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An Erotic Vacation


An Erotic Vacation - This is my story on how unexpectedly I had my first threesome while on vacation. A special thanks to CambriaRose and Marie Writer for their assistance in editing my manuscript.

I was absolutely terrified about what I was going to do.

My husband, Scott and I, along another couple had joined us on vacation in the Caribbean. We had just gotten back to the villa after our evening dining where we also had a few cocktails. I was wearing my little black dress that clung to my curves very nicely. This dress made me feel sexy and little adventurous. We were all on the deck of the villa enjoying the view of Caribbean and lighted pool below us, having a few more drinks.

Lana, Dan's wife, excused herself and went to bed. She said she was exhausted from her day at the beach.

The guys and I were laughing drinking and having a great time. I suggested that we jump from the balcony of the deck into the lighted pool, which was about a six foot jump. That is what had me so terrified.

They dared me do it and said if I would, they would also follow me into the pool. With a little hesitation I decided to go for it. I slid out of my black dress, leaving my black push-up bra and g-string on. I glanced at the guys with a devilish smile, took a deep breath, and dove into the crystal blue pool.

Scott and Dan quickly shed off all their clothes and jumped. We played and splashed around under the moon and stars of the warm evening.

Enjoying the warm water of the pool and went to the edge and stopped. Very casually I unfasten my bra slipping it off to exposing my breasts.
Both of these men had seen my breasts before, but that didn't stop them from staring. It was clear Dan and Scott were thinking about what we would soon be doing, and if they noticed the state of my nipples, hard and erect, they would have to know that I was thinking about it too. I leant back, letting my breasts jiggle, teasing them. They were both mesmerized, with their eyes locked on my breasts as I moved around in the warm water.

I dove under the water. After I surfaced again, I ran back to the guys and splashed water on them. Dan came rushing at me and picked me up and threw us both under the water. Our bodies pressed together as we embraced. We surfaced laughing, and I pushed Scott as hard as I could. It didn't have much effect on him, but did almost push me over. Dan caught me from behind and helped me avoid falling over, and I finished up in his arms my breast accidently grazing his hands. I reached up and gave him a quick kiss on the check, pushed myself away, and dove under the water again.

We played like this for a while; chasing one another and pressing our bare bodies together. The guys took any opportunity to touch my body. I could feel their semi-erect cocks when our bodies pressed together. A few times I pinched their firm butts as I asked them to chase and catch me in the pool. It was very erotic even though we weren't touching one another sexually.

I was suddenly very aware of their naked bodies and my nipples were becoming erect as we played about. I really enjoyed the feeling of two cocks rubbing against my body just inches away from my pussy and I was sure that they had hardened slightly since the last time I looked.

We were oblivious to the villa next to us because of the noise from the pool. A group of them were watching us from a distance. There was a sense of erotic mischief coursing through my body, similar doing something very risqué. It was like we were caught in our own little bubble of passionate play with an audience watching us. Yet despite the absence of secrecy there was intoxicating rush on being so closely watched by others.

I took a break and rested at the shallow end of the pool. Suddenly, Dan stood up to get out of the pool saying, "Let me go get our drinks from the balcony and I will also refill them." As Dan walked away I could see he was sporting a semi-hard erection.

"Hmmm, such a sexy lady. Did you see Dan's cock?" Scott said, sliding his arm over my shoulder and pulling me close.

It started oh so gently...just the hint of a kiss. The kissing became intense and I placed my hand behind his neck and drew his mouth closer to mine, at which time there was an explosion of our two emotions colliding. His hand slipped down my side to fondle my breast; cupping, squeezing and gently massaging me. I felt my emotions intensify as he feverously continued, his hands all over my breasts massaging them. I couldn't breathe my heart was pounding so hard and my breasts had become firm and my nipples hard.

Dan had turned on the music and within a few minutes he was back with three drinks. As he slid back into the pool beside me, I gazed on his firm muscular body and once again. I glanced at his semi hard cock. He quickly looked at me with a twinkle in his eyes.

Elated by alcohol and the vacation atmosphere, I floated on waves of sensual pleasure in the sultry night air. I was really enjoying myself in the pool with my husband and his best friend. It was quite toxic, the soft lighting around the pool, with the moon and stars above us in the clear warm night. When a tune with a good beat started from the speakers I began to sway with the music. It's a wonderful mix of physical relaxation and the opportunity to show off my hard body to the guys.

I was as one with the music; lost in my own sexual daydreams as my body writhed and thrust, simulating the motions of sex which is the basis of good dancing. I tossed my blonde hair and my hands stroked my curves, as if making love to my own body. When I raised my arms high above my head and bent forward slightly, the lower half of the curves of my ass could be seen.

The music stopped Scott stepped toward me and I became frantic in contrast to our previous calmness because Dan was right there. I could see the lust in his beautiful green bedroom eyes that he wanted me. Scott reached out to me and placed his hands on my waist and kissed me again passionately our lips blending as we kissed and our tongues meshed as we grinded together dancing in the water to the beat of the music. I could feel Scott's cock getting very hard as we continued our kissing and grinding. As we kissed and moved about dancing I felt Dan bump into my thigh with his hard prick.

I felt a little rush of adrenaline, as I contemplated how far I wanted to take things. We returned to the side of the shallow end of the pool where are drinks were. I took a long sip of my cocktail. It was a pivotal moment. The guys did not know it, but my pussy was throbbing like mad and I desperately wanted to have sex.

Before things got totally out of control, I could end it right on and excuse myself and go to bed or, I could seize the moment of this special erotic night.

Feeling emboldened by my thoughts, the buzz of the alcohol, and the premise of starry the night, I smiled back at them and cocked my head to one side. I thought we could have a little more sexy play so I decided I would not let get too far out of control, just little sensual groping.

I leaned over to reach for my drink allowing Dan a close-up inspection of my breasts. When I turned back, Scott reached over to caress the breast closest to him and his cock was rock hard rubbing up against my upper leg.

It's not entirely rational but I've always enjoyed the idea of showing off my body to other men and seeing if I can get their cocks hard. Scott loves it when I show off my body. For this to go any further I need to down the rest of my cocktail. With a minor pause I reached for my cocktail took a big sip and placed it up the glass back on the ledge. I was anxious and excited to see what would happen next.

Scott reached and started to massage my breast and now spoke to Dan, "This one feels real good, so why don't you check out the other one?"

I smiled at him and began nodding my head approval. Without hesitation, Dan slid his hand over my breast and he began squeezing and rolling my nipple between his fingers. It had been several years since I had felt another cock besides my husband and was dying to touch Dan's. Without pausing my hands reached left and right as I began to fondle Dan's hardness. I could also feel Scott's cock rubbing against my body.

Our passions continued to increase at feverish pace. Dan's erect penis felt wonderful only inches away from pussy, as I played with it. With my right hand still on Dan's' cock, I reached for Scott's cock with my now free hand and began to stroke it up and down. Wow this was incredible - a hard hot cock in each hand and two men feeling me up at the same time.

I was rubbing the head of Dan's cock with my thumb, stimulating the nerve just under the head at the top of his shaft. I could feel his cock was starting to tingle already under my sensual touch and I was pretty sure by the look on his face that he was really enjoying this. I leaned toward him and he began kissing my neck, and nibbling my ears.

They seemed fascinated by my body and their hands were all over me; on my breasts and squeezing my ass. I twisted towards Scott, kissing him in turn. Hot juices flooded my pussy as I felt their hard cocks brushing against my legs. We stumbled as I took turns kissing them.

Scott continued to kiss me, I reached down to touch his massive hard cock again as Dan massaged both of my breasts. I loved Scott's long hard cock. I had played with it so often and that had fucked my pussy so much. I wasn't disappointed as it pulsed in my fingers, long thick and rock hard. His groans met mine as our tongues explored one another. I gently jacked his shaft. His hands rested on my hips and pulled us closer together.

Behind me, I could feel Dan's erection prodding against my back. He stepped closer, bent his knees and I felt it slip along the tight cleft between my firm butt cheeks. It didn't stop until it was lying upwards against my steaming pussy; our three bodies pressed together.

Dan's arms came around me, his hands cupping my breasts, his fingers toying with my almost painfully erect nipples. His warm lips nuzzled my neck. Even as I shuddered with elation from the attention that I was receiving, part of me marveled at myself of how I could actually be letting this happen.

I twisted my head around, my lips meeting Dan's a second after they left Scott's. As I kissed him, Scott was leaning down to kiss my breast and suck my stiff nipples while Dan held my breasts up to him. I moaned as Scott expertly played with one nipple, and then the other, biting, sucking, kissing, and licking them.

Scott left my breasts and ran his hand down to waist. I knew what he wanted, my moist pussy. His next move was his hand caressing my thigh...as nice and exciting as it felt I just didn't want to take any further.

'Play if safe girl, play if safe.' said the voice in my head.

I hesitated for a moment; the pleasure of his hands was too great. He slid his hands over pussy and started stroking my slit through my g-string. His fingers reached inside my panties, and gently eased my swollen lips apart. One and then two fingers slid easily inside me, through my moist pussy. I moaned against his mouth. My legs started to weaken as Scott reamed my clinging pussy. As if sensing it, he knew I had some doubts if this should go any further. With my hands I grabbed his forcefully I moved them out of my pussy.

It was now or never if I was going to stop this. Once they got to my pussy and had my g-string off me, I would lose all self-control. If I let that happen, I would have no idea what would transpire next. I whispered to Scott if he was cool with everything.

He said was the sexiest woman alive, and that it was my decision. He would love to see three of us all make love together. I could sense that Dan was dying to fuck my brains out.

I had never done anything like this before. Yet somehow I felt like I needed to. Despite how devious it was to hook up with my husband's best friend on a vacation holiday my desires began to overtake my good judgment. I was torn on what I should do. I decided maybe it was best to stop.

Placing my hand firmly on his I told him, "No, I just am not prepared to go any further with this tonight. We have done enough." Scott took his hands off mine.

Dan was still behind me with his hard cock pushed into my ass. It was rubbing my outer pussy lips through my g-string. He begged me to let him play with my tits a little longer. He kissed my neck as felt his hard cock pulsating. Some very seductive music began to play. He whispered in my ear that he wanted me just for one night, and tonight was that night.

The guys were trying to seduce me into trying this. My head was saying something that just maybe I shouldn't go through with this, but my body was telling me a hundred percent to go for it.

Scott placed his hands on my slim waist. He moved over the soft curve of my hip bone, brazen and daring as it continued to slide down the length of my leg. I looked down at him. Feeling like I should stop him but being unable to put up any resistance the pleasure was to overwhelming. His fingers slid around my smooth tanned calf and squeezed it softly. My breathing became shallow. I felt my nipples harden and rise up under the light of the night sky as Dan continued to play with them. The thin fabric of my g-string offered little resistance. I felt him slide his hand up and around the inside of my thigh as though daring me to stop him.

"What are you doing?" I finally whispered.

"Just seeing how much you're going to let me get away with," Scott said softly.

Scott's hand moved slowly downwards over my stomach. I gasped in anticipation as his fingers moved towards my hot pussy again. His fingers reached slowly towards the inside of my black micro g-string. I should have slapped his hand away but instinctively I found myself spreading my legs apart, just slightly. My gaze was heavy and half-lidded as those fingers traced the length of my slit through my g-string that was already soaked with juices. I licked my lower lip, biting it softy, as he mercilessly teased me, probing his fingers back and forth.

I couldn't believe his audacity, or my own at letting it go on, ignoring my head it felt too good to let them stop. I looked over at the other villa and the patrons were still watching us for some strange reason this seem to turn me on. I was not sure were either oblivious to what was happening, or trying hard to ignore it. But at this point I did not care.

I opened my eyes and found Scott watching my expression carefully, enjoying my lusty disregard for the moment. Scott's fingers moved into the inside of my wet panties to trace the outline of my smooth pussy lips before sliding a finger into my wetness. I smothered a gasp as I felt him push into me; first one finger and then two. Surprising myself I moved back against them to deepen his entry into me.

I felt Scott slide his fingers in and out of me. Smoothly finger-fucking me in our semi-private villa, in the pool with Dan his best friend right next to me. Dan started to rub his hard cock against my body it felt nice. Scott was willing me to stop him and extremely confident in knowing that I wouldn't. Scott's magic fingers felt so good inside me. I found my hips moving back against them. Imagining what it would be like if he grabbed me by the hair and forced me down over the edge of the pool and just fucked me while everyone else watched next door at the other Villa. I heard someone in the vicinity clear his throat with distinct discomfort and part of me knew that we weren't being very discreet.

I shuddered as Scott pulled down my G-string, knowing he now know he had my permission to do so. I stepped out of them as he tossed them on the wooden deck of the pool surface. I spread my legs a little wider so that he had total access to me. As he touched me, I felt his cock continuing to grow and I slid my hand along his stiffening shaft.

I could sense the excitement Dan now had knowing I was totally naked. He pushed himself closer to me and began kissing my earlobes. His hands were all over my ass squeezing and probing it. He started moaning with passion.

Scott's fingers were on my pussy now, teasing my clit before stroking through the sticky folds of skin to find their way inside me. His other hand was on my breast, caressing me and then teasing my nipple. As I groaned, he broke our long, lingering kiss and licked his way down to my other nipple, devouring it hungrily as he sucked it into his mouth.

I was in ecstasy! I'd never been with 2 men at the same time. Their four hands and two mouths felt absolutely delicious on me. I was quickly building up to a mind blowing orgasm. One like I had never experienced before.

Scott moved his finger inside me like a pro, for he knows that spot of my pussy where it gave me the ultimate satisfaction. The look I gave him, and the moans that I was making, assured him that he had reached that magical spot. My body seemed to get tense for a moment, and I grabbed his muscular arms moaning in sheer delight.

I could feel Dan's hardness pressing into my firm ass. He moaned with extreme pleasure and desire.

My heart began pounding as Scott took me into his arms again and this time, kissed me enthusiastically. Our mouths opened and closed, our tongues swirled around in frenzy as we practically devoured each other. I curled my arms beneath his and clutched his muscular back with my hands. His hands slid down my sides, then up and down my back, stopping just at the base of my spine.

I wanted both of these guys.

When our lips parted, he held me tightly against him in a warm embrace and he released me and sat back on the pool's ledge on a few towels. Pulling me closer to him he caressed my face with his fingertips as I placed his index finger in his mouth imaging it was his massive giant flame-thrower and I looked at his enormous cock and knew what was next.

I gasped as I held the hot firm flesh of Scott's manhood properly for the first time on edge of the pool. I looked down and marveled at how small my hand looked against his hard throbbing shaft. I groaned and eased the silky flesh up and down as we renewed our kissing, our tongues dancing over each other.

Dan was rock hard rubbing his raging boner against my upper thigh, only inches from my trenched pussy. He reached down with his right hand and began to explore it his with fingers. I moaned with pleasure as he played with it. My whole body was screaming out for him, needing his cock. Dan took hold of my hips and moved directly behind me in the warm water of the pool. He positioned his cock against my pussy. I could tell he desperately wanted to enter me as I wriggled against him. I was rubbing my pussy near his cock trying to guide him inside me. I reached back and grabbed his dick and ever so slowly guided it into me.

With Dan inside me fucking from behind I let a small groan. I bent forward to pull Scott's massive hard cock into my mouth. Scott leaned back, his eyes closed as I sucked on him and licked his shaft from top to bottom. I heard him grunt with pleasure as I switched to licking his shaved balls, sucking them into my mouth one at a time.

I held his shaft and guided him back into my mouth. I seemed lost in a storm of desire as my hand moved faster and faster, and sucked him harder. Instinctively he began to fuck my mouth, his hips rocking backwards and forwards.

Dan pushed his cock all the way into me in one hard thrust. He began pumping me with his whole length, pushing all the way inside me and then almost withdrawing completely, only to pound himself all the way back into me again.

With each of Dan's thrusts I was pushed forward onto Scott's member, forcing it deeper into my throat. I relaxed into Dan's rhythm, moving my head up Scott's cock each time he withdrew from me and then sliding my mouth back down the shaft as he pushed it back into me.

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