An Empath's Detective

byAlex the Cat©

"Dinner was wonderful. Thank you," Kerry said. After more than an hour of talking, she felt so much more comfortable with the tall, dark detective.

"Sure. Would you like to take a walk on the beach?" Alex asked, shyly.

"That would be nice," Kerry responded.

They strolled down the boardwalk. The cool moonlit night was peaceful.

"I have a question..." Alex began, hesitantly.

"Okay," the blonde said, the butterflies in her stomach fluttering once more.

Alex stopped at a bench, and they sat down. "Um...well..." She pawed for the right words. Damn, I wasn't nervous earlier. She sighed.

Kerry instinctively reached out to take hold of the tall woman's hand. The magnetic charge jolted through them both, again.

"I' in seeing you again...ah...regularly," The dark-haired woman looked out at the rolling waves, trying desperately to stop her stomach from matching their rhythm.

Kerry smiled. She's so cute. I seem to no longer be nervous, but now she is. "You in dating?"

Azure eyes locked onto emerald green. "Yeah...uh...I'd like to get to know you better," Alex whispered.

"That would be nice." Do I tell her I've never dated a woman? Damn, would that scare her off? The small blonde wondered.

"Okay...great," Alex's bright smile glittered in the darkness. "Well, would you like to continue walking?"

"Sure." Suddenly Kerry felt her hand gently gripped for a moment. She smiled at the simple gesture. "So how long have you been on the force?" She asked the detective.

"For five years now," the brunette answered, quickly.

"What made you want to be a cop?" The smaller woman continued her gentle probing.

"I guess it was just something I felt I could be good at. Maybe, in a sick way, I get pleasure out of beating the bad guys at their games and putting them away for good." Alex wiggled her eyebrows playfully at the young woman.

Neither one realized they had been walking for quite some time until Alex looked at her watch. "It's late. I guess I should get you home."


Alex walked Kerry to the door.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening," Kerry said and leaned back against the wooden frame.

"I had a great time too." The tall woman responded. She absently rubbed the back of her neck wondering if she should kiss the blonde or not. "Thanks for dinner."

"Mmm Hmm." Is she going to kiss me? I know she wants to. I can feel it. God, I want to feel her lips. Should I kiss her? The blonde's thoughts raced rapidly through her mind, her heart keeping pace with it.

Suddenly Alex took a step forward. Their eyes locked as she softly touched the lips before her. A bolt of electricity surged between them and the magnetic pull drew them closer. Kerry lifted her hands up to wrap around a strong neck. At the contact, the tall detective snaked her arms around the small waist. Lips parted seeking permission to deepen the kiss. As soon as tongues touched, Kerry moaned at the exquisite feeling. The kiss became passionate as their state of arousal climbed. Alex slid her hands down to grasp firm butt cheeks. She pushed her body further into the small woman.

Kerry broke the kiss first, needing some oxygen, and placed two fingers on the detective's lips, "I...uh sort of have a confession."

"Okay," Alex looked at her questioningly. "You have a husband?"

Kerry laughed. "No."

Alex's gaze was evidently filled with fire, and Kerry shivered slightly at the sight. "Alex, I think you're incredibly hot, and I'm sure you have had your share of lovers, but I...I don't want to become a conquest." The pleading green eyes spoke volumes.

Alex nodded in understanding. "I have no intention of you being a conquest."

"I'm new at this," Kerry confessed.

Alex arched an eyebrow.

"I mean, not...umm...with... Damn. Let me start again," the blonde sighed. "I have always been a very open person. I've dated men, but this is my first...with...a woman. Well since college, that is. My roommate and I had a thing for each other, but that wasn't anything that went very far...umm well...that's another story, anyway I just can't place my..." Forgetting what she was trying to say, she absentmindedly stroked Alex's high cheekbone and then slid her finger down a solid neck.

The tall woman shivered at the contact.

Kerry liked the response she got, and decided to place both her hands high upon the solid chest. "I...I can't seem to keep my hands off you." She slowly slid them down to pass firm breasts. Sea green eyes looked into blazing blue pools.

Alex tried to find her voice. "Maybe I should go," she finally squeaked.

"No. I mean...umm..." The blonde looked away, not knowing how to express herself.

"How about we have lunch tomorrow and talk some more?" Alex asked.

Still not making eye contact, Kerry nodded.

The tall woman gently hooked an index finger under the woman's small chin bringing her face up. "I know this can be scary. We don't need to do..." Her words were cut off as her lips were caught in a passion infused kiss.

In the lip lock, Kerry reached behind her and managed to open the door, nervously pulling Alex through the house and into the bedroom. Facing away from the dark woman, she began to unbutton her blouse.

"Kerry, are you sure about this?" she asked gently.

The small woman nodded.

Long arms snaked around her waist from behind stopping her motions. "Hold on." Alex whispered sensually in her ear. She deposited a soft kiss just below the strawberry blonde's earlobe. Placing large hands upon Kerry's smaller ones that had stopped unbuttoning, Alex asked, "May I have the honor?"

"Yes," Kerry whispered in response. She reached behind her and placed small hands on the tall woman's thighs.

Fingers began to unbutton her blouse as her neck was nipped. The shirt slid from her shoulders and onto the floor. The strong fingers expertly reached around to unclasp the bra. The black silk garment also glided effortlessly onto the floor. Kerry shivered at the cool air and Alex's fingers softly brushing her puckered nipples.

Alex stroked a taut stomach then swung the smaller woman around to unzip the back of the skirt. It instantly fell.

The soft breathing in Kerry's ear made her shiver again. Her knees grew weak as a slight moan escaped her lips. Turning her head, she buried her face in Alex's chest.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked.

Kerry nodded. "I...I just can't stop shivering."

"How about a nice hot bath to warm you up?" Alex softly suggested.

The young woman nodded and led her to the bathroom. She turned on the water and finished removing her clothes. Naked, she smiled sheepishly and stepped into the tub. "I watch you undress."

The detective removed her shirt, then jeans.

A stifled giggle came from the tub.

"What?" Alex asked.

A small finger pointed to her cotton boxers.

She looked at them and back up to the strawberry blonde. With a lopsided grin she asked, "You don't like Tigger?"

"I love him!" Kerry squealed. "And, he's very cute on you."

The detective finished undressing and climbed into the deep, large tub, and sat facing the young woman. Grabbing the loofah hanging nearby, she poured a generous amount of the liquid soap into it.

"Oh, what about your shoulder?" Kerry asked with concern as she remembered the detective's injury from the bandage she was sporting along her shoulder.

"It'll be fine. I won't get the stitches wet," Alex reached under the water to take hold of Kerry's left foot. Lifting it gently out of the water, she started the washing.

Kerry leaned back. Having someone wash her was a new sensation. She basked in the feeling of someone else's hands on her body.

"Kneel for me Kerry." Alex softly said.

The young woman did as requested. The water cascaded down her upper body. Droplets of water formed at the end of her nipples.

Alex locked eyes with her while inching her way forward to receive a delicious nipple into her mouth.

Kerry's head lolled backward at the warm mouth suckling her breast. She ran her fingers through jet-black hair.

Alex slid a soapy hand between Kerry's legs. Once her washing was finished, the same attention was lavished upon the dark-haired beauty.

After towel drying each other off they headed over to the bed. Lying down, Alex stretched her full length beside the small woman. They kissed slowly and passionately. Alex then moved down her neck nibbling her way across both shoulders. Flicking her tongue at the pulse point, she continued to kiss and lick the creamy flesh along Kerry's chest and arms. For the moment she stayed clear from the obvious pleasure zones wanting Kerry to fully relax and enjoy having her body ravished. When Alex reached down to the tops of her feet, she gently rolled the young woman over and continued her ministrations on the blonde's backside. First up the calves behind the knees where Kerry giggled a bit, and onto the butt cheeks. As she arrived at the shoulder blades, her kisses became bites just strong enough to make Kerry moan louder and arch her back. She finished her journey returning once again to Kerry's neck.

Flipping her over, Alex knelt between her legs. She brought the blonde's legs up and bent at the knees. She leaned forward, and Kerry wrapped her legs behind a muscular back. Their mounds touched and Kerry felt the liquid fire running down her nether lips. Alex ground into her a few times, and Kerry pushed her hips up to meet her.

Out of nowhere, a tear escaped the young blonde's eye, and ran down a creamy cheek.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked softly. "Am I hurting you?" She stopped her movements and lay next to the young woman.

Kerry took a large hand within her own. Bringing it to her lips, she kissed it. "You didn't hurt me. I...I...just never...had anyone pay so much attention to me like this. It's all so intense and beautiful..." She brought the hand slowly down to the apex of her sex. "Please, don't stop. Forgive my silly tears."

"There's nothing to forgive," Alex said as she kissed the tear away. She stroked the golden curls at her fingertips, and then dipped into the wetness, just as she took a stiff nipple into her mouth.

The actions caused Kerry's hips to buck.

Alex's long fingers began to pump in and out matching the rhythm of the undulating hips.

Kerry clasped the detective's shoulders. Her moans were insuppressible. Eyes tightly closed her head rocked from side to side as the impending orgasm threatened her body.

"Look at me Kerry." Alex whispered in her ear. "I want you to see me making love to you." Alex stroked the blonde's swollen clit with a thumb. "Will you come for me?"

Kerry whimpered and nodded.

"Tell me. Tell me you'll come for me." Alex gently commanded. Her thumb continued it's tortuous stroking as the two fingers started to slam into Kerry's hot sex.

The words alone almost sent the smaller woman over the edge. "Mmm...uhhh...yes. I'm...ahh...coming. Fuck YES!" Kerry cried out.

Alex rode the waves with her while her hand slowed down to a gentle penetration. She kissed a soft cheek and laid her head next to her.

Kerry turned and began sobbing into the dark woman's neck.

Alex instinctively wrapped her in a safe embrace. "It's okay. I've got you," she whispered tenderly.

As the tears dried, green eyes looked into blue. A small hand caressed a sculptured cheek. They shared an endearing and exploratory kiss.

The young woman grazed an erect nipple causing Alex to moan into her mouth. Fingers began to tug and twist the nipple eliciting another moan from her dark-haired lover. Moving further down she encountered drenched dark curls. Her fingers slid through the folds and right up into her destination. Breaking the kiss, Kerry bit down at the tendon along the strong shoulder and sucked on it gingerly.

Alex cried out from the instant sharp pain and the incredible flooding of wetness it has caused. Her hips moved in rhythm with Kerry. Her grunting and panting became more erratic. A determined mouth swallowed her right breast, and she reached the edge quickly. "Uhhh... Ahh...god Kerry!"

They lay there for long moments caressing each other.

Kerry spoke first. "I've...never...felt a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g like this." She laid her head on the pillow next to Alex. Looking into cerulean eyes, she said, "It was I don't know if I even know the right words. It seemed like everything you did was an act of worship. That's why I cried. You made me feel so beautiful."

Alex stroked her cheek with the back of her knuckles. "You are beautiful --- so beautiful in the midst of ecstasy; and so beautiful when your body tenses then completely let's go. I just had to feel every inch of you with my hands and mouth." The fire of passion ignited in her eyes once again. She leant forward to capture sweet lips. Tongues danced and slid against each other. A moan rumbled through the strawberry blonde as Alex lay on top of her. Breasts brushed against one another and this time Alex moaned into the young woman's mouth. Gently pulling away from the kiss, she said, "I've got to have you again."

"Take me Alex. I'm yours." Was the response given.

The undertone of those words struck Alex to the very core. She moved down her neck to nip and suckle while her fingers lightly pinched and rolled hardening nipples.

Kerry arched her back and ran her fingers through short raven locks of hair. She knew the tall woman's ministrations were causing the throbbing at her clit, and she craved some kind of release.

After leaving the nipples above a shade of scarlet Alex moved further down between the young woman's legs to the top of golden curls. She rubbed her face into the fine hairs inhaling the sweet light scent of arousal. As soon as the blonde spread her legs wide and bent them at the knees, Alex tenderly pushed the outer lips further apart and witnessed a glistening pussy. She slowly licked the inner folds tasting the sweet nectar of her lover's desire.

Kerry cried out from the exquisite contact. This was the first time anyone had touched her in such a delicious way. Knowing about oral sex in the past, she had yet to experience it for herself.

Alex delved into Kerry's hot center, her tongue, an eager, probing piston.

The blonde's hips rose in the hopes of getting more of the tall woman's tongue inside her.

Soon, two long fingers coated in Kerry's thick juices replaced the detective's tongue. Moving up a notch, Alex flicked her tongue at an aching nub causing Kerry to spasm. As her fingers plunged in and out, she sucked in the hard nub between her teeth and stroked it firmly.

"Ohhh...god. so good. Ahh...yes!" Kerry pressed the dark head into her. "God...harder. P-l-e-a-s-e. Fuck me harder!"

Alex lost all control with the small woman's confession. She started to slam into her curling her fingers up each time she pulled out. Grabbing the clit firmly with her teeth, she pulled and wiggled her head as if she intended to rip the little nub right off.

"Ungh...ALEX...AHHH!" Kerry collapsed back onto the mattress, after the most powerful orgasm she experienced, ripped through her core.

The tall woman crawled up wrapping her in strong arms once again. She kissed the crown of the damp blonde head, and buried her face into a warm neck.

After a few minutes, emerald eyes fluttered open, "Goddamn, I'm so weak."

"Rest now little one," Alex responded.

They both fell into Morpheus' realm.


Blue eyes snapped open, waking from a most erotic dream. The long body still tingled and her sex burned for relief. Electricity shot through her clit and she realized there was something under the blanket. Flinging the sheet to the side, emerald eyes looked up at her through disheveled strawberry blonde hair. "Well..." she paused as her body tingled again from Kerry's tongue flicking her clit. " an...interesting way...of waking up." She spread her legs to allow Kerry ample room. Brushing blonde hair away from the young woman's face, she felt the smile against her pussy. "Oh, baby." Alex arched her back when small fingers probed her love hole. Her hand was on the back of Kerry's head urging her forward.

Kerry stroked the clit in a circular motion with the flat of her tongue, and she felt the inner walls contracting.

"Baby...I need...more...please," Alex pleaded, panting heavily.

The young woman added a third finger, plunging deeply into her lover's pussy.

Alex's hips shot off the mattress, as her body became taut from the orgasm crashing over her. "F-U-C-K."

Kerry lapped up the juices pouring from the dark-haired woman's quivering opening that were enticing her. She then crawled up the long body and kissed her lover with abandon.

Upon tasting herself, the detective moaned, and then wiped at the evident wetness on the small woman's chin.

Kerry smiled, "I did good?"

Returning the smile, Alex said, "Oh, very, very good." They kissed again as she rolled Kerry over, and laid her head upon succulent breasts.

They held each other letting sleep claim them again.

An hour later Alex awakened with a jerk. Shit. What time is it? She looked for a clock. The one on the nightstand said 2:30pm. Fuck. I'm late. She tried to extricate herself from the tangle of arms and legs pinning her to the mattress. Sliding out from underneath the strawberry blonde, Alex wound up miscalculating her footing and ended up on her ass on the floor, "Oof. Damn."

Green eyes opened and peered over the edge of the bed, "You fell out?"

Fully embarrassed, Alex said, "Uhh...yeah. I was... Never mind." She got up to quickly dress. "I was supposed to report to the precinct today and I'm late. Sorry I have to go." She buckled the belt on her jeans and began buttoning her shirt.

With a frown, Kerry asked, "When will I see you again?"

The tall woman hurriedly pulled her boots on and tied the laces up. She knelt at the bedside facing the young blonde. "Well I have the rest of the week off due to the injury. I just had to show up today to give my report of the bank robbery." She caressed a soft cheek. "How about this evening? Are you busy?"

Kerry leant into the caress. "Hmm, no not busy." Her eyes closed as she reveled in the feeling of those strong hands just hours ago caressing her entire being.

Alex leaned in, kissing her lover tenderly, "I have to go. I'll come by when I'm done."

Kerry nodded.


The detective flew through the precinct doors and over to her desk. Before she had a chance to sit down she heard the captain.

"ZACHARY! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" He bellowed from his office door.

Alex sighed, rubbed her face, and began the long trek to her captain's office. Stepping inside the small room, she figured it would be wise to close the glass door since the captain appeared to be in a 'mood'. She sat down across from his desk with a deadpan look on her strong, angular face.

The large beer and donut-gutted man sat forward in the chair leaning his forearms on the desk. His sweaty salt and pepper hair was slicked back from him constantly running his thick fingers through it that way. His full bushy mustache covered his entire upper lip and then some. Alex sometimes wondered how he managed to eat without swallowing that hair with his food.

The staring contest between the two finally ended as the captain spoke. "I thought you were joining us for the one o'clock debriefing today?" He looked at his watch. "It's now 3:30pm. You doing okay?"

"Yeah," she said in a monotonous voice. "It's that damn Vicodin they have me on. I just overslept."

"I see." He looked at her with a glint in his brown eyes. Ever since she came on the force, he had enjoyed messing with her. He was appreciative of the playful banter they had with each other, even though it looked like to everyone else that he was more pissed than a demon from hell. "Well, now that you're here, I expect that report within the hour."

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