An Empath's Detective

byAlex the Cat©

"Sure." She got up to leave.

"Oh, and Zach?" The big man stopped the detective in her tracks.

She turned to face him, fire evident in her glacier-blue eyes.

"Enjoy the rest of your week and take care of that shoulder. I need you in top shape when you return," the captain added, with a smirk.

Alex gave him a sly grin and a wink, "No problem."

Back at her desk, the detective sorted through the necessary forms for her report.

"Hey partner. How's your shoulder?" Johnson asked, interrupting Alex's no-nonsense flow.

"Hey Johnson. It's getting better," Alex shrugged. "You know, ---- it's just a flesh wound."

"Yeah, but isn't it great to have paid time off?" He wiggled his dark brown eyebrows.

"It sure is," the dark-haired woman flashed her partner her patented crooked grin.

"Hey, I saw that blonde in your room at the hospital yesterday. Took the opportunity to speak with her briefly about the whole robbery. Then I happened to ask her why she was in the room with you. Funny, she couldn't answer. Said she didn't know why but that it felt right. What's that about Zach? I have trouble getting a date but the women come to you like bees to honey," Johnson shook his head, clearly amazed by his partner's prowess with women.

"Well Johnson, first, you've got to have the honey, and that's exactly what I have," She retorted, waggling her dark eyebrows, comically.

"Aw, hell." He responded, blushing furiously.

"By the way, her name is Kerry and I have a second date with her tonight," Alex added, chuckling at her partner's low groan.

"Second? Damn, Zach you sure don't waste time," Johnson's pager buzzed and he took a look at the screen. "Hey I'll see you later. Got some tracking to do with Murray." He walked off, still shaking his head, dumbfoundedly.

Alex finished the report in less time than she anticipated. Taking long strides she dropped it off in the captain's mailbox and headed out the door. On her way home she began to think of Kerry. Mmm, what a night we had. I can hardly wait to see her again.

Kerry stepped out of the shower. Walking about in her robe, she went into the kitchen for a bite to eat. She smiled as she thought of the tall dark-haired detective. Kerry thought about tapping into Alex's feelings. It was an ability she had from early childhood, ----- to feel the emotions of others.

Alex's mind lingered upon the flawless succulent flesh of the strawberry blonde. Her large, callused hands roaming freely over the tender skin. Her mouth suckling and nipping beautiful firm breasts. She trembled with arousal once more.

Kerry leaned against the counter as the sexual feelings coming from Alex coursed through her body. Oh, god, maybe I better stop. Her feelings are intense. Her body shivered as the contact continued.

As Alex walked into her apartment, she could feel the wetness on her shorts. Memories of their recent lovemaking ran through her mind, increasing her excitement. Whew! I think a cool shower is in order before my libido explodes.

Kerry calmed her racing heart as the feelings subsided. She realized that she was having a hard time breaking the contact. What is going on? I've never experienced this of a connection before. She tried making a turkey sandwich, when her stomach complained of hunger pains.

Alex stepped out of the bathroom freshly showered and began picking out clean clothes. Once dressed, a perfect mental picture came to mind of Kerry impaling herself on her long, strong fingers. She shuddered in delight at the thought.

Kerry's knees buckled when she attempted to get up from the table. Grabbing the table's edge for support she sat herself back down. A bolt of electricity shot through to her core. Goddamn, I don't think I'm going to survive this. She's obviously thinking of me sexually and with such intensity.

Alex swung her backpack onto her shoulder as she walked up to Kerry's door. Hope she doesn't mind I brought a change of clothes and other useful things. She rang the doorbell.

Kerry rose from the couch. She had been lying there in a ball since she left the kitchen, unable to break the connection into the detective's feelings. She walked to the door hunched over like someone suffering from appendicitis.

The detective stepped in. "Hi. Did you miss me?" She asked, playfully. A fleeting thought flashed through her mind to ravish this goddess.

Kerry tried to make it back to the couch but failed. She stumbled to the floor tightly cupping her sex as another spasm hit her.

"Hey what's wrong?" Alex rushed over to her. Kneeling over the young woman she asked, "Kerry? Baby, what is it? Are you sick? Hurt?" She wrapped her lover in strong arms, and an electrical current passed between them. Alex shook her head to clear it, "Whoa. What the hell was that?" The intense energy was still evident and coursing through both their bodies.

"I can't..." The small woman's words failed her.

"What can I do? How can I help you?" Alex hoisted her lover up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her down gently on the mattress.

"Don't... think of me," Kerry stammered.

"What?" Alex questioned.

"Just focus on something else, --- like your job," the blonde directed.

The detective shook her head not understanding the request.

"Please... just trust me on this," the small woman pleaded.

All of the tall woman's thoughts and feelings turned to concern, and then she tried to think of the report she worked on earlier and the meeting with the Captain.

Kerry felt the change and her body relaxed a bit. Green eyes locked onto blue. "Alex, I'm an empath. I can feel your emotions. I've had this ability as far back as I can remember. My mother passed it down to me. Please don't freak out."

Alex stroked Kerry's flushed cheek with the back of her knuckles. "My stepmother was an empath. I understand what it's about. But what I don't get is why you practically collapsed in the living room. And what is this electricity between us? What's that about?"

"I tapped into your feelings earlier because I wanted to be near you. I didn't realize your range of emotions at the time were highly sexual, so I couldn't break the hold. Everything you were thinking and feeling was affecting me twice as much. It was so intense and I couldn't get any relief," the small woman shuddered at the memory of what she had just experienced.

"Hmm, very interesting," the dark-haired woman responded.

"Why it was as intense as I felt it, I'm not sure. It's like there's some connection between us," Kerry shook her blonde locks, thoughtfully. "Will you lie next to me for a bit?"

"Sure," Alex yanked off her pants and climbed in bed to cuddle her lover close.

After a short nap, Kerry thought she felt a change in the dark-haired woman's breathing and asked, "Are you awake?"

"Yeah," the detective answered.

"You wanna fool around?" The blonde asked, waggling her russet eyebrows, comically.

Alex nodded and hopped off the bed to remove the rest of her clothing. From her backpack she pulled out a harness and dildo. "Would you be interested?" She asked, showing Kerry the items in her strong hands.

"Oh, yes," the blonde nodded, enthusiastically.

Alex strapped the harness on and donned the red silicone cock with a condom, pulling it over the end and snapping it over the length of the toy. She returned to the bed and began nibbling the young woman's neck.

Kerry squirmed and giggled. She grasped the tall woman's face between small hands. Looking into sapphire eyes she said, "Alex I can't wait."

The detective pulled her lover up, so that they were on their knees facing each other. She then pushed the smaller woman against the headboard, and sat back onto her haunches. "Straddle me," she gently commanded.

Kerry did so, and felt the cock slide into her. She wrapped her arms around the dark-haired woman's neck.

Alex moved forward a few more inches until Kerry's back was against the headboard. She braced herself with one hand grasping the top of the board. The other arm wrapped securely around Kerry's waist, and she began the rhythmic dance.

"God, yes Alex, fuck me. Fuck me hard!" Kerry pushed her hips down every time the detective pushed up. Explosions of white light flashed behind her eyelids. "Ungh... Ahhh."

Alex bit along her lover's neck as Kerry threw her head back in ecstasy. The tall woman was reeling with excitement from this primal passion the young woman was displaying. She felt Kerry's legs tense indicating her climax was approaching.

With one deeper push Kerry screamed out her orgasm. "AHHH...GOD YES!" Hips slowed down to a grind as the tremors racked her body. She felt herself being laid on her back. A soft mouth whispered kisses upon her chest.

Alex gently pulled out and unbuckled the straps and tossed the apparatus to the side. She gently urged Kerry's legs apart and dipped her head to lap at the juices trickling out. She looked up when she heard an approving moan. Returning to the task at hand, Alex delved her tongue between the folds. A fierce rumbling escaped from deep within her chest at the sweetness she tasted. Her mind can only compare it to wild honey and apricots, as she stroked the bundle of nerves with her muscle.

"Oh Alex." The young woman ran her fingers through short black hair. She pulled on Alex's head urging her forward. "Mmmmm. It's...wonderful," Kerry's hips bucked allowing her pussy to rub firmly across her lover's mouth. A second orgasm hit, causing her small body to spasm.

Alex crawled up enveloping the strawberry blonde in strong arms. They languidly caressed each other. "All better?" The dark woman asked.

Emerald eyes locked into crystal-blue sapphires, "Oh, yes." She kissed the lips before her, "Thank you," then planted another kiss infused with gratitude and passion on the detective's mouth. Kerry ran the tip of her tongue across Alex's bottom lip requesting entrance. Tongues began to duel, and Kerry pushed Alex onto her back. She grasped the flesh of her neck between teeth, and Alex let out a pleasurable hiss. "You like that, hmm?" She ran her tongue across the clavicle to the other side and once again sank her teeth at the base of Alex's neck.

"Uhh...," The dark-haired woman stuttered.

Kerry then took two swollen nipples between each thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting and letting them snap back into Alex's chest.

"Ugh... SHIT!" Alex cried out.

The young blonde took one now pebble-like nipple into her mouth to suckle. Her free hand slid down to wet black curls. "Hmm, there is something that you do to me," She then whispered into Alex's ear. "I free with you," She suckled an earlobe while her fingers played through her lover's dark patch of hair.

Alex reflexively spread her legs.

"This animal passion we display excites me beyond measure," Kerry dipped two fingers into the detective's hot pussy. "I need to taste you." She brought the fingers up to her mouth.

Alex watched the small woman suck her fingers clean. It aroused the detective even further.

"I want you on your knees over my face," Kerry gently commanded.

The tall woman instantly complied.

Kerry grabbed Alex's hips, firmly, and pulled her lover down onto her hungry mouth.

Alex cried out at the jolt of pleasure that consumed her. She took hold of the headboard for balance, as her hips rocked back and forth. She loved the feeling of her wet lips sliding across the young woman's mouth.

Kerry managed to get three fingers through the juicy folds. When her fingers were generously coated, she plunged the first two into Alex's throbbing hole, and the third one slid past the ring of muscle at her ass.

"Ahhh...fuck yeah!" Alex exclaimed. Her hips became more desperate in their movements. She was well aware her orgasm was on the brink of exploding, "God...don't...stop...don't stop!"

Kerry pulled the bundle of nerves between her teeth, and holding it there she used the flat of her tongue in circular motions on it.

"Ungh... Ahhh... AHHH!" Alex's climax crashed over her. She collapsed to the left of the strawberry blonde.

Kerry turned over and quickly shoved her face back into Alex's pussy. Finding the clit, she sucked on it hard.

A second wave hit Alex, "Oh goddamn... Ungh...ahhh...AAHHH!" As her body convulsed, the small woman embraced the dark-haired woman's long legs firmly.

They lay there, entwined, without words.


A loud rumbling echoed through the bedroom. Kerry groaned and clutched her stomach.

"Are you alright?" Alex asked.

"Starving...need food...very weak," Is all the half-asleep young blonde was capable of saying.

"Let's order something. How about pizza?" Alex reached over to grab the phone by the nightstand. "Is there a place nearby?"

Kerry nodded slowly against her lover's naked breast. She took the cordless phone and dialed, "What do you want on it?" She asked as she gazed into Alex's baby blues.

"Except for onions, anything is fine," the dark-haired woman responded.

The young woman nodded in understanding, "Yes, hello. This order is for delivery. Yep. I want a large stuffed pizza with mushrooms, black olives, spinach and Canadian bacon. I also want one of your Eli's baby cheesecakes with the cherries on top."

Alex's eyebrows rose clear above her forehead. Damn, whom the hell is she ordering for? She shook her head in disbelief.

"Okay, one hour. Thank you," She hung up and tossed the cordless behind her on the mattress.

"Um, baby, are you having guests?" Alex asked.

Kerry looked at her somewhat confused, "No. Why?"

"Then who'd you order all the food for?" The detective asked as she stretched her long body.

"For us, silly," The blonde latched onto an irresistible nipple.

Alex hissed and forgot about everything else. They kissed and caressed each other for long minutes.

Kerry then hopped off the bed and headed to the bathroom leaving her dark-haired lover hanging. She turned on the water to fill the tub and poured in the lavender bath soap. She stood in the doorway and beckoned Alex with an index finger in a "come hither" motion.

Alex smirked at the action and flew off the bed, into the bathroom.

They entered the bathtub. The tall woman had her arms around Kerry's waist from behind, while she nibbled up and down a supple neck. They washed each other's bodies, tenderly.

At the end of the hour the doorbell rang. Kerry answered it in a pair of maroon cotton shorts and a gray T-shirt, her hair still wet and walking barefoot, she greeted the delivery person with a grin, "Goodie, the food is here!" She handed him the money, "Thanks, bye." Kerry placed the pizza on the coffee table and took the cheesecake to the fridge. When she turned around, she bumped into a solid naked body. Strong hands rested on her waist.

In a sultry voice, Alex breathed into her lover's small, pink ear; "I want you again."

Kerry smiled shyly, "I have to build up my strength first. Once that's done you can do whatever you want to me," She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Sounds promising," Alex turned and walked into the living room.

Staring at the detective's gorgeous naked ass, Kerry shook her head to clear it and yelled out, "Please tell me you're going to put on some kind of clothes so that I'm not distracted and choke on my pizza!"

Alex peeked back in from the doorway, "Do I have to?" she asked, pouting like a child.

"Yes. Please," Kerry said.

"Oh, alright," The detective playfully stomped away. She returned to the couch wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of cotton, Tasmanian Devil boxers. Sitting down she shoved a slice of pizza into her mouth.

"Um...Alex?" Kerry turned her head to the side in wonder. "What is that?" She pointed at the obvious bulge straining the material of her lover's boxer shorts.

"Hmm?" She played innocent and looked down to where the small finger was pointing. Looking back up, she answered matter of factly, "You said I could do whatever I want. Well...I know what I want," She said with a mischievous grin.

Kerry felt a trickle of wetness seep out of her center. She continued staring absently, as she bit into another slice of pizza. She recalled the feelings that coursed through her the last time the dildo was used. It was so primal and intense. She became entranced with excitement. Kerry knew she wanted those sensations again. Her body shivered for a second as a wave passed through her.

"Kerry? Hello?" Alex waved her hand in front of the young woman's glazed green eyes.

The young blonde snapped out of her reverie, "Huh? What?"

"That's what I was asking you. You went to some other planet while staring at my cock," Alex wiggled her eyebrows seductively.

Not able to wait any longer, Kerry grabbed the woman's shorts and yanked them down. The dildo shot straight up in the harness. She looked at it for a moment. Pushing Alex's knees apart, she noticed that this one was different. It was blue and white marbled, and there was no base to it. She leaned forward for a closer look and caught the scent of passionate lust coming from the dark woman, "Oh my. This one goes inside you too?"

Alex slowly nodded.

Kerry grabbed hold of the shaft in the palm of her hand and Alex jumped a bit, "You can feel it?"

Alex nodded again.

"So, I can torture you by jerking the cock, right?" The young blonde looked mischievously into azure eyes.

The detective's eyes turned to mere slits, "You wouldn't," She said confidently.

"You're right. Because I want you to take me first," Kerry responded in a sultry voice.

Alex divested the strawberry blonde of her clothing in the blink of an eye. Laying her down on the floor, she crawled on top of her.

Kerry instinctively spread her legs wide. Bent at the knees, she raised her legs up so that her heels were on Alex's lower back.

Alex reached between them to guide the head of the cock and slide it through the folds of Kerry's pussy, "My, my, aren't you very wet," Alex purred.

Kerry used the considerable strength of her legs to pull her lover closer. Her desire for the cock to fill her was all consuming.

Alex held back though, only allowing the head of the cock to enter her lover. She bent forward to capture pink lips. Tongues slid passionately against each other, while Alex slid the rest of the cock in.

A guttural groan erupted from the small woman, filling Alex's mouth.

The detective began a slow rhythm, driving the blonde before her insane for more. She moaned at the feeling on her end. The curved end of the dildo inside her pressed up against that special spot that also caused Kerry to swoon when she drove hard into her, "Oh... yeah... baby!"

"Ungh! Alex, you feel so good inside me. God...don't...stop!" She locked her legs at the ankles, planting her heels between her tormentor's butt cheeks, "Oh yes... YES. I love...when you...FUCK MEEE!!!"

Alex rode out the waves with Kerry as they both screamed out their ecstasy into the night. The tall woman collapsed over her then slowly pulled out.

Kerry rolled them over and unbuckled the straps. They held one another, and basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.


The sunlight filtered through the window. Alex awakened to find the space next to her empty. The smell of breakfast sausage and coffee drifted towards her nose. Getting up, she donned her boxers, and walked into the bathroom to freshen up. As she splashed her face with cool water, she noticed all the hickeys and bite marks covering her shoulders and chest, "Damn, I look like I've been attacked by piranhas." She pressed on the deep marks along her breasts, "I'm surprised she didn't take the nipples completely off." Chuckling, she walked into the kitchen, a navy blue T-shirt in hand.

Kerry's hips swayed from side to side with the beat of the music. The long hunter green T-shirt she had on barely covered her firm round ass. She turned up the volume as she sang and danced to her favorite song.

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