tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 08

An Arrangement Ch. 08


Ken thought about another drink for a moment, and then slid his glass across the table, toward her. She smiled; sitting there for a moment, then stood up and took both of the glasses to the kitchen counter. At the counter, she stood with her back to him, knowing that his eyes were glued to her body, nude form the waist up. It was barely ‘a waist up’ view, since her bikini bottom barely covered her shapely butt. She took her time, mixing the drinks at the counter, while he sat quietly watching her. He couldn’t believe how great she looked. The white bikini was almost a black and white comparison, compared to her dark tan. The bikini looked almost like it had been spray-painted on, the strings on both hips tied loosely. Her stomach was small and tight enough, that her shapely hips held the bikini onto her. As he sat there, he fantasized about slowly untying each string and letting them just dangle from her hips. In his mind, he could easily visualize the tiny bikini bottom in the front barely covering her, loosely lying on her shaved pubic area.

She finished mixing the drinks and padded toward the table, sitting his down in front of him. His eyes never left her body as she walked the short distance. She then went back to the kitchen counter and leaned back against it, her ankles crossed over each other. In this position, her legs looked long and lean, her thighs tights. With her legs crossed, it pulled slightly at her bikini bottom, pulling the small covering a little tighter and downward. With her standing this way, he could see just a touch of white skin, peaking out at the top of the lowered swimsuit bottom. Obviously her tanning a few days before had not caused sunburn to the unprotected area of her pubic mound. She just stood there smiling, letting him get more than an eye full.

The longer she stood there, the more self-conscious and the more aroused she became. She had never just stood in front of a man, almost nude. Even with her husband, she normally wore something that covered her to some degree. But in this case, she wanted to arouse him. The more she thought about what she was doing, the more aroused she became. She hoped to have the same affect on him. She did.

Sitting at the table, he continued to stare at her, as obvious as it was. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her body. She looked gorgeous. It was having an affect on him. He could feel his cock swelling, becoming thicker by the minute. She was feeling a little self-conscious, crossing her arms over her breasts. It wasn’t obvious to him, but she did keep her arms across her very sensitive nipples. In doing this, it gave him a perfect view of her tight stomach, hips, and legs. Either way she moved, he was more than enjoying the view.

After several moments of them just watching each other, she casually remarked, “You know, you could always make things a little more equal.” She watched him as the look of confusion went across his face. She dropped one arm to her side, leaning back on the counter, her other arm holding her drink glass. Her breasts were totally exposed again. She glanced down at her breasts and bikini bottom, and then looked back up at him. “I don’t have much more to take off, and you have everything on. I know this isn’t strip poker, but the very least you could do is make things even.”

He sat there for a moment, looking at her, thinking about it. “What would you like?” he asked her.

“Well, for starters, isn’t that uniform getting a little uncomfortable? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without it?” She said grinning.

Moments before, he had wanted to slow things down a bit, but it was starting to heat up again. “You might be embarrassed,” he told her. He could feel the blood surge into his cock as she made her suggestion. He was getting hard again. How could he not, with the way she was looking and posing for him?

“I’m sure I won’t be embarrassed. You might be surprised at what I think. Besides, I got a glimpse of that thing a few days ago.”

He was more than embarrassed, as he understood what she was saying. If he didn’t play along, it could be insulting to her, making him appear to be a ‘stick in the mud’ type. If he did play along, it might be more than he could handle.

“Oh come on. I can’t take off much more than I already have off. There’s not much left to remove. And you, you’re still fully dressed.” She sat eyeing him and grinning. Her breasts did look luscious.

He slowly stood up from the table and began unbuttoning his shirt. She just sat and watched, smiling and sipping her drink. Once he had taken his shirt completely off, she looked at him, saying, “And…” She sat and watched as he sat back down in the chair. For a moment she thought that he was quitting the little game. Giving up before it even got started. He brought one leg up in the chair and removed his boot and sock, then took the other ones off. She stood there, taking in her new view. He had muscled shoulders and arms, and he obviously had been working on his own tan. He was very dark.

After having removed his boots, he sat for a moment, smiling at her. She was relaxed, still leaning against the counter. She stared at him, “Well, surely you’re not stopping there. Hell, look at what I’ve got on. Not much.” She said, smiling.

“Ok, ok. You win. But I’m warning you. You can’t laugh at me.” He was becoming more and more red faced with each piece of clothing. He reached down and unfastened the heavy gun belt, placing it on the table. Watching her closely, he reached down and undid his pants, slowly pulling the zipper down. Before his pants were fully unzipped, his cock was pushing out against his underwear, through the unzipped opening. She just smiled, seeing how hard he had become.

“Babe, I promise I won’t laugh at you. How could I? Remember, I caught a glimpse of that monster the other day. Come on, let me see.” She was laughing, but not at him.

He was still red faced, slowly pulling his pants down and taking them off. Kicking them to one side, he stood there. She was impressed. He hadn’t gotten fully erect, but was thick enough that his cock was bulging out against his white brief underwear. It looked huge all bundled up inside the soft cotton fabric. His balls bulged out to the sides, against his inner thighs. It was obvious to her that he had been aroused for some time, seeing the large wet spot on the front of his underwear. She knew that she had an affect on him, and now she was seeing the evidence of it.

“Umm, I told you that I wouldn’t laugh. I’m not laughing. You look yummy. Mind if I get a closer look?” She took a step away from the kitchen counter about the same time he took a step back away from her. Surprised, she wondered if he was beginning to change his thinking again. He looked embarrassed in the face. He wasn’t exactly happy looking. She had come this far tonight and her plan was working, even if it wasn’t the exact plan that she had started out with. It was close, but it was beginning to falter. She figured that she would have to move a little faster.

Coming around the table, she came up to him, almost face to face. Speaking as softly and affectionately as she could, she looked into his eyes, “You moved back, are you afraid of me?” He could feel her warm breath on his chest as she spoke. “Babe, I’m not trying to embarrass you, we were just having fun. I’m sorry if you’re not having any fun. I was just playing with you,” she said, emphasizing the word playing. Just using that word out loud caused her pussy to tingle. In her mind she was thinking that she wanted to play a bunch with him.

He felt bad, he didn’t want to appear this way. He more than liked her, but he wasn’t sure what to do with her. This was going pretty fast compared to what he was use to doing with women. She was standing so close to him that he felt she was waiting for him to kiss her. He didn’t know what to do. She decided for him.

Standing this close together, he suddenly felt her soft touch as her fingertips brushed against his cotton-covered cock. He immediately felt a surge in his cock, as it began to swell harder. Her fingers danced lightly over the foreskin and head, barely touching him. She was leaning into him, her nipples barely touching his chest.

“I’m sorry. I’ll put some clothes on and we can talk about this.” She said, sounding so serious and sad. But her fingers still toyed with the tip of his cock. Her face was only about an inch from his, her eyes looking up into his. “You’re not mad?” she asked, sounding as innocent as she could.

“No, I’m not mad. Please don’t. Don’t get dressed that is. I more than love this view,” he said, looking straight down between them. Her nipples were hard and pushed into him. Looking down he could see her hand move as she softly gripped his cock head and gave it a slight squeeze. Immediately his breath sucked in, and blood began to flood into the swelling member. She pressed into him a little harder, a little closer, blocking his view of her hand. It didn’t matter, he didn’t need to see what her hand was doing, and he could feel it as it tightened around his thick cock. She squeezed gently, making him gasp slightly. She moved her face closer. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He leaned down slightly and pressed his lips softly to hers. It was a soft kiss, but began to grow more passionate with each second. As his mouth pressed harder to hers, her hand began to squeeze him harder. Even with their lips locked together, she could hear him suck in a deep breath as her hand manipulated him. His hips jerked back slightly.

She quickly glanced up at him, a surprised look on her face. “Did I hurt you?” she innocently asked.

“No, not at all. You just surprised me,” he told her.

She wanted to turn the heat up. Earlier she had decided that if she openly approached him about what both of them were thinking, the worst case would be that he might quickly move out. But now, she suddenly decided that she would have him first, then if the worst case appeared, he might move out. This way, she would at least have her fun.

The palm of her hand moved up to his flat stomach, then pushed down to his underwear, her fingernails pushing under the elastic. She slid her hand downward, feeling the hard muscled cock inside. Her fingertips moved down further, wrapping around the swollen head. She squeezed softly. Again he sucked in a breath of air but didn’t back away from her this time. She was immediately amazed at how much pre-cum was coming from his cock. He was covered in the thick fluid. Her fingers danced around the head and thick foreskin, using his pre-cum as a lubricant. His breathing was now becoming raspy. His mouth moved to hers again and pressed harder against her lips. Her fingers kept moving. His hips were beginning to sway, starting to push against her. She continued manipulating the head and foreskin, feeling the head push out, further into her hand. If he had been questioning what he wanted to do minutes earlier, he had now changed his mind. She wanted to make sure that he didn’t get a chance to change his mind again.

“Umm, baby, I told you I wouldn’t laugh. I’m not laughing,” she said glancing down at the huge bulge and skin-tight underwear. She stepped back away from him, smiling. He was almost panting. His face was red and his breathing beginning to slow down. Stepping away from him she leaned down and examined the tight underwear. “I think you’re going to rip those out,” referring to the underwear. He only laughed.

Now was the moment that she would have to change directions and hope that he followed. She turned away from him and walked to the kitchen counter. “Would you like another drink,” she asked, as if nothing had been going on. Her back was to him as she pressed up against the kitchen counter. She could hear his slight panting as he stepped up behind her at the counter. Pressing into her, she could feel his cock press into her butt. His arms went around her and he began to softly kiss her neck and shoulders. It didn’t take but a moment before his hands traveled up her stomach and rested beneath her breasts. Slowly, each hand cupped a breast and squeezed gently. He began to gently massage each breast, from the bottom, moving slowly to the top, careful to avoid her nipples. Even playing with him as she was, she couldn’t resist the delicious feeling that was washing over her body. Leaning her head back, he continued kissing and nuzzling her neck while his fingers found her nipples. Pinching them slightly, he began to rub small circles around them, making her even more aroused than she had been. She could feel her juices pooling in her bikini bottom, making them wetter than they already were. He had backed away a few moments before, but he was right back where she wanted him to be now.

His left hand continued the massaging on her left nipple as his right hand trailed down her stomach. Slowly, his right hand moved to her bikini bottom. With just his fingertips, he pushed under the soft fabric and inched downward. It was her turn for her breath to suck in as his finger brushed against her clit. She sucked in hard, her hips pressing back to meet his cock. His fingers moved down further into her bikini, coming to stop at her now more than sensitive pussy lips. Using one finger, he gently parted her lips and moved his finger slowly up and down the inner lips, gathering up the thick fluid. He gently massaged the inner lips for a moment, before slowly bringing the finger to the entrance to her pussy. She couldn’t stand it, wanting him to enter her. This was not the way her plan was intended, but she was finding it hard to stop the events as they were happening. His finger began to push into her, slowly.

She pushed back hard against him, moving him away from her enough that she could turn and face him. Doing this caused his hand to slip out of her bikini. She could feel the blood rush to her face as she tried to catch her breath and talk at the same time. “Wow, you do know how to catch a girl’s attention.”

He looked surprised, backing up from her a little. This was a crucial moment to her. If she played it right, she would be having a lot of fun shortly. If she played it wrong, she could either end up alone in bed, or worse, raped. She was going to get what she was after, but rape was not part of her plan. “Damn, you are good at that,” she breathed. She was obviously aroused, her face red, her breathing erratic. Her nipples couldn’t get any harder. He only smiled as he looked at her curiously. Her bikini bottom felt wet enough as though she had just gotten out of the pool. It was that wet.

“You would have had my whole body quivering in seconds,” she told him.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he smiled, moving back toward her. She was close enough that he put his arms around her, holding her tight. She leaned up and kissed him quickly on the lips, pressing her body into him.

“I’ve always wanted to try something and right now might be the perfect time.” She said, trying to look as innocent and sincere as possible.

“What. What would you like to try,” he said, honestly curious. “Tell me, I’m all ears.”

“No, you’re not exactly all ears,” she said, reaching down and squeezing his cock again. She paused, and then looked at him seriously. “Handcuffs,” she said, waiting for his reaction.

“Handcuffs?” He just stared at her. Watching her, he couldn’t tell if she was kidding or making it up as she went.

“Yes, handcuffs. I’ve watched all of the cop shows and always wondered what it felt like. It looks somewhat erotic, being cuffed and all that. Does that sound too kinky to you?” She asked him.

“No, not at all. I don’t think it’s kinky either. Different, but not kinky.” He moved back from her, reaching to the table and getting his gun belt. She watched as he popped the cuffs out of the belt. “Do you want to cuff or be cuffed,” he asked, laughing.

Almost in a little girl voice, she quickly replied, “Oh I think being cuffed would be fun.”

In his most authoritarian voice he told her, “Ok, you’re under arrest, turn around and spread’em.”

With that, he grabbed her elbow, forcing her to turn away from him, her back to him. He gently put his right foot against the inside of her right ankle and pushed outward, forcing her legs to spread out. Holding her in that position, he told her, “Now I’m going to have to search you.” He held the one elbow as his right hand came around to her bare breasts. His fingers lingered around each nipple as she felt the blood surge back into her now throbbing pussy. His hand traveled down her tight stomach, coming to rest at the top of her bikini bottom. He slowly and deliberately moved his fingertips under the fabric and downward, coming to her clit.

“What’s this, contraband?” he said laughing. His finger played on the swollen bud for a few moments, till her breathing began to come in pants. She leaned forward, her butt pushing back into his crotch. She couldn’t control it as she felt her orgasm beginning to build inside of her. He stopped only at the last moment, his finger pressed against her clit. His finger then slid down farther, moving between the sensitive lips. There, he slowly inserted just the tip of his finger into her, holding it there. She immediately gasped, her body jerked back against him. Her breathing was now a rapid shallow pant. He could feel that she was about to cum. He moved his finger gently out of her, and then back up against her clit. Pressed against her, he could feel her legs shaking.

He stepped back away from her, pulling his hand from her bikini. He now ran his hand across her hip, coming back toward her rear end. His hand paused there, his palm resting flat against her lower back. With her legs spread and him supporting her by her elbow, he slowly pushed his fingertips into the top of the bikini bottom. Running his hand downward, he pushed down between her butt cheeks and further. Rolling his wrist around, he cupped his fingers to where the tips were up against her vaginal opening, but this time, from the rear. Gently, his fingers parted her lips again, and he slowly inserted his middle finger into the wet opening. She gasped and her body stiffened upright.

“I hope you’re not hiding anything from me. If you have any weapons or contraband, you had better tell me now,” he said firmly.

Breathlessly, she said, “No Mr. Policeman, I don’t have anything, I swear.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see.” His middle finger slowly pushed into her as she jerked upright. He could feel her pussy clutch at his finger. Fully inside of her, he began to move it around gently, and then slowly in and out. She was panting, her hips beginning to gently thrust. He pushed his body into hers, pinning her against the kitchen counter. He could feel her body beginning to shake. She moaned several times, trying to catch her breath. He continued his finger exercise within her, feeling her getting wetter by the moment.

She could tell that she was about to cum. Any second would send her over the edge as his finger continued to assault her tender muscles. She couldn’t control it as her pussy sucked at his finger, still moving in and out of her slowly. She was panting and shaking and wanting more.

Feeling that she was about to cum, he gently placed his right foot against the inside of her right ankle. He pushed out on it, causing her legs to spread even farther apart. His hand was buried deep down inside her bikini bottom, curved back upward in order to better penetrate her. Having her legs spread so far, he used his upper body to push against her, forcing her to bend over the counter. She was still panting and he could feel her pussy grasping at his finger. He knew that she was close.

Gently and very slowly, he pulled his finger from her. She almost gasped as it came out of her. She was trying to catch her breath and moaning, now in frustration at what was about to occur in her body.

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