tagText With AudioAn Erotic Induction

An Erotic Induction


When you listen to the induction, keep your mind clear and focus on what is said. Do not try and analyze it. Just feel good! If you enjoy the experience, email me at the address on my profile.

Click Here to listen to masterhypnotist read this piece. (4 min/RealMedia)


You are listening to this because you want to feel good. You want to feel even better than you do now. We will accomplish that.

If you are able, take off all of your clothes and get comfortable. Sit in a comfortable chair or lay on the bed with a small pillow under your head. If you cannot be naked, wear loose comfortable clothing. Do that, turn the volume up so you can hear and start the induction over again.

Okay, you now should be very comfortable with your arms at your sides, palms down. Take several deep breaths, holding each one. Deep breath - hold it - exhale - deep breath - hold it - exhale.

With each breath the tension leaves your body and your muscles begin to feel limp. Concentrate on my voice. Think of nothing else. Your mind blank - blank - blank.

You are becoming more and more relaxed. Your shoulders are relaxed, your arms are relaxed, your legs are relaxed. Your whole body is feeling more and more relaxed. Your head is heavy and your eyes are closed. Your eyes feel locked tight. You are feeling very relaxed.

Count from 100 down to one. Do it out loud. 100 - 99 - 98 - keep counting as I speak.... . As the numbers get lower you feel more and more sleepy. You find yourself having trouble saying the numbers - so relaxed - so sleepy. Every muscle is now relaxed. Every muscle. You can feel the air on your body and that feels so good.

Spread your legs so there is more air on your genitals. It feels wonderful. You can feel yourself getting aroused. You feel it in your genitals, your breasts, your neck, under your arms. Your whole body is feeling erotic. It feels very good. Very good. As you lay there your body feels like it is sinking deeper and deeper into a trance. You will now count to fifty - to yourself. When you get to fifty you will start to waken from a wonderful, relaxing trance. You will feel very relaxed. Now count. Keep counting as I speak. With each number you go deeper. Deeper. 10, 11, 12 ... keep counting. Your mind is blank, except for my voice. So comfortable, so comfortable. You are getting close to fifty. When you reach fifty you will start to waken. Slowly waking up. Slowly waking up. Now you are awake. If you enjoyed this exercise and would like to know more, email me at masterhypnotist9@aol.com.

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