tagNon-Erotic PoetryAn epic of, The Christmas Story!

An epic of, The Christmas Story!

byUncle Pervey©

Old Scrooge was a bitter awful man,
Especially when Christmas came around.
He thought Christmas spirit was "Humbug,"
And "Santa" was a red suited "clown!"

Old Scrooge was a tight-fisted Codger,
Something his dead partner Marlie knew.
Bob Cratchet was the clerk of old Scrooge,
And he always had something to do!

Old Scrooge didn't want to give Bod,
Time off to spend with his crippled boy.
The old man had no Christmas spirit,
And he never felt a bit of joy!

But old Scrooge had to give Bob, one day,
Because on that day nobody works.
So he grumpily gave him Christmas,
And thought to himself they were all jerks!

When old man Scrooge went to bed that night,
He never slept a wink, he was sure!
He was visited by Christmas ghosts,
Christmas Past, and Present, and Future!

His first visit was from Christmas Past,
He was shown again his lost sweetheart.
It was the girl he'd never married,
And that had nearly broken his heart!

Christmas Past showed him how this began,
To turn him into a bitter man.
What he was shown stirred the memories,
Of his lost happiness, and his plans!

Then Christmas Present took Scrooge's hand,
And whisked him off to the Cratchet house.
When he saw how brave Tiny Tim was,
It made him feel like he was a Louse!

Then the scariest ghost of all,
Grabbed Scrooge's hand and took him away.
He was shown how much he was disliked,
And old Scrooge began to weep, and pray!

The last thing the ghost of Future did,
Was let Scrooge see how he died alone.
How he didn't have any "mourners,"
And this last sight caused old Scrooge to moan!

His last visit was from old Marlie,
With his chains rattling, and with groans.
Marlie begged Scrooge to change his future,
So he'd not have to wander alone!

Marlie explained just how the future,
Wasn't ironclad and wasn't set!
If Scrooge would mend his ways, soon enough,
Then he wasn't completely doomed, yet!

When Scrooge woke up on Christmas morning,
He felt a joy like never before!
He ran out and bought a big fat goose,
And soon was knocking on Cratchet's door!

Bob Cratchet had been feeling real bad,
He'd wanted so much to please his boy!
But he hadn't had enough money,
And without presents, there was no joy!

When he opened the door, he was shocked,
Scrooge was standing there with a big grin.
He had the big goose, under his arm,
He said "How about letting me in!"

Old Scrooge celibrated that Christmas,
With Bob Cratchet's family that day.
He turned his life completely around,
And each night before sleep, he would pray!

"Thank You Lord for Your many blessings,
And thank You for all of my good friends!
Would You reach out and touch the lonely,
So they'll be no more lonely, Amen!!"

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