tagGay MaleAn Awakening Desire Ch. 05

An Awakening Desire Ch. 05


Like most military relationships my relationship with Will was hot and heavy while it lasted. However, over time he was transfered over seas forcing us to drift apart. We'd meet about twice
a year and make up for lost time then that turned to once a year and then we simply lost touch. On one of our last skipes he forgot to turn off his camera. I witnessed him burying his long, beautiful cock into the ass of a guy he'd met, he was another marine by the look of his muscled body. The scene was hot and heavy by the looks of it. He'd found someone else to take his 12" cock. I knew then it was over.

I wasn't jealous because we weren't in that kind of relationship but I knew I would miss him. Later that night I entered my barracks thinking about Josh and Stephen. It had been over two years since they disappeared and nearly three since I'd last been with them. It was also pushing a year since I'd been with Will. I'd been lucky to have three men in my life that were attractive. I simply had no attraction to men other than for those I'd been with already. So I began to wonder if I was truly gay or simply bi with a situational male preference.

I didn't dare go to a gay bar because NIS was all over the place still. I found myself dating women on and off again, nobody I was serious about. Eventually I found myself deployed to Afghanistan in the same region that Josh and Stephen had disappeared. After I'd been there a month I learned that they weren't the first or the last to disappear. Everyone who had disappeared did so in the same fashion with a freak sand storm coming out of nowhere only to discover another vehicle and its occupants were gone once it cleared. That and it had always happened in the same area. Yet nothing could be found to explain the disappearances. There was one report and only one in which a person in the vehicle following behind saw a flash of light in the middle of the storm. Like someone had flashed a camera. Nobody else saw it.

In each instance the vehicles were found in remote, barely accessible areas. Where Josh and Stephens Hummer had been found in Tibet, the rest had been found only a few miles away. Even the Taliban were reporting disappearances. At first they thought it was the USA doing it. But when they had witnessed the same fate befall several US troops they decided to leave the area in which this phenomenon was occurring. To get to the bottom of this the Army decided to put a permanent post on a mountaintop to observe the region to see if anything could be discovered. I was among the first to be sent out. The garrison was a mixed service observation post so I being a non-essential and thereby deemed expendable I was sent out to observe whatever it was we were supposed to see.

For a month nothing happened, not even a sheep moved in the region we could observe. It seemed that even sheep had vacated the location for good. Late one night I woke up alone in the duty quarters of the hospital tent. Being the only Navy guy there, I was birthed in the hospital tent to be available if someone needed something. Something had awakened me but I couldn't figure out what so I sat up and listened my heart racing believing that maybe we were being raided. One minute, two...nothing. I got up threw on my pants, t shirt and boots and headed out to the ward to see if the guys were fooling around. Nothing.

I was awake with adrenaline so I decided to get some air and walk around the compound. The lights lit up the compound like midday. Generators were running in the distance, almost silent but not quite. For twenty minutes I walked about before I started to feel the need for sleep reach me again. Just as I was about to head back to bed a sudden wind blew up followed by a massive wall of sand as the alarm clanged in warning. I ran but found myself completely engulfed in sand yet I didn't feel sand pelting me. Suddenly weightless I saw a flash of light and everything went black.

What I remember next was a haze of fog and distant voices. It felt naked with warm flowing air/water flowing over and through my body. An overwhelming sense of relaxation hit me like a wave just before fading out again. When I finally did wake up fully I was in a small room with a fire pit and a blazing fire completely naked except for my blanket, which seemed to be made of soft wool that felt like satin only warmer. I liked how it felt on my naked body.

I felt as though I was on medication. I sat up and the room began to spin and I fell back onto my bed feeling weak. A familiar voice said "Relax, you're in good hands. You aren't quite ready to be up and about just yet". I was too groggy to recognize who it was and I began to fade out again as a blurry figure stepped into view wearing what I thought was a monks robe and sat down next to me as I faded out again. Sometime later I woke feeling far more refreshed than I had in a long time. Slowly I sat up again not wanting to push it as I had earlier.

"You must have been tired" came a familiar voice. Turning my head to look at who it was, I saw Stephen sitting next to me wearing a full length robe and hood not unlike a monks robe. Only his appeared to be far more luxurious than the homespun wool of your standard monk wardrobe.

My mouth fell open in surprise unable to speak I began shaking my head wondering if I were even awake. "You are fine Rich. You aren't imagining things. I'm alive and so are you. Josh is to."

"What happened? Where is this place?" I blurted.

"Tibet" Stephen answered. Before I could say anything he explained, "What has been happening is that we aren't alone. Our planet has been monitored by more advanced civilizations for several thousand years, giving us guidance and assistance when we approached annihilation.

Their most recent large-scale intervention was the Cuban Missile crisis. The real reason things calmed down was the fact that they shut down our missile silos on both sides. It created a fear on both sides that the opposition had a new weapon. That 'fear' is what forced the Soviets to turn around" waving a hand around the room "The visitors have been here for a long time, monitoring us from the peak in Tibet from an observation post under the snow. Their technology is far more advanced than ours obviously. Their mission is to see that our species evolves beyond self destruction."

Breaking my silence I walked over to Steven "Why did they take you?"

Stephen stepped over to the fire pit held out his hands to warm them. "Apparently Josh and I weren't as careful as we thought and were seen, well...in a compromising situation one night late when we stole away to a room in the back of the warehouse.

Someone grew suspicious of our situation and had us followed. The person who caught us didn't report us but rather was about to take it upon himself to 'disappear' us both using an IED he had placed on our route. We were about to be killed when the visitors chose to intervene. That was because they monitored his biorhythm's and determined that if he killed us, he would be more prone to behave violently and more aggressively if he were allowed to act on that one 'hateful' impulse. As it is he is no longer homophobic and is no longer a threat to others. They won't tell us how they know this about people because they believe that we would likely abuse the technology if we were to get hold of it."

Just then I realized how cold it was. Just then Stephen threw a robe on my shoulders. "Why can't they stop the perverts from killing children?" I blurted out.

Stephen smiled sadly nodding his agreement. "I asked them that same question and they answered me by saying that they can only monitor a few people at a time and they are mandated by their superiors to only intercede when it is likely that the individual acting on his negative impulses will alter his DNA for the worse.

We weren't saved from that horrific death because they were being magnanimous they were doing it to prevent DNA contamination of the one acting out"

The logic didn't make sense. But for some reason they had been saved from a terrible death because the visitors were concerned the young man who was about to kill them would have been permanently altered genetically by the act of violence he had planned, thereby altering the evolutionary sequence and creating genetic entropy in future generations.

Taking a seat next to the fire I stared into the fire feeling a wave of sudden weakness pass through me "what do they think about you and Joshes relationship?" I asked.

Stephen took a seat next to me and placed a hand on my thigh indicating that he was growing amorous. Such had always been his initial indication that is if he didn't just whip out his cock. It had been almost three years so he wasn't about to go there, not like that anyway. "They are human and have similar wants to our own. In fact it is an acceptable method of population control. On their planet they have eliminated STD's altogether.

There are simply none on their planet and they use sex as casually as we converse on the street, though they do not get down to business in public" he looked at me and his hand slid up my thigh slightly. "We've missed you" he said softly "Once we get you settled in Josh and I would love to...to get reacquainted. That is if you would like that." He said smiling.

I grasped his hand and slid it higher still leaning against his shoulder. "I would" I said. We moved back to my bed, weakness still present but manageable. My heart was racing as I felt Stephen move in behind me. His arms encircled my chest and I felt his growing erection press into me.

"As much as I would love to take this further this is not the place and we may have visitors soon. They want to meet you and talk to you about the rules of your stay." Before he had finished speaking the door creaked and Stephen released me and turned to face the door. In walked a delegation of 5 individuals. Two women of extreme beauty and three men of equally extraordinary looks, each of whom were blonde with piercing blue eyes that gave the impression of being able to see through you. One of the women, a buxom woman, looked at Stephen and I both and gave an almost imperceptible smirk as if she saw what had been happening just before entering.

The Tallest male stepped forward and extended a hand in greeting grasping mine. "Rich, I'm glad you could join us. I'm sure Stephen as explained to you our reason for taking them. Our taking you was for a similar circumstance. A young Taliban was about to kill you while you were walking around the compound. It was to be his initiation into the ranks of his group. Only his heart wasn't in it. We decided to remove the temptation and see if he wouldn't make a better choice. Once we presented our storm it seems his lust for killing ceased. He now may be a suitable envoy for peace talks that we are guiding along' he paused 'without overt intervention of course." He moved away and motioned for me to take a seat on a pile of sheepskins while he took a seat on a rather grandiose carved wooden thrown.

"Because you have been brought into our fold and because of the turmoil of your world today, we have to make you clear on the conditions of your stay with us. We cannot allow you to rejoin your world until things calm down and your species is no longer a threat to itself. While you were asleep we took the liberty of purging your body of the toxins you were exposed to while living in and consuming poisons. As a result you may be feeling unusually tired, sleepy and also exceedingly relaxed, also your DNA has been altered to make you immune to the earthly diseases that plague your species. In time you may also notice that your sexual restrictions and physical limitations are no longer present.

That means that your sexual appetites will not be quelled with a single orgasm or ten. He smiled grandly and waved a hand toward Stephen. "Your friends Stephen and Joshua have been helpful in addressing the cultural restrictions your societies have placed on sexual expression through a religious control mechanism so we erased the 'guilt you were programmed to feel when enjoying sex..I hope you don't mind". He didn't wait for a response and continued on.

"One side effect of your DNA reconstruction is that you will have an extended life span with respect to your contemporaries on earth. We do not know exactly how long that extended life span may be, but so far we estimate you won't age or show signs of aging until well over the century mark, perhaps longer. But with that accommodation there are certain restrictions. Your contact will be limited and it may be necessary that you refrain from family while we guide your social structures to a more amiable temperament without disrupting the evolutionary process."

He stood and moved toward the fire. "I like your planet but the failings of your leadership are appalling. Since we seeded our species on this planet we are responsible for its survival. So far you have proven exceedingly weak insofar as avoiding conflict. It seems that the slightest 'challenge' to your economic social structures is enough to ignite conflict" He stopped there shaking his head.

"We want you to be comfortable while you are with us. We are aware of your previous relationship with Stephen and Joshua and invite you to revisit that relationship if you wish. We view homosexuality as a means of population control and encourage it." He paused looking into the fire. "Calista' he gestured to the buxom woman next to him 'is intrigued by your arrangement with Stephen and Josh. She would like to discuss it with you if you wouldn't mind"

He turned and left never announcing his name to us. I would later learn it was Ellex. Calista remained behind. Once the doors were closed she walked over to us placing a hand on my forearm and another on Stephen "When we conducted your brain scan,' she was addressing me 'we noticed how easily you transitioned from heterosexual to homosexual conduct. It seems that you are truly a bisexual man. But that doesn't interest me as much as the fact that you had a sexual relationship with two men at the same time. Again that isn't all that uncommon on our home planet but you come from a jealous species. How were you three able to engage in this three person engagement and not become jealous when your species is so prone to it?"

Stephen answered "Because we started out as friends. It started out as an innocent game for Josh and I to play in his presence because it excited us. He overheard us one night and that seems to have ignited his interest. Based on what we've learned from your study of our species by him hearing our desire for him his own barriers were erased which then allowed him to consider it more openly.

My confrontation, accidental though it was, led to our first sexual encounter and subsequent relationship." I then saw the familiar 'naughty' twinkle in his eye as he leaned in and whispered "would you like to watch us some time?" he asked.

Calista brightened "Yes, I'd like to, but I do not have time at the moment. Plus I know that you need to get reacquainted with Rich and I sense my presence would be a distraction. According to our scan of Riches sexual history it has been over one year since he was sexually active with anyone' then she turned away 'He may need some attention."

Stephen looked at me surprise on his face "You haven't been with anyone in a year?", he asked.

I shook my head looking down "No...since you disappeared and Will went over seas we drifted apart. He met someone else. It was bound to happen." I sighed.

"We have your room ready" Stephen whispered. With that he turned and dragged me by the collar of my robe and practically sprinted down the hallway to a ramp at the far end of the hall. Up the ramp was a small landing with three doors. My door was open and Stephen rushed through it.

It was a large room with a view of the high mountains. On the far side of the room was a massive bed with great many blankets piled on top. Sheets were fine linen and turned up ready for an occupant to slip in between them.

A fire pit was in the center of the room, the sole source of heat. Along the opposite wall from my bed was a circular device with a sex harness at its center. Sheepskin lined leather straps wrapped around the thighs of the individual just above the knees.

Another wrapped around the waste with two straps for the wrists. Shoulder straps attached to the waist harness and were hooked to the frame. Combined they would suspend the 'victim' in the center of the device who could then be manipulated in any orientation he was needed to accommodate the needs or wants of the person or persons wanting to play with them.

On the far end was a ground level bath/hot tub. Next to that was a bathroom. Stephen moved in behind me after closing the door. "Josh will be out for a while. He thought it best if I were to ease you back into things. We thought that maybe once you were more comfortable we could use the harness on you." With that he pealed off my robe and moved in behind me. "So, where would you like to start?..Oh by the way, while you were being scanned we took the liberty of cleansing you. It was part of the toxic purge they administered.

So we won't have to waste any time with that. In fact you may never need that again as with your DNA therapy your future need in that regard will be infrequent. It was part of their evolutionary process". Opening his robe he let his now hard cock slip between my cheeks. "But I don't think you want me to explain that right now...do you?" I shook my head no as my heart began to respond to his touch.

In an aggressive move I'd not experience with him in the past his fingers reached around to my mouth and hooked in my cheek pulling my face to his finger, which I began to suck like a cock. As I did that his lips grazed my neck, ears and shoulders kissing, nibbling and biting hard onto my skin as our passions rose to heights I'd not experienced without chemical assistance. "I haven't fucked anyone since you" he whispered "Josh simply doesn't want that sort pressed my ass cheeks down over his shaft as it protruded from underneath me. His heat mixed with mine as memories of our sexual past came to my consciousness.

My lips slid over his finger to the knuckled as I pretended it was his cock for a long time my mouth slid over his finger until he whispered in my ear grinding his pelvis into my cheeks "Do you want to suck the real thing?"

I nodded and moaned a soft "yes". He released me dragging me to the edge of the bed. He sat down and I got down on my knees and for the first time in a year I stared at the end of a cock.

My lips slowly engulfed his shaft as I reacquainted myself with his flesh. Slowly I let my mouth open and slide down the familiar shaft taking him deep the first time so that my lips touched his pubic bone ever so gently. His slow exhale was enough to tell me that I was doing it just right. I was enjoying the smooth warmth of his skin on my lips and tongue as I pumped his shaft in and of my hungry mouth and throat. It wasn't long before I felt his hands caressing my head and cheek as I pleasured him. "You were always so good a this...oh I missed you" he sighed. So I sucked Stephens cock kneeling on a pile of sheep skins with a fire of hard, dried wood crackling in the background mixed with his sighs and gasps.

It had been a year since I'd last given head to anyone and it felt as if it were yesterday I had last done this to him. The day they left for deployment was the last time I'd done this to him. Joshua had suggested I take care of them before they left not knowing when they'd be back. So I let Joshua take me at the kitchen table that morning, having already prepped for his attention, heart aching from the knowledge they were going away. Stephen watched as he had coffee as I bent over the table raising my robe up over my ass. Joshua lubed up then took his place behind me and slowly slid his cock into my ass one last time. Tears had rolled down my eyes as I savored the long, thickness of his cock penetrating me, wondering if I'd ever feel his shaft inside me again. He also seemed to sense that it would be long time before he would do this and was exceedingly gently as he slowly fucked me. I remember the passion of our last exchange as he unloaded a burst of semen into me. I savored it as I had always done...loving the warmth of his essence mixing with my body heat.

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