tagNonHumanAn Encounter Like No Other

An Encounter Like No Other


Jayla entered the club and sensed he was there. She often wondered if he was real or just an unattainable hallucination. As her eyes scanned the smorgasbord of hard bodied specimens, Jayla mindlessly wandered to the dance floor. It was as though a silent force guided her there. She found the music was overpowering and began to move to the pulsating beat. Jayla abruptly stopped as though hitting an invisible wall and frantically searched the immediate area. Finally her torment ended as her eyes fell upon him. He sat at a table close to the dance floor. He was observing his surroundings when she first laid eyes on him. Jayla felt an amazing serge of power when she saw him. "My mate," she thought and almost forgot to breathe.

He was just as he appeared in her dreams. The man had shoulder length brown hair, a tattoo of a scorpion on his left forearm and eyes like blue sapphires. He oozed confidence, and his face housed a set of lips that were made for kissing. Jayla longed for those lips to be on her naked flesh, but she had to be patient a little longer. Jayla wanted to look away, but she froze when those eyes turned on her. It was as though he was looking into the core of her soul.

Jayla held his gaze, and he motioned for her to approach him. Jayla stood still. She felt a force invade her mind and she fought against it. Her mother had told her that he would come when the time was right but she neglected to mention he might be immortal. Now she knew, and so did he. Jayla was not human either. She was an immortal with a mixture of vampire and werewolf blood flowing through her veins. Jayla reveled in the look of surprise on his face when he realized whom he was trying to control. She smiled and with curiosity in his eyes, the man stood up. Jayla was very pleased that she found such a deliciously masculine mate. She suddenly became very nervous, as he approached her.

Kaleb couldn't believe how breathtaking she was. His mate was petite at 5'2 with black hair and piercing green eyes. She had a smile that enflamed his soul and her large breasts complimented her muscular frame. Kaleb sensed her as soon as she entered the club, but he didn't know who she was until he felt the pull of her stare. When their eyes met, he felt a jolt that both surprised and intrigued him. And when Kaleb tried to push his own power onto her, she pushed back. Kaleb didn't know his mate would be a powerful immortal. He just knew she was out there waiting for him to find her, and tonight his search came to an end.

Jayla just stood unmoving on the dance floor as Kaleb came to stop in front of her. Standing this close only encouraged his desire to posses her. "I didn't know such beauty and power could come in such a minute package. My dreams haven't done you justice. The live version is much more appealing," Kaleb said as his hand reached down to touch Jayla's cheek. A shock of electricity flowed through them. Both beings closed their eyes and enjoyed the feeling surging through them. Jayla was smiling up at him when Kaleb finally opened his eyes. She wanted to jump him right there and then, but she forced herself to step back from his touch.

The electricity that passed between them almost knocked her to her knees, so she took this time to recover and admire his form more intimately. Jayla slowly moved her eyes over his body. Kaleb was 6'2 with broad shoulders, a wide chest and a slim waist. She also observed how the bulge in his jeans seamed to grow with her intense examination. Jayla smiled and licked her lips causing Kaleb to noticeably shiver. "My name is Jayla," she told him. "I am Kaleb," he responded with desire in his eyes. "I am honored to finally meet you. You have overrun my dreams since I was a young boy. And you mine as well," Jayla replied biting her lower lip. That one action sent his primal urges raging and all Kaleb wanted to do was ravish her. He had to use all his strength to stay in control.

"Would you like to stay here or go somewhere more private to talk," Kaleb asked still staring at Jayla's full red lips. "I fear that if I am alone with you right now, there won't be much talking," Jayla responded shyly. Kaleb began to laugh. His laughter tugged at her heart and she had to remember to breathe yet again. "I agree with you," and he led her back to his table to talk. Jayla sat with her back to dance floor, and she was so distracted by Kaleb's eyes that she hadn't noticed the shift in the air. Even though it was slight, Kaleb felt it and knew another immortal was close by.

He looked around nonchalantly and saw a pair of amber eyes intensely staring at them. After a few moments, Kaleb's eyes locked with those of the strangers. He began to shake and Jayla was suddenly jolted back to reality. Jayla knew something was wrong and got Kaleb to focus on her. She looked at him asking with her eyes what she could not form in words. Do you feel the influence of some unknown entity around us? Kaleb said yes with his mind, which compelled Jayla to stand and slowly turn around. Her eyes seemed to go directly to the source of the influence and the same pair of amber eyes that was once on Kaleb now captivated her.

The dreams she'd been having since she was little suddenly flashed in her mind. Jayla didn't understand until she replayed the scenes more slowly in her head. She gasped and returned her gaze to the unfamiliar person who had quickly become familiar. The man grinned verifying what Jayla had discovered. Kaleb was not the only man that had been haunting her dreams since she was a little girl. Those amber eyes had stood in the background of every one of her dreams.

Jayla stood unmoving, as those amber eyes never left hers. She couldn't look away as the night repeated and a beautiful masculine male approached her. He was two inches smaller than Kaleb but just as appealing. His amber eyes bore into her like hot molten flames, and she felt just as small when he stopped in front of her. Again she had to remember to breathe. Words seemed to come more quickly for the stranger and he said, "Hello, my name is Ian, and I believe you are my mate." With a shaky voice, Jayla responded, "My name is Jayla. I was told that my dreams would lead me to my mate but it never occurred to me that there would be two."

At this point Kaleb walked over and stood beside Jayla ready to fight for her. Jayla's hand automatically reached for Kaleb's, and her contact calmed him down. They both stared at Ian as though they were telling him that it was his move. Not misreading their body language, Ian reached down and covered Jayla's lips with his own. Jayla immediately felt the heat surge through her body and an astounding power hummed above them. Kaleb felt the rush of power overtake his body as well and closed his eyes. When Ian pulled away, he noticed that both Jayla and Kaleb's eyes were glazed over and couldn't help but laugh.

Jayla shook her head and instantly knew what Ian was. "OH MY GOD! Ian you're a werewolf." Ian nodded and things began to make sense. Jayla suggested the three of them needed to talk privately, so they headed to her apartment. On the drive over Jayla was excited at the possibilities of what was happening and what could happen between the three of them. Her pussy started to water and her heart quickened. "Keep it together Jay first explanations then fun," she said to herself.

Ian, Kaleb and Jayla settled into her apartment and Jayla began to speak, "There is something both of you should know about me. It is the reason that a vampire and a werewolf can be my mate." Both men looked confused and Jayla took a deep breath and continued, "I am a rare breed in the immortal realm in that I am both vampire and werewolf. My mother is a vampire and my father a werewolf. I am not either or but both. That is the reason, I could push back on your mind Kaleb and from your kiss I sensed what you were Ian"

"It only makes sense that I should have a vampire and a werewolf mate. It 's the only way that I can be complete and happy. Both bloodlines have to be satisfied. And it stands to reason that with the power that generates between us, we have a link. The question is can both of you get along?" But before either of them could answer, Jayla spoke again, "I don't know about you but since I tasted our power, I don't ever want to give it up. I have no doubt that there is room in my heart for both of you and because of my parentage, I know I have the strength to be with you both physically and mentally. Jayla paused briefly and asked, "So, what do you think?"

Jayla could tell that both men were mulling things over and got a little scared of the increasing silence. Subsequently, they looked at each other then back at her. Kaleb spoke first, "I can only speak for myself but I know you are my soul mate Jayla and I will do anything to be with you and make you happy. I was ready to fight for you to the death, but when Ian kissed you, the energy that was exchanged eased my kill or be killed instinct. I realized that Ian belongs to both of us with both of us." Ian smiled and replied, "I feel the same way. I never thought I would feel an attraction to anyone other than my mate, but the bond between us changed everything. I felt the pull between not only you and I but Kaleb and I as well. The three of us belong together. Kaleb and Ian exchanged looks yet again then Ian continued, "You set the pace Jayla. We won't do anything that you don't want to do, because I know that hurting you is not an option for either of us."

With that said, Jayla stood and walked over to the couch where both Ian and Kaleb sat. She stopped in front of them and uttered, "I am so glad that we all understand each other, but I am done talking. Now it's time to see what animals you truly are. And since you both already agreed to let me set the pace, I want both of you at the same time. Kaleb you get my virgin pussy and Ian you get my virgin ass." And with a mischievous grin Jayla proceeded to remove her shirt. Her voluptuous breast bounced in front of the two stunned men. "Are you game gentlemen?"

Seconds after the words left Jayla's mouth, Kaleb and Ian pounced. Kaleb went straight for her lips at the same time as Ian began fondling her breasts. Kaleb's lips were cold yet strong and Ian's touch was fiery and soft. She had to quickly adjust to the conflicting temperatures or their embraces would have been the end of her. Kaleb's kiss sent shockwaves throughout her body as Ian took one of her erect nipples into his mouth. He lapped and swallowed the hardened pebble, and a growl formed deep within Jayla's throat. She wanted to be taken by these two extraordinary men to be able to release her beasts, but not in her living room. As a result, Jayla used her vigor to push the two potent males off of her. Kaleb and Ian looked at her with startled eyes until Jayla managed to say, "Lets go to my bedroom. We'll be more comfortable."

Without waiting for a response, she turned and walked down the hallway. Jayla stopped and motioned for them before walking through her bedroom door. A few moments later, she threw her jeans into the hallway. Jayla didn't even reach the number two before her two Adonises were in her bedroom. They found her on the bed wearing only a black-laced thong. With a sinful grin, Jayla said, "Since you made me wait, I think that you should undress each other."

Ian and Kaleb looked at Jayla and she expected an argument but to her surprise they turned towards each other. As Kaleb looked at Ian, his voice entered his mind, "Hey Ian let's give her a real show." Ian smiled and Kaleb continued, "Do you mind if we explore this attraction we have for each other?" Again Ian smiled, and thought to himself, "Anything to please are mate and if we can have some of our own impulses fulfilled then so be it." This time it was Kaleb who smiled and they began to undress each other.

Jayla watched her mates with bated breath and curiosity. Would they have the guts or were they just teasing her. Jayla got her answer as Kaleb had Ian bare chested first. He took one of his exposed nipples into his mouth and bit down. Ian took a deep breath relishing the sensation, but continued to relieve Kaleb of his shirt. But Kaleb's incessant assault on Ian's chiseled chest was driving him crazy. He couldn't take it any longer and grabbed Kaleb by the back of his head and pulled him up until his lips covered Kaleb's.

The two men stood before Jayla waging a war of lips and tongues, and she couldn't believe how turned on she was getting. Her heart was pounding and her pussy soaked through her thong. Every hormone in Jayla's body was screaming at her to join them, but she continued to be the consummate observer proving her mental strength. But as they pulled away from their kiss, Jayla witnessed the most awe-inspiring site. Kaleb's eyes glowed a deep shade of cobalt and his fangs were protruding and Ian's eyes changed as well resembling the color of flames. It was as though they took a page from one of her darkest fantasies, and played it out specifically with her in mind. It sent an overwhelming desire throughout her being and she shifted on the bed.

Kaleb and Ian turned and looked intensely at Jayla. She began to pant and Kaleb said, "I think our woman wants in on the fun, Ian. I don't think so, Ian responded. I think she needs a little more prodding. She isn't hot enough yet," and proceeded to alleviate Kaleb of his jeans and boxers. Jayla's eyes almost popped out of her head when she came face to face with an 8" cock with a 4" girth. Next Ian reached down, grabbed Kaleb's cock and began stroking it. Kaleb moaned, licking his fangs, which prompted Ian to howl. The striking scene sent Jayla into a tailspin and before they knew what was happening, Jayla was behind Ian stripping away his jeans and boxers. "I guess she's plenty hot now, huh Kaleb" Ian thought to himself and Kaleb just smirked.

Jayla stood between her non-human cohorts and took a cock in each hand and began stroking them simultaneously. Then she leaned down and took Ian into her mouth. His cock was an inch longer than Kaleb's but not as thick. And like before in the club, an immense power surged throughout their bodies. Jayla embraced the power as she continued her oral molestation on Ian's swollen member. Ian almost lost control but willed himself to stay in check. Then she bestowed the same gratification on Kaleb with the same results. After attacking their fuck poles for about 10 minutes, Jayla led her two playmates to her bed.

She pushed Kaleb down leaving his legs hanging over the edge of the mattress and positioned herself above him. Jayla turned to Ian and said, "You need to give me a few minutes with Kaleb. I am a virgin and I need to adjust to him before you can mount me." Ian shook his head in agreement as he watched this beautiful woman and equally beautiful man join together and begin mating. After several minutes of watching and waiting, the hunger became unbearable and Ian struggled to control his beast. Kaleb and Jayla both sensed his frustrations and Jayla motioned for him to position himself between Kaleb's legs.

Using her mind, Jayla told Kaleb to lie still. Kaleb complied and she raised her round ass. Ian could smell her arousal and it was maddening. Ian did not need any further instructions because it was his beast that was now in control. Ian shifted into wolf form and lined up his cock with her puckered entrance. With one thrust, Ian was in Jayla's ass to the hilt. Jayla snarled at this invader, but she never tried to move away. After that Ian leaned forward and bit down hard on Jayla's shoulder. She cried out but again never tried to move away. Ian couldn't help but smile to himself because he knew only his true mate could take him in wolf form. Ian began moving in and out of Jayla's ass and as he found his rhythm, Kaleb began to pummel Jayla's pussy once again.

Jayla was in pure ecstasy, and Kaleb thought she couldn't look more beautiful. As a result he pressed his mouth to hers. A blast of cold and hot intertwined as their tongues met in an erotic dance. Again, Jayla growled and she felt her beasts try to surface, but as before she held them at bay. When their lips separated, Jayla noticed Kaleb's eyes. Once again they were deep cobalt and his fangs were protruding. Kaleb betrayed by his own nature could no longer control the animal within. Jayla knew what he sought and let the scenario play itself out. Jayla turned her head as his dagger like teeth found their mark and the blood began to flow into his mouth. He hissed as the copper flavor raided his senses and satisfied his need.

Jayla closed her eyes and gave into the phenomenon that was sweeping over her body and the most intense orgasm crashed over her. Jayla's body began to shake and she finally set her beasts free. Her eyes turned the deepest emerald, her fangs extended, and the howl that irrupted from deep inside her entire apartment. Kaleb stopped feeding and looked at Jayla. He knew she needed to sate her craving so he offered himself to her. Jayla sank her fangs into his wrist and Kaleb's blood quenched her thirst. A second orgasm ravaged her body before the first one ended. Jayla's vaginal walls tightened around Kaleb's cock like a vice grip sending him over the edge while her buttocks squeezed the sweet nectar from Ian's cock as he too exploded inside of her letting out a howl of his own.

As normal breathing slowly began to take them over, Ian released Jayla's shoulder and resumed his human form. He joined Jayla and Kaleb on the bed almost to weak to move. "That...was...earth shattering," Kaleb barely murmured between breathes. Jayla and Ian could only manage a nod of agreement. What they craved now was sleep and with Ian on one side and Kaleb on the other, the three lovers got into a spooning position. But before they drifted off into the abyss, Jayla asked, "Which one of you lives the farthest away from town? As we found out, I am quite the screamer." They all laughed and finally allowed the sandman to claim them, knowing they had the rest of their lives to discuss their living arrangements...

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