only guess that she had enjoyed herself. But why was he so sore? He didn’t know.

The rest of the day went on as normal …… pretty much. He left to run to town and upon his return found her working on her suntan in the rear of the house. Walking up to her, he could see that she was wearing a bikini that he had not seen before. He was a short distance away when he realized that it was ‘barely’ a bikini. It was something that she had not worn before, a skimpy string bikini that barely covered her at all. He stood watching her for a minute, knowing that she was unaware of his presence. He was behind her and enjoyed the view very much. She was laying on her back, in the chaise lounge. Her entire body seemed to be glistening from the tanning oil. She had undone the hip ties of her bikini bottoms, tucking them under the tiny covering over her pubic area. Doing this would eliminate any tan lines on her pelvis. Her bikini top was done similarly, the strings undone and tucked under the breast covering. Again she was trying to avoid any tan lines on her upper chest or sides. Ken thought to himself, how he would love to see the finished product of her tan. Covered as she was, he knew that if he surprised her, she’d probably sit up, losing her bikini. “Ummm, now that’s an idea,” he thought as he quietly walked up to her.

Standing about 5 feet from her he suddenly said loudly, “Hi, what’s up?” She did just what he expected. She jumped with a start, sitting up in the lounge. The bikini top fell off of her to the ground, exposing her very smooth and creamy breasts. The nipples were overly large, hard and erect. He wondered what she had been thinking about. She immediately pulled her arms up, covering herself. He just stood there smiling at her. “Working on your tan?” he asked, smiling. She had turned blood red, embarrassed at either being caught naked or by what she was thinking about. He didn’t know but it was obviously something erotic. It was way too hot outside for her to be cold. In her embarrassment, she quickly reached for her bikini top on the ground. As she moved to retrieve it, her legs spread and she rolled over to pick it up. Doing this caused her bikini bottom to fall down, between her parted legs. Ken immediately saw the smooth shaved white skin where the tiny piece of fabric had been. Now it was getting funny, since she couldn’t decide to reach for the bikini top or cover up her pussy. She tried to reach for the bikini bottom, but suddenly reached up to cover herself. Reaching for the bikini top she became exposed on the bottom. Finally, exasperated, she put one arm across her chest and used her other hand to cover her pubic area. All she could do was sit there, not moving.

“Well, could you help me?” she asked, sounding irritated. He just stood there for a minute enjoying the situation. Finally he reached down and picked up the bikini top handing it to her. She stayed still, clutching the top to her breasts. Ken then picked up the nearby towel and tossed it into her lap, essentially covering her. She seemed to relax a little, and even smiled.

“Boy, that was a dilemma for a moment wasn’t it?” he asked laughing. She turned red and started modestly trying to get her top back on. He then politely walked around behind her and began telling her what he had been doing in town.

Even as he carried on the trivial conversation with her, he was trying to figure out why she would be irritated with him seeing her, when she had seen so much of him just the night before. Turn about is fair play, he thought to himself. Hell, she had done more than just seen him, she had literally tortured his cock and balls and pumped him out all over the sheets. Then she just left him lying in his sperm. Yes, turn about is fair play and she owed him. Ken actually found himself getting somewhat aroused just thinking about what she might have seen or done with him. She had the advantage of ‘playing with him’ while he was passed out. And the fact that she was smiling so much and teasing him, told him that she had either enjoyed herself or had enjoyed him, very much. Obviously from the condition of the sheets he had enjoyed himself, but he didn’t remember that part. She did.

After talking for a little longer, Ken went back into the house and allowed her to tan in peace and quiet. But he did watch from his window.

The day after the sun tan incident, Mandy was having a bad day. She had been asthmatic ever since a child and at times had really bad days. This day was one of those. It was not that often that it flared up but something had triggered it and she was having a hard time breathing, wheezing and trying to keep from coughing. She had been lying around the house all day, trying to take it easy. Once it got bad enough that she couldn’t take it, she took two of the pills that were considered ‘last resort’. They were very potent and would almost guarantee that her breathing would soon be normal, but knock her out pretty much for the rest of the day and night. She hated taking the pills but when it reached a point that she could not breath, anything was a relief, as long as it helped. Then she would be almost delirious until sleeping it off. It was a price she had to pay in order to be able to take a normal breath. If you’ve never had breathing problems, consider yourself very lucky. It’s horrible and even more, scarier than hell. It was something that she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy.

It was the middle of the evening and she had already taken the pills only 30 minutes before. It had reached that point where she didn’t care and took the two small capsules. Now she just sat back relaxing, waiting for them to take affect and open up her breathing. It didn’t take long and she was quickly beginning to feel better. But she could already feel the grogginess beginning to fog her mind. Ken had been there, worried about her breathing. He had tried to get her to go to the hospital but she had refused, saying that this was somewhat normal and that she would be ok shortly. He sat and watched, seeing that the pills had done just what she said they would do. Now he was sitting and watching, laughing as she swayed back and forth in her chair, cracking nonsensical jokes. She looked at him with bleary eyes and told him that she was feeling a little bit sleepy. He laughed as her eyes kept blinking shut, trying to avoid falling asleep. He asked her if she needed help and she said no, her eyes almost fully shut.

Having felt badly earlier, she was dressed in her robe, relaxing on the couch in front of the television. Ken talked to her till she reached a point where she was barely answering. He asked her repeatedly if she was ok and she smiled, saying she was since she took her pills. Her breathing was now normal and she was having no problems except for the sleepiness. Ken moved over to the couch, sitting next to her. He talked to her for several minutes till her voice finally trailed off, sound asleep. Ken called her name several times, but she was sound asleep. He laid her back on the couch and covered her with a blanket. She would sleep well.

Ken continued watching television, keeping a watchful eye on her and her breathing. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully, her breathing deep and normal. As she slept, she rolled over, the blanket falling to one side. Her robe was slightly parted and exposed one long and tan leg. Ken just sat there, staring at that leg. She did have gorgeous legs. After a few minutes, she rolled over some more, the robe falling open even more. Now, Ken was just sitting there, looking at both of her legs, all the way to the upper thighs. He could feel himself getting hard, just enjoying the view of her legs. It didn’t take long before he could feel that slight surge of pre-cum making its way up the smooth tender shaft inside his cock. She had a definite effect on him and even asleep she was exerting that effect on him.

After several minutes of just enjoying her legs, Ken decided that she should be asleep in her own bed, not on the couch. The couch was ok, but if she was going to be out all night, she might as well be in her own bed. He was actually thinking of her, and not any sexual aspects. It was good enough to just see her legs while she slept. He was happy with that. Besides, he wasn’t a rapist or a pervert. As always, he was being the ‘too nice’ guy.

Standing over her, he called her name. There was no response except for her deep soft breathing. He bent down and picked her up into his arms. He then made his way for the staircase. Even though asleep, she cuddled up next to him, her arms around his neck. And she did smell so good. As he carried her up the stairs, the robe fell open allowing Ken an even better view of her legs. Seeing them close up, he could tell that they were so smooth and creamy. Her tan was even darker than he had thought. Now the white cotton panties were fully exposed showing the outline of her pubic mound. He couldn’t help but notice since her pussy was only feet from his face. He could smell her scent and she smelled wonderfully.

Reaching her bedroom, he gently laid her on one side of the bed. He went around the king size bed and turned back the covers. Then he went back around to where she was laying. He couldn’t help but notice those gorgeous legs. Her robe was splayed open, held closed only by the sash, which was up under her breasts. Parted open as it was, he was looking at her tan flat stomach. Now, in contrast with her dark tan, her panties looked to barely cover her. The fullness of her pussy lips could be seen against the cotton fabric. They actually pushed out enough that her panties stuck out. With her legs stretched out, she almost appeared to be relaxing, waiting on him to come to her bed.

He enjoyed the private viewing for several moments before wondering if he should take all of her clothes off before putting her into bed. He laughed out loud, thinking of how she must have unclothed him a couple of nights before. “It’s only fair,” he said out loud. With that, he reached down and slowly pulled the sash open. Almost holding his breath, he opened the robe. Since she had been tanning with such a smaller suit, there was only a tiny patch of smooth white skin around each nipple. Her tits were beautiful. Their full roundness made her appear to be in her 20’s instead of the later years that she actually was. Even lying on her back they stood upright, firm and muscled. Each nipple was very large and hard, sticking out from her breasts. Ken opened the robe further and enjoyed everything that he had not been privileged to before.

Gently raising her up, he pulled the robe from her, one arm at a time. He left the robe on the bedside so that she would easily find it in the morning. Then he stood and watched her sleeping for several minutes. Her body was gorgeous. He was more than curious about the lower tan lines. Her breasts were fabulous and now he wanted to know what the rest looked like. If what he suspected was true, then it was fair for him to see just what she had been teasing him with, under the tiny bikini bottom. Besides, she didn’t mind taking advantage of him when he was out cold. With that, he reached down and ran his hand softly down the inside of her thigh. Her legs were so smooth. As his hand moved back and forth on her smooth thigh, he brought his hand upward, very near the pubic area. He sat down on the side of the bed, close to her. He watched mesmerized as his hand traveled slowly up her inner thigh. As his hand approached the tender area between her legs, his forefinger reached out and barely touched the panty covered pussy lips. He almost expected her to sit up in bed, yelling at him, but she didn’t. His finger lingered there for what seemed like minutes, just barely touching the soft fabric. Had she been awake, she would have been getting wetter and wetter by the moment, but she was asleep.

After several minutes of playing with her now swelling pussy lips, he couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in his own pants. He was rock hard and wet enough that a small amount of pre-cum was appearing on the outside of his jeans. He was more aroused than he had ever felt and he wasn’t even seeing all of her. His right hand reached out and continued the soft caresses on her covered pussy. His left hand moved inward and began to rub the jean-covered bulge in his own pants. He was hard and even through the jeans, it felt so good. Besides, she had been the one playing with him. She started this.

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