tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 03

An Arrangement Ch. 03


Going into the bathroom, Mandy could not ever figure out where her towels had gone. And the fact that her stomach and thighs were somewhat sticky gave her pause to think. If she thought about it long enough, it was obvious to her what had happened, but she just didn’t have the details. She would love to remember the details if she could. There was no doubt in her mind, sitting down and examining herself that she had been involved in some degree of sexual activity. Having noticed that her pussy lips were somewhat swollen, told her that she had no doubt, been sexually stimulated at some point. Closer examination almost proved the point when she discovered that she was more than moist between her lips. She was downright coated in her own lubrication. All of this added up in her mind that she had been having fun, but didn’t remember any of it.

She stood up and looked into the full-length mirror. Laughing, she mumbled to the mirror, “Was it good for you?” She took a long look at herself in the mirror, looking for any telltale signs of sexual activity. There was no bruising or marks. She did examine her nipples very carefully. Even looking in the mirror, she could tell that they were obviously puffy and somewhat swollen, but she wasn’t sure if that was from any sexual activity or just from the arousing thoughts she was thinking presently. Her thoughts about what might have happened were leaning in the direction of erotic, which would result in her being somewhat aroused. But closer examination didn’t reveal any indication that she had been touched or fondled in any way. The stickiness on her stomach and pubic area would have to be one thing … his sperm. There was no other explanation for it. And the fact that her towels were missing had to mean something.

She examined more thoroughly her vaginal opening. Spreading her lips apart, she gently inserted a finger into herself. Moving it around she gathered up as much as the thick liquid as she could. Removing her finger she held it up to the light. It was clear and thick. She was by no means, a prude. She knew that the fluid being clear indicated that she was only aroused, and that there was no presence of old stale sperm. He had not fucked her. So why was she so sticky? She could only guess that he had disrobed her, and maybe, just maybe, had ejaculated on her. Maybe he did find her attractive after all, but was hesitant to do anything more. Maybe it was an accident that he couldn’t resist doing his own thing. She was more than curious now, and more than aroused at all the possibilities.

Standing in front of the mirror, she finished her exam of herself. She couldn’t help but notice that her tan was darker than it had ever been. And even at her age, she was looking very nice. Her tits were still very firm and well rounded. She was more than satisfied with her appearance. Judging herself in the mirror, she decided that she would turn up the heat on Ken. She wanted to know what he was thinking. But if he had undressed her and put her to bed, why wouldn’t he just be open about it. She had not been downstairs yet and had not been face to face with her possible lover. Time would tell. Now she was excited. Surely he would let it all out, or at the very least, give himself away. She quickly washed off the stickiness on her stomach and pubic area and put her robe on. She was feeling aroused enough that she didn’t want to mess with panties. Besides, a person never knows what to expect.

Refreshed, she rushed downstairs, slowing down only as she reached the kitchen. She could hear him in there. Rounding the corner, she was already smiling. He was standing at the coffee pot, pouring himself a cup.

“Well, good morning,” she said brightly.

Startled, he turned around. “Hey, how are you feeling?” he asked, concerned. It was still early and he was wearing his bathrobe, the same one that she had pulled up over his body only two nights before. She thought to herself just how sticky he must have been when he woke up. “I was worried about you, are you ok?” He asked with sincerity.

“Oh yes, after I take my pills, I’m more than fine. In fact, I feel better the day after.” She explained feeling a definite tingling between her legs. She walked over to the counter getting the cup of coffee he had just poured for her. She walked back to the table, watching him closely. He didn’t indicate in any way, whether something had happened or not. It was as if it was a typical morning. “How did you sleep, did you stay up or go to bed?”

“I went to bed right after you did, slept great all night.” He added. Without being coaxed by her, he quickly added, “I helped you up to bed.” He never batted an eye as he said this. Based on what he said, it didn’t tell her anything. She didn’t know if he helped her get to bed undressed or if he just helped her to the bed. Without her questioning, she wouldn’t know either way. She decided to not play into this line of questioning. Maybe if she just listened he might let something slip. She thought to herself that she had not given him any reason to know what had happened to him a few nights before. She just smiled and let him wonder what had happened to him. Now he was doing the same thing to her. Nothing to indicate anything. He smiled at her then sat down at the table. She couldn’t help but feel a warm sensation flow over her as she sat and watched him. She also couldn’t help but wonder if she had been fun for him. She couldn’t have been too much fun since she was sound asleep. She just watched him.

Ok, two can play at this game, she thought. She sat sipping her coffee. She remembered that she had come downstairs wearing only her robe. Maybe it was time to turn up the heat, right now. Being careful how she did it, she pulled one leg up onto the chair, her knee almost up under her chin. Doing this, her robe opened enough that her entire leg was exposed, up to her waist. From where he was sitting, he had an excellent view of her tan thigh. “Anything good in the paper?” she asked, watching him closely.

He sat for a moment, his eyes glued on her exposed leg. “Oh, nothing. Just the usual. It seems that nothing happens around here,” he said smiling at her.

Yea right, nothing. She didn’t think that the night before was nothing. It appeared that he was playing the same game with her. Ok, she thought to herself. Without him noticing, she casually reached down and loosened the sash of her robe. She pulled a little of the robe through the sash, giving her more looseness in the top of her robe. She then put her leg down and moved forward, closer to him. Looking at the newspaper, she pointed to an article and commented on it. He looked at the paper, and then looked up at her. From his position, he would be able to see more than enough of her breasts. Her top was hanging open to the point that her breasts were almost falling out. If he even glanced, he would easily see their roundness and her now hard nipples. Just playing this little game had her more than aroused. He did notice. He sat there for a moment, just staring into her open robe. “Have you read that story yet?” she asked, still staring at where her finger was pointing.

“Ahh, no I haven’t,” he stammered. His face had turned blood red and he was still looking into her robe. By then she looked up at his face. He was totally unaware that she was staring at him. He stammered, and then looked up at her, embarrassed. He had been caught and he knew it. In his mind he was still thinking about her nude body, exposed in front of him on the bed. His cock was remembering it also, as it had swollen up quite a bit. Even sitting at the kitchen table, he was becoming more uncomfortable as his cock pushed up above the large balls. At this rate, he would not be able to leave the kitchen for quite awhile. She just smiled and remained seated, leaning forward.

“See anything that you like?” she asked demurely, staring into his eyes.

He blushed again, brighter than the first time. Looking away, he stammered, “What do you mean?” He was obviously fidgeting now.

“In the paper. You’re open to the new car section.” She slowly replied.

Still blushing, he looked at the paper, quickly scanning the pictures of new vehicles. “No, I was just looking. There were two that were real beauties,” he said, looking up at her smiling. She just smiled back, fully aware of his comparison. Sitting back in the chair, she faked a yawn and slowly stretched back, her breasts almost falling out of her robe. He just sat and watched, his cock fully erect now. She held her pose for a few moments, and then relaxed. Looking at him, she smiled and held her coffee cup out.

“Would you help me out and get me another cup?” she asked coyly.

He just sat there staring at her for a moment. “Sure,” he said. Slowly getting up he tried to move so that is back was to her. She immediately turned around in her chair and watched him as he stood up. His erection was obvious, pushing out against the soft robe. It was enormous and she couldn’t help but stare at it. He could see her stare, which just made things worse. His cock wasn’t going down any and she knew it. She smiled broadly and continued to be obvious in looking at it. He figured that he could move fast and get over to the coffee pot. With her turned backward in her chair, he took one large step forward trying to get to the counter. With his first step, his cock popped out from between the folds of his robe, pushed out, very thick and fat. Her mouth popped open as he tried to pull the robe closed. It didn’t help much, his cock pushing out hard against the robe. She just sat there watching him, smiling. He was blushing so hard that he felt like his face was on fire. He was now wondering what ever made him come to the kitchen without wearing any underwear. It had seemed exciting in his bedroom, but now he wished that he were wearing them.

“Wow, that is something,” she said, watching him scurry to the counter. With her commenting on it, it didn’t help matters any. It only seemed to make him harder. He pressed up hard against the counter, hoping to force the blood out of the embarrassing erection.

“I don’t think I have ever seen anything that big,” she said smiling her mouth hanging open in mock surprise. She quickly got up and followed him to the counter. Standing along side of him, she made it obvious as she looked down where the erection had poked out of the robe.

“That is about the biggest I have ever seen!” she said as if she had never seen him before. He was blood red and couldn’t even speak. He didn’t even know what to say. Before, she had acted like there was some hidden story or joke that only she knew about. Now she was talking like she had never seen his cock. He didn’t know what to think and was starting to reconsider if she had done anything with him or not. All of this just made him more embarrassed. Pressed to the counter, he could only stand there and hope that the blood would run back out of his overly heated face.

“You must be very popular with the women carrying equipment like that.” She just stood there staring at his face. He now had his eyes closed, concentrating on his breathing, his heart rate, and his respirations. Anything to calm down.

“Do you feed and water it, or let it just run loose?” she laughed. She was making it more than obvious that she was staring at the front of his robe.

After several moments of him standing pressed to the counter, she reached out grabbing his arm and spinning him around. “I’d be proud of something like that,” she said, staring down at his bulging robe. “Seriously, I’m not trying to embarrass you. That thing is something. I’m no expert by any means, but I would think that women would love that.” She was being as serious and complimentary as she could, faking her surprise at seeing it. By now he was becoming more aroused, seeing that she was more than interested in his endowment. His erection, which had been going down, was now beginning to come back up. It was beginning to feel like the prelude to a fun filled morning.

She was still holding both his arms, forcing him to stand facing her. The bulge was now sticking all the way out, his robe open wide, just below bulge. She continued her verbal assault on his stimulated ego. “I never would have guessed you had something that big, hidden away in there. Wow … that is impressive.” He was still blushing and trying to move away from her. She persisted in her fun, forcing him to stand facing her, bulging out.

“I would just love to……” her words trailed off, leaving him to imagine what she was about to say. She suddenly let go of him and quickly sat back down at the table. He was still standing there, his cock still sticking out obscenely, and now beginning to ooze pre-cum. Even though the robe covered the erection, a small wet spot had grown on the front of his robe. She wouldn’t let that go unnoticed. She made it more than obvious as she stared at the wet spot, smiling. She was having so much fun, just teasing him. Obviously he was more than affected with her staring. His erection wasn’t going down and he could feel more of the sticky fluid moving through the sensitive cock shaft.

After several moments, she looked away from him, easing his embarrassment. She then slowly pulled both of her feet up onto the chair seat, her knees up, her robe falling open allowing a full view of her thighs. She had to remind herself that she wasn’t wearing anything under the robe, so she remembered to keep her legs tightly together. She’d let him see all of her legs, but nothing more. Besides, his erection wasn’t going down and she thought that if she kept this up, they’d both be going at it on the kitchen floor. She was more than wet herself. He was so much fun and so easy to manipulate, both mentally and physically.

After at least a couple of minutes he slowly moved away from the kitchen counter, going back to his seat. He was red faced and still bulging, but he had begun to enjoy her attention to the large protuberance. It was definitely more than arousing, playing this little teasing game. But he was now wondering if she was being serious or if she had actually played with him while he was passed out. Either way, it was a lot of fun.

She could feel the moisture spreading between her pussy lips. She had decided to turn the heat up with their fun and games. So this would be the beginning. It was arousing to her, just to try and keep up, thinking of new ways to tease him. What she didn’t know was that he was considering the same thing. If she really did like what she had just seen, then he’d have to play with her, giving her more reasons to want him.

“I guess I should get cleaned up,” he said, rising from the table. He was still slightly bulging. Her eyes followed the bulge as he stood up. She was smiling, and making it more than obvious that she was looking at it.

Grinning from ear to ear, she shook her head and mumbled, “Wow”.

From where he was standing, he was getting the full view of her long legs, pulled up against her chest. She just smiled and watched as he made his way to his room. As he left the room, she quickly put her legs down, both of them going to sleep in the awkward position that she had them. She sat forward, sipping on her coffee. From where she was sitting, she could easily see into his bedroom. She noticed that he did not shut his door when he entered his room. She could hear him in there, moving between the bathroom and his sleeping area. She just sat there, staring down the hallway, into his room.

He disappeared from sight for a few moments. She moved slightly in her seat, craning her neck to see farther into his room. Suddenly, he appeared through the doorway, where she could see him. He was totally nude. He was still in his room, possibly oblivious to whether she could see him or not. His back was turned to her and he was fidgeting with something in front of him. She just sat and watched, intent on the curve of his butt and his long legs. He was very tan, something that she hadn’t really noticed before. His butt was almost pure white, against the dark brown of the rest of his body. During the other night when she rolled back his robe and played with him, she had covered his upper body with his robe, while concentrating on his cock and balls. But now, she was seeing all of it. His waist was slender, moving up to a broad back and shoulders. His legs were muscled and long. She just sat there, admiring his body. She was really hoping that he would turn around so she could see the front. She had seen the essentials before, but she now wanted to see the entire picture, from head to toe. The back looked fabulous, but she wanted to see if the front was as good. He then disappeared from view, moving back into the bedroom area.

Again she craned her neck, trying to see farther into the bedroom. But she couldn’t. Then he walked back into her view. Again he stood with his back to her, messing with something that she could not see. He stood there for a full minute, relaxed, allowing her to take in his entire body. Well, at least the back of his body. Then he again walked out of her view. She was now getting frustrated. It was almost as if he was teasing her. She had now moved her thighs slightly apart. Waiting for him to reappear, she moved her hand down between her legs. No harm, she thought to herself. She allowed the tips of her fingers to just brush against a very wet pussy. The feeling sent shivers through her entire body.

She sat at the table, continuing to stare at his bedroom doorway, her fingers lightly brushing her exposed lips. Her lips were slowly beginning to respond, parting open just a little. Feeling so good, she continued watching the doorway as her fingertips pushed a little deeper inside the quickly engorging lips. She was sopping wet. One finger moved softly against the tight opening, gathering up lubrication, and then moving up to her swelling clit. She couldn’t resist as she pressed her fingertip against her clit. It immediately sent quivers through her pussy. It wouldn’t take much to send her over the edge. She began to softly rub the hard nub, making it push out from the fleshy hood. As she sat enjoying her self-manipulation, she continued watching the door. She knew that he would have to appear sooner or later, and she wanted to see more. Her fingers fluttered over the wetness, enjoying the warm feeling spreading over her body.

Suddenly he did appear. This time he was again with his back to her. She just sat looking at the tan lines and the smooth skinned butt. Then he turned around. She almost gasped as she saw his cock sticking straight out. It was huge. At first she wondered if it was the same cock that she had played with a few nights back. At that time, he had been passed out and was lying on his stomach. She had to fish it out from under him, between his legs. There was plenty to play with but she never got a good look at it. Now it was sticking out for all to see. And there was plenty of it to see. It looked huge. She guessed that it was eight or nine inches long, but hugely thick. It was rock hard and the head was obviously swollen from over stimulation.

She continued rubbing herself, pressing a little harder into the now throbbing clit. Her breath was becoming ragged but she continued to watch him. He moved over to a dresser, doing something on the dresser. While she watched, he reached down and took a firm grasp of the fleshy toy and jerked it a few times. He must have been really turned on, after a couple of hard jerks; he suddenly let go of it. His back arched and his head rolled back, as if in ecstasy. While she watched, his cock twitched hard, bouncing up and down, as if it was ready to shoot its contents all over the dresser. He seemed to calm down a little, his posture returning to normal. He again reached down and squeezed it hard. This time his other hand reached between his legs and pulled the bloated ball sack out in front of him. Holding his cock up against his stomach, his other hand squeezed and rolled the two massive balls around inside their sack. Then he jerked his cock a few more times before suddenly letting go. It was obvious that he was ready to cum, his cock twitching hard and bouncing. Suddenly a large drop of clear fluid oozed from the tip and dripped slowly to the dresser top.

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